Best 25+ WordPress Travel Themes (Updated 2016)

One of the fastest growing industries happens to be the travel industry, and it is not surprising, given that the world has become more tightly connected. It is now much easier to hear about or observe events happening around the other side of the world, and in real time. The observation and connectivity can lead to a greater generation of interest, which may not be easily replaced, by being there live. It may be enjoyable to view pictures of exotic places, but it may be much more enjoyable with live visits, and human are always born with an innate need for exploration.

We are not anywhere near where the ability for teleportation is yet available, and with the need for physical travel expanding, websites that are related to travel activities continue to grow. With popularity of WordPress still exploding, we have compiled what we believe are some of the best WordPress travel themes available, and to no surprise we find that the features are also improving.

These travel WordPress themes are particularly suited for companies and business in the Travel niche (though if you are a travel blogger in need of a travel blog theme, still take a look — you may find a few of these themes are suitable).

However, if you are a travel blogger or looking for a travel blog theme, take a look at our Best Travel Blog Themes which are a different sort of WordPress theme than strict ‘Travel Themes’ listed here.

This list is updated for the middle of 2015.

1. Travelo

Travelo WordPress Theme

Travelo is built specifically for travel related and tourism sites. Built on the Bootstrap frame, the responsive layout is fully compatible with screens of all sizes. There are three styles of views for the layout which can be presented either in list, grid or block views.

A lot of flexibility is available with Travelo, as it comes with 10 different skins, and multiple headers styles and footer skins. The admin dashboard is easy to navigate as info and activity on specific pages are presented.

Customization is easy with the Handy theme options panel, and the package also includes 55 shortcodes for publishing content along with a huge pack of custom icons.

Images can be featured in the Layer and Revolutions slider, and it is also easy to enable the powerful hotel booking system. One of the reason why this theme is highly rated is easy blog integration and interactive map function capability to provide both users and site owner with an easy installed professional mobile friendly travel site.

Main Features

  • Flat Design and Fully Responsive
  • Multi-language compatibility
  • 10 skins provided
  • Ready PayPal integration
  • Visual composer included


2. Book Your Travel WordPress Theme

Book Your Trave WordPress Theme

This fully responsive WordPress theme was perhaps the ultimate travel theme that set the standard for others. Tour operators, travel agencies, car rentals, hotels and similar operators will love this theme mainly for the powerful booking system, but it also contains quite a few more very handy features. Advanced filters for more accurate search results as well as a review system. All information, such as rooms, images of facilities in the case of hotels or restaurants, can be added on one page, and managing this site is also made easy.

The search capability is perhaps what makes this theme stand out as there are options to sort by any category imaginable. Visitors can sort by availability, price, rating, and types. All categories are easy to implement at the admin back end, and the reservation system also has integrated PayPal as a payment processor.

Additional features include Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7 and social buttons for easy communication. It is easy to see why Book Your Travel WordPress Theme is a top choice.

Main Features

  • Advanced Booking system
  • Responsive design
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy use
  • Multiple color schemes
  • WooCommerce and WPML compatible



3. Voyage WordPress Theme

Voyage WordPress Theme

Voyage is a premium WordPress theme that was designed specifically for travel agency sites. The designers at Theme Fuse have included a lot of functionality in a professionally designed presentation. Users are allowed to easily showcase vacation packages, tours, hotel deals, and city deals, and it can all be implemented with short codes, so no heavy coding is required.

The layout is fully responsive, for easy scaling on various screens, and in addition, there is also some very easy-to-use customization features.The edits, such as changing colours, fonts, and backgrounds canall be done in the WordPress admin panel when the theme is activated. Several additional modules are included to make managing the site, a process that can actually be enjoyed. The designed is optimized for search engines, while, content can be published with high visibility in sidebars that are continually displayed.  Content can also be uploaded with XML files, and the classic appearance, along with functionality produces high marks for the Voyage theme.

