Make Money Online with Clickbank: 100 Clickbank Sniper Sites in 30 Days

ADMIN EDIT 2016: This post is from my original blog (Make Money Online with Seo .com) from way back in 2008 when I first learned internet marketing.

Things on the Internet Marketing front have radically changed since these old posts of mine.

Making money online, SEO, marketing, the software and pretty much everything has evolved.

I’ve imported all the old posts from the old blog for archival sake. 

Some of the information is still relevant (and the posts are a kick to read), but many of the specific SEO strategies and quick make money online ideas I had back then have changed.

SO please keep this in mind when reading. 


Well it’s another Monday and it’s the start of a brand new money making experiment. I’ve been flying high with Hubpages for almost two months. I’m now making probably an average of $40 a day with Hubpages. It varies though – I’m starting to see 50 dollar days, and I’ve had a 65 dollar day once. I’ve seen some 20 dollar days (July 4th for example, was my lowest in like a month with only 17 bucks) once in a blue moon – usually on a Saturday. But these days, it’s rare indeed to get below 35 bucks and not uncommon to get near 50 bucks. So there is some variation. But the general trend is upward.

I’m taking my hubs all the way up to 1000. It will probably take me another 2 months or so to reach this, but I’ve set on the path to 100 bucks a day from Hubpages and I’m going to complete it. I’m 40-50% there.  I also want to keep adding infobarrel articles as well, as I’m making good money there too.

Now, my next challenge is something very different. I firmly believe you should have a diverse portfolio of sites. This means you should not have all Adsense sites and you certainly should be relying soley on a parasitic domain site for your earnings. Right now about 85% of my income comes from Adsense and this makes me nervous.

Don’t Rely on Hubpages for Income

I don’t like relying on only Adsense. Google has been known to slap people around for BS reasons. I personally have several online friends who woke up to find their 5K+ a month empire deindex overnight – all the sites linked to a single Adsense account. Getting banned from Adsense is also pretty easy – and a breeze for other people to do to you, if they are malicious. Read the many horror stories online.

I also don’t like relying on a 3rd party like Hubpages. What happens if they get a Squidoo-type slap from Google, especially since Hubpages is now the new Golden boy for Internet Marketers? What happens if they ban your hubpage account? What happens if they fold up shop? Are these situations going to happen? No, but they could. If you look around online, you’ll hear more than one story about the internet marketers who ONLY made their money from Squidoo. When the slap happened, those poor internet marketers started clickin on those Payday loan ads..

Google has an uneasy relationship with Internet Marketers. I see this relationship sort of like that of a pimp and his prostitute (guess who we are?). Google take most of the money and give IM’ers a small piece of the money they have earned. When Google feels IM’er are getting a bit to cocky, they get slapped around. Google needs us, but certainly doesn’t love us, or even respect us. When Google feels like it, they bitch slap us around. And you know why? Because Google can.

Now I have to be honest, I am very nervous right now with Hubpages. I’ve been spending a good deal of time thinking about where this whole hubpage phenomena is going — and I don’t like the conclusion. I’ve seen time and time again when one easy revenue model get’s exploited by the internet marketers, Google changes the game in a big way. Can anything think .info BAN’s? I know quite a few people who went from hero to zero in a single day after Google finished their raping spree on any BAN’s .info site.

I don’t want you guys to work your way up to a decent income with hubpages to find that Google has pulled the rug out from under you. God forbid if you quite your job to live off those earnings!

People like me have certainly not helped the problem by publishing our Hubpage earnings online and providing a comprehensive guide on how to make money with hubpages. Every wannabie internet marketer is going to figure that Hubpages is the key to their meal ticket. This means you are going to get a lot more competition in the next year, and Google may wizen up and decide to pull the SERP boost you get though Hubpages. Will this happen for sure? Maybe not, but my gut tells me it will – at least to some degree. I hope not, but I’ve seen it happen before. I know Hubpages is not like Squidoo in terms of spam content, but from what I’ve seen, most of the Hubpage articles published are now internet marketing crap. This means it’s all just a badly rewritten rehash of Ezine articles. Seriously, some of the stuff I’ve read is crap. I know I’ve been advocating write in an Adsense friendly way, but some of the content I’ve seen would make even spammers cringe.

I am not saying don’t make any hubs. But, for God’s sake don’t get caught in this whole Buzz about making money online ONLY with hubpages. Anything I help show you guys on my blog with, I want it to be sustainable. If you want to make quick money, spend a couple months learning the in’s and out’s of blackhat. However, with blackhat, it’s always a race trying to stay ahead of google. The promise is quick, easy money — but it’s not really that. It turns out to be a constant marathon run against google. I’ll go out right now and say that Hubpage earnings will not be sustainable. I hope I’m wrong, I do, but I can’t convince myself it’s going to last. I’m already taking some serious steps to increase my income in other areas.

