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ADMIN EDIT 2016: This post is from my original blog (Make Money Online with Seo .com) from way back in 2008 when I first learned internet marketing. Things have radically changed since then with how to make money online, what to do, SEO, marketing, and such. But I’ve imported all the old posts for archival sake. Some of the information is still relevant, but many of the specific SEO strategies and quick make money online ideas I had back then have changed. SO please keep this in mind when reading. 


Been VERY busy this past week, between my real life job and my IM activities. But, always time for another massive post…

Niche Devil

Time to give a bit of an update for this one. I’m not going to post any stats because there’s not much to post. My clicks are steadily increasing (around 50+ a day now).

Well, I have mixed feelings on this one. I only have about 130 sites up with probably 20-30 indexed. My grand plan for 500-1000 ND sites is on hold for a couple reasons. I am busy making money with Adsense snipers, I am not convinced about the long term viability of these, and ebay is making some massive changes to their pricing scheme just to combat sites like this.

Now, how eBay structures their current pricing scheme is all Vodoo to me. But this new pricing scheme is even more Vodoo than the old system. Ostensibly, it’s to “help” affiliates make more money, but the writing on the wall is that eBay is trying to “help” themselves to our commission. What this change does to say clicks coming from thin affiliate sites like ND, I don’t know – but I suspect it’s not going to be good. They are going to pay by click now – if I can produce a mass amount of clicks with ND sites, there still could be money. But I don’t want to drop 1000 of these sites out there, only to find ebay has pulled the rug. There are of course Chitika or whatever that ad network is called. I have not put it on any sites yet.

There has been a lot of controversy about Niche Devil. A lot of people were initially sold on the fact that ND were untraceable, etc. This is not the case and the software won’t be making any noob IM’ers any money. If you know what you are doing and willing to put on the black, you can make some money. The long term sustainability of thin affiliate sites is a big question – google (and now, presumably ebay) really detests sites like this. You put yourself squarely against Google when you start mass producing these. I would rather put my time in making hubpages, infobarrels, or legitmate sites.

I’ve probably made about 20-30 bucks from my clicks so far. From direct sales, about 5 bucks, but when the clicks are added to my quality score, the money goes up.

To be honest, I really have not spent the time I should have creating these though. I’ve been distracted with my snipers which take a god aweful amount of time to produce. I’m going to put up another 70 or so ND sites and try and backlink all the sites that are not indexed and see what happens. I’m not sure how this whole ebay change is going to effect these — it may be for the worse.

If you have ND sites, there are a few things you can do to keep your sites indexed:

*Don’t use buying keywords in the domain ( with a .info
*Don’t use buying keywords as the Title or in Headers WITH a .info
*Change your CSS template every single ND site you have

So I’m still going to put some work into ND, but I’m not going all out on them at this point. I want to see if I can get what I have indexed first before comitting to massive amounts.

Edit (Aug 22): I’ve made about 130 bucks so far — probably half of this from ND sites. I’ve put no effort into these other than putting my original 130 up there. Only some of those are indexed, but considering I’ve made close to 100 bucks, I’m seeing some potential here — it’s well worth putting more effort into these, so I’m going to try to continue to my 500 goal. I’ll just have to make sure the next round, I make sure to avoid buying keywords.

Adsense snipers

Ah, my new favorite toy. The force is strong with these indeed. On the internet, you’ll find a lot of people talking utter bullshit about their earnings. I like to back my claims with some tangible proof. Here we go…


As you see, not a bad start. I’ve started my snipers about two weeks ago, and I’m kicking out at close to 60 bucks a day. I’ve just gotten warmed up with these as well – I’m going to have over 300 snipers out within the next 2-3 months. I’m a bit behind on my schedual for these, but I hope to churn out several of these a day. This past 2-3 weeks has NOT been as productive as I’d like, mainly to work and various social obligations. I’m really going to have to up my productivity soon if I want to stay on schedual. 300 of these in 2 months is possible, but there is no way I can add quality content + backlinks and get 300 done in 2 months. I’d have to quite my day job to do this — something I may do soon actually.

I’m sure there are plenty of questions about how I went from 0 to 60 bucks a day with sniper sites in just two weeks. I’m keeping mum about the exact details guys for obvious reasons.

I will say that I’ve been working on something I like to call my “Adsense sniper”. These are laser targeted niche blogs that are very effective for getting ranked high in some situations. Now, there are no “miracle” ranking system here that will let you dominate the SERP’s, just some strategies I have been testing out for several months, and some solid tricks I’ve learned during my (failed) click bank sniper experiment. If you know what you are doing, it’s downright easy to hone in on the money. It’s really true in this game that failures are never failures. I’m actually still testing to see what’s possible with ranking, but my initial success tells me my personal method can be very sucessful for quick(er) money if done right. I’m still in the experimental stage. I’m going to give blogs my best shot as well and see if I can start earning with free blogs, ala Grizzly style. That’s going to be pretty cool to try!

I’m going to keep my method a secret, for now. This blog is simply too public to start giving out my tricks. Grizzly from Make Money found this out the hard way when he started posting his strategies.

I love helping you guys make the money — as long as it’s your own work and creativity you make money from — and each person telling me that they have made money with my advice makes me feel reeaaaly good. But if I give out my personal methodologies here, it results in hundreds (or maybe thousands) of clone websites out there doing exactly the same thing as me. Besides costing me money, it may call down the Google gods — something I’m not keen on seeing anytime soon. I’m not making the Grizzly bucks yet where having 400 other Ben clones out there won’t make a dent in my income.