Main Features

  • Embedded Multi filters
  • Sliders
  • Mega Menu
  • Multiple layouts

Demo & Release Page


4. Cousteau WordPress Theme

 Cousteau WordPress Theme

Cousteau is a specifically designed for agencies related to the travel and leisure industry. It is a premium theme from css igniter and includes tons of features. Cousteau is fully responsive, and built on the Bootstrap CSS frame, the template includes most of the necessary features for travel sites.

The common classifications of mapping, tour itineraries, packages along with pricing are all easily enabled with corresponding shortcodes, and users can also post short videos of the trips. The theme comes with 20 different colour schemes, which can all be further customized. The home and other pages can be edited with Drag and Drop capability, and interactivity can be featured with the customized contact form. The theme is frequently updated with new features being added and along with the documentation, designer are ready to provide support, to make this one of the more attractive travel related themes.Cousteau also features a functional blog that can be used for posting comments or content of experiences.

Main Features

  • Multiple colour schemes
  • Flexible layout
  • Easy powerful search capability
  • Flexible layout
  • SEO friendly
  • Drag and drop editing


5. Leisure

Leisure WordPress Theme

Leisure is a cleanly designed theme that can be used for spas, hotels, resorts, or similar travel related activity. It appears to be built for speed, as it is fully responsive and loads extremely fast. The clean code, also comes with some extensive documentation to enable customizing at higher levels, but most users should be able to live happily with the function and capability that is included. Both site owners and visitors can enjoy using Leisure theme, as it include almost the requirements for a travel related site.

A simple uncluttered look and feel, make navigation easy, and theme is also compatible with WooCommerce and other plugins for installation of storefronts.

It easy to create forms from the admin panel, and along with the Drag and Drop edit function on the user friendly interface, the theme also includes more than 500 fonts and icons that can be used to implement. There are many more feature, such as the weather widgets and popular Revolution slider, along with the Visual Composer plugin that makes that theme one of the more popular WordPress travel themes.

Main Features

  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy customization
  • Social shares integrated
  • Lightbox included for attractive image features
  • Smart searching capability


6. Trek

Trek WordPress Theme

The focus of this theme is on images, which is perhaps one of the reasons for its popularity, Attentions spans are now much shorter, especially in the mobile space, as the manner in which info is consumed continues to chance, and Trek adopts well to the process with full seamless mobile response.  Tour operators, wayfarers and adventurers should love this theme as it includes a ready custom tour page, where all tour packages can be showcased. Built on the Bootstrap frame, the developers provided heavy documentation and support, while the theme is constantly updated.

Trek is designed in simple way that all info is within easy, and most of the content is published with shortcodes, and owners would love the fact that it is SEO friendly, providing an advantage for discovery on the web.

A great feature is the photo gallery, which is subdivided into categories where images of adventures can be uploaded.

Main Features

  • Fully Responsive
  • Preview custom changes in real time
  • Ready support WPML for translation
  • More than 600 fonts
  • PayPal integration

Demo | Purchase


7. Magellan WordPress Theme

magellan WordPress Theme

Magellan is a fully responsive WordPress theme designed by Tesla Themes. It is suited for, booking sites,travel agencies, travel blogs, tour operator, travel agency, and any associated travel activity. The design is contemporary, with a simple uncluttered but bold and outstanding appearance, but much more than appearance, it is really some of the useful feature that make this an outstanding theme.

The posts for pages can be customized for differentiation and the feature can also be enabled for reviews and the image gallery which is supported by Revolution slider, which can be used to produce some dramatic effects with animations and transitions. Magellan is also compatible with the WPML plugin, and includes integrated social media sharing.

The design and features of this theme are tops, and extensive documentation is also provided to make customization easy without extensive knowledge of coding languages or techniques. It is all accomplished from the WordPress admin panel with simple clicks, copy and pasting.

