August Update: Still Alive and Making Money Online

I’m back with a vengeance!

I’ve been traveling and working on some new projects this month — so much to the point where I haven’t had the time, or necessarily the inclination to write any updates here.

Yes, I know that I’m a couple months behind on my income reports.  I’ll try to post an update for July and August income reports over the next week. Things have been going well there.

I’ve also finally launched my real world product via an e-commerce store which has been an interesting experience so far and more food for some future posts as it’s my first venture into selling real products from websites.

However, my biggest focus since July has been my venture into a new income stream territory that I’ve been wanting to tackle for years but finally got around to starting around July 15th.

And now this new income opportunity has been consuming all my time, all day, every day for the past couple months (since July).

The great news here is that I have some startling results to share in an upcoming new post all about this new income stream and how I’m making ludicrous amounts of money doing it.

And no, I’m not going to be selling you a stupid e-book or pump an affiliate program about this. I’ll just talk about WHAT I AM DOING and how I’m doing what I’m doing (as a side job to running my online website empire).

So stay tuned for my new post, tentatively titled ‘How I Made a Million Dollars in less than a month” in which I’ll detail what I’ve done and how I’ve done it.

That’s all for now. See you in a few days

Ben K

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