So I HIGHLY encourage you guys not to be thinking of Hubpages as your meal ticket. I’d say use it as a supplement income/backlink source for your real sites, but don’t make the mistake of putting all your eggs into the Hubpage basket. When that basket falls, you are going to be left with a lot of shards to clean up. You should be making the development of your own self-hosted niche blogs your main priority and use Hubpages to support those.

Am I saying don’t aim for 100 or 200 hubs to make a bit of cash? No, make those hubs and collect the coin, but don’t count on that revenue to continue. My advice to you is to start planning your exit strategy NOW. I’d say do your niche research and make hubs with the goal of supporting your own money sites. I’m still making hubs, but I’m already plotting alternative sources of income to prepare for the hubslap when it comes.

YOu should not ONLY be creating hub sites. I would say put most of your emphasis on your own niche blogs first, then hubpages second. This way, if hubpages crashes and burns, you’ll still be burned, but those burns will be 1st degree, not 3rd degree.

Cancel Squidoo

I know I said that I was going to do 100 squidoo lenses in 30 days, but after a careful look at Squidoo, my conclusion is that it’s a dead animal that doesn’t know it’s dead yet. The Adsense revenue sharing is crap and now Squidoo is banning lenses on some of the more competitive terms that most internet marketers want a piece of. These chances may be good for Squidoo, but from what I’ve read, it may be too late.

I am not convinced I can make any money from Squidoo in 30 days. I’m sure I could make some money eventually, but not in a short period of time. So I’m going to delay this experiment for a while. I do want to come back to it in time and see what’s possible. But in the meantime, Squidoo will just be a link farm.

100 Clickbank Sniper Sites in 30 days

Enter my new challenge. I’m determined to get off this Adsense addition I’ve formed. So I’m going to sell my soul to hawk shitty products that don’t deliver anything of real value. In other words, I’m going to become a true Internet Marketer, and promote products I don’t believe in or care about. And I’m going to tell a whole lot of lies to do it.

Yes, we are a dirty bunch, us Internet Marketers.

Why am I choosing Clickbank? Because there are a lot of products to promote and there is a system in place to gauge how good the (Crappy) product you are promoting will do. My goal is to get 1000 bucks a month, in a month WITHOUT ADSENSE.

Wait, you say. This is not possible to do. Guru X/Y/Z said that you need to spend 6 months SEO’ing your niche blog to even get close. Well, yea, that’s the conventional wisdom, but I’m bucking it. After all, I took a medium that people were making peanuts with and am now churning out a cool 1200-1500 a month with it. I’m willing to bet I can do the same with this. I also have a friend who makes around 2k a month in only a month and a half work with this sort of thing, so I know it’s possible. The key is to know what the fuck your doing and put in an insane amount of work. I have the insane amount of work thing down pretty good — as far as the “know what the fuck I’m doing thing” this is debatable. I’m sure I’ll lean though, after a couple dozen sites.

The whole premise behind a sniper site is to focus the entire site around a single keyword. A sniper site is really just a fancy name for a niche website. A sniper site is usually more focused though – the entre site snips a single keyword.

A lot of my success is going to depend on my niche selections. And I confess, I’m not exactly and expert promoting clickbank products or even affiliate selling in general. I have one site that gives me about 7 bucks a day selling Amazon products, but that’s about it. Call this experience a baptism by fire. I am going to accept the gospel of affiliate marketing and be “reborn” as a sleazy internet marketer. Halleluiah! Does anyone happen to need penis enlargement cream, cause I have just the solution for you. Sorry, just practicing my sales pitch. But seriously, if you do need to get a larger dick, I have quite a few things for you…

Anyways, the format of each sniper site will be:

  • 1 self-hosted wordpress domain
  • 2-3 400 word posts
  • 1 Clickbank affiliate product

I will promote each site with 3 (spun) UAW article. 3 spun AMA articles, 2 ezines, 2 infobarrels, 1 squidoo, 1 BMD run, 1 RSS directory bot. That’s the extent of the backlink work I’ll be doing. I want to set these and forget them. But wait! Arn’t you suppose to do link exchanges? What about XYZ link promotion techniques. Don’t need them. I’m going to see if I can get money with minimal backlink work. I know this is counter intuitive, but from what I’ve seen and some of the experiences from some of my friends who ARE making money, properly done sniper sites can rank very high without too many backlinks. Backlinks are needed or course, but not as many.

In 30 days, I will try and aim for 3 sniper sites a day with a steady pace of 10 hubs. I’m also going to try and churn out 10 hubs as well. This is going to be a HELL of a lot of work. I’m still not sure I can get 3 sniper sites out a day, at lest not for the first few.

Can I make some money in a month? I hope so. Other people are doing it and so will I. If I can churn out 1k a month in a month’s time, I’ll be very happy. I’ll keep you guys updated on the process.

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