Main Features

  • Ajax generated contact form
  • Google Maps integration
  • Responsive design
  • Built-in shortcodes
  • Customized posting



8. Tourism WordPress Theme

Tourism WordPress Theme

Tourism theme is designed by Gorilla themes and is fully responsive. IT is really a multipurpose theme that can be used in almost any travel related situation such as tourism sites, travel blogs, city portals, or travel blog. It is easy to use and contains all of the necessary features, such as an attractive Carousel slider on a custom designed Home page. The theme is provided in five different colour styles, with widgets for videos and any other applicable markup, such as banners and short scripts.

There may be nothing more enticing than display attractive photos of featured destinations, and Tourism handles it well. The theme can be easily styled in any of five different attractive colour schemes of Gold & Black, Blue, Red and Green.

The multi-search feature is another unique feature that saves precious time as combinations of categories can be entered, where the filters selections can be displayed simultaneously.

Main Features

  • Supports WPML plugin
  • Multiple search capability.
  • Easy customization.
  • Featured Image and article Slider
  • 5 color skins (Red, Blue, Green, Gold & Black)



9. Adventure WordPress Theme

Adventure WordPress Theme

Adventure Theme is an attractively designed and fully responsive theme from Organic Themes. It appears to cater to those who live the nomadic lifestyle, and can be image heavy when pictures are published. However the design is able to handle image heavy sites with minimal problems. Explorers, adventurers and travel bloggers will also enjoy many of the features that are included in this theme with a striking design.

A prominent full page-width slider and biography section are featured on the home page, which can also include a widget for Google Maps if it is enabled. The theme also include multiple templates for the publishing of portfolios and multimedia content.

Adventure is also fully compatible with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, and Gravity Forms. Content is easy to publish with shortcodes to eliminate extended time spent in uploads. What user may enjoy most, is the easy access to social media for sharing the chronicles of an adventure. It is easy to pinpoint your location using the geo-positioning capability provided with Google and you may never be really be out of touch, unless you wish to be.

Main Features

  • Clean coding
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Customizable
  • Woo Commerce compatible



10. Holiday

Holiday WordPress Theme

Holiday should be your choice if you need a theme that focuses on booking hotel rooms, resorts motel B&B inns or any other frequent rental accommodations. It is fully responsive, and can be used by travelers, road warriors, or anyone frequently on the go. The design is simple, yet elegant and navigation is easy. A simple header, and fast navigation means that visitors can find what they are looking for in a few clicks.In the back-end there are multiple options to change features and characteristics, such as colours, fonts and background. But the main feature of this theme is what makes it outstanding.

The Booking system is an efficient system that is enabled by a powerful database with extensive capabilities. An easy to build booking form that includes all necessary information is linked to the room filter. The Rooms module also includes billing which the guests generate on registration. The WooCommerce plugin can also be used to post pictures of the room or any addition products or services or site information.

Main Features

  • Includes Booking System
  • 12 different page templates
  • Support for WooCommerce
  • Easy Feature customization and branding
  • Support for WPML capability
  • Support posting in multiple formats of texts, images, audio and Video



11. Altair

Altair WordPress Theme

With five styles to publish posts, Altair is a clean and modern WordPress theme that can be used for almost any travel related activities. The response is seamless on screens of different sizes, but the ability to remain as static desktop site can be enabled with a mouse click.

The drag and drop page builder makers it easy to build pages, by shifting elements around, and there are many more features to make life and travel site maintenance even more enjoyable.

An easy to install and activate booking form is one item that visitors will enjoy, as is the ability to search for travel packages and accommodations. A quick search option powered by AJAX will go a long way to helping visitors to decide on packages and destinations by eliminating content in which there is no interest. Filters can include some keywords, dates, and budget limits or anything that can be set.