I tell people this time and time again: you need to find your own way. Use what I’m telling you, Grizzly, Court, or anyone who is actually making some money, and put your own spin on it.

The problem I see is that too many people want both the dinner and dessert handed to them on the same plate. Everyone wants a 10 step program that will guarantee them a full time income online. That’s why those make money online shams you see on adsense do so well — people want an easy fix, and easy solution where there is no brain juice required. Sorry guys, it’s not that simple and life doesn’t work that way.

The simple truth is it’s the people who experiment, the people who do new things, and the people who are willing to put in a godaweful amount of work into this business that will make the money. You can’t be afraid of trying new things, of stepping out on a limb and giving an idea a go. You need to get out there and try new things. Heck, get out there and do anything. Posting on forums is not the way to make money online. Talking about making money online is not the way to make money online. Writing, creating sites, and getting backlinks will make you money online.

Right now, I feel the best (and most secure) way to earn money online is untimely have a fleet of flagship blogs that produce valuable content. Flagships are the best bet because you can command serious traffic, Google won’t deindex you on a whim since the content is usually very high and you provide some value to your readers (unlike cough Niche Devil, cough).

I’ve stated it before, everything I do is to build myself up to the point where I can deploy flagship blogs. Adsense snipers are great, but you never know if Google is going to put the slap down on those types of sites. I have friends who have lost 5-7k a month ovenight when google did a mass deindex of all their adsense niche blogs.

So, I’m dicking around with this small fry so I can make that 20-30k a month to buy massive amounts of content and authority sites.

When you create niche blogs, I can’t emphasize enough that you should focus on producing VALUE to your readers. Write good, useful content. Put in some useful links to authority sites. Add some pictures even. Basically, you need to trick Google into thinking your MFA site is in fact not MFA. A big lie, of course, but if readers are getting value out of your site, then Google won’t have a beef with you.

Flagship Authority Blog Project

I’m hoping I can start this in 2 months. I need to start establishing a portfolio of authority blogs ASAP. With Authority blogs, I can focus on some SOLID content and SEO tactics. Currently, I’ve been trading SEO in favor of volume, but when you are working authority sites, it’s back to SEO. I’m going to pull out every trick in the book and I’m looking forward getting dirty with SEO.

Make Money Online with Flagship Blogs

There are essentially two strategies for making money online. Volume, or Authority. I’ve been going with the volume route. Making money on the internet is all about traffic. Not just traffic, but targeted traffic. Anyone can pull in a few thousands people a day wasting time on twitter, stumble upon, digg, or any of those other useless social mediums, but these visitors won’t make you money.

Your goal is to generate traffic. You can either have a few blogs that pull in a lot of traffic, or hundreds (or thousands) or mini websites that pull in a few people a day, but as a whole add up. There is work involved either way. A flagship blog is a long term project. You are going to need to have a lot of high quality articles and you are going to need to SEO yourself high in the SE’s. All that time spent producing a zillion smaller sites will be going into SEO. A flagship blog is your most stable income generator online. If you do things by the book, you wont have problems with The Man.

The volume route is an “easier” way to make fast money online. The reason is that it’s not that hard to get a handful of targeted people a day to mini websites. By themselves, you’ll make crap, but hundreds will make you a living. Unfortunately, Google does NOT like mini websites that snipe keywords. The reason is most of these websites don’t really provide the value to readers that an authority blog delivers and most are purely MFA.

So what to do? Well, diversify. Derive a solid income from authority sites and from niche sites. You are safer this way.

I can’t say anything for certain, but my gut feeling is that authority is the future of MMO. The blogs that have the trust rank are going to get the a lot more traffic, and those sniper type sites are going to get the boot. This is my personal opinion, mind you, but it does seem Google is moving towards this model (a few websites dominating everything in a niche).

How to Dominate a Niche to Make Money Online

Time and time again, I see you guys thinking small. You worry about a handful of blogs when you should be looking at the whole picture. If you are dicking around with a couple blogs, you are wasting your fucking time. Either put all your efforts on a handful of authority sites, or throw out more mini sites than the number of Madonna’s ex boyfriends.

Time and time again, people are looking at a puzzle piece when they should be looking at the whole puzzle. This really tells me most people seem to have a lack of strategy. If you guys fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Period. If you decide to take on a niche, don’t fucking throw up a couple desultory niche blogs and think you are going to “own” the keyword. If sometime types ANY combination of keywords, your site should show up. How? Buy owning virtually all of the content relating to that niche. I have some niches where 6 or more properties show up on the first two pages for any search. If you can do this, you OWN most of the traffic. Remember guys, there are 10 spots on the search results – there is no reason why you should just aim for the 25-40% traffic the  top spot gets. Why not take an additional 30% by owning the next 4 spots?

You want to know how to utterly dominate a niche?

1. Use mini sites to feel out a niche, hijacking the domain authority of parasitic domains that have a lot of trust rank with Google (ezines, Hubpages, etc)
2. Branch into niches that work with your own websites
3. Solidify your position with a Flagship blog

It’s a hell of a lot of work, but then again, if you are not willing to work, stop wasting your fucking time with MMO and get a real job. I’m sure there are more than a few bosses who would love to yell at you all day long.

Ok guys, that’s it for today. I’m cutting my usual 3k post down today.

Ben Out

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