25+ Best Medical WordPress Themes (Updated 2016)

For very obvious reason, a lot of attention is placed on the health. People are searching for health related material and everyday more information that relates to health is being published. Disregarding the concern for material that may not always be reliable, the health related area is almost always among the top of searches, and the trend is not expected to change anytime soon.

Combining the need to publish health related information maintain any web presence has show to be a lot easier and more powerful with Worpress as more powerful options are included.

The theme can also make a difference, not only in appearance, but also in performance, and the list we have complied outlines dome of the best health related sites that combine the requirements.

Medical Press


MedicalPress is a top rated theme for health and medical related web sitesges.  The list of features it includes is expansive, and they all work together to help users to  creat a truly uniquely and highly  customized website if needed.

There are multiple styling options that are all easy to implement, as the theme is built on the powerful Bootstrap framework for easy expansion. Fully responsive, your site adapts well to screen of all sizes, and along with the activation of WooCommerce  plugin, an easy to install store that sell health related products can be up and running within minutes.

Medical Press theme bundle also includes an expansive documentation set, that almost anyone can follow if guidance is need through the customization process. Colour changes, and other changes such as sizes, backgrounds, fonts are all carefully explained, and even beginners should not be intimidated by this very classically designed and this theme that operates almost flawlessly when properly installed.

Main Features

  • Child theme built on Twitter Boostrap
  • Includes four appointment forms
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Multiple Styling options



The Medic can be used by anyone that operates in the health related fields, or even to some extent, with activities that are closely tied to hospitals. It can very comfortably handle much of the tasks that are required of a diverse and often demanding field.

The health field and especially those related to health care requires fast responses, and there is often very little room for error. The Medic theme fulfills both of the requirements, as it was designed for fast response across a wide range of browsers. It also includes many powerful features, yet remains fast load with a very friendly user interface that presents all info in a clear and logical presentation.

Easy customizing is one of the strong points as Medic includes the popular Visual Composer that allows simple editing by adding and removing block as necessary. Other tools include the timetable and appointment scheduling calendar, along with the extensive shortcode for including many more page elements.

Main Features

  • Includes Revolution slider
  • Custom headers
  • Doctors Post Type
  • Departments and Timetable Post Type
  • Nice testimonials module

Health and Medical


Health and Medical is designed for flexibility and is completely responsive. Institutions that specialize in any health-related field will find this theme ideally suited and readily adapted to presenting a strong web presence, or where interaction with an associated audience is needed. It can readily to be used in areas as dentistry, health clinics, or areas of a hospital. Customization is designed to be simple process, with the remarkable layout that is really outstanding without overwhelming.

The Woo Commerce plugin is included in the bundle for selling and processing transaction in addition to presenting information. Dentists, for example, can offer patients dental care products, while they offer advice on where and why the products are necessary

In addition to WooCommerce, the styling options are what contribute to Health and Medical being a standout among themes in a similar class. It incorporates five separate styles for posting, along with pages for the slider, testimonials, and services offered. It was built on the Foundation five frames, and along with features such as Google Maps integration and support for WPML, it means that there is no geographical limit as to where this theme can be used.

Main Features

  • Unlimited Widgets Areas
  • Wide-screen 1200px grid system
  • Extensive Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Supports localization;
  • Frequent complimentary theme upgrades;



The Medicure WordPress theme is another outstanding solution for medical-related websites. It is suited for use in the areas of medicine and healthcare, and with that design criteria in mind, it performs the job of showcasing medical services in an admirable fashion. However, Medicure is flexible enough to be redesigned to suit other purposes as the features, extend, not only to medical site, but it can also be used to presented medical or related news in an interactive manner.

Along with the extensive of shortcodes for easier addition of page elements, the Medicure theme includes a Custom Admin panel that you can design yourself.  Put the contents in the places that you find most comfortable, with the colours and fonts that you prefer, in any manner that makes your task easier or more enjoyable.

The theme is fully responsive, and you can add and remove elements as you like with the extensive set of shortcodes that are handled with the Drag and Drop editors.

Main Features

  • Unlimited colour selection
  • Custom widgets
  • Includes 23 custom shortcodes
  • Drag and drop composer
  • Revolution and Layer slider

Medica Pro


Medica Pro is a cleanly coded and minimalist theme, which focuses on presenting information a straight and professional approach with no little tolerance for distractions. Those involved with the medical profession will appreciate this approach, as the layout is described as being classical while still being attractive.

