25+ Best Genesis Frameworks Themes (Updated 2016)

StudioPress is perhaps one of the more trusted developers of WordPress themes, and they have done most of their development on the Genesis frame. The results peak for themselves as the downloads number in the millions by more than 130,000 webmasters, and one of the reasons for the popularity of the Genesis Framework, may simple be the powerful functionality it provides.

Genesis is simple, yet still robust, without unnecessary features that often results in bloat and slow processing.All of the options are necessary, and the Framework has also been endorsed by many of the WordPress insiders

Developers say that building is much easier with Genesis, resulting in much better themes, as it includes many built-in features in the library that are much easier to use after a short learning curve. You can judge for yourself, with the collection of some of the best themes built on the Genesis Frame that we can find.



Author is a remarkable theme with some outstanding features, making it among the top of the WordPress  themes built on the powerful Genesis Framework design, top of the line,  remarkable, flexible, powerful WordPress . The Author Pro theme combines flexibility, elegance with an unprecedented amount of customization features, to produce some of the more robust sites on the web.

It is best suited for writers, and this can be discerned by the name. Journalism, publishing books and papers of various genres, or publishing material of almost any kind, will be more than a perfectly suitable use o This theme, as it includes several fully functioning applications in the small library of scripts. The features are very user friendly , and even novices will be comfortable with the use of the features which are all design on the standard HTML5 markup.

The minimalist design and pleasant typography, along with lean and seamless operation, puts focus on the content which gives visitors the opportunity to read without being distracted.

Main features

  • Includes Customizer
  • Full colour styling options
  • Custom headers
  • Multiple theme options

Cafe Pro

cafe pro-Genesis-Frameworks-Themes

Café Pro is a powerful child theme for the Genesis Framework. It can be used to custom build sites for restaurants, cafes, or other food related business.There is a strong similarity, with other popular food-based theme, but it combines many of the features of the Genesis Framework with the exciting parallax techniques to create interesting user experiences.

The features creates some visually appealing effects when background images can appear to be animated in a visual illusion. The lightweight theme from StudioPress, includes a floating menu bar, ensuring that additional pages can  always be accessed with a click and minimal searching. A nifty ribbon at the top of the page can include call to action statements, such as reservation or booking instructions, or  even more noticeable is the links to menus.

Clean and intuitive navigation, ensures easy transitioning between pages, making Cafe Pro friendly for search engine bots, clean coding , also make upgrading easy, so your site remain current with the issues of technical developments.

Main Features

  • Menus in both footer and header
  • Custom website background
  • Multi Color styles options
  • Impressive typography
  • Custom header support
  • Floating menu



Altitude is one of the more elegantly designed WordPress themes on the market. StudioPress has designed this theme for creating w presence on the web, that reflects the of professionalism, while still being friendly and not overly sterile.

Attractive landing pages can be created easily, and custom backgrounds can be included for branding. The styles and options for colurs are unlimited, as the developers have expanded the functionality by including items for their vast library. Changing the appearance of the theme, and the corresponding look of the site can literally be done in seconds, and it is the power of the Genesis  Framework that makes it easy to accomplish.

The theme is fully responsive, and with the supports for widgets that can be added to almost any page, publishing content against the backdrop of parallax view, ensures a site that is easily refreshed.

Other interactive features include the easy social media contact and newsletter signup form that also works seamlessly on mobile devices.

Main Features

  • Accent color styling
  • Custom header logo support
  • Multiple Theme options
  • Landing page template
  • Native theme customizer

Tech Magazine


TechMagazine is fully mobile responsive Genesis Child theme  with a unique design. It was built to work almost  exclusively publishing and curating info related  to News and blogs.  The customizeable typography is refined with pleasing aesthetics, and will help to expand branding and visibility.

Outstanding features include some of the top-rated support provided by developers, but it is the components of the theme that is powered by the Genesis Framework, that makes this theme outstanding.

