How to Use Facebook to Instantly Generate Massive Traffic and Social Authority (Case Study)

I’ve talked a lot about investing in a social marketing strategy. This strategy aims to build up a strong social presence on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Depending on your type of site and your focus, you may need to focus specifically on one or two of these rather than all of these (you only have so much time in the day to build up one).

My specialty the past couple years has been working with Facebook to improve my websites’ social authority — particularly building up a strong Facebook page and using this to generate social authority and drive traffic from Facebook to my sites.

I talk about how to do this in part here and here. I also recommend you sign up for the newsletter and get my free ebook which details exactly HOW to build a Facebook Page and acquire likes. And hey, it’s free right.

Besides being able to drive THOUSANDS of visitors a day to your website through your Facebook page (for free), you also gain the following benefits:

  1. You generate Facebook Page likes to your post / page which adds even more Facebook traffic to the post (people who ‘like’ your page essentially share your page on their wall)
  2. Your content is perceived as more authoritative by visitors (i.e. visitors see your Facebook likes on a page/post as a sign that your post has value and usefulness to other people which means they should pay more attention to what you say) — I use Easy Social Share Buttons to show off a post’s social counts for this
  3. Your post will rank better in Google due to improved user browsing metrics: proving your post’s social authority by showing lots of Facebook Likes may improve user browsing metrics such as lower bounce rates on the page, long time on site, and increased page views on your site. These are ranking signals which carry a lot of weight with Google now and can result in higher search rankings if your post’s browsing metrics are superior to competition posts on the topic.
  4. You can make MORE money from the improved traffic and improved trust

I want to show you an update on my Expired Domain Case study to show you exactly why a Facebook Page can generate huge traffic at will and boost your income significantly.

Using Facebook to Shortcut Social Authority

So I want to show you in a hand’s on way how to hack Facebook for huge traffic boosts  and to generate social authority.

I’ve used my social authority strategy to build this site and to build the new Facebook page for it over the past month (since my last update), and I’m now receiving the benefits of this strategy in a big, big way.

Keep in mind that I waited about 10 or so months before I bothered building up my social authority through Facebook. If you read my previous case studies on this site, I pretty much just left it to age for nearly a year without building any links or even creating a Facebook page.

This was actually not an ideal strategy. Had I went ahead and started to build up the Facebook page from day one, I’d be a full year ahead with my social strategy and likely have anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 Facebook fans and a lot potential Facebook traffic to utilize. And I probably would have picked up a bunch more links from other sites due to the strong social presence having such a Facebook page would have done which would have increased my Google search ranking presence.

However, you really do need to have a solid website, a good theme, and plenty of content on your site if you are going to share that content on your facebook page. You are hurting your brand if you share mediocre content or you refer people from an active Facebook page to an unfinished website. My website, due to other projects, was not yet ready for that.

Here’s the Facebook Page as of May 24th



You’ll note that I have about 8500 likes so far. As of my last update on this site April 5 (so a month and a half ago), I had only 1500 or so Facebook Likes to my page.

You’ll see I now have 8500. I’d like to have about 30,000 to 50,000, with an ultimate goal of about 100,000 likes in a year or so.

Unlike my other site I cased studied a few months ago, this websites Facebook page is pretty new — only being less than 2 months old now since I created it. My other site has something like 100,000+ page likes.

Now, while it’s useful to use that other site to show how you can generate thousands of facebook likes by sharing a single post, it’s also makes it seem like it’s HARD to get that many likes.

I know many of you will be thinking something like ‘Geez, so what, you have a 100,000 likes on your page. Of course you can generate traffic and social shares with a page like that.’

And you are right. It’s no surprise that having a large Facebook page can generate traffic and shares.

But what about if you only have a small Facebook page or a medium size one that’s under 10,000 likes? What if you have a Facebook page with less than 1000 likes?

Well that’s the situation here with this facebook page. Remember, just a bout a two months ago, I had less than 1000 likes on this Facebook page profiled here. And you’ve seen my entire history of starting this new site least year if you’ve been reading the case study.