Visitors may also appreciate the no-nonsense approach, in well –organized theme. Fast and easy installation, along with the attractive full-width page feature, may be enough that is required for presenting information about a doctors’ or dentists’ office.

The fully responsive theme ensures that website visitors with any type of devices will have ready access to the content that is presented and, the user friendly and intuitive layout means that it can be read at anytime and anywhere.

The customer testimonials module and the easy access to posting are two of the standout features that both customer and site user will appreciate, and with the ready and easy access to info, should be used as an enticement to encourage return visits.

Main Features

  • Clean and validated code,
  • wide cross-browser compatibility,
  • unlimited choice of colors,
  • custom theme widgets,
  • Custom theme options panel,
  • Localization support.

Health Coach


Along with all of the health information available, it is not surprising that even the best performers use the services of coaches, and they all indicate that coaching is empirical to success. The Health Coach theme is perhaps one of the best methods to provide health coaching services, as already stated that all top performers and even those in the health field can be benefit from health coaches.

It has often been stated, and it may now be even overstated that knowledge is the key. What may be even more important is how the knowledge is presented, and what the Health Coach theme does is present the knowledge in a manner that makes it much more palatable.

Staying on top of your game, cannot always be an easy task, as there are different factors involved.

If you are involved in Health and Lifestyle Coaching, it is not only enough to attract visitors, but they must also be motivated, and this theme is designed to do just that and more as it includes several useful features such as several styles of a page to offer services, individual support, an interactive blog, video recipes, workout routines, and much more.

Main Features

  • Supports Parallax and Video Background
  • 630+ Google Fonts
  • Visual Composer Pagebuilder included
  • Professional Support
  • Documentation included
  • Continual Updates

Health Center


One of the ideal uses for this Health Center theme is as a website or portal for a smaller to medium sized Health Center with a medium number of doctors who may specialize in different areas. The first impression, which almost always counts the most, is a bright and uplifting feel, which can actually entice and uplift those who may be ailing. However, this is only the beginning, as the theme is highly customizable theme, and can be taken in any direction that the user desires.

Included in the theme bundle, are nine separate page templates. A blog page, doctor’s page for profiles, services provided page, appointments, case studies, contact page, and even a photo gallery. Building out content for the pages is a cinch and can be done with a few mouse clicks as the Health Center theme also includes Visual Composer that include 90 shortcodes with elements for easily installed  widgets. Images can be displayed with Revolution slider and Timetable plugin allows easy tracking. This is and much is all included in easy to use format.

Main Features

  • Appointment Form
  • Testimonial modules
  • Clean design
  • Nine pre-built pages
  • Four Home Page styles

Health Care Agency


The Health Care field is multifaceted, but with the Healthcare Agency theme, wider range of the facets can be covered as the theme is a design to suit all of the related services such as dental, general practices, hospitals or medical centers.

The typography is outstanding, but what really puts this theme above the others is the way that the features are organized.

Services offered can be separated by categories or departments in this case, which can be unlimited. Beneath each category, there can be sub categories for deep drilling. Someone be needed of cosmetic dental surgery while others may be in need of implants, which are different specializations, but the organization of the Health Care Agency will make it much easier to find. There are pages to describe the services offered in more detail. Visitors will, also love the appointment making module that emails a confirmation and also sends as reminder.

With The Health Care Agency theme, it is now much easier to keep in touch.

Main Features

  • Visual Composer
  • Icon fonts loader
  • WPML Support Live customizer
  • Contact Form 7
  • Creative Design



PharmaPlus theme is suitable for working in the health and beauty area. The range can also cover Gymnasiums, beauty salons, spas and specialized medical practices. All of the accessible features are included in a responsive design that makes it easy to access schedules, pricing information, timetables and related information, and they can be done from any device

Variety is one of the important features that the developers at ChimpStudio have kept in mind as they have made PharmaPlus easy to customise by including an almost unlimited set of icons and multiple sidebars that are all easily installed.

A one-click installation of the dummy data can be used as a quick start with, and with easy access to other features such as the WooCommerce plugin and more extensive colour customization, it become very easy to begin selling on the web.

What is really interesting is how the developer have begun with a single theme, and developed it for multiple purposes covering the heath, beauty or fitness areas, and the design is flexible enough to keep visitors engaged for a greater competitive advantage.

