25+ Best Video WordPress Themes (Updated 2016)

It may seem like it was a long time ago, it actually it was just seven or eight years ago, that video was an aberration on the web. YouTube is only 10 years old, which may be ancient in web years, but things have changed very rapidly. Because of  the availability of cheaper and faster bandwidth, and much improved video compression technology, it is virtually impossible to find a web page without video. YouTube is now the second most popular site on the Internet, and there are thousands of other video sharing sites.

It should not be surprising that the popularity of WordPress as a platform is increasing in parallel with the popularity of video , and the combination of the two services, can be a very  powerful thing indeed. The clever developers are recognizing the trend, and many are including themes that natively support video, in fact many themes, make video one of the central characteristics. If you are focusing on building a video-centric site or business, the list of  some of the best WordPress themes that support video will help.



The Soho theme offers an authorative and professional style to present  creative works in full width presentations. It includes some cutting-edge building techniques,such as the latest version of the GT3 page builder.

Despite being capable of loading full-screen images, the fully responsive and cleanly designed theme is also optomzed for fast loading, because of the use of some of the efficiently designed libraries. Adding content and editing colors, is easy powerful backend management system that emphasizes the attractive frontend.

The home page presentation options are powerful and varied as it may include full width slide shows, or  perhaps, the embed of a video from YouTube. There are four possible options for laying out the home page.It can host a blog, a portfolio of products and services, any static page, and even a splash page.

Another interesting feature of this Soho theme, is the ability to support the creative use of images. You can use images as backgrounds in any post or on pages.

Main Features

  • Standard and Fullscreen Blog
  • Custom 404 Page and coming soon pages
  • Before/After Module
  • View/Likes Option
  • Supports Contact Form 7
  • Support Mailchimp

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Lara is an outstanding theme, that is designed in the uniform page style. The developers at Nimbus theme have created a simple, but very flexible and powerful theme, with a wide array of options and likable features.

Create outstanding and attractive pages by including video backgrounds and banners, and you are not limited in the use as different videos and banners can be used on each page. Even more flexibility is added as there are seven banner styles from which to choose. Banners can include a video ribbon, or it can be designed as the screen allows with content overlayed. It’s easy to see why this theme is extremely popular across a wide range of industries that can go from eCommerce storefronts, to small businesses or for webfronts.

Variations can include image slideshows, fullscreen video or banner images on any page, and the pages can be designed as either a two or three column page that includes sidebar. The blog can be done in any of six different formats, and there is even more creativity that can be expressed with the front page.

Main Features

  • Shortcodes and scripts included
  • Customizeable options panel
  • Multiple Color options
  • Social media contact
  • Robust security

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Video Zoom is built specifically to handle videos of almost any type in WordPress. Movies, video, films are all supported. The files can be used externally or they can also be self-hosted, and the the VideoZoom theme is powerful enough to be used as a video blog or even a video-sharing platform.

Transitioning between videos is easy. They can be programmed to work on auto, or they can be loaded with a mouse click, and the theme is available in two colors which can be changed with the style and color of the video containers. Videos can aslo be highled as features on the homepage to attract more attention.

There maybe an unlimited number of options or ways in which VideoZoom can be used.Increase revenue from Adsense on videos, or use for video marketing of tutorials, and or webinars. The theme supports videos from various sources and sites that include not only YouTube, but Vimeo and others and it also supports all popular video formats.

Main Features

  • Automatic Video Thumbnails
  • Video Slider
  • Light skin
  • Easy embed

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TV Elements


TV Elements theme is an attractive and cleverly designed theme from Press 75. The emphasis is all on vidoes, but some text elements are included when needed. The videos tell the story, and with high resolution, they can be set to play in loops with the autoplay options, to keep engagement at premium.

Feature content in a full-screen loop, and it is also possible to attract and increase engagement by item showcasing with posts or portfolio selections.  The TV Elements theme also includes the creation of different portfolios on a separate page.

The documentation that comes with this theme is detailed an quite impressive, and you may also be impressed with how well the videos render across the different browsers that we have tested.

It also includes a very attractive set of menus, and widgets, which can be use to publish material and attract even more attention. The overlays on the video will add even more appeal to make you TV Elements based site into a top performer.

Main Features

  • Translation support
  • Customizer
  • SEO Friendly
  • Extensive documentation

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Vidley has quickly become a favorite for video based sites. The theme includes multiple advanced features for customizing, and with the added ability to easily change characteristics such as backgrounds and colors, it can enhance the possibility of increasing return visits.  The developers have created an outstanding theme that collectively includes the separate features of other themes and have made it easy to use. It can all be done at the theme options menu of WordPress to make life much easire and happier.

Monetizing opportunities are available with enabled Ad space, with is offered in two separate formats. The attractive slider increases engagement, as it can be used not only for videos, but product descriptions and in some cases, it can offer markup. The  section below the slider on the home page can be used to place thumbnail images of other videos, and is also flexible enough to be used as features or extracts of other posts or archived content.

Main Features

  • Ad placement support
  • Validated markup
  • Custom menus
  • Widget support

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King Size


King Size is creatively designed full-screen background WordPress theme that provide maximum exposure for visual imagery. The full potential can be realized with the use of video, sliders, and backgrounds that are used in showing casing products and services.

Set up galleries in any of seven different included  styles, and they can be varied into full page, 2 to 4 columns, or into the grid layout.There should no problems with adding images, as they can be quickly uploaded in the Media gallery for easy  conversion. To the required Gallery type.The theme supports several video formats and media from multiple sources.

The advanced features of the King size theme are enabled with the Foundation 5 Framework, and many of the powerful features are enabled. Changing fonts, colours, features in addition to toggling menus creates a pleasant user experience, and user can get engaged with the blog for posting.

35 shortcodes and custom widgets, puts power into the hands of the user who will enjoy using this remarkable theme.

Main Features

  • Seven unique galleries
  • Unlimited backgrounds
  • 35 Shortcodes
  • Supports WPML plugin

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Video Elements


The Press75 company has built a reputation for creating high quality, video-centric themes, and the Video Elements theme continues in the tradition. The theme puts videos at the forefront of web properties.and with videos, it allows the easy expansion into other areas, such as marketing, or eCommerce activities.

The first thing that you take note of, is the unobtrusive carousel, that offers an preview of all the vidoes, so that visitors can quickly scroll through those of interest. The homepage is  designed as a video gallery, and the videos are organised in multiple categories.

It is easy to embed videos from multiple sources, such as Vimeo, YouTube, Hulu and others. Interestingly, the opportunities to monetize from viewers is also available, as there several ad spaces, along with texts and widgets. Ads can also be placed prominently in the site header.

Visitors will love the simplified design, that makes navigation easy and enjoyable.

Main Features

  • Valid code
  • Extensive documentation
  • Easy customizing
  • Wide cross browser compatibility.

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The Series theme is another video-centric theme from Press 75, but rather than create a gallery, the focus is shifted to individual videos. It can be used for a number of different purposes and may be quite applicable, if a product or service should be featured. The objective  of this theme, is the creation of  series of  related videos, and series, in the form of soap operas has always proven to be one of the more effective forms of audience retention.

Social media contact is retained in the fully responsive theme, which is really easy to build and maintain. Sample material is available to be used as starting point, and other elements can easily be customised. With several episodes of a video, there is additional space of descriptive text, or synopsis of the episode, and the menu can include links to the next episode.

Additional pages can be included and readers can also be allowed to post comments or short reviews.

Main Features

  • Social media support
  • Easy demo install
  • SEO friendly
  • Validated code

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Video Touch


You should be impressed with the attractive animations that are included in this remarkable VideoTouch theme. The features are indeed powerful, and the easy to use drag and drop builder puts more power into the hands of neophytes, who can now easily become experts, or at least feel like one.

Almost any site can be converted to perform eCommerce operations with the integration of WooCommerce plugin, to create a functional storefront that offers items that may be related to the videos.Choose from an almost infinite number of layouts and colors, to create the unique brand to which your business will be associated.

While creativity can be expressed on the backend, all of the fun is not restricted to owners, as the users also can be engaged with video submissions to build a community. The theme is jammed with features, such as 10 different layouts of the homepage.. With the page builder, it is easy to add specific elements to each page, which may contain up to five colours.

Customise each page or column, by adding up to 40 of the custom elements, and the mega menu ads even more styled content to create outstanding user experiences.

Main Features

  • Live Support
  • Drag N Drop Builder
  • Unlimited colors and layouts

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On Demand


On Demand theme is a stylish theme that provides an engaging and refreshing user interface that visitors can appreciate. It supports  multiple video formats from various sources without conversion, and embedding is easy.

One of the outstanding features, is the custom widget  that can be used to feature posts, and On Demand is fully responsive, for effective on screens of all sizes.

The classically designed themes are styled with dark backgrounds, and several other features such as social media linkings are included.  The design is a full-page template, but is also flexible enough to be adjusted to include sidebars on specific pages.

The other feature that owners will love is the integration with the Word Press theme customizer. Preview all of the changes, such as different views, or screen sizes, or color changes. Change layouts or add widgets, such as the feature posts preview.  Updating of images, logos or changing colors is all easily accomplished to keep your site up to date.

Main Features

  • Translation ready
  • Multiple browser compatible
  • Built-in customizer

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eVid  Theme  is designed for video blogging, and the developers at Elegant Themes have made it clean and compact with a high degree of visitor retention. The layout is intriguing, with a featured slider that contains enough content to pique visitor interest. All popular video formats are supported including those from Metacafe and Veoh. The custom video interface is presented in an interesting layout, where the previews can contain additional related information, such as the date the video was posted and the number, if any of comments.

Further content can include links to the blog posts, and additional information about the videos and where they can be viewed if they are hosted externally. There is quite a bit of flexibility included with this theme, which is available in two colors, but with support for the WPML plugin, it means it can be localize for use in different languages. Publishing elements is easy as there are several shortcodes to created items such as buttons widgets and columns.

Main Features

  • Perpetual updating
  • Unique colors
  • Localization
  • Cross browser compatibility

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The name of this theme may be misleading, as we had hoped that the developers at MyThemeShop could have been more creative. It is apparent, however, that most of the creativity was spent in developing the theme. Like the simplified name, the Video theme, says video, but it is the simplified layout and navigation that really makes it outstanding.

Most video formats are supported, but the most interesting feature may be the easy to use Watch Later button that add videos to a user list with the click of a mouse. The like/dislike feature can be used as a direct indication of the most popular videos, but additionally videos can show view counts. A click of the title directs visitor to the viewing page, with comments powered by Facebook for even more viral power when shared with friends and followers.

The theme includes a format designed along the lines of YouTube that includes a  playlist where visitors can continue viewing or add to the watch later list. There may be even more potential with this video theme as there are connection to both the Facebook and YouTube APIs.

Main Features

  • Bookmark Videos with watch it later feature
  • Like/dislike video button
  • Viewcount
  • Compatible with Youtube

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Video bloggers will love this clever  and strikingly simple theme from CSSIgniter. It was designed for video blogging, but with a little imagination, it can be used for any other presentation. Additional benefits can be derived from monetization, and this theme is overloaded with options for customisation.

On the home page, the audience cannot help but be attracted to the full-width video, accompanied by the descriptive elements of recently posted videos that are organized into different categories.

Style the home with columns and widgets of archived content or an image preview gallery, even banner ads.

The template design is uncomplicated, and Vidiho is also compatible with the best WordPress plugins,offering some of the best value in WordPress themes. For transfer The layout is clean with very intuitive navigation for transferring to different pages.

Generate shortcodes for adding page elements,and do not neglect the easy to activate social media icons for connecting to profiles. The site design is also amenable to SEO to improve prospects for better discovery by search engines.

Main Features

  • High Definition Slider
  • SEO friendly
  • Custom Widgets
  • Continual updates

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This theme should be among the top video-centric for a number of different reasons. We love the  support for the oEmbed API, which allows displaying embedded content without having to parse. The  result in much faster and more efficient video rendering.You simply cut & paste the url of your video,  and the theme gathers the embed code.

On the home page an unlimited videos can be displayed in different categories, and videos can also be displayed in HD format on a huge 940px wide screen.  You also have tghe option to use the Giga Watt theme as a blog without video posting.

The look and feel of this theme from Obox Themes is a retro minimalist while it still includes a lot of flexibility, and can display  both images and videos from third party hosting sites in any of the popular formats.

Gigawatt is supplied with three different color schemes for additional variability, and even more customization options are available, with multiple page layouts, fonts and headers.

Main Features

  • Widgetized Home Page
  • oEmbed Support
  • Select either HD and SD video
  •  Standard Blog option

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There are few themes that make efficient use of lightbox, and Wright theme from Minimal is one of the few. It is designed in the minimalst style, and is fully responsive for fast and easy rendering. The list of features included is equally impressive, and almost everything that may be needed is included or is readily available.

The lightbox allows you to showcase your videos from various sources in fine style, but it has so much more to offer, such as the support for WooCommerce to generate revenue from eCommerce activities. What can eventually turn into an interesting venture is to offer products that can be paired with or related to videos, as they are like to be best-selling items.

Attract more visitors with the handsomely designed homepage, and if  support is needed, there is an enable support assist from Video and YouTube that provides help with video uploads. In addition to eCommerce, even more power is provided with  easy social media contacts, a built-in blog and intergration with Google Analytics for understanding visitor behaviour.

Main Features

  • Lightbox portfolios
  • Supports WooCommerce Plugin
  • Column Shortcodes
  • Built-in Blog

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The Producer


This theme from The Molitor, has an interesting name, and an even more interesting set of features.  The Producer was designed specifically for video, and includes a lot of the cool factor that should impress visitors. It is designed as a one page with the infinite scroll, that stacks new pages on the same window.

Three different page templates can be used to feature content, and while the developers continue to add new features, you are able to create your own unique styling with the WP Theme Customizer. The choice of either a light or dark skin can be made to match your branding or video style.

Use a full screen image for a page background, and set the animation or pattern controls for improved aesthetics as what you do, is really up to you. It you focus on video production, this theme wuld be ideal for showcasing your work, as includes a projects page, and a blog for info or update posting.

Main Features

  • two theme skins (light & dark)
  • Custom full screen image background support
  • Easy logo customization
  • WordPress menu support
  • Super easy built-in admin panel.

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Vignette is one of the few themes that includes the powerful JetPack plugin, that puts much more power in the hands of the users. Style your attractive video galleries in mind bending carousels, and your galleries which can include videos as well as images can be displayed in a number of different formats

With a fullwidth layout,Vignette from CSSIgniter puts the focus squarely on imagery that can come from video or photography. The infinite scroll feature is included. And with the tiled galleries, there is very little chance that visitors will leave your site early. In addition to be able to customize the CSS, the Vignette theme includes widgets that can be placed in the sidebars. To complement the attractive carousels.

With optimized text, you are able to add titles to images posts and pages, and the unique hover effect that displays page titles on mouse hover will attract visitors Vignette also supports may other WordPress plugins.

Main Features

  • Multiple gallery layout options
  • Gallery listing page
  • Top click to view Menu button
  • Image on-hover text highlight
  • Cross browser support
  • Great Short-codes listing



VYSUAL is a premium video WordPress theme built specifically for marketing movies and film production, and the visual appeal can be stunning. Toggle the hidden sidebar panel and open the door to some stunning audio and visual effects that can be displayed in amazing high definition format.

What is even more appealing is that this theme is fully responsive allowing visitors to view and hear on all devices, and it is just as easy to install. The theme supports videos from Vimeo, YouTube or they also be self-hosted in MP4 format, and there are various ways and methods in which they can be used.

Use video or images as backgrounds on the pages, and they can also be included in sliders, as composed with the integrated Revolution Slider.  The color options are unlimited, and there is also support for the WPML plugin for easy translation in multiple languages.Feature image and video thumbnails on your pages to invite interest, while post formats can also be easily varied as needed.

Main Features

  • Unlimited color options
  • Includes audio player
  • SupportsVideo Backgrounds
  • Slideshow and Image background option
  • WordPress menu support
  • Supports widgets

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Black sea


Get ready to be wowed with  the Black Sea theme from Dyamic Frameworks. It is much more than the stunning visual effects that the user will love, but it also includes some very heavy hitter function and flexibility.

Classic black and contemporary styling are combined in a theme that supports all of the useful plugins from WordPress. The designers include eleven pre-built demos, that cover most of the the industries and it is easy to get started with the most suitable choice.

Compatible with the WPML plugin, your site can be translated to scores of different languages, and it may be difficult to believe that a this visually stunning theme also supports WooCommerce plug in for conducting online sales.

Variety is often said to be the spice of life, and Black Sea offer more than enough. Four styles of blog posts.. With and without sidebar, mutiple styles for grid posting. The features continue with elevem layouts, 600 Google fonts,almost 40 short codes, and with much more, there should never be a dull moment as the developers also provide support.

Main features

  • Unlimited color options
  • Awsome fonts
  • Translation ready
  • Continuous support

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Clear Video


Clear Video is a fully responsive premium theme from Solostream, designed  for video bloggers or for others who wish to be involved with video marketing. The design is clean, with lots of included features, such as alternate design of a business homepage. Posts can be featured in a slider to attract attention, and there are several pre-built pages that  can be loaded wih specific content.

Videos from YouTube can be published on the included template, which can be customized with color and background edits.

Monetizing options are also available with multiple banner ad placement, and the designers have made customizing easy with an advanced  Control Panel.

There are special features included in the attractive slider, that allows speed and navigation adjustments. Thumbnails of the posts can also be displayed if the option is selected and the video widget is another very attractive feature.

The only downside noted at the time of review, may be the slow loading, but this may or may not be due to the theme design or related to server capabilities.

Main Features

  • Alternate Home Page Template for Business Sites
  • YouTube Videos Page Template
  • Author Page
  • Multiple Post and Page Layout Options
  • Featured Page Widget

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Music is a slickly designed WordPress theme that allows you to showcase your music in a dramatic fashion. The premium theme, from Themify was built for videographers, musicians,  agencies, photographers, and all involved in creative arts. A contemporary, fully responsive design that features a full width slider that supports video along with an audio player is sure to keep visitors interested, but there are many more, and even more appealing features.

With the page builder plugin, it is easy to build image galleries in multiple formats of two to six columns. The number of layouts is unlimited, as it can all be done with the easy drag and drop feature. With a heavy focus on music, videos are easy to embed, and there are several pre-built pages for publishing music and related activities , such as events, concerts, and along with the enabled eCommerce, visitors will also be allowed to purchase tickets..

Include the functionality of album listings and playlists, there may be something for every music fan. If there are concert venues, Google maps can be included, along with event date and times.

Main Features

  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Easy customization
  • Multiple post types
  • Six column gallery
  • Full width Video Background



Supernova – a Multi-Purpose Theme  from the Gravity designers, features some stunning visual effects, that are powered by some very innovative techniques. Full-screen video headers are overlayed with transparent menus, and other elements. Include infinite parallax scrolling, and motion backgrounds to create a truly memorable user experience that still manages  not to overwhelm visitors.

Ad more intrigue with  the advanced Font Editor that allows the selection of an almost unlimited choice that includes Google fonts. The developers have made it very easy to get started, with a one click installation of the demo site, and with the import/ export feature, all site content can be installed or exported as xml files.

In addition to the stunning video headers, it is also easy to build galleries and portfolios in multiple formats. Add titles to the pages, and use the shortcodes to publishe more content on the pages. Engagement can be allowed with the like and share buttons on the portfolio pages.

Main Features

  • Google Fonts
  • Parallax viewing effects
  • Revolution slider
  • Short-codes generator

Chapter Two


This Chapter Two theme  is a multi-purpose, fully responsive WordPress theme, that may be uitable video blogging or for  most video or film related projects. Out of the box, it is bundled with 6 pre-designed skins, so that you can pick the most suitable color scheme. Include videos and sliders anywhere you wish as the theme includes a substantial volume of widgets and shortcodes.  It supports five post formats, and the creativity provided with the sliders is nothing short of amazing.

Switching styles and other features, can be done from the admin panels while changes can be previewed live.

