25+ Best Sports WordPress Themes (Updated 2016)

There is not a day that goes by with someone, somewhere on the planet being involved with some sport related activity. Every moment someone is playing, reading writing or talking about sports. The number of sports leagues , both in the professional and amateur categories will easily number in the millions, and to some die hard sports fans, it is very likely to be impossible to go a day with haring a daily sports fix. They are talking about, it, play it and the need for sports information is insatiable.

Sports channels, Sports News, Sports agencies and agents and now WordPress can be used in any number of ways to interact with sports fans. We have outlined a collection of some of the better WordPress Sports themes that can be used to operate Sports related sites, and although some are dedicated to specific sports, other are very easily adapted to suit your purpose.



Sportedge is an ideal choice for building a sports portal, as it includes may of the required options for almost all of the popular sports. The fully responsive and very attractive design features an eye-catching full width image slider that can not be ignored. The slider also features labels with previewed information that direct to inner pages The very attractive custom header include the main menu that classifies all of the major sports and leagues to offer rapid and easy access.

Images are automatically resized to a light box powered with a jQuery lightbox. The technology used in site design is cutting edge, making it one of the better performers, and info is easily disseminated and it includes support for Feedburner. Customization is easy, as the developers at ThemeFuse, also continue to upgrade the theme with additional features. SportEdge is now in the eight edition of the second generation, and new version can be expected regularly as support is also readily available.

Main Features

  • Animated slider
  • Fully responsive
  • Custom-built headers
  • Pre-designed layouts




There is no reason why Sport would not be loved. It a classically designed theme that can be used for a number of different purposes, but Sports is where it can really shine. The developers at Theme Cannon  have include a large variety of customization options in a fully responsive theme that will ideal for showcasing any Sports club.

The design is clean and simplified , with a  navi bar that feature drop-down menus on hover. The feature slider is used to display images that can relate to any specific event, item player, and while on the page of the favorite sports teams, visitors will have constant contact with a countdown  clock displaying the time of the next match.

Two prebuilt skins are included in the theme package, but  design capability , such as the easy change of colour, fonts and layouts, user are free to do as much as is needed to create the desired experience.

The variations, such as headers, and layouts are unlimited as the variations for building galleries and headers with the header builder, widgets and gallery styles that include Masonry and Isotope.

Main Features

  • Event Pages
  • Mutiple page layout options
  • Club team pages
  • Timeline pages
  • WooCommerce compatible

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SeraMag, designed by Kopasoft is specifically suited for  sports magazines and blogs. The design is classically minimalist, with an intuitive and very logical flow. Presenting sports stories and  the requisite stats is easily managed from the WordPress admin panel, but it is the additional features that have been included that contribute to SeraMag’s popularity.

Teams can easily publish information such as the accumulated points, standings, fixtures and events. There are many other additional features, such as implementation of Google fonts, extensive colour customization, and translation support with the Polylang plugin from building the site site content in a myriad of languages.

The two different headers designs are also impressive as is the ready access to club stats, however , there is one  ingredient that may be lacking and that may be the lack of easy contact to social media.

You, however, have the option of editing custom posts layout to suit the particular design style and flavor of the brand or inspiration that is conveyed.

Main Features

  • Fully responsive
  • Six homepage layouts
  • 6 Blog styles
  • 4 gallery pages
  • Supports WooCommerce and Localization

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Champion is a strikingly designed theme with a clean, yet bold interface with some very impressive features. The design appears to be well planned and features such as the fold-over animated menu items are sure to attract or intrigue the visitors. Soccer and football fans should be impressed with champion as it includes many of the features that will help to increase engagement,

Much of the animation and seamless operation is derived from the fast transitioning HTML5 and CSS3, which allows the inclusion of many more operations without an increase in the use of resources.Built on the Bootstrap framework, Champion is fully responsive, and the attractive presentations can be used to discourage visitors from leaving.

It features easy integration with social networks, along with the powerful the Slider Revolution plugin .Enable the breaking news ribbon or transform the blog into any of the six custom-built styles, can ensure that your site never gets outdated.The theme also includes support for WooCommerce and WPML , and content can be imported directly from the demo.