The TechMagazine is offered  with 12 areas where widgets can be placed. There are four areas on the home page, and in the footers, there are additional areas for three widgets. Most of the pages may be built with widgets, but Tech Magazine also supports the ability to display banners, and a newsletter signup form.

The design is compact and the default scheme evokes an aura of trust. With a layout of three columns on the homepage, it is easy to add information in any of the widgetized areas.  chosen from Genesis settings page.

Main Features

  • Five different color styles
  • Fixed top menu
  • Breadcrumb Style post nav
  • tidy typography
  • Footer Widgets and Threaded Comments
  • Multiple Column layout

Sixteen Nine Pro


Sixteen Nine Pro is another favorite Child theme from the StudioPress developers. It follows current web desin trends using HTML5 in combination with the Genesis Framework to create some remark-ability functionality. It is available in two layout formations, but includes to ability to include many more.

Freelancers, creative sorts, bloggers and services oriented should love this theme, as it is easy even for beginners to create personas, simply by uploading custom images.

Sixteen Nine Pro by StudioPress  supports sidebars, and nested comments can be threaded for easy follow, but the theme also includes some unique development twists where elements  on the left bar can include an author image, profile preview, a company logo , and even more widgets.

Use the Static Sidebar  for menu items, such as pages and subpages. The menus stays in place even as readres scroll the length of the page, and this static bar can be used for even purposes, such as social media badges.

Main Features

  • Fixed Width
  • Supports custom backgrounds
  • Landing with two layout options



Atmosphere Pro theme is business theme with a minimalist design by Studio Press founder Brian Gardner. The theme include many of the desired template such as widgetized home page, and lading pages with cool split- screen effect. The fully responsive theme transitions well to mobile devices, and  the uncluttered appearance provides easy readability.

An attractive image can be placed in full width on the home page, and the infinite scroll features ensures that visitors will not click away from loaded pages to absorb additional content. In addition to the easy navigation and fast loading, news site and blog operators, will appreciate the security features of Atmosphere that is coded with some of the tightest best security WordPress practices.

The theme produces clear and concise organization and intent, and with the secondary featured area, a extensive bundle of icons can be used to introduce your products and or services.. the style of the blog may not appeal to everyone as there no sidebars, but with some creativity, they can perhaps be modified to suit personal tastes.

Main Features

  • Fast loading
  • Automatic updating
  • Optimized for searching

Modern Studio Pro


The Modern Studio WordPress theme is a your unique and very interesting way to showcase your products with high resolution imagery.  The focus is on readability with stark and sparse typography in a fully responsive design. The  features include Theme Options customizer done in HTML5 markup, Custom header support and several design for custom landing pages. The customizer allows the creation of some visually stunning effects, and the Modern-studio theme is compatible with all Genesis plugins.

The Sticky message bar can be used to alert visitors to important messages, as it remains in place even as readers scroll the length of the page, remaining visible at all times.

Although it appears that the Modern Studio Pro child theme was developed with creatives such as designers and photographers in mind, bloggers of almost any type may still  find it suitable as includes several suitable features that they may also adapt.

Enabling side bars will allow the addition of features such as categories and display of links to recent posts or feeds from social media or even some display advertisements.

Main Features

  • Seven areas for widgets.
  • Welcome message  widget space.
  • 3 Footer columns.
  • Color Styles List
  • Theme Customizer with Genesis Framework support.



Because speed of loading is now one of the search engine ranking factors, themes have gotten leaner, and consequently faster Whitespace is based on simplicity as the main tenet, has been measured to be one of the fastest when containing similar content. There are other factors that will affect loading speed, so justification in comparison may be needed.

Whitespace can be used to operate fully loaded blog site,  or it can be used to install a simple one-page site, and this is where the simplicity can be appreciated. The appearance is basic, beauty without banality, viand the default layout becomes very easy to navigate with being brusque. Including eye catching features, such as call to action buttons in the seamless grid layout, will be an understated and totally effective manner to build branding.

