Authority Site Deployed on Expired Domain (Case Study)

Update to my Build an Authority Site on Expired Domain Case Study.

This authority site has been a lot of work. But these days, when I create a new site (it’s actually been about a year and a half since I started any new site), I go all out and make it the best I possible can – with content, visuals, and with my outreach. Why put effort into a site if you are going to do a half assed job.

I used to do this, back years ago when I built hundreds of niche mini sites. But it’s a strategy that’s not feasible long term. So if you are going to build a site, really make it THE ONE site in the niche that’s better than the rest.

THIS is how you stand out. It’s how I’ve made my bread and butter sites that are doing quite well, and the strategy has not failed me.

Summary of Development

I had my writer write over 60 large, very comprehensive articles on the subject with about 80 percent of those over 2000 words.

I originally was going to put this on a brand new domain, but I managed to find a good expired domain with the same keyword that covers the exact same niche. This expired domain was about 4 years old, had a previous website with nearly 100 links from 60+ domains. I looked at the old site on and it was a quality, authoritative site in the niche. But for whatever reason, the previous owner abandoned it about a year ago.

Needless to say, I migrated my site from the new domain to the expired domain I bought. I moved all the entire WordPress installation with the theme, content, plugins to the expired domain then did a 301 redirect from my other site. Now, I began putting up articles as soon as the writer was done with each one, which the first was delivered 30 or so days ago.

As of now (end of April 2015), I have over 60 articles and the expired domain is (now) live with my new site.

A Look at the Expired Domain

The domain name is good and exactly the same topic/niche I’m targetting. The old content is good. The previous site has not been active in a full year.

Now, this expired domain may have been used for some crappy site in between — I’m actually not sure. I should have done a better job at vetting this domain before buying it (I admit, I jumped the gone when I saw it was the same niche I was working on and didn’t do as thorough a job at vetting the history of the site). The main backlinks looked to be from good sites related to the niche.

A Look at the Current Stats

I moved the existing site (which has been live on a new domain for 30 days) to the newly purchased expired domain. And in the first day, I had over 28 impressions from some referral visits from existing backlinks to the (expired) domain. Very nice. No search engine traffic yet of course (the pages are not indexed yet, having just moved from the other domain).

Here’s a look at the stats. You will note that on the other domain I had, it was about a week until I had my first google search visitor and there were some occasional searches from the SEPRs every day. This is expected — new sites usually only get a few searchers per day for months before google takes the site out of the sandbox.

I am hoping the sandbox time will be much reduced with this expired domain now. However, I have had other expired domains I’ve built sites on, and there have been months of waiting even with those. I’ve found the best way to reduce the time is to ensure you have a lot of new content AND you send new links to it, which is what I will be doing.

The Total Costs So Far

I thought I’d tally what the total costs are for this site.

  • Content: $1000 (60 or so articles)
  • Expired Domain: $300
  • Premium WordPress Theme: $50
  • Custom logo: $100 (not done)
  • Virtual Assistant (adding images to posts): $30 (not done)ç

Total Cost: $1440

 My Strategy

Now that the site is LIVE, here is what I’ll be doing over the next couple months to further build up the site.

  • More Content: I’ll continue to add content, but the majority of the ‘meaty’ content has been done. With 60 solid large, in-depth posts alread done, there is nothing else in the niche that can match the content. But I really do want to keep building the site up — so I’ll add more content over the months.
  • More Images: I need to go back and add in images. I’m going to get my VA (virtual assistant) to do this. I don’t really want to spend what amounts to 2 or so days doing this. It’s important to include good images and graphics in your posts, especially you you have really long posts. This helps break up the content and your posts look a lot better visually. People EXPECT images theses days and you’d be shooting yourself in the foot by not catering to this.
  • Create Facebook and Twitter Pages: I’ll be creating a facebook and twitter channel and try building it up. I’ll likely use facebook’s paid advertising to build up the facebook page
  • Create Youtube Channel with my own videos: I’ve never made a youtube channel or shot my own videos, but for this website, I did. I really want this website the be legit and one way is to shoot videos for it. The youtube videos may well end up ranking high on google and bring in a steady stream of traffic. We’ll see how this plays out. I already have the videos created and the channel set up. I will be adding those videos to key posts as well to enhance the content.
  • Create Email Lead Generator: I’m going to add an email signup form with a free ebook giveaway to encourage sign ups. I want to start building a list. I already have the ebook done, but I may offer one more to sweeten the deal
  • Create an Amazon Store: One of the reasons why I choose this niche and really threw everything into this project was that a) it’s a niche where there’s a lot of passion (easy to get links and build authority if your site offers amazing content and network/ do outreach in the niche) and b) there’s quite  few products you can link to on amazon, manufacture and sell on your website. There’s also a number of affiliate programs. Once I start to get regular traffic, I’ll start off with an amazon store on the site (affiliate sales) then see how that does. The end game would be to have my own ecommerce store and manufacture my own product. But I’m a while away from that
  • Create a Digital Product to sell: I’m going to outsource an ebook and sell it on the site. I feel there is some potential here for this
  • Start Link Outreaching: Once the site starts to get a few visitors, I’m going to start my link outreach efforts. More about this in the future.


This case study is just in the beginning stages. I’ll likely post in a month or with a small update showing traffic (if any) and a summary of the new stuff I’ve done. There’s not going to be a lot to really show until I start getting traffic. This is going to take time. I’m hoping a lot less time since I am using an expired domain that had some good links and good content, but you never can be sure.  I’m going to have to really make time to do natural link outreach. You can get so fixated on building up new sites and forget that promoting that content is 90% of the success right there.

At the end of the day, you can spend a shit load of time and money making an outstanding site with mind blowing content, but chances are, no one will see it unless you promote that content. You need worthy content and you need to bust your ass to get that content shown to people who will link to it.

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