Main Features

  • Extensive short-codes
  • Multiple Galleries
  • Pages for projects and
  • Standings tables

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There can be many different uses for the JustFit theme from MyThemeShop. Suitable situations can include use for blogging and an easy store front for eCommerce powered by WooCommerce plugin. It is fully responsive and can also be used as static storefront,but much more effective use can be made of the very extensive set of  powerful features.

With the use of the innovative Drag & Drop page builder, pages can be modified in any way designed without the knowledge or need of any coding skills. All the skill that is required is to be able to click, cut and paste.

It is not uncommon to find poorly built site that contain a lot of features, become very sluggish when calls are made to operating routines. Fortunately this is not the case with Just Fit, as our testing has shown page transitioning is almost imperceptible.  The designers have also include additional revenue generation  from passive sources, such as Google Adsense,which can be toggled or disabled when desired.

Main Features

  • Contemporary design
  • Ultra-wide browser compatibilty
  • Multi-post setting
  • WPML and WooCommerce support
  • Ad management support

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SportPress is a unique theme from WPZoom. The design is fashionably simple and offers a way to present a lot of info, without being seen as too busy. It can be used effectively as a Sports League website.

The attractive lightbox, powered by the jQuery script, adds an elegant and striking enhancement , and with the Megamenu builder, the styling options are now expanded. Building pages is easy with the Drag and Drop builder, ans with the supports for widgets, it is just as easy to publish feeds from the social media sites.

The design capability is also extensive as the site can be transformed  a blog into a magazine style, with the click of a mouse. One of the interesting features of This SportsPress theme is the robust support for audio and video, and this can be an advantage for most sports fans can be enthralled by action presented by video.

The typography is the only item that may use some improvement, but that may also be due to personal preferences.

Main Features

  • Club and PlayerProfiles
  • Automated League Standings
  • Events and Player Performance
  • Events Calendar

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Energy is a boldly styled theme with some very impressive technical features that can come in handy when operating any type of health or fitness related business.

It can be described as being sophisticated while still being easy to manage and not overly complex. Energy is suitable for businesses of various sizes, and the additional features of Energy that are included, allow the operation to be located anywhere with geographical independence. Sporting venues, spas, fitness and yoga studios, or health and beauty related enterprises will appreciate the many features of  this theme.

Despite being sophisticated and feature-rich, this Energy theme is lightweight when it comes to the use of resources, and page loading remains relatively fast, even though they may be heavy with images.

The theme includes several pre-designed pages, that gets  users off to a faster start, and by using many of the powerful features of the Zoom Framework on which the theme is built, it is much easier to begin customizing and building brand.

Main Features

  • Totally responsive
  • Full-Screen slider
  • Two header designs
  • Home page builder

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It is easy to see why Symetrio is one of the more popular WordPress sports theme. A lot of careful consideration has gone into the design that includes, not only a very impressive interface, but a comprehensive set of functionally useful features.

It is a  multisport WordPress theme created to provide and maintain web presence for any sports, fitness or health related enterprise, and it handles the job very well.

The developers have included an extensive list of features, such as the easy integration of PayPal as the payment processor, and it can be done with a mouse click.

The possibilities are almost without limit, as there are ten variations of the home pages, and site building can be off to a fair with a one-click install of the demo pages. From there, the pages can actually become a canvas on which creativity can be demonstrated.

Design options include changing layout styles, editing fonts and backgrounds, placing widgets, managing video and audio posts, and showcasing products and services in the more advanced sliders that area available.

Main Features

  • Smart menu
  • Support parallax background
  • Revolution and Wonster slider
  • Easy Paypal integration
  • Wide cross-browser compatibility

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Real Soccer


Soccer is perhaps the world’s most popular sport, and it may only natural to combine one of the most popular CMS with the most popular sport to provide a very powerful combination of features that enable optimum user experiences.

The design of this fully responsive is not overwhelming, but first impressions show it to be soccer centric. It easily renders high resolution images that can be featured in the very attractive slider featured on the home page. Building additional pages is as easy as placing shorcodes, and from there the content can be added.