The minimalist design of the grid styling eliminates the use of sidebars in this theme, where all of the focus is now directed to content such  posts that can include images

Main Features

  • Streamlined code in HTML5
  • Includes Theme Customizer
  • support for Custom Background
  • Landing Page Template–
  • Use Custom Header

Parallax Pro


Parallax theme is a fully mobile responsive theme, combining the infinite scroll feature, with a functional and stylish minimalist design. It works best at visitor retention and engagement, as there are virtually no distractions as readers scroll the length of the page. Longer dwell times are a desirable features as research shows that the average time per page visit on the web is often measured in seconds, with poor times, being less than 30 secs.

Parallax Pro will help to improve dwell times, and in addition to other features such as threaded comments that can be styled and individually formatted, the use of this them can be creative while providing a competitive edge.

Many additional customization features are included in the package, such as the easy to use theme customizer that is accessed from the WordPress admin panel to allow typography and color changes. Adjusting layouts in different columns is just as easy.

Main Features

  • five colour style
  • Custom header
  • Footer widgets
  • Support for custom backgrounds



Novo is a free Genesis-based theme that deserves some mention. Developed by ZigZag press, it combines  the minimalist style with a flat contemporary design, to create a remarkable UX. It is really a general purpose theme, with support for posts that include audio or video.

A front-page facing full-page slider that transitions quickly and seamlessly is one of the outstanding features, but the animated sidebar that toggles in and out view, is another feature that will pique interest.

There are several styles for the pages as well as five page templates that include four variations for the portfolio page that may support either a video, audio, slider or lightbox.

Being overly generous, the developers have also included 11 pre-built shortcodes for easy page content addition.

The impressive shortcode list includes tabs, accordion style columns, containers buttons, profiles, testimonial contact forms and more.

It is not very often that this group of desirable features can be found in a free theme.

Main Features

  • Free
  • Flat minimalist design
  • SEO friendly
  • Robust code
  • Support  for WPML



Latitude is another of the free themes developed on the Genesis Framework that deserves some honorable mention. The layout is clean and direct, making for easy reading and quick scanning . It includes the Genesis slider and six interchangeable layouts.

Include a tagline on your homepage to provide an indication of what is offered on your site, however there may be a trade off required, as the quick and easy scan may mean that visitors may not be required to spend longer times on your pages, and interests must be held with content.

Nice blend of colours

The Latitude child theme for WordPress is a very attractively designed, with the default being a nice blend of colors, and typography, however,users are free to change it as desired. Include your widgets where you wish, and there is even more valued web-estate available in the footer space.

Flexible options include use for portfolios, feature pages, a high powered blog, and add any of the compatible plugins with which it is compatible to maintain an even higher powerd web presence with a free theme from developer Aaron Hartland.

Main Features

  • 6 layouts
  • Genesis Slider
  • Portfolio page template,
  • custom menus,
  • footer widgets,



There is very little indication of what the Mindfulness Theme is able of doing, but on examination, we found that there is a lot of power packed into this classic theme from ZigZag Press. It turns out to be multipurpose theme that can be used for business, and even those in the design and creative services area will appreciate features such as the portfolio page, or even the pre-built page for outlying the services offered.

It is not the pages that pack the power, but Mindfulness is one of the themes that unleashes some of the power of the Genesis Framework. Smooth quick and robust, the theme includes almost  all of the pages and format required for building pages, and it is all done with shortcodes that are activated through the Page builder.

Widgets, buttons, sliders can be installed anywhere you like, simply by adding the appropriate shortcode to the page. This is one of the reasons why building web pages can actually become fun.  Just add content.

Main Features

  • Author box widget
  • Custom widgets available
  • Integrated blog page
  • Supports localization for language translation
  • Portfolio featured section
  • News section



A WordPress theme for real estate agents may have been a foregone conclusion, but AgentPress is  one of the few that stand out. It caters to those involved in real estate, and includes the flexibility, features and most important,  the aesthetics required for sales presentations and potential conversions of real estate transactions.