The parallax background module is another unique feature that adds a bit of interesting interactivity to make you site more appealing, and there is still much more

Main Features

  • Clean, contemporary fully responsive design
  • Toggle between responsive and static with one click
  • Publish content and edit with Drag &Drop Content Builder
  • Multiple design modules comes
  • Rapid AJAX Search capability
  • High Resolution Graphics

 Download  Demo


12. Travel Agency

Travel agency WordPress Theme

Travel Agency is a clean minimally designed theme that still manages to be packed with desirable features. It can be used comfortably with any travel related content, such as travel blogs, hotel reviews, tourist attractions and the like. The extensive documentation supplied with this theme, makes it a favorite among developers, but it also very easy to use install and can be used out of the box.

There are quite a few options for customization, and the fully integrated Cherry framework on which it is built, makes it even easier to use. Colors and fonts can easily be changed with admin control panel, and the outstanding slider presents images in a manner that cannot be ignored.

There is a nice logical flow to the content on the home page that makes navigation easy, but best of all, are featured customization where changes can be previewed in real time.Travel Agency theme is also very SEO friendly.

Main Features

  • WPML compatible
  • Custom posts
  • SEO Ready
  • Includes 80 programmable shortcodes
  • Built-in customizer
  • Multiple colour schemes

More info / Download


13. Expedition WordPress Theme

Expedition WordPress Theme

Almost every function in the classic Expedition theme can be accomplished with the click of the mouse. Beginning with the installation to adding widgets. The theme is developed in a fully responsive layout and there are four different pages styles that can be changed with the click of your mouse.

Choose from either there or four column layout or a reversed sidebar to give your site afresh new look anytime you desire. Expedition was developed with the powerful WPZOOM framework that is easy for all users, and even advanced users will appreciate the features.

An attractive slider on the homepage will attract more visitors, and the color picker on the theme options page is easy to use to make your site stand out. Almost all website owners can appreciate the convenience of upgrading the site without knowing a lick of code or having to hire expensive programmer, and this theme make it all easy.

Main Features

  • Includes Home page builder
  • Easy colour styling
  • Highly responsive layout
  • Banner management

Demo & Release Page


14. Travelify            

Travelify WordPress Theme

After almost 300,000 downloads since its release, Travelify still is one of the more popular themes for travels sites, but it may be difficult to recognize sites built with this theme, because it is very easy to customize.

It is a fully responsive and SEO friendly theme, built for those involved in adventure. It is a simple, and strikingly elegant theme, built for functionality. There is no heavy or fancy coding techniques, and it was built with common and popular HTML5 and CSS3, but it does all that is needed.

The theme is ready to go out of the box, and even though it is supplied without charge, the developer also provide extensive documentation and support. It is compatible with all of the popular WP plugins and they have included a bit wider compatibility with support for additional add-ons such as WordPress SEO, WP-PageNavi, Breadcrumb NavXT and Contact Form 7.  Even if all of the features included are not enough, you can easily access the additional theme options from the admin panel.

Main features

  • Supports WPML
  • Clean code with Responsive Design layouts
  • Full featured slider
  • Customized Menus, and Backgrounds
  • 100 % Free
  • Multiple Page Layouts



15. GeoTheme

geotheme WordPress Theme

Geo Theme was actually designed as a mobile directory, and was designed on a similar platform of a theme known as GeoPlaces. We love this theme, as it is very well designed but comes with a few caveats. The designer refers to as a fork which can be similar to being a derivative.
With this Geo theme, it is easy to build a directory of countries, places, tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, stores or anything you wish at any location in the world.

It can all be made interactive as users may not only submit listings, but also reviews of places they have visited. One of the interesting features is the geolocation capability that can be used to pinpoint any position with a high degree of accuracy. This feature can be of great use to business owners as they can easily target prospective customers who may be within contact distance. A great opportunity for some monetizing when properly handled.

Main features

  • Easy social media contact
  • Custom posting
  • Multimedia reviews


16. Voyager

Voyager WordPress Theme

Voyager is a versatile premium WordPress travel theme from THBThemes. It can be used theme could be used for almost any situation where travel-related information is presented and, includes some very interesting features, such as including local information from Google Maps with easy installation og localization plugins.

