About Us: The Who and Why of ‘Authority Income’

My name is Ben and I’ve been making money online since early 2009, enough that by the end of 2009, I quite my job and started to work full time online.

You can read about my exploits (and mistakes) on my old site make money online with seo .com (I don’t want to link to it) and backlink reviews .org– both sites I created a few years ago when I used to do some occasional blogging in the Make Money Online / Internet Marketing sphere, years ago, around 2008-2010.

The good news is I’ve imported all the old site content onto this blog, under the category Old Site Articles so you can read about my early days of internet marketing there.

I suggest you start with my first post back in 2009 when I first started this journey by trying to make money with hubpages.

Now, some few of you might remember me (if you guys are even still around), but most of you will not. With this blog, I’m basically restarting myself in this make money online niche as pretty much a no one again, even though I used to have a bit of a reputation in certain internet marketing circles back in 2009-10.

I’ve been around since the semi-early days of the whole internet-marketing seo rush thing — early enough where it was possible to easily game the Google ranking system back in 2008. Back when everyone was scrabbling to become an SEO authority, or make money expert, and the rules of SEO and online marketing were not yet fixed and firm as they have now become.

Anyone who tried to make some quick money back then knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The (flawed) model basically worked like this: you did keyword research about niche topics, you registered an exact .org/.net/.com about that keyword, you created a wordpress blog and stuffed it with hastily rewrote a handful of articles stolen from EzineArticles.com or some other source, and you moved on to the next site and repeated.

  • This is how I got into making money online.
  • This is how I eventually quite my job.
  • This is how I made nearly 20,0000 USD a month
  • This is how I gamed the shit out of Google for easy money
  • And this is why I lost nearly everything
  • And this is why I rebuilt from scratch

I’ve been there and back again. It hasn’t been easily in the end, but I’ve managed to keep ticking and I’ve managed through the past six years, to still keep self employed and make money online. Most of it  passive income, though when you see how much work goes into actually creating ‘passive income’, it’s not so passive after all.

After losing nearly everything I worked for online (multiple times I might add) and having to have rebuilt from ground up the past couple years to a more stable and secure online income, I’ve decided to come back to the ‘make money online world’ and start writing about how it’s done (the right way).

Yes, there’s experts out there like Pat Flyn who make oodles more money than I do right now. Yes, there are entire SEO websites out there that give you all the in’s and out of the latest google changes. Yes, there are a lot of quality sites that give good information.

But there’s no one who comes out there with attitude right now and tells you the fucking way it is. Except for me that is 🙂

So here I am. My goal with AuthorityIncome.com is to do real live passive income online case studies — my own online money making experiments — both the success and the complete failures — to show you guys what works, what’s hype, and what’s complete and utter bullshit. Our goal with all of this is to help the average person make a passive income online by creating authority websites on a topic.

By authority, I don’t mean just make an ‘authority site’ through seo hacks and cheap tricks.

I mean become an authority.

Even if you are currently not.

(but you will become one).

The bottom line is you can’t build a long sustaining business by ‘tricking people’ with shoddy information. People want information from people and websites they can trust. If you can show your audience you are an authority, you will be treated like one, and in the eyes of the world, you will become one.

And this is how you make a sustainable passive income with websites.

And, I’ll be using my own websites, my own income reports, and my own experiments, my own strategies (which I will detail in full) to show you how it’s done — or at least, how I do it.

I try to keep it real here. And I like writing about this topic — it’s what I do professionally. I still haven’t made as much money as I’d like, mainly because I’ve been lazy for a few years (I did no work online between 2011 and 2013 for the most part), but I am making a modest income online — enough to live in Thailand, travel when I want, all the while working online and earning a passive income.

What I’ve Done Wrong

I’ve done wrong. A lot of it. A shitload of mistakes that cost me some serious money over the years.

In the five years I’ve been doing this, I have:

  • created over 400 blog mini-site websites
  • created over 400 hubpages (then was lost them all)
  • lost 200+ websites (deindexed by google)
  • made $100 USD a day with 200 product mini sites using adense in less than 4 months (then lost it all when all 200 sites were deindexed)
  • made $600 USD a day with adsense + mini sites + hubpages (then lost nearly everything)
  • been attacked by Google PANDA, eviscerated by Google Penguin
  • been banned from adsense. Twice.

At my peak, I was made about $18,000 USD a month. At my lowest, point, I made less than $2000 USD.

Yet now, I’m still making a full time income online, despite having lost more money per month from these setbacks than people make in a year. Not Patt Flyn 120k style of richness, but a solid income nevertheless (I will be posting my income reports).

Despite losing nearly everything, I wouldn’t take back what I’ve done. Not one thing. I’ve lived and learned so YOU guys don’t have to make the same mistakes.

This time around, I’ll show you guys how it’s done, the right way — not the wrong way. And I’ve brought my brother along for the ride — Steve. He’s been working online for several years too and will be adding his own experiences with informative posts as well.

Together, we hope to show you guys that it’s possible for the average person to make money online if they are willing to work at it (hint: if anyone tells you it’s easy, they are lying their asses off).

If you read this article and never come back to the site again, the one thing to take away is that you can make real money online, but you have to work your ass off for it. And you have to create VALUE — trying to game the system with shortcuts is ultimately a waste of your time.

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