Although it may be rare occurrence, properties are often sold in the real estate market with sight unseen, especially in hot environments, but with images, the process can be even more  accelerated. AgentPress easily supports the loading of images, Google maps for location, and even more enhancements are available with the latest Pro version.

There are a few upgrades added to the new version, which features a much improved performance, and also some improved user experiences with more intuitive navigation and typography. Customisation is easy with all of the additional features that can be easily edited from the demo site.

One of the new additions a quick search function that allows visitors to search for properties or agents using filtered criteria.

Main Features

  • 4 Colour styles from which to choose
  • Custom header area
  • 6 Layout options
  • Landing page template
  • Custom menus



Erling is a unique WordPress theme from  the Web-Savy-Marketing design theme. It is a theme for publishing details of conferences, events and trades shows, and it does make some effective use of the power of Genesis.

There are six colour choices, which are all jammed pack with features. Upload images which can be used as feature images n posts, and by using the WordPress photo edit capability, the image can be styled or positioned as required. Build the content of the Home page with any of the multiple widgets, add or exclude sidebars, and add even more trust with images and profiles of speakers and presenters.

Erling comes with multiple colour options, pages, styling and layout option, in a pack that is fully responsive and ready for local translation with activation of WPML and i18N Right-to-Left (RTL) support built in.

Upcoming events, conferences, trade shows, easy contact, ticket reservation or purchase can all be handled with  the Erling child theme. Collecting user contact information, in order provide updates, is another essential that the theme does well, and social media contact is also provided.

Main Features

  • Optional speaker images
  • Optional sponsor logos
  • Six color options
  • Multiple page layouts
  • Multiple sidebars

Remobile Pro


Remobile Pro demonstrates the new trend in web design. Fast, bold, responsive in flat and minimalist, Remobile expresses and renders across all mobile screens. It includes a new features that StudioPress has coined as a hamburger button. What it really is, is a button identified by three horizontal lines, that when clicked expands to reveal a full menu.  This turns out to be ideal for space saving on smaller screens, where content can be revealed, only when needed.

It is perhaps now common knowledge, that few website visitors actually read pages except in specific circumstances, such as new sites, The tendency is to scan for more relevant and important items, and Remobile helps to facilitate the process, with carefully placed widgets that attracts attention.

Option are included for customization of headers and footers, and Remobile Pro can be a worthwhile choice for a site with an extra sharp focus, where the more efficient use of time takes priority.

Main Features

  • Custom background
  • Custom header support
  • Hamburger buttons
  • Multiple theme options

Foxy News


Foxy News is a Thesis 2 skin or Genesis child theme design for sites that are heavy with content such news reports and articles. It is built to be robust and can handle scaling in to lager sites with more pages and content justs as easily as it does for smaller sites, and the secret lies in the design and construction.  With a heavy focus on imagery, Foxy News includes several advanced slider where the transitions effects and animations can be carefully controlled. Posts can also be published in the slider, or feature a gallery with customized images in a slideshow presentation

An additional nine widgets can be placed anywhere you wish, and they may include a video player, Flickr photos, and a tabbed container, that displays popular posts, comments, tags or even some sponsored content.

The Foxy News theme from Themedy supports advertisements, with the ad module, but also include multiple areas, where new widgets can be placed, and the developers also pledge free on going support and upgrades.

Main Features

  • 7 Different Colour Styles
  • Robust News Theme
  • Custom Homepage
  • jQuery Slider and Image Slideshow
  • Custom Widgets

Demo   Download

Line it Up 2


We love this theme, because it is neatly designed in compact and incluttered style. Line it Up 2 is another of the very flexible business themes from Themedy.

Showcasing products or services or even an impressive portfolio may be an ideal use of this theme, but we are left to wonder how much load it can really support, as it does appear to be bit light. The reason we are led to believe this, is because of the speed at which it operates. However, impressions are often misleading, unless a deeper investigtion is undertaken, and perhaps we may do so in further testing. Nevertheless there is still a lot with which to be impressed by Line it up 2

One of the outstanding features that is often overlooked, is the landing page creator. Line it Up2  includes a powerful landing page template that can be selected directly from The WordPrss editor. It can be used for high impact squeeze pages, and with your member ship you also get access to a forum and the extensive documentation.

Main Features

  • eCommerce readability
  • Wide cross browser compatibility
  • Customizable slider
  • Customising home page

Download   Demo

Generate Pro


Generate Pro is a Genesis child theme, designed for email marketers. it is fully responsive, coded in HTML5, and comes in 4 colors, with three layout options.  The fact that is is not a multipurpose theme can be two sided detraction, as others may covet some of the features, but it does one thing and it does it well.Customization is easy and the fact that it is powerd by Genesis is another advantage.

Since it is meant for email marketers, there are very little bells and whistles attached to this theme. The most prominent feature, is the email subscription form.Other than that there is more than ample opportunities and web estates to tell visitors why subscription is necessary.

You can changes colors layouts,  and the style of the template or blog at any time, and your content can always be enhanced with the addition of video or audio which has shown to produce greater impact.

Generate Pro also supports translation with WPML plugin.

Main Features

  • Three different  layout options
  • Large featured images support
  • Threaded comments
  • Multiple color options in Red, Green, Blue and Orange
  • An Archive, Blog and Landing Page templates

Demo   Download



Education is now one the fastest growing trends on the web, and the  Education Pro by StudioPress can take your education related site to a higher level. It is a super premium  WordPress  theme that can be used by educational institutes that may include universities.

The current version has been upgraded since the theme was originally published, and now includes many more of the highly desired features.

Fully responsive and now very fast loading due to improved video compression techniques, you may find that publishing video lectures is now much more popular, and it does not matter if the video ar high resolution or fullwidth. Institutions of varying sizes can use the Education Pro theme to display new courses,  details of admission page, prospectus and individual course details. Education also includes a student forum for various topics discussion, and despite all of the features, it is ready to support heavy loads without requiring any external plugins or applications.

Main features

  • Four Color styles
  • custom header support
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Automatic sliding mode
  • Homepage news section (Pagination)

Demo   Download



Two seperate layouts of the Xplorer theme are worth the mention. If it is used primarily as a blog, the feeds can be placed directly on the homepage, where photographers can place images of their exploits. On the other hand if you wish to display work as a porfolio, there are several ways that this can be done.

The Xplorer theme from ZigZag Press also includes a pre-designed portfolio page that can be used along with any of the several Genesis widgets that are in the bundle.

The developers have now made it an easy and very simple process to publish content as  the package includes a large pack of shortcodes that are enabled in a backend operation at the WordPress admin panel. The theme is minimalist with an elegant appearance, that is appropriate for use as business sites., with the portfolios pages being one of the better features. It include s the ablity to filter content according to selected categories, and posts can also be categorized for more effeicient organization.

Main features

  • 6 blog posts Formats
  • Three Layout options
  • Multiple Special Shortcodes
  • 2 Homepage Layouts
  • Genesis Featured Post Widget

Demo   Download

Ambiance Pro


Ambience Pro is a premium WordPress theme from WooThemes. It is simple elegance combined with clean and stable coding with HTML5, for a theme that would be perfect for bloggers.Some of the outstanding features, are the customized lifestreaming widget, and the present Twitter status message, you can place as much as wish about your life online. Ambiance uses much of the Genesis framework to help bloggers present themselves in the best possible light.

The design is light, with practically no distractions. There are no sidebars, or footers, and the focus is squarely on published texts. A full width featured image can be used to further enhance the appeal of posts and other content.  It is the style of this theme that may be the most impressive, and with options to change typography, or mange the styling of Author pages, it is easy to have one of the more attractive publisher sites on the web.