Main Features

  • Advanced Theme Options Panel
  • Comprehensive customization options
  • Full Color Customizations
  • Toggle Sticky
  • One Click Demo Import
  • RTL support



Soul Medic is done in the flat, minimalist style with a refreshing contemporary appeal. It is rich with features that can be used for operating a medical themed or health related web prescence. Installation is quick and easy, and it is also easy to use SoulMedic to update an existing website.

SoulMedic is made available with multiple layouts that responds well across all screens and browsers. The developers are indeed generous and include  more than 25 prebuilt pages that are ready to be installed and loaded with relevant content.  Doctors can be profiled on the Doctors’ page where the social media contact can be included. Visitors can also schedule appointments with individual doctors

Multiple shortcodes allow the easy addition of elements such as pricing tables, portfolios and testimonials, with addition of accessories such as the progress bars and themed buttons. It is the blog where SoulMedic really shines, as it can be done in a myriad of designs, that include or exclude sidebars, width variations and colours.

Main Features

  • Drag n Drop builder includer
  • WPML compatible
  • Event Calendar Plugin included
  • Supports WooCommerce

Spa Lab


Spa Lab is a  beautiful hand crafted theme that is suitable for  Salons, Yoga and wellness centers, and other in the health and wellness  trades. It includes some progressive features that customers and site owners will appreciate, such as the reservation systems, gift card generators, and the easily install online store, which is powered by the WooCommerce plugin.

With the theme options panel, it is an easy process to create branding of your product or service with the introduction of custom colours and your logos. Designtheme has created something special with the Spa Lab theme that shows not only in the functionality, but aslo in the presentation. There are an almost unlimited use for the attractive gallery pages, and the blog can be designed in any of the 11 posting formats.

The ability to share content on social networks is not forgotten as the social media icons are included in all member profiles. As an one of the added features, Spa Lab includes some marketing capability, with lead capture and special gift offers. There is much more that can be done with a fully responsive theme that can generate creative juices with the extensive of shortcodes.

Main Features

  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • Five custom headers
  • Trendy design
  • Reservation system included
  • Portfolio mod
  • WooCommerce ready



iMedica is another of the clean, bright and minimalist designed theme that always leaves an impression on your visitors. The layout and colour sccheme is designed to attract visitors and the simplified navigation is something that they are likely to remember. These qualities are more than likely to create a favorable and memorable impression.

Additional effects such as parallax scrolling adds a cutting edge effect to the site operation that still manages to be professional, and says that this a business and not for fun and games.

Clinics, doctors office, health care professional will appreciate the clean and seamless transitions between the pages, as  there are very few distractions on this responsive theme  that includes a variety of features but is still easy to manage.

Imedica includes  more than 20 pre-designed schemes for the home page, several header options and  you can easily get started with a choice of more than ten demos that are installed with one click.The  Layout styles vary from Boxed to Full Width, and and combo of the two termed Fluid. The Visual Composer  gets you going with customization and there are multiple addons included to added even more variety.

Main Features

  • Easy importer
  • Supports WPML translation
  • 600 + Google fonts
  • Super fast page loading

RT – Theme19

RT 7-wordpress-theme

The RT-Theme 19 WordPress theme comes with five pre-designed skins that can be installed and used out of the box, or they can be customized according to your desires. The developers of this unique design have included eleven custom demos,from which the choice is made. The pre-built demos make RT-Theme 19  a multipurpose theme, which can be adopted for use in a variety of areas such as hospitality, catering, and of course, the health and beauty industry.

In addition to being fully responsive, the tools and features that are included, lend themselves well for use in the health-related area. Some of the pre built pages include a product catalog, and a full service page for listing the services offered. There are also a variety of layouts available that can all be easily adjusted, along with the implemented  categories and subcats.

Selling online from this premium theme is just as easy as support for WooCommerce plugin, that include several easy to establish payment processing systems, along with direct transfers.

Main Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Theme Customizer
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Individual Styling
  • Product Catalog or Shop



MediCenter –  Medical WordPress Theme is a  fully responsive WordPress Theme  that can be installed with one-click. It  best suitable for doctors, hospitals,medical care institutions, or others involved in the health care industry. The use of the multifaceted theme can also be extended to medical laboratory sites, spas, gyms,veterinary clinics and pharmacies. It is a professionally designed theme that is still quite powerfully flexible, as it includes several of the highly desired features required for operating WordPress CMS.

