100 InfoBarrels in 30 Days Update 3

ADMIN EDIT 2016: This post is from my original blog (Make Money Online with Seo .com) from way back in 2008 when I first learned internet marketing.

Things on the Internet Marketing front have radically changed since these old posts of mine.

Making money online, SEO, marketing, the software and pretty much everything has evolved.

I’ve imported all the old posts from the old blog for archival sake. 

Some of the information is still relevant (and the posts are a kick to read), but many of the specific SEO strategies and quick make money online ideas I had back then have changed.

SO please keep this in mind when reading. 


So, it’s time for another Info Barrel update. The challenge was very interesting. It’s still a bit too early to determine how much money you can make with info barrels. My conclusion (so far) is that you can make more money with Hubpages because of the stronger domain authority and the better layout for Adsense.

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However, I’m quite happy with the way things have been going. At about the 40 article mark, I started to make a bit of money. The past 4 days, it’s been pretty consistent now. I believe the articles posted at to age a bit before Google started to send some traffic (can’t track it unless they integrate analytics). The past week, I’ve made 11 bucks. It’s been getting more consistent. About 10 days ago, I made .70. A few days later I had 4 dollars in a day. This was followed by a couple 3 dollar days. I’ve had a total of 11 clicks in 10 days. I’ve had a total of 737 impressions since posting my first article 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, I had 134 impressions alone. As you see, you start with virually nothing but the traffic effect sowly snowballs. The same thing happened with hubpages. I expect in a couple weeks, I’ll be getting 500 or so impressions a day.

So in total, I’ve made about 11 bucks in about a week’s time. Note that I only had about 30 or so articles up, so that’s not bad at all. I seem to be doing about 3 bucks a day now. Keep in mind that I have not added ANY backlinks to the articles. I’m also behind; I’ve been really busy with hubs and other projects the past week, so I have not got up the full number of articles I should. I will within a few days though.

I’m going to keep tracking the experiment over the next month. It’s really hard to determine the full potential since I have don’t have the full 100 articles up yet and I have not built any backlinks to the articles (so it’s not fair to really compare infobarrel to hubpages, as I was consistently building backlinks to hubpages). Over the next two weeks, we should start to see a clearer picture.

But, as the infobarrel articles begin to age, the earnings will go up. I fully expect 5-10 dollars a day will be very possible in a month’s time, especially once I begin to add more articles and backlinks to each article. It could be that I could pull out $20 bucks a day — we’ll have to see. Right now, 3-4 bucks a day for 40 or so articles up with no backlinks is not bad at all.

But, infobarrel is my new best friend for clean backlinks. I’ve established that you can make some money with Infobarrels. But let me reiterate why you should sign up for an infobarrel account:

Authoritative Backlinks

There are thousands of article directories and mini website hosts you can sign up for to use as backlink juice. However, most of them don’t really have much in the way of domain authority. If you want to use a mass article directory submitter to submit the same article to hundreds of these low authority directories, that’s fine. Backlinks are backlinks. But you should always try to mix in some high quality, high domain authority links as well. One aged EzinesArticles backlink, for example, might be worth more than a hundred of the other, low quality directory backlinks.

Google seems to be moving away from emphasis on backlink quantity to a reliance on the quality of the backlink. What does this mean in practical terms? Solid backlinks from high domain authority sites count a hell of a lot more towards pushing you up in the SERP’s than low quality links.

The first place people turn to for backlinks are usually article directories, since it’s such an easy way to get a link. However, to get the most work to result ratio, I’d say there are only a handful of authority directories that you should focus on actually writing up unique articles to submit to:

One question that often pops up is “how many articles should I submit to one of these article directories.” The rule of thumb that many SEO’s follow is that Google starts to discount link juice from 5 or more backlinks from the same C-CLASS IP. You can probably eke out 10 or so and still get decent link juice. In layman’s terms this means if you decided to write 100 Ezine articles and send those link to your webpage, you are going to see less link juice. You’ll probably have 5 strong links, 5 decent links, and the rest very weak links. No one knows the exact number of links before google starts to discount the link juice, but 5-10 is the usual number bandied around by SEO’s.

Now, I’m not saying those 100 EzinesArticles backlinks won’t help you. They well, but you won’t be getting much link juice from them. Google looks at many thinks when ranking your website. The major criteria for your ranking is your backlinks.

Google has some criteria for how it uses backlinks to rank you. Now, no one other than a Google employee knows the exact criteria for how Google utilizes backlinks. But *some* of the factors that Google looks are known.

The number of backlinks you have
The type of anchor texts used in the backlinks
The quality of the backlinks
Are the backlinks from an authority sites?
Are they from a site with relevant/related information?
Are the backlinks from a site with PR?
Do the backlinks have domain age?

You don’t want too many backlinks from the same source because there is a steep level of diminishing returns. So, what this means is try to only have about 5 or so links from the same source. This means if you are using Ezine articles, you will gain MUCH more link juice by having 5 links from EzinesArticles, 5 links for InfoBarrel, 5 links from Squidoo, and 5 links from GoArticles rather than 20 links from EzinesArticles. I’d be willing to be that having 5 links from those 4 directories would be more valuable then 200 links from EzinesArticles.

Back to infobarrel. Infobarrel has a lot of TrustRank in Google’s eyes. It’s got authority status and the links seem to count for a lot. I’ve tested this out on sites and I’d say the links pack almost as much juice as EzineArticles.

Articles are Edited

There is a pretty strict qualification process, akin to Ezine. Your are given preapproval status after 14 days and 10 published articles. This preapproval status means you can submit an article without having an editor holding your article to inspect it. However, even if you don’t have preapproval process, the process is pretty quick. When I first started, I would submit an article and it was published within an hour. Compare that with EzinesArticles where you can wait 7 business days before seeing your article published, if you don’t have platinum status.

Now you might be thinking that this whole editorial heavy-handedness is a hassle. Yes, it is, but Google give a hell of a lot more weight to article directories /mini sites that implement this. This means that the quality is always very high so Google can “trust” content originating from this domain. This means that backlinks contain far more link juice. This is one reason why EzinesArticles is the best article directory – because of the stringent editorial process required before your article is published.

Fast Indexing

I’ve seen articles get indexed within an hour. Not all of them, but many. If you post something, expect it to be indexed within the day. Enough said.

Make Money with InfoBarrel
InfoBarrel splits 75% of the Adsense revenue with you. This compares nicely with Hubpages 60%. Now, right now InfoBarrel is still growing and lacks the domain power that Hubpages has. This means if you were to take 100 articles and post them on Hubpages, you would make more money, I suspect, than if you posted 100 articles on Infobarrel. So if your aim is to make quick money, I’d go with Hubpages as your main source. For now.

BUT, The more content InfoBarrel gets, the more domain authority they will build up. I FULLY expect that articles will begin to make much more money in the future. I’d give infobarrel about 6 months to a year and they will be VERY strong in terms of domain authority.

If you want to make money fast, I suggest — if you are using hubpages — that you create a set up supporting, parrell articles on infobarrel. You will not only make more money because of the strong link juice, but you will also make extra money with infobarrel.


For backlink support, you should absolutely use Info Barrel. The links are clean and very strong. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Infobarrel is EzinesArticles without the bitchy editors (much easier to get articles published) and the ability to profit from your articles. You should make a point of adding it to your link building portfolio.

This experiment is not done. I will continue to track the progress of my 100+ infobarrel articles for the next couple weeks and post a result post. It’s only been 2 weeks since starting. I expect to have all articles up in a few days and then start to work the backlinks (in addition to my other many projects!). We’ll just see if we can get 5+ bucks a day out of this experiment!

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