Add social media links with the footer panel to maintain easy contact with friends and followers and there is also extra value added with all StudioPress memberships.

Main Features

  • Grid-based design
  • Support Custom background graphics
  • Integrated, custom lifestreaming functionality
  • 5 different colour schemes

Demo    Download



WorkstationPro is a classically designed WordPress theme that may be ideal for showcasing products and services supplied by business enterprises. It is ideally suited for creative people, such as designers, artists and  photographers. It includes a lot of whitespaces, with very appealing typography.

It offers a very interesting way to showcase designs, but it also possible to include additional posts of work that may be in progress, so that visitors can follow the progress. This can be an interesting way to encourage return visitors, and there are additional methods, such as the prominent contact page.

In addition to publishing work, the theme also allows users to publish or retrieve material through archive or blog pages or even capture attention with a high impact landing page.

Although designed for business, there is still the advantages available for maintain contact with social media with the readily available social media icons that remain visible om multiple page layout variations.

Main Features

  • Genesis Widgets
  • Multiple Page Layouts
  • Multi Color options
  • Supports WordPress Nav
  •  Features for Pages, Posts

demo   download

Focus Pro


Focus Pro is a  theme designed for bloggers. It cannot only support text based content, but it also does an admirable job of handling posts with multimedia formats. Posts can be customised using the customizing features that is accessed from the Visual Customiser. It is built on the powerful combination of HTML5 and Genesis framework to provide much of the highly desred functionality that bloggers can utilise

Posts with threaded comments, and images can be aligned as needed. Much of the styling is complimentary to that provided by the WordPress editing capability, and the theme is also fully compatible with many of the other popular WordPress plugins. FocusPro is a fairly new theme, and the developers provide

some top-rated support.can be the way to get a fast star

The one-click installation of the demo feature, can be used to get a faster start, and in addition to customizing there are some additional functions, such as the customizable newsletter widget that can be used to attract more visitors to your content.

Main Features

  • Options for Custom background
  • Two nav menus
  • Display category navigation
  • Date widget
  • Step wise tutorials

Demo   download



The Jane Theme   is stylish and elegant theme from Pretty Darn Cute design. It is a relatively new theme that is sure to be a popular, because of the features and options that are included.

The layout and navigation is uncompressed and relatively simple. A full width menu a page top, can direct visitors to relevant content on inner pages.

Design options allow images to be aligned on either side, or they can be featured in boxes when the selection is made. The images can be featured on the front page, with design criteria as selected by the poster. Although the interface features lots of whitespace, the appearance is not one of waste,as there are many different layouts included, and they can all be easily be enabled.

Jane theme is applied with six different layout options, that may or may not include sidebars, and a pack of social media icons can also be easily activated. One of the unique features is the stylish 1152 grid system for easy page management.

Main Features

  • Large pagination buttons
  • Dynamic featured image
  • Ability to place widget on header (Newsletter or any widget)
  • Custom top full width menu
  • 5 color schemes

Demo   download

Centric Pro


Centric Pro is another premium theme for corporate business firms and small agencies.It is powered  and powered by the Genesis Frame from StudioPress. The home Page of Centric Pro WordPress theme features multiple sections, where readers can be enticed to seek more info with short previews or summaries.

The highlights are only one of the features. Other points that should interest users, are that there are seven different attractive color versions, and four different  pre-built pages, including a cutomizeable  blog page and an attractive landing page.

The Centric Pro Theme is offered with three separate layouts, however, customizing the layouts is an easy process that does not require technical knowledge or coding .

The color styling of StudioPress Centric Pro theme  is also quite impressive with an effective use of bright colors that still does not overwhelm. A header can also be used to establish attention grabbing messages at the top of the page, and with all of the features included, Centric remains fast-loading and fully mobile respnsive.

Main Features

  • Expandable header
  • Message section at the top of front-page
  • Built-in SEO options
  • Theme Customizing options
  • Multiple Layout options

Demo   Download

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