The blog page can be featured in a myriad of styles that can go from full-page to multiple columns, with and without sidebars and and somewhere in between.

Pages can be used to feature teams, individual players and Real Soccer also has an easy to install storefront powered by WooCommerce.

The theme makes management much more efficient, and Real Soccer is also very SEO friendly.

Main Features

  • Free Value Master Slider
  • Full-screen Master slider
  • Social link in header bar
  • GoodLayers Importer
  • Shortcut Page builder Button
  • Parallax/Color Section

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GamePlan is another one of the ultimate WordPress Themes that can be among the top choice for sites that relate   Fitness, Gyms, Events and Sport Clubs. This theme has been awarded top prizes for popularity in a number of categories, and appears to be highly recommended.

Gameplan features a very attractive design in a fully responsive, multi-purpose theme. The design capabilities are powered by the extensive list of more than 40 shortcodes which can be the building block of the site.

There are shortcode for almost any imaginable page, and the can all be installed with a the click of the mouse.

Clicking on the Events menu can bring up the monthly calendar of scheduled events, and added variety is provided the blog which can be styled or restyled in an unlimited number of layouts.

The list of features expands to full width, boxed or wide layouts,  Awesome fonts, dark and light  version of the site and all is even further customized from the powerful admin panel.

Main Features

  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Advanced admin panel
  • Fully Responsive
  • Slider Revolution included
  • Visual Composer
  • Approx 50 pre-designed 50 shortcodes

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Club Sports


The Club Sports theme from PixFill developers, is designed primarily for Sports related prescences such as those related to the major league activities of basketball, football, soccer, tennis, hockey, tennis and many others.

The theme does a remarkable job of presenting club information in a logical and carefully planned page layout.

At a glance, a visitor can gather the relevant news on the status of their favorite clubs, that are categorized by select sports.

Points tables that including standings and schedules are observable on one page, and blogs posts can include news articles and even player profiles.

Club Sports is easy to maintain, and includes four differnt styles of photo galleries, contact forms, and multiple theme customizing options. The theme is also designed to be fully responsive, with features such as automatic pagination, and multilanguage support. However it is made even more user-friendly with as image and menu rollover features that create a really enjoyable user experience.

Main Features

  • Advanced Theme Options Panel
  • Easy way to build your website
  • Full Color Customizations
  • Sticky Header for more advanced usability,
  • One Click Demo Import
  • WPML plugin ready

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In Shape


In Shape is a contemporary styled theme that includes an high degree of flexibility and may be suitable for uses by suitable for personal trainers, gym owners, fitness enthusiasts, and related businesses. It is fully responsive, with a layout that is designed to evoke more interest in working out Several tools that are built specifically for work in fitness related activities are included. The Workouts module includes a workout calendar in which routines can be loaded. This can only add more motivation as activities can be tracked. The theme is built on the Fuse Framework, which make customizing and managing a simpler task.

In Shape is ready to go out of the box, and by including fitness related and exercise, routines, visitors can easily decide which routines may be more suitable to help them achieve fitness goals. Operation is smooth and seamless, as much of the processing involves the use of HTML5, which results in much cleaner and elegant coding. However, no coding knowledge is necessary to manage this theme, as all is done with the admin Control panel.

Main Features

  • SEO Friendly
  • WPML support
  • Custom-built pages
  • Easy customization

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Flex Mag


Flex Mag is an impressive theme with a vibrant and amazingly dynamic interface that still remains very intuitive. The technical features gives Flex Mag the ability to offer a great amount of flexibility, as it can be customized for use in multiple areas.

The theme includes an efficient combination of simplicity and power which allows usage in diverse areas such as a News theme or as a blog or even to sell items or showcase portfolios. One of the more desirable features is that no coding is required to manage this theme, and attractive features such as the custom Fly-Out Navigation, will help your site to stand out.

Posts can be scheduled for autoloading in any of the nine pre-designed styles. Flex Mag includes eight templates for publishing articles with any of the four skins. The scoreboard is another attractive feature that should help to attract and retain more visitors, and the themes also does very well with handling and support of high resolution videos.