Including the Visual Composer Page Builder is only one of the ways that site managers can stay ahead or the development curve, but in the health care industry, one of the important aspect that both providers and customer deire is the ability to set and manage appointments. This is accomplished with the Timetable Responsive Schedule Plugins.

MediCenter includes several custom headers, six seperate layouts of the homepage, and more than 20 page templates, with varying designs, and  further customization is an easy process.

Main Features

  • Multipage layouts
  • Visual Page builder
  • 60 Short codes for building content
  • Six different colour schemes

Buy    Demo



Care is a premium WordPress theme, that is nicely designed with a light touch for fast and efficient loading. It is  directed for use by professionals and institutions operating in the health related field. The center of the interactive process, is the robust blog that supports posting of almost all types of media files. In addition to text and infographics site operators are also allowd to post audio or video files for greater impact.

Care is light in operation, hoever, it is still robust, and although it is fast loading, some testing shows that heavier workloads can be handled with problems.

The default typography is a classic white text on a white background, which produces a user-friendly experience, but these can be changed, whenever it is desired, as the theme bundle also includes the very powerful drag and drop page builder

Multiple pages, elements and layouts put the design control in the hands of the site manager. Who can initiate changes with the click of a mouse.

Main Features

  • Advanced Option Panel
  • Drag&Drop Page Builder
  • Advanced Customization Options
  • Google Fonts
  • Predefined Custom Backgrounds



Clinico is  cleanly designed but not sterile theme that is well-suited for health-related and medical services businesses,  that may include doctors’ offices, clinics, hospital networks,  and pharmacies. There is some animated features that can be toggled off or on , but the attractive slider is used effectively to attraction attention without distractions,

Below the full page sliders a uniquely designed panel presents the points on the products and services offered.

It is a clean and effective design that renders well on almost all of the popular screens.

Clinico contains a very handy set of features, one of which is the doctor search ability that Clinic operators will appreciate. Vistors ca search for doctors if the name is known, or they can search by the type of treatment , and from there, they can contact the doctors office, or can schedule appointments with the powerful appointment scheduler.

The theme is designed to be functional with an easy intuitive layout, but customizations can be used to adjust the appearance if it is needed.

Main Features

  • Clean and unique design
  • Six predefined color schemes
  • Easy color management
  • Huge Layout Options
  • Powerful Theme Options Panel
  • CWS Builder included



Fit is a premium  designed mainly for health and fitness enthusiasts, althought is it not surprising to see it adopted for other uses, especially those related to other sports or health related businesses.

The design and typography is not one that will easily overwhelm anyone, as a lot of focused has been placed on features and function.

Custom widgets can be used to display content in multiple formats as the Fit theme is really built on the powerful WordPress blog which makes site operation a simple task.

Interestingly enough, the site is very easy to customise, with the ability to change colours and specfic branding with varied colour schemes, logos and fonts. The site is ready-to-use for gyms and trainers and includes modules for news, trianing levels nd appropriate pricing, class schedules and  even contact informantion.

It is a cleanly designed themed in the grid style for easy navigation and reading which should make it a very popular theme for personal trainers or those involved in fitness.

Main Features

  • Custom Template and widgets
  • Varied Color Scheme
  • Easy Customizing options
  • Fully reponsive Design
  • Contact Form Included



Apicona  is the perfect choice for a medical or health-related theme that includes flexibilty. The design is clean and attractive without being busy nor too sparse as some minimalist designs tend to be. Despetite being what others may term as contenr heavy, the operation is still relatively smooth with some enagaging transitions.

The infinte parallax scroll allows showing content cotinuously, with minimizing the need for vistors to leave current pages.

This is perhaps one of the features that to the veresatily, making Apicona suitable for a wide range of situations that can go from clinics to counselling services.

If you need to cahnge the default appearance after installing Apicona with one muse click, the intuitive  interface of the Visual Composer provides access to almost everything that is needed. Revolution Slider with full-width images can be preceeded by any of the custom header styles. The post formatting can also be changed at anytime as well as the typography that is powered by more than 600 of Google fonts. Apicona is also translation ready with support for WPML.

Main Features

  • Includes bbForum
  • Photo gallery
  • Event pagebuilder
  • Publish research papers



The Health & Wellness community will appreciate much of the features and functionality included in this fast loading and versatile theme from BWThemes. Clinics, Spas, health studio, spas, or health-related practice will appreciate how the design of the theme becomes more powerful as content and relationships expand.

The Wellness theme includes the engaging Nivo Slider , for seamless image transltions, as well a a classic multilevel menu tha can include main categories as well as two lover level sub categories.

It is a compact design theme that is fully responsive, and features layout in columns on pages that can all be individually styled in a myriad number of combinations.

Pages can feature previews of products and services which can be interlinked to inner pages with more detail. The variety of the shortcodes to enable content or the addition of elements is outstanding as the theme has an enviable sticky feel to it that tends to discourage vistors from leaving.

Main Features

  • Unlimited color options
  • Four skins included
  • Mobile responsive
  • Translation friendly

Medical Doctor


MedicalDoctor is another classically cleanly designed themes that mediacl professionals will love. The attractive theme is nicely complimented by the powerful features and functions that are included in the responsive theme from designer M.Bitenieks

The options for customization are powerfully and easily handled as the theme was built on the fast operating standard of HTML5 and CSS3 combination. Hover menus practically eliminat the need for clicking, making the Medica Doctor theme compatible with touch devices, without coding or script variations.

Setup is fast and easy as is the customization that is powered by smart admin panel with an intuitive drag and drop builder. The extensive list of shortcodes includes button generators and modules for post multimedia files such as video  and event widgets.

Links and posts formatting can be done at anytime, and tabs to post in varied formats can be enabled for variable styling effects. The slider, Page builder, colour selection can all be handled from the admin panel, which can be used with practically no learning curve. However, the developer provides support, should the need for any assistance arise.

Main Features

  • Fully responsive design that can be toggled
  • Unlimited color choice
  • six Post Formats
  • Supports Custom backgrounds
  • 6 Different portfolio grids.



There are multiple reasons to choose Sanabel theme for health-related websites. The design is visually stunning, but it is the options that are even more impressive. It is a fully responsive premium health care theme that work well. Despite having many advanced features, it is easy to use, and even beginners will be comfortable with aking changes. No programming expertise or technical knowledge is requred, and that is really need is to be able click cut and paste.

However, despite being designed by beginner, the user interface will never betray the fact that the site was designed by neophytes.  It can begin with a click to install the demo. Abd the pages that are included acn then be treated as a palette.

There is a lot of variety offered in layouts with eleven variations for the footer, six different styles of headers, plus the scale of the range of colour possibilities is unlimited. All of the possible options are supported by an extensive documetation set,  that always available for guidance.

Main Features

  • One-click demo installation
  • Revolution Slider
  • Multilingual translation
  • Six headers
  • Visual Composer
  • Mega menu builder


Mental Press


MentalPress is a solid choice for those sites that operate within the medical community. It fills a specific niche within the field as it can cater to those involved in counselling services such as therapist, psychologist or even

psychiatry practices.

The layout is not dramatic in styling and it offers a free any easy flow with the interface. Tailoring the look and feel of the site to suit your purposes is however a very easy task as MentalPress is loaded with features.

If the uncluttered look does not appeal to you, it is a very simple process to add more elements, using the pre-built Drag and Drop interface.

One of the attributes that site visitors prefer, is the ability to get the info they need in as little time as possible , and despite the appearance, that at first glance may seem to be unimressive, this MentalPress theme contains many of them.

The custom header can contain much more than contact information and sociial media links, but also the opening hours or indicate whether the office is open or closed, and whether it will be worthwhile to contact the office using click to call features on a mobile phone.

Main Features

  • Easy real time customizer
  • One-click demo install
  • Supports widgets and sidebars
  • Translation ready
  • WooCommerce compatible

Demo   Buy

Just Fit


JustFit  another theme that is described a rare gem for the fitness enthusiasts . A lot of features in bundled into the fully responsive layout that provides a theme suited  for personal trainers, gyms and  online health magazines, The theme is actually a combination of three different niches: a blog, an eCommerce operation, finally as an interface for a gym or fitness related operation. The characteristics and feature are separated, as one site may include membership management capability, while the the eCommerce side may be directed for online selling.

Publish health or medical related information on the blog which is made interactive as members are allowed to comment, or even publish stories and tips derived from renowned athletes, or showcasing products and services can be accomplish in the multi-styled JustFit theme.

Styling options and the ability to add more content is powered by the powerful pack of shortcodes for an almost limitless number of possibilities, and there is no need for any coding knowledge to add buttons, columns or menu items.

Main Features

  • One Click Installation
  • One Click Updates
  • Support & Updates for 1 Year
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Narrated Video Tutorials

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