I’ve been building up the site, posting once a day or once every two days to the Facebook page. Sharing CONTENT from my blog (and nothing else). I ONLY have used it to share MY blog’s content and not a general hub about the topic. And through posting and Facebook advertising, I’ve brought the likes from 1000 to nearly 9000 in just about 2 months.

Roughly 1000 new likes a week.

Ok, let’s start.

The Power of a Strong Facebook Page

Here’s a brand new post I shared to my Facebook page a couple days ago. My writer literally just sent me that post. I created a nice looking blog post header article with canva, then I shared it.


New Post I Shared on Facebook Page 



So the BRAND new post that I had — a post that likely would take a few weeks to get a bit of trickle traffic from Google and months to pick up steam if left alone without promoting it on the Facebook Page took in on Facebook:

  • 6800 views on peoples’ walls
  • 49 direct shares
  • Facebook page share liked by 73 people
  • 9 Comments on the Facebook Share

Let’s look at how the actual likes the shared post took in from the Facebook visitors coming to check it out directly through the Facebook share:

the post on my website



Since sharing this post on the site’s facebook page, it received 235 Facebook Likes and 12 Pinterest shares.

Again, this would take a LONG time to accumulate that many shares just from Google search traffic or random visits to the website. Likely, unless someone picked it up and shared it to a popular pinterest page, a website shared a link to it, or someone with a Popular Facebook page shared it, it would never get this many likes and the content would NEVER be seen by so many people.

So how did the traffic look like for the site for the shared post so far?

Traffic Stats for last week (including the 2 days since sharing the post)



So as you see, the Facebook page has brought in (rough estimate) close to 2000 unique visitors over Monday and Tuesday (so far). That’s 2000 visitors I would have NEVER had if I did not have the Facebook page! With my regular traffic (about 620 uniques per day now or 900 page views), that’s something like an extra 3.5 days of FREE traffic.

Now you can see that if I made a regular habit of sharing a new post once a day, that’s essentially tripling my regular traffic. If I shared two new posts a day, I could keep 5x the regular traffic every single day. Now, the more posts you share on your Facebook page, the less people are shown that share I’ve found — so there is a limit here.

But if I had the content production to produce 2 new great posts a day and I shared each one — one in the morning, one at night — I could boost my traffic levels from a regular 600-700 visitors a day to 2500-4000 visitors a day!

So there we go, I’ve given you exactly what my title promised ‘How to Use Facebook to INSTANTLY Generate Massive Traffic & Powerful Social Authority (Case Study)

In case you think I’m trying to click bait you guys with sensational marketing titles while obfuscating the real facts:

  • I can generate thousands of new visitors a day to the site just by posting once or twice a day
  • I can use that traffic to build my social authority be acquiring likes to the post itself and more shares
  • I can increase the number of page views to the rest of my site

Yea so what, you have 8500 likes to your page!

Yes, but this works even with a fairly small Facebook page. This same strategy worked JUST as well when I had the Facebook page with 500 to 1000 visitors. I was able to share posts and still bring in 500 or 1000 EXTRA visitors just from the Facebook share and build 20 to 100 Facebook likes to that shared page!

See the possibilities here with what you can do with Facebook?

And of course, if your post actual goes VIRAL on Facebook, then you could get 10, 20, 30, 100, or 1000 or 100000 times that normal traffic in a single day.

A Look at the Site’s Traffic Since the Last Update

How has the website been doing since my last update back in April 5 (nearly 2 months ago now):


So you’ll see there’s more traffic in the month and a half. If I was taking in 500 visitors a day and 600-700 page views, the site is now getting 600-700 unique visitors with page views between 850 to 1000. And of course, when I make an effort to share a good post, the traffic goes way up — in part due to having a Facebook page of nearly 8500 likes vs the 2000 or so likes i had back in April.

Here’s a look at my stats since FIRST starting the Build Social Authority strategy. I shared my ‘first’ post April 30th and I had under 100 Facebook likes at this time!


My first Facebook Post



A look at the traffic stats SINCE starting the Build Social Authority (since March 31st)



So look, you’ll see that even with a small Facebook page that you can STILL increase your total traffic. If you look at the graph above, you’ll see the traffic stats have jumped up significantly and continue to rise as the Facebook page gets more likes, as the returning visits rise, and as other factors like direct traffic and improved organic traffic kicks in.