Main Features

  • Mobile responsive
  • Multi-post layouts
  • Four pre-designed skins
  • WooCommerce compatibilty
  • Google fonts

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Fitness Sports Gym


Fitness Sport Gym is a remarkable theme, with some unique features. It is built for health and wellness, or fitness related businesses that wish to maintain high visibility on the web.

Much of the uniqess of this fully responsive theme is derived from the use of the robust Vamtam Framework with clean and validated HTML5 and CSS3 coding. The emerging standards also allows easy implementation of updates, so users will be assured that the site retains the latest advances ans styles in web development.

However the added advantage, is that no tech knowledge is required to remain current as the Fitness Sports Gym includes options such as sticky header, supports for widgets, ten header layouts, and pages for testimonials and portfolios that are all install with one click operation.

Thes VamTam Drag and Drop Page Builder is perhaps the most powerful feature, that offers the ability to build outstanding user interfaces, with coding. Additional options such as Revolution Slider can be used to create even more intrigue with special animation and effects.

Main Features

  • 23 HD video tutorials
  • Timetable / Schedule.
  • Easy to use Drag & Drop page builder
  • Event Calendar

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The developers at MVP themes say that no additional plugin is need to managed this premium theme, and users have the option to either validate or disprove the claim.

Either way Gameday is a beautifully designed and fully responsive theme, that can not only be used for showing but also for selling.

It can easily be programmed to show the scores of all major league games: NBA. MLB, Soccer, NHL. And selling is just as easy as items and store front are loaded with the WooCommerce plugin.

The custom built scoreboard is may be one of the most outstanding features, however, the fly out navigation is a unique way to save on valuable real estate, which can be at a premium, especially on mobile devices.

Gameday also offer opportunities for monetizing as it includes widgets for placement of markup for advertisements. It is aslo very easy to move the widgets to different locations, as the theme is bundled with the Drag and Drop homepage builder. The theme is also translation ready, easy sharing of high resolution imagery.

Main Features

  • Fly out navigation
  • Custom built scoreboard
  • Support for video and audio posting
  • Unlimited color selection

Goal Club


Goal Club is designed mainly for sports clubs and it  features multiple styles for easy management and display of club related information, Visitors can easily discern match results, fixtures, league standing and points, and other info, such as player stats. The designers from Chimpstudio is built with HTML5 and CSS3, and is fully responsive with some very impressive features.

The full-width slider on the Home page is supported by several easy to access inner pages that can all be reached from one click on the menu. The design contributes to more visibulity as the search bots will find it easy to navigate. Goal Club supports the WPML for easy localization and with the WooCommerce plugin, a storefront can be enabled to begin selling online.

Goal Club includes various customization options for changing sidebars and colors, and the drag and drop functionality allows page content to be organized with complex coding requirements. There are any more advanced features, developres can always be contacgted for more support.

Main Features

  • WPML plugin ready
  • Advanced Theme Options Panel
  • Full Color Customizations
  • Sticky Header
  • One Click Demo Import



SportsMag is an advanced sports theme that is designed to help website owners achieve higher online visibility. It is a multipurpose theme with enough added flexibility that allows use in sports area. It includes some highly desirable features can contribute to optimal site performance.

It can be used as news site with a focus on sports news, or as a high performance blog. SportsMag contains opportunities  for passively monetizing  your website traffic, with nine different locations for ad placement. The areas can easily be testes using various split tests to determine which areas are more receptive and better revenue generations. Analysis will also indicate the preferred style color and size of ads that area better gene generators.  SportsMag also supports some of WordPress’s popular plugins, and there are no compatibility problems noticed. Sharing is also encouraged as there is ample integration allowed with the noted social networks.

The site management is handled almost effortlessly from the admin panel, which features powerful options such as the intuitive Drag and Drop custom builder.

Main Features

  • Unparalled support
  • Unlimited skins
  • Support for ads
  • Social media integration

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Evergreen Sports


Evergreen Sports theme is described as being built for sports clubs, and it does appear to comfortbaly manage all the  major sports. The Evergreen Sports theme is an extension of the Sports Club Manager plugin that was originally designed for managing teams with fixtures and schedules.

The developers known as Evergreen Partnership have added a unique and generous philantropic twist, with a portion of sale revenue going to help needy kids.

The theme was actually built as the extension of a free plugin known as simnor-sports-club-manager. The developers are headed by Simon North, who established the Evergreen PA as non-profit organization to help disadvantaged youth.The admirable concept, is that involvement with sports, may help them to avoid detrimental external influences.

The full list of features included with Evergreen theme is extensive, and  potential customers area able to examine the comprehensive documentation set which is available online.

It is easy to install any of the score of widgets that can feature info or latest news on top league score, scheduled matches, and it is also very easy to follow favorite teams with content shared on the major social media networks.

Main Features

  • Fully responsive
  • Minimalist design
  • Clean code
  • Short-codes generation



Sporty is a responsive wordpress sport club theme, basketball, rugby, or any of the other favorites.

A very impressive list of features have been included in a well designed and fully responsive them. from egemenerd. A ton of easy to use shortcodes is included, to enable publishing content one of the easirer management tasks.

Sporty is extremely well documented, so there be minimal problems with installation and operation, however, if you do run into problems, there is some technical support available. Some of the additional bonus features, include the attractive Premum Grid gallery, and Zeus slider. If you have a YouTube channel, your videos can also easily be displayed on your site with the script that is included in the bundle. All that is needed for activation, is verification of the Youtube user name and channel Id, and all videos will be played on your web page according to the settings.

Other equally important features, are the unlimited number of photo galleries and tables that are allowed with adding extra loads.

Main Features

  • Unlimited Colors selected from theme settings
  • Google web font support
  • Includes premium Dysania Grid Gallery Plugin
  • Unlimited league info



GymBoom theme is a unique theme, built mainly for fitness enthusiasts. One of the outstanding features is the diagonal slider, that will attract more attention with the visually stunning animations that can be enabled.

Outstanding options include Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, which are included at no additional cost.

A custom-built event calendar can be used to share info concerning upcoming classes, and with the 11 custom widgets, it is easy to place content in any area or page of your site with needing to know any code.

The Visual Composer also offer the chances to build customization and branding with changing of fonts, colours, or any related typography to achieve the desired recognition with as much ease as is possible, and what is even more beneficial to website managers, is that the changes can be seen in realtime before the changes are saved or the or the site is published.

There are four types of posts included, and more advanced customization options are available if they are needed.

Main Features

  • Built-in Event Calendar
  • Unique slider creation tool
  • Page customizer
  • 11 Custom Widgets
  • Powerful admin panel for customizations

Xtreme Sports Club


Xtreme Sports Club is a new theme from templines. It is powered by Cherry Frameworkand although it is relatively new on the scene, it shows a great deal of potential. The design is outstanding, with clean and verfied code, and the support provided is nothing short of excellent.

Some relevant scripting and development technology has been included in building this theme that uses some of the latest techniques, such as jQuery and the powerful combination of HTML5 and CSS3. The outstanding effects are immediately apparent in the very attractive full-page slider that is presented on the homepage to feature any produtct. With a very attractive interface, an easy click will direct to more details.

Extreme Sports WordPress Theme also lends itself to process eCoomerce transactions, as it supports the WooCommerce plugin, and the transitions provide more appeal.  The theme works just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops, and with the WPML plugin enabled, it means that reach can be extended to audiences almost anywhere on the planet.

Main Features

  • Easy content addition
  • Drag-and-drop interface builder
  • WooCommerce and Bootstrap Support
  • Multilingual translation ready

Demo    Download



Gutsy is a newly designed theme that is quickly becoming very popular among WordPress’s Sports theme users. It can be used as an online sports blog or  magazine site, and the appearance is a professional appearance that mimics those of other high profile sports sites with many of the same features, The obvious advantage, however is that it costs only a small fraction of the cost.

It seems that everything is provided in pairs as there are homepages, two header styles, but more than two layouts of the blog.

With the support for WooCommerce  plugin, it is easy to set up their own online stores to begin selling related merchandise, and the focus can still remain on managing other aspects such as managing teams, matches, and point tables.

Gusty  is also optimized for SEO and with the theme options at the WP admin panel , it is a simple task to edit typography or change colours. The support for  the Polylang plugi0n offers ready translation, and integration of MegaMenu  and some advanced image showcasing, can produce  a powerful impact in sports related theme.

Main Features

  • Easy to customise
  • 29 Custom-built widgets included
  • Supports Custom and Google Fonts
  • Megamenu and Gallery slideshows

Fitness Zone


If there were any theme that can be recommended for fitness clubs,  gyms, personal trainers or sports clubs, it is very likely that Fitness Zone WordPress theme would be among the list of contenders. It is a minimalist design theme, that manages to encourage visitors to get fit. Despite the impressive design, it is number variety and features that are even more impressive.

Choose from five versions of the home page to get started, and it is easy to get going by adding customization features.Vary the appearance of any of the three blogs, with the drag and drop builder that is included in the package, and it is even easier to add a lot more with features such as Sticky Nav, or the Mobile Nav for mobile devices,

Much or the customization and building can be done with the package of shortcodes that are included. Add any number of galleries in a variety of layouts to ensure that your site appearance never gets old or fails to impress.

Main Features

  • 5 Home Page Layouts
  • 5 Different Header Designs
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Easy to change Skins
  • Trainers Page Included



The fully Responsive Design design of the Resportsive theme from MVP themes has made it into a winner. It may be due for an upgrade, as it appears to be bit outdated and has not been ugraded for a while, however, it can still be recommended for the value it provides at a relatively inexpensive price.

An easy to use drag-and-drop homepage builder is one of the outstanding features, and the theme can be easily customised and more features added as needed.

The developers have included nine custom widgets, which can be used to publish content in any location desired. and even more variety is available with a custom carousel widget or the use of the tabbed container whicht can be used in sidebars.  Resportsive gives you the added flexibility of publishing pages and content without the need for coding skills, and in addition to being supportive of widgets and multimedia files, the theme is still widely compatible with a wide range of browsers.

Main Features

  • Supports Featured Images
  • No need for any additional plugins
  • 20+ shortcodes
  • Full-Page Width Template
  • Auto support for Google Analytics
  • Custom featured slider

demo   Download



Fitness is  a premium theme, created for gyms and fitness clubs, but there is no reason why it will not work for other related types of businessses. It includes a full suite of page templates, an extensive package of short codes,  for buildling galleries, post formatting and a  color picker to provide some extensive customization capability. With these many built in features, it it possible to change the site into almost any other category of business.

Fitness was designed to be SEO friendly, making it easy to implement some of the best practices. It also includes support for social media, with easy embeds of feeds from Twitter, Facebook and  a few others . Getting started is a simple process, with a one click install of the demo site from the XML file, and users should also be encouraged to know that Fitness also readily supports playing of audio and video with a custom built player. We also like the advanced custom posting features where subjects can be profiled.

Main Features

  • Multiple layout options
  • 600+ Google fonts
  • Built for speed performance
  • SEO friendly
  • One click demo install

Demo      Download

WP Soccer


WP Soccer perhap the most scoccer centric wordpress theme available. It can be used by writers, soccer clubs or management teams. A lot of attention has been piad to some of the finer details , to produce a versatile theme that users will appreciate. It can be used not only for soccer, but for any sport.

Publishing team or league info efficiently with the players, points and profiles in a user-friendly and intuitive interface, using the powerful Visual Composer, which allows site building without coding. WP Soccer is fully responsive, and compatible with the major browsers. The popularity and efficient functioning is bolstered by the robust Bootstrap framework  which is included.

WP soccer also supports operation of the WPML translation plugin to produce translation of your site in multiple languages. The theme is designed to be SEO friendly and you get even more details and design information in the extensive documentation that the developers provide with the package, and there is more than enough support to maintain an excellent sports site.

Main features

  • 6 color theme presets
  • Two unique plugins: Themeum Soccer and Themeum Poll
  • player profile page

Demo   Download

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