That is only the beginning as the Custom page builder is even more impressive with nine custom blocks. Sell anything with WooCommerce plugin, and you also get more than 300 fonts from Awesome fonts to style your text in any way possible. The images that are uploaded are automatically resized, and you also get support for posting texts and content in various formats, such as multimedia and image files.

Customizing is easy and can be done from the control panel with a few clicks.

The designer have made this a very powerful theme, and if you wish to add additional markup, some coded hooks are provided, making this theme one of the favorites.

Main Features

  • Supports Video content
  • Powerful Page builder
  • Fully Responsive
  • Multiple options for 3 portfolio styles
  • Multiple blog styles
  • Photogallery builder
  • Multiple layout formats

Demo |    Purchase


17. Geo Places

Geo Places WordPress Theme

GeoPlaces is really a directory, but we have seen it used very appropriately as travel sites with listings for places, shops restaurants, attractions, and it all start with the selection of a city. The locations can be regional or global, and what’s even better, it is fully responsive, so that it can be used with any device, including tablets and smartphones.

The home page is customizable, with easy as drag n’ drop feature, and the style can be kept clean and simple with the widgets in which the content can be placed. Changing colours requires a knowledge of CSS, but you get into the back-end, you can do almost anything. The theme comes with a very easy to use and maintain blog, that can be restyled when needed. Managing places, events and multiple cities is a breeze with Geo places theme, and it can also be done in multiple languages as support for WPML is provided.

One powerful travel theme

Main Features

  • Customizable home page
  • Multiple icons for maps
  • Publishing content with shortcodes
  • Greater category control

Demo | Download


18. Paradise Cove

paradise cove WordPress Theme

Paradise Cove is a really slickly designed theme with some really cool features, but it is also easy to customize.

The most prominent feature, is the unforgettable slider, which comes in three different styles and animation features. Your visitors can easily become guests with classic reservation module that makes booking a reservation, a quick and efficient process. Style the pages any way you wish. Some of the interesting features that can be used to create some impressive and unique styles are natural use of three menu choices from WordPress and you also have the option of using 10 widgets in any of your chosen locations. Create your own customized sidebar widgets, or you can sue those supplied for containing content, such as Twitter and Facebook streams or Flickr. Much of the content on your site is easily published with shortcodes that can be changed when desired.  We like this theme because of the slick design and the wide functionality, and because it is very easy to use.

Main Features

  • Multiple sliders
  • Fully responsive
  • Custom icons
  • Weather widget
  • Multiple page layouts


19. Listify

Listify WordPress Theme

Listify is another beautifully designed theme that can be used as a travel directory. It is loaded with several options for easy customization, and handy features for promoting and showcasing tours and travel or vacation packages. The only limit to the use of this theme for and travel related action is left to your imagination.

It is designed with a focus on use and function, and comes several powerful plugins already integrated, and only activation is needed. Open Table, and Woo Commerce Bookings can be used to assist visitors with booking table and events. Reserva and Guestful are also available for reserving the package that may be listed.

Visitors can also bookmark any listing to easily return at another session, and Listify is also loaded with some efficient search capability. Searches can be done by location or zip code, and each listing should be accompanied by a map powered by Google Maps. Listing can also be shared on social media sites, so users can tell others of their favorite places.

The SEO friendly theme also includes support for multimedia content and several custom widgets. It is not often that these options are found in mobile site, and Listify earns some high marks.

Main Features

  • WooCommerce compatible
  • 8 Power plugins included
  • Widget ready
  • Wide cross-browser compatibility


20. Traveller

Traveller WordPress Theme

Magazine 3 has designed a very attractive theme that can easily be used to build some functional travel sites. The style is more like that of a magazine, so it can be used for a number of different purposes. Best of all though, is the adoption to the travel related industry.

It features a wide slider on the home page, and thumbnails are automatic. They have made customization and maintenance easy with the control panel at the theme options. It may not be very simple, but there is some opportunity for monetizing with built-in options for ad placement including Google AdSense and alternatives.