Oh, yes, Organic Traffic improved too. I’ve stated before that I noticed organic traffic improves as you build social authority. In part I feel this may be because you develop a loyal readership via your Facebook page who spend time on your site which may improve your browsing metrics (ranking signals to google). Google may also unofficially look at your Facebook likes — they claim they don’t, but still. And of course, exposing your site and your content to thousands people through Facebook sharing can lead to other websites linking to your content.

Here a comparison of the stats between two periods

  • March 30+ (when I started working my Facebook page strategy)
  • Before March 30 (no active Facebook page — stuff was just shared naturally without me having a Facebook page)


You’ll see across the board a big increase in every stat INCLUDING nearly 26% MORE organic search traffic in this period. Yes, maybe age and more content do play a role in the increased search traffic. So I don’t ONLY want to claim my Facebook page contributed to that organic search increase. But it helped.

I expect as the months progress, we’ll even see more sharp increases. This site is about 1 year old and the Facebook page is 2 months old. What will things look like in 6 months or a year? We’ll have to see!

Show Me The Money

Now finally, what about money?

I’ve shown you that you can improve your search traffic, your social authority, and your overall traffic.

But can you make MORE money from this Facebook traffic?

Let’s look at the past 7 days earning with Amazon.

7 days of earnings for amazon product links (with social post share day highlighted)



7 Days of earnings with Amazon Native Product Ads (amazon product widgets) with social post day highlighted




Here is a stat summary of the past 7 days

DateAmazon Deep Links EarningsClicksAmazon Native Product Ads EarningsClicksTotal EarningsTotal Clicks
May 172.8814302.8844
May 1841.25222141.2543
May 192.7361272.7388
May 204.1814204.1834
May 215.40274.04469.4473
May 223.4452613.44113
May 2318.523416.214034.7374


And finally, here’s a look a the traffic and earnings compared:




What Does This All Mean?

So the take away here is that the more traffic — even social traffic — you send to you site, the more money you are going to make, at least in regards to Amazon. The same holds true for and adsense, though there’s a lot of variables that affect things.

Now, I can affect the earnings quite a bit with Amazon with the content of the post. IF I share a post that has lots of links to Amazon in it, then the #clicks and the number of items ordered will go up. How the post is written and the type of products being linked to make a difference  too. In the case study example, the post’s I shared on the Facebook page, I did NOT have any links to amazon, just a Native Product Ad that shows in the middle of the post and at the end. If I shard a more affiliate orientated post with deep links to amazon, earnings would be more.

I did not create or share a post designed to earn money — besides the default Native Amazon Product Ads,  there were no amazon affiliate links in the content, nor was the post about topics geared towards linking to Amazon

So I shared that post on my Facebook page, had a big jump in traffic for 1 – 2 days and I had one of the better earning days on Amazon with that site this week, coinciding exactly with the day I shared my post and saw the traffic spike.

That day I made $34.73. 

Is all of that from just Facebook?

No, but it did help, especially when you look at the week’s traffic and earnings and you do see a spike in earnings with the Facebook traffic spike.

So, building a Facebook Page can also bring you a direct increase in EARNINGS if you capitalize on that referral traffic properly, through your content and how you put links in your content.

Now maybe $34 bucks is not exactly life changing money. But imagine I shared two posts a day — posts that were geared more towards making money, then I suspect I could see earnings much closer to a $25 – $30 baseline.

Now imagine if I had 100,000 likes and with each share I had 10x the traffic. So instead of an extra 1000 or so visitors, I received 10,000 extra visitors.

It’s very much possible, with the right post, that I could make 3x to 10x the earnings from Amazon. So instead of $34 bucks, what about $100 bucks (3x) or what about $200 bucks (6x) or what about $300 (10x).

So you see the possibilities here. You CAN make money from your Facebook Page referrals, provided you are writing the RIGHT type of content for that audience and you have a strategy  to convert those visitors into MONEY.

Yea, but HOW to Build a Facebook Page to Capitalize on this FREE Traffic

Read my Free Ebook (sign up for the newsletter to get it) — I detail specific strategies about this.

Here are a few tips though:

  1. Using Facebook Advertising to Build Your Facebook Page Likes (read my free ebook)
  2. Post once or twice a day — either your own content or related content from around the web. Post GOOD, useful content
  3. Use catchy titles for your Facebook Posts and your Blog Posts
  4. Make sure your website has awesome content and is WORTHY of showcasing
  5. Cook up Viral style articles to share
  6. Have a beautiful, clean layout on your blog that makes your site look authoritative (I recommend any of the MyThemeShop themes or Avada for this)

Advanced Strategies to Make Money with Facebook Traffic

Given that social traffic, in addition to all the other benefits discussed such as building your social authority and getting your content shared around the web and put in front of sites that might link to it, can make you money…is there a way you can make MORE money from social traffic.


There are some strategies that you can use when sharing a post on your facebook page that can increase your referral traffic and earnings.

Here’s how to do it.

Share Your Content Multiple Times a Day on Facebook

You can take this a bit further by continually sharing your content (which will contain affiliate links / ads) multiple times a day to maximize Facebook referral traffic. Not ALL posts you share will bring in the same amount of Facebook traffic. Nor can you expect the same level of affiliate sales with each post.

More posts mean MORE people will come to your site which means more traffic which means more money.

Craft Your Content to Maximize Social Shares on Your Facebook Page

Facebook NEVER shows your content shares to EVERY person who liked your page. They only show it to a percentage.

How big a percentage depends on how engaging your content is to readers, as determined by Facebook.

You can use this to your advantage to push your content share to a higher percentage of your Facebook page likers.

If you can create a type of content that’s attractive to readers — the type of content that people will easily share around on their Facebook page — you can maximize your Facebook reach significantly. This means that while you may have say 5,000 Facebook Page likes to your page and only 1500 people will normally ‘see’ your content due to Facebook’s algorithms, IF you create your content such that people are likely to engage with it (like it, share it, comment on it), then Facebook will show your content to more people on your Page — say 3000 or 4000.

More shares of your facebook post, mean more traffic to that article, which means more money.

Create Viral Content So It’s Shared Outside of Your Facebook Page Group

If you can craft viral content that’s picked up and widely shared, you can reach the vast audience beyond your facebook page (and niche). This is not easy to do and you have to have highly optimized titles, images, and topics to gain viral traction. But if you can get your content viral, you can bring in thousands, hundreds of thousands, to millions of readers. And of course, you can make a shit load of money JUST from having so many readers.

Promote Effective Blog Posts via Facebook Sponsored Post Advertising

If you want to scale this concept of Facebook traffic in a big way, and you are prepared to pay money to do it, it’s possible to spend money and make more money than you spend with Facbook advertising.

It’s tricky and you have to have your CTR for ads and affiliate links optimized so you can squeeze out every cent possible from your traffic. But if you can get it so you MAKE slightly more money than you pay for Facebook sponsored post advertising, then you can continually scale this up to make money, over and over.

The trick is to actually find shareable content that can generate more money than you spend on advertising. And this is not easy. It’s also highly niche dependent. If you just throw down money on promoting a regular blog post on your site via the Facebook Sponsored Ads, you are almost certainly going to blow your money without even covering the costs, let alone make any extra money.

But it’s possible.

The trick here is to look at specific posts that seem to do well on your site earnings-wise WITH Facebook traffic.  It also must be a sort of post that seems to be popular with the Facebook crowd — the type of post that easily gets shared around. And it also has to be some content where your ad clicks are decent CPC and or your affiliate links generate some sales.

You can test this out by spending 20 to 50 dollars on Facebook on some posts that seem to have done well on your Facebook Page sharing. If that post picks up a good amount of Facebook sharing when you post it on your page (not all posts do — you need to write the post titles, Facebook post descriptions and create cover images that pull people in), then you might consider testing out 5 to 20 dollars with a Sponsored Facebook Ad to promote that single post to many more people.

IF you see you make more money via Adsense and and affiliate sales than it costed, then you SCALE this.


If you can make more money from your affiliate sales + Adsense + then you spