25+ Best Feminine WordPress Themes (Updated 2016)

Female bloggers and business women are no strangers to the internet. The recent surveys may surprise most people, but around the globe, the number of women that use the internet is growing faster than the number of men.

It may also come as much as a surprise, but more women than men are also starting businesses or building web presences for many different reasons. The surprise continues into other areas, where more women than men make use of social media, so that bottom line appears to be the growth of girl power.

With growth come opportunity, and given the accelerating power and versatility as WordPress as a platform, the combination of Girl Power and WordPress can indeed be a powerful thing.What follows is a list of some of the best Word Press themes that can be used to use and take more advantage of the Girl Power.

Fashion Blog


The Fashion Blog Theme is an attractively designed theme in the Nimbus Themes library. It is designed for female clientele, with feminine themed colors such as  pink links on white backgrounds, and the layout subtly emphasizes the display of products with the support of High resolution images.

The attention of the visitors is captured with an attractive slider and a full screen video that can be featured on the home page, however several other customiseable page templates are included to be used any in manner the user wishes. Fashion blog is fully responsive, and with access to the admin panel, it is easy to change settings and edit content for improved SEO, and more attractive styling with fons, colors, and content placement.

The customisation is easily done as no coding is required. The theme includes several easy to use shortcodes and scripts, and the siders can be removed if desired. Women are bigger users of social media, and this Fashion blog includes eaay linking to social media sites.

Main Features

  • Perpetual updating
  • Responsive shortcodes
  • Access to the Nimbus Shortcode library –
  • FontAwesome icons



The Gleam theme can be described as being flashy and sexy without being overly dramatic. It is one of the themes that are designed so that it cannot be ignored. Much of the emphasis still remains on the product, and the designers have been succesful in the combining the elements to attract and retain female visitor interests. Interestingly, the responsive theme features homepage that occupies the entire screen. It renders well when tested on modern mobile devices, with  a single menu nav button in the middle of the page, so that visitors have only one choice for action.

The feminine Gleam theme can work well with fashion or photographers sites, and with the simple and straighforward navigation, there is very little to distract visitors who are the easily directed to their destintations. As a designer, it can be not much easier, nor more pleasing to show of portfolios in an eye pleasing and fast loading, but entirely fluid presentation.With the Ajax generated platform, it is aslo very easu to upload muliple images that can be used as backgrounds on different pages.

Main Features

  • Secure and Valid Code
  • Fullscreen Gallery
  • Localization
  • Continual updating



Simple elegance is combined with functionality in this theme that appeals to the females. The design is simple, with subtle pink shading, that is both easy to use and on the eyes. lt The Marilyn theme can be used for fashion blogs, and or lifestyle sites. It can also be used to combine fashion with other activities, such as lifelogging, and it also supports eCommerce activities. It is one of the few themes that includes a built-in newsletter sign-up form, and the attractively pace front-page slider, does its’ best to showcase your products.

Visitors are always one click away from contact with friends and followers, with an easy to reach array of social media icons, and the light theme from BluChic operates well on almost any device. From the homepage,  three widgets  can be placed to include content that links to three internal posts, and Marilyn also support localized translation  to multiple languages with the WPML plugin.

Main Features

  • Featured slider
  • Custom Newsletter sign-up form
  • 3 promo boxes at the footer
  • Social media icons on footer & widget



The Girly theme from Anariel Design does what the name implies it should do. Pink backgrounds and pastel shading calls for lace and shoes, that can attract more females like files to honey. Girly is also compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including an earlier model of an Android phone that we tested.

Some suggested uses for this theme include building portfolios for the display of creative projects, as well as the hosting personal blogs, or creative writing. It is light on the use or resources, and the  premium Soliloquoy slider can be used to feature any product  that can be linked to internal or external content.

An additional feature that users will love, is not the attractive design, but the revenue generation ability that come with support for WooCommerce plugin. It allows the simple installation of an online store. Girly also include easy social media contact, and widgets that can be used for posting more content.

Main features

  • Premium Soliloquy Slider
  • Widgetized Areas
  • Cross Browser support
  • Custom page templates



A beautiful design, with robust support for eCommerce is bundled together in this feature rich theme from Restored 316 Designs. The features are extensive enough to make this one of the most versatile WordPress themes in the category. It can be used of eCommerce as it supports the WooCommerce plugin, but also as a blog, or a photography or creative arts webfront. It is built on the powerful Genesis Framework, and with the child theme, it is also very easy to customize and expand, if and when it may be needed.