Some of the standard features include integration with popular social media accounts, custom widgets and compatibility with WPML for easy translations. There are multiple page templates and posts can be nested for interaction and discussion among the visitors. The theme is not considered a lightweight, but it can also be further customized.

Main Features

  • Fully responsive
  • Advertising options
  • SEO friendly
  • Feature Slideshow
  • Custom widgets
  • Drag n Drop menu builder

Demo  | Download


21. Travelista

Travelista WordPress Theme

Travelista is an outstanding and attractive WordPress travel theme. The emphasis for this straightforward design is a seamless responsive transition, and there is practically no difference displayed when the site is viewed on screens of different sizes. Designed by Bloompixel on the Redux framework, you should be impressed by the attractive layout that features an enchanting slider that prominently showcases content in image form.

Several options for the layout are included, but despite the multiple options for layout, the design still remains clean and clear. There are 8 layouts option for posting, which can be made in any of nine different formats. The choice of colours available is unlimited, there are options to change the format of all pages including the home page, and even those that have been archived.  With more than 600 Google fonts, and an author bio page that include a parallax view as background, it means that your site should never become dull or outdated.

Main Features

  • Fully responsive
  • 8 layouts
  • Unlimited colour options
  • 9 posts formats



22. Travella

Travella WordPress Theme

Travella is one of two travel WordPress theme from ColorLabs. It is done in the minimalist style with a clean uncluttered look, but still contains some very powerful features. It is fast loading, and much of the content is almost always at your fingertips or not too far away.

Showcasing travel tours or vacation packages, or displaying photos of your latest adventures would be an appropriate use of this theme, as it includes a custom page that includes a beautiful slider, but there much more that can be done with it.

Images, videos and descriptive content can be published on the custom events page, along with related info such as duration and pricing. Travella is fully responsive and very easy to use, and the developers provide extensive documentation, so that additional developers can build enhancements and addons.

Integration of Google Maps and more interaction is easily enabled with the like rating system similar to Facebook likes, but the theme is also supportive of many of the social media account contact.

Main Features

Demo & Release Page


23. Traveler

traveler WordPress Theme

If you need a stylishly designed travel site that runs smoothly with a moderate amount of available options, we suggest you have a look at this Traveler theme from Gorilla Themes. It is suitable for running travel blogs, city portals, or life adventures, and is offered in three purchase options with the top offer including free installation and free unlimited updates along customer support and a forum for the exchange of ideas and info

Traveler provides an extraordinary amount of versatility, and one of the interesting feature, is a multi search filter module. Choose a number of different categories, or areas to find information from the drop down menus, and a list that closely fills the criteria is returned. The categories and labels can all be easily edited from within the admin panel, where the home page can also be customized

Adding widgets for multimedia content, an article slider, and layout or color changes can all be done with a few mouse clicks.

Main Features

  • WPML compatibility
  • Multi Search Module.
  • 5 different colour styling options
  • WordPress Photo Gallery.
  • Featured Article Slider
  • Menu Builder
  • Adsense and code Widget Ready


24. Travelogue

Travelogue WordPress Theme

There are three remarkable versions of this theme, which is done with fast loading and fully responsive markup of HTML 5 and CSS.

Static images can be used to drilling down to more content. The revolution slider displays a full page image which is linked to more info, or even a video can be used as a background to entice visitors to visit a place region or city. It is this unique feature that make Travelogue popular, and in addition to travel related activity, it can be used for other purposes.

Customizing this theme may not be as easy as others, but we recommend it because it turns out to be very user friendly. Another enjoyable feature, that users will prefer, is the nice and easy scrolling with eye-pleasing animations that are not distracting. The theme has only recently been created by ModelTheme, and more enhancements can be expected in the future, but there is much potential as can be seen in the unique design and attractive presentations.

Main Features

  • Includes Revolution slider
  • Google Fonts
  • Wide Cross-browser compatibility
  • Selective filters


Demo  Download


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