With the use of the boxed layout, the features, such as background changes, and patterns can be handled with a few mouse clicks. The different skins each have a separate font type, which can also be changed as desired.

Chapter two includes three different styles of portfolio, and two different blog styles to keep user engagement and high levels and multiple social media contact icons will improve the sharing factor to improve site visibility.

Main Features

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple skins
  • Widgets and shortcodes
  • Multiple post formats

Video Grid


Grid style formats are popular as it presents information without much navigation. When the grid styles are used effectively to publish videos, the fans, should be happy. The VideoGrid  theme, with the minimalist design, minimizes the need for navigation, as videos can be organized by categories. The theme comes in 2 versions: Dark and Light. They can be interchanged depending of the theme or emotion that you wish to convey with your videos.

The  design style, layout and typography are combined skillfully to create an experience that is plessing to eye, while video content is brought to the front. VideoGrid also includes template for several other pages, that are easily published with the enabling of shortcodes that push elements onto the page.

There are several other methods to filter videos, other than by category. That can be filtered by date published, the number of comments, ratings and features received. The developers at Themefuse have created a special item that can only expected to improve.

Main Features

  • One Click Auto Install
  • 2 Colour Schemes – light and dark
  • Dynamic Sidebar Widget Creation
  • Auto Image Resizing
  • Jquery Image / Video Lightbox

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Bold is a versatile premium theme with a modern design that is bold yet minimal and really makes an impact. The theme is retina and mobile friendly with a responsive layout and would be ideal for next generation businesses, videographers, animators, video bloggers, extreme sports related businesses, personal trainers, and much more. The theme is built on the Seed Framework which includes a lot of great features and options. Some of the key features of the Bold theme include: a versatile homepage layout with multiple display options, customisable background and colour options, portfolio and slideshow page templates, font icons, shortcodes, multiple sidebars, video capabilities, WooCommerce compatibility, Gravity Forms styling and more.

Bold features a strong yet simplistic design perfect for next generation businesses such as tattoo parlors, surf and skate brands, graffiti artists and much more. It’s punk rock, man!

Bold features a versatile home page layout with a focus on showcasing images and video. The theme is constructed from our Seed framework — featuring a responsive grid, retina optimization, a variety of page templates, shortcodes, featured videos, WooCommerce and Gravity Forms compatibility and much more. Bold is sure to make an impression.

Main Features

  • Multiple customization options
  • Portfolios template
  • WooCommerce support


Video Craft


VideoCraft is a premium theme from the Ink Themes developers. It can be used to create a video sharing site, and although it may not include all of the advanced functionality of YouTube, it does have enough to keep both visitors and users satisfied. It can very suited to a niche video site, without a wide variety of videos that may be focused on a few specific topic. It can be helpful in building a small community of like minded users, who are are able to upload videos after registration, and the ability to embed  from Dailymotion, Youtube, Metacafe or Vimeo, is also supported.

Video sharing is only one of the features, that users will appreciate, as it tends to increase retention. There aslo is the opportunity for revenue generation from display advertising. A built-in Adversting module makes managing advertising an easy process. Display Google ads or ads from other sources that can be set with expiry dates, and schedules.

Main Features

  • Awesome Slider
  • Completely Responsive
  • Full Documentation
  • Custom Templates
  • Custom Widgets
  • Social Icons


Continuous Player


If you like uninterrupted audio and video , then you should love this Continuous player  from  Aloha Themes. It supports multiple  audio and video formats, and being fully responsive, it means that music and video can go anywhere you wish to go. The theme is combined with the powerful functionality of the WordPress platform  to be able to do much more than music and videos.

If you maintain a site of any kind, where background music is required, the continuous Player may be an ideal solution.  In offline situations, such as in stores and restaurants, music has shown to increase sales via customer engagement, and with Continuous Player, it may be possible to achieve the same effect online. Customers can continue shopping, or browsing while the background music continues. It can also be ideal for music related sites, such as agencies, Disc jockeys, lounges and night clubs. It is very easy to manage, and contains required social media sharing capabilities.

Main Features

  • Continuous video and Music
  • Smart Theme Options Panel
  • Social Media Friendly
  • Integrated Blog

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