Site navigation is easy as the hierarchy is intuitive with custom categories, and navigation menus. Selling items such as prints and photos online is just as easy, with activation of the WooCommerce plugin, and visitor contact is a higher level with the pre-built Fancybox popups.

Three different layouts add even more versatility, which can be even more enhanced with the WordPress customiser. The list does not stop there, as it also includes Social Icons, Simple Instagram, Genesis newsletter, along with customiseable landing pages.

Main Features

  • Category Index to organize posts
  • Custom Categories
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Styled popup box
  • Easy color editing with the WordPress customizer



“Tilala” is a simple, but attractive minimal-style theme from PanKogut. There is no knowledge of any coding required, with this elegant that is entirely suited for the female set.

A white background with plenty of whitespacing, and attractive but not overwhelming color schemes are combined nicely with the interesting typography, to build attractive user interfaces, that are also very functional. The elegance is noted in the styles of the headers, and design of some of the icons, however, they can be modified if and when it becomes needed. The design is fully responsive and there are several posts layouts included. They can be published in standard page width, or even in full page width an still render on any device.  Easy media contact is also one of the theme’s prevalent features.

The features are also expanded to include support for WPML and a bunch of shortcodes. For starters, the designers have made it easy with the one-click demo installation and promise perpetual updating along with the comprehensive documentation.

Main Features

  • Social media Custom Widgets
  • Extensive Shortcodes
  • Translation-ready
  • Wide cross-Browser compatible



Style is a cleverly designed and versatile feminine theme from Restored 316 Designs. It is a child theme that is built on the Genesis Framework, and includes the powerful functionality and features. Fully responsive and very flexible, Style can be used by almost anyone, and with one of the prominent features being the newsletter signup form, it can be ideally suited for professional businesses women, or other who wish to keep in easy contact with customers or clients.

The post layout formats are available in three different styles to suit demands of the visitors and great, authors, speakers, bloggers and others wanting a great looking website. The premium theme  also includes six different templates that can be used for publishing in categories, columns, a pricing table that reveal price differentiation, custom built blog and landing pages. All of this and yet the theme remains customiseable to suit any particular audiences.

User friendly and with support for eCommerce, the user will also love the nicely styled pop-up powered by Fancy box plugin.

Main Features

  • color custom scheme!
  • 3 layout options
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • three Footer widgets
  • Supports custom backgrounds



The Jacqueline theme is another stylishly designed theme from BluChic, and with more women doing business online, it can be a great way to  relate to female demographic with panache and creativity. It is not only the design and creativity that attracts, but the functionality may be even more important.

Branding is easy with space for uploading a large logo and or custom headers, and with plenty of whitespacing, the Jacqueline theme puts the focus on the page content and engagement. It includes a module for newsletter subscription that also works well even on mobile devices, Customizing and branding is also easily handled with the WordPress customization, and Jacqueline theme also allows easy uploading of photos as background on any page.

Showcase items, products and or services with the featured slider, and with the visitor focus remaining on the product, the contact to  followers and friends on social media is always present with icons that are loaded in widgets or on the footer panel.

Main Features

  • One click  auto-update
  • Featured slider for pages, posts, or categories
  • Widgetized footer & right sidebar
  • Social media icons on footer & widget
  • Translation Ready with .po/.mo files
  • Cross browser compatibility



Olivie from BluChic is a creatively styled theme with a decidedly feminine touch. It is characterized by the pronounced pink pastel colors with simple, but attractive typography. The uncomplicated interface, makes it ideally suited for beauty, lifestyle,fashion and other female oriented topics.

Your images can be published in the attractive slider featured on the home page.The slider can be set to operate with auto or timed features, with transition effects. Using the pre-composed shortcodes, the responsive premium theme can also include a newsletter signup form, as well the ability to upload both audio or video. Infinite scroll offers easy and seamless navigation.

There appears to be an emphasis on easy social media connection, and the icons of the major networks are within easy reach for easy sharing of content. Navigation is easy and intuitive, as content can be organised into categories. It is also easy enough to build an attractive gallery that is operated by the WordPress functionality.

Main Features

  • Widget on right sidebar
  • Infinite scroll or basic pagination
  • Translation Ready with .po/.mo files
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • One click auto-update



BluChic has positioned Naomi as a WordPress theme that is suited for marketing. It is not as easy to use as some of the other themes, as the access to Adobe Photoshop is needed to for editing images. The capability to brand is one of the most important features of this themes and the same colors, images, fonts and styling can be used everywhere.

Having a business card with the same appearance of your site and social media profile ads to the ready branding factor, for which all organizations strive. For major corporations, branding can be very expensive, but this theme makes it very affordable for most small businesses that specialize in boutiques, cake or bake shops, cupcakes, or even food, fashion  or craft blogs.

Noami is fully responsive, and some of the very attractive features include the featured slider, variation for posting on pages, handling custom images and backgrounds, and the one click auto-update that keeps the theme current with the latest features, such as tracking, and support for translation to multiple languages.

Main Features

  • Customizable color scheme
  • Supports custom logos and backgrounds
  • top custom menu
  • Featured slider for pages
  • 3 circular content boxes



Categories and sub categories are at the top menu in this modernist minimal theme from BluChic. Lynette features multiple layout styling, and above the headers, menu navigation is simplified with main menu items. The pages can be designed in simple black and white with grid or multiple column styling.

Black and white is now seen as chic color scheme and Lynette renders responsively well on a wide range of devices. There a four layouts for the homepage, and the blog can also be styled accordingly. All of the WordPress functionality is included with this user-friendly theme.

Some of the other outstanding features include pre-designed widgets for placement of advertising banners or markup language, and with the included shortcodes, categories can be displayed or even social media feeds can be added to specific pages. Lynette also includes some excellent customisation features , such as one-click auto-updates, a convenient color-picker, support for localisation, and uploader ability for custom imagination, backgrounds and logos.

Main Features

  • Add custom headers and or logo
  • Support custom backgrounds
  • Custom Menus
  • Featured slider
  • Display recent posts in grid layout



Honeycrisp is a nicely design theme from Angie Makes that is very easy to use. It can also be customized to a deep level.  Get your site quickly installed with the demo, to begin your customisation, by using the WordPress editor.

The attractive full-page slider puts your products in the front and center, and then simple navigation offer items from the main menu. There are three styles of the blog, and the galleries can be published in any of eight different styles.  The  one column can be used as the home page, where it can include a carousel or slider, and the Mosac galleries can support up to nine columns. Honeycrisp includes a shortcode manger that makes it easy to add elements to any page.

Adding more versatility and dynamism is easy even if you have no coding knowledge, as it is easy to add remarkable accordion style boxes, tabbed menus, buttons, Google maps and styled borders using the shortcodes. Post-formats are also varied and the theme also supports WooCommerce.

Main Features

  • Fully Responsive
  • Easy customizeable
  • Google web fonts
  • SEO Friendly
  • WooCommerce
  • supports banner ads




Intuitive design, and attractive layouts are a classic combination in this premium versatile theme from the theme at Restored 316 Designs.  Darling is powered by the Genesis Framework, and as a child theme, expansion is easy and the versatility can expand to use in a number of situations, such as in eCommerce, a blog, or many SMEs.

Many outstanding features make Darling not only easy to use, but ads a great deal of flexibility and versatility in the building of attractive web presences. There is practically no limits to the styling of the colours, and with the three different formats included for the layouts, each site can include unique characteristics. Darling also supports WooCommerce for online selling, and with the three stylized footer widgets, there is more than enough areas for publishing content with related images. Darling is also capable of supporting most the essential WordPress plugins and customization is easy enough to be completed with technical knowledge.

Main Features

  • 3 layout options
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • 3 Footer widgets
  • Supports custom background
  •  Mobile Responsive



Blogmasters and website managers of all levels would appreciate the functions and features included in Josephine from Theme Fashion. The theme has a definitive feminine bent as it is  described as being created for lifestyle bloggers. The Josephine theme is very affordably priced, but includes features for very powerful versatility and flexibility.

It has been developed from the ground up, and includes a custom template that can easily be edited with the template designer.  The developers offer five versions of the home page, and there are different colour schemes available to align the site appearance with the preferred style or branding. They have also made it very easy to get started with the one-click demo installation. Josephine has also been described as very widget and social media friendly, with custom sidebard that can contain social media feeds.

The theme is fully-responsive with an uncluttered interface. Attractive features also include hover features with the social media buttons that can be published under each post.

Main Features

  • Five custom homepage styles
  • Built-in portfolio templates
  • Fully responsive
  • Easy one-click demo import



Zarja is a modern style theme from Premium coding. The tenor of the theme is a definitely feminine touch, and with a quick import of any of the three styles of the premium blog, it becomes very easy to get started, The colors and styling are sharp and pronounced, without being overwhelming. It is easy to become addicted to the design and layout of the theme, as it showcases much of the content in a easy , but classically stylish interface.

The layout is easy to establish with several block or grids that are used throughout the theme.The revolution slider is seamlessly integrated with the top header, and with any of the three post formats, it is easy to built very attractive pages that readers should love to visit.

The layout can be either be boxed or a full-width, or they can be a comnbination in some cases. Zarja is a also lesand e. rstyles, logo and menu areas and an Instagram block. The theme also includes full-width and boxed layouts; is SEO optimvery SEO friendly, and adding content such as audio or embedding video is done without trouble.

Main Features

  • SEO optimized
  • Supports social media feed
  • Easy readability
  • Creative Design



Vixen is a newly created theme from gljivec at Premium Coding, and it is quickly increasing in popularity as one of the promising WordPress themes for female oriented sites. It is the powerful background platform that appears to be propelling the popularity.

Vixen includes multiple options, that can all be readily customized. The default page is just as impressive as the alternate page that features an attractive sidebar that handles the block and widgets.

Adding the social media icons and categories or popular posts, may add value to the content on the pages, in much the same manner as the addition of social media feeds from Twitter and Facebook or Instagram, but it is the additional widget, for the publishing of banner ads in multiple formats that would be encouraging to users. Alternatively, the default home page with the full-width slider may be more appealing to other users, as follow with infinite scroll to three columns may be much easier. With all of the included feature, Vixen is still very easy to customize, and receives top marks.

Main Features

  • Super fast loading
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Full width and boxed version
  • Made for readability
  • Creative Design



There is not much that cannot be appreciated with the premium Chic WordPress theme from WPExplorer. It is designed in a classic combination of subtle color, style and functionality that all works seamlessly to create one of the better themes for the WordPress platform. It is a feminine theme, and there is no overly bold or dramatic presentations.

Beginners and experienced designers will love Chic, as it is easy on the eyes and easy to use. With the WordPress customizer, the task of making a unique web presence, can actually become an enjoyable task, as there is very little learning curve. The customizer allows the user to preview changes  in real timsing to begin generating some revenue. Driving the visits from friends and followers on your social media profiles  should not be too difficults at the theme also include facility for prominently placing widgets and icons from the social network sites.

There are a lot more features such as the integrated newsletter subscription form, included in a beautifully organized theme that user should appreciate.

Main Features

  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Built-in advertisement areas
  • Prominent social media links
  • Custom collapsable header bar
  • muliple header styles
  • 3 Page layouts



Madison comes out of the box with more than seven different layouts, and the builders at iThem es have included the Builder Framework for you to do much more. Madison is a premium theme with a simple design that can be ajusted to suit a number of different situations, such as eCommerce, or for small businesses

There are not a great deal of bells and whistles with this theme, as it can be appreciated for its’ s simplicity. The simple blog style, focuses on an image followed by related text , and all posts are accompanied by social media icons for easy sharing. Blogs can be searched and there are several format for setting-up the home page.

Madison is only one of the themes from iThemes, where the emphasis is really on the powerful iBuilder. The themes are really used as starters, and along with other features, such as email sign-up, and the easy to activate eStore, it is easy to expand in any direction desired.

Main Features

  • Unlimited Portfolio & full Galleries
  • video Support
  • 30+ Shortcodes plus generator
  • Translation Ready
  • Portfolio & Slider Custom Post Types



Isabelle is a  ready responsive premium theme that follows in the same design style as some of the other themes from BluChic. It can be used for  fashion and style blogs, or even a magazine style webfront. In addition to the highly styled typography, what makes this theme standout is the classic intuitive navigation that is SEO friendly with pages being not more than three clicks away.

The multipurpose theme can also be used in related activities such as wedding photography, decorating, beauty and makeup, or other female related interests. There is also a great deal of versatility provided as the layouts can be easily changed to a number of styles to suit different purposes.

With the magazine style layout, excerpts of the post can be published with thumbnail images, or the full page style may be more suitable when other types of information is presented. The choice of colors to be used in design is unlimited as the Framebuilder also include a colorpicker, and there is an extensive list of pre-programed shortcodes, for more powerful page bulding.

Main Features

  • Top Custom Menu
  • Featured slider
  • Excerpt blog posts
  • Widgetized footer & right sidebar

DelightFul Pro


Delightful Pro is an attention grabbing theme from Restored316 designs. Fully responsive, and loaded with delightful color schemes, the theme can be used anywhere color is important, and that can be almost anywhere, as color, remains one of the most important points of presentation.

Delightful includes four different styles for the feminine set, with the easy integration of the WooCommerce plugin, selling items such as cupcakes, prepared foods, or anything imaginable is within the click of a mouse. Branding is also easy as Delightful Pro supports custom backgrounds and images, as well as the easy addition of logos, and it can be done in any of the six styles offered for the layout of the pages. Color changes are done at the WP admin panel while the theme also includes the high valued WordPress plugins.

Six layouts, and easy social media connections, may be enough for anyone to handle, but much more contact ability is provided, with the easy to integrate email newsletter subscription form that is compatible with most email service providers.

Main Features

  • 4 color schemes
  • 6 layout options
  • Footer widgets
  • Ad Spaces
  • Easy customisation



WP-Venus is a fully responsive theme, with an uncomplicated design from Solostream.  It is really a multipurpose theme, but because of the uncomplicated simplicity, it may be ideal for the girly themed sites, with mostly female readership, such as mommy blogs.

The simplicity, should not be associated or assumed to be without capa, as WP_Venus is versatile to be used for any other purpose, and it is also fully compatible with the WooCommerce  plugin for online selling. Clean design with a very professional appearance is only a part of the picture as the options for customization are outstanding. There is abundant support for ad placement and separate pages where videos can be embedded is also provided. It it also easy to add variety with multiple layouts for the posts and pages, and showcasing products and services in the featured slider is more than likely to improve audience engagement.

An interesting feature is the block for posting excerpts that are accompanied by thumbnail or images that are sure to pique visitor interest.

Main Features

  • Quick and Easy branding
  • Featured Sliders for both posts and pages
  • Alternate Business Home Page Template
  • YouTube Videos Page Template



Beverly is another one of the beautifully organized theme from BluChic. The color scheme is well chosen with  a pallete of pastelles, but all is easliy edited as desired. The theme speaks directly to women, and women who wish to own operate websites that cater to the female demographic. The creative arts, lifestyle blogs or home and garden typed themes would love the functionality include in the fully responsive theme.

The classic combination of pink with styled typography, may be a bit misleading, this Beverly theme, may be one of the most versatile themes in the BluChic arsenal. A simple gallery built with WordPress is easily activated and documentation is supplied to set it up, but for more versatility, it is suggested that a suitable plugin that includes the lightbox feature should be used.

Your theme can be immediately updated to remain current with one-click, and Beverly includes an easy to navigate top ribbon menu and all the necessary social media icons for viral shares.

Main Features

  • Customizable color scheme
  • Easy customizing and branding
  • support background images
  • Custom Menu
  • Social media icons widget

Beautiful Pro


We can understand why this theme is named Beautiful Pro, but it is not the beauty that impresses, but the value that is offerd with the purchase of this bundle from StudioPress. With a one-time purchase, you are given lifetime access to all themes, along with the powerful Genesis Framework, lifetime support, tutorials and updates of all themes. It may be one of the best values in WordPress themes available.

If you are concerned with the features and function of  Beautiful Pro, you will not be disappointed, as this theme is built with the classic and seamless HTML5 for wide cross-browser response. The typography is light and does not distract from the attractive appearance with lots of white spacing with black texts.

Beautiful Pro, like the other themes, is also easy to customize, and can be seen as the not so blank canvas, on which you can begin to create a masterpiece.

Main Features

  • Custom Header
  • Custom menu
  • Unlimited updates and support


Runway is a unique combination of classic and contemporary in a fully responsive theme that is designed for the fashionista. It was inspired by the photosharing site Pinterest and although not as powerful, it also includes much of the functionality.

The focus is clearly on the images, which are likely to be of items such as clothing or accessories when Runway is used as a fashion-based theme, However with a little bit of a stretch, this versatile theme from  Viva la Violette can  hold a lot of potential in other related areas. Eight different options for the choice of color is complimented by the hover effect that changes the color of  buttons when brought into focus.

Built on the powerful Genesis Framework, Runway can be developed with many more advanced features, that can retain the minimal distractions of the featured images.

Get more done with the  HTML5 markup, and the two differnt layout options and custom menus that help to organise your site for optimal navigation.

Main Features

  • eight color schemes
  • multipurpose Options
  • includes sticky and custom menus
  • support featured images

Full demo

Pretty Chic


The Pretty Chic Theme is one that we can almost say that it has it all. The contemporary theme with the minimalist design is functional, yet stylish and sleek, with a fast loading interfacse that leads easily to the other valued processing, and the options are almost unlimited

It is easy to place widgets on all other pages if desired, and monetization options are also readily availble with the placement of banner advertising. In addition to the stylish typography, the striking theme from Pretty Darn Cute Designs also includes sticky headers  for easy navigation, which may also help to increase visitor engagement and increase return visits.

It is also easy to organize posts and archives into categories, which may contribute to better user experiences. With Pretty Chic, the best of the online world can be presented in a very attractive design that render well on all devices, as the theme is also fully responsive.

Main Features

  • Featured Widget on each page.
  • Supports eCommerce
  • Sticky Header & Navigation
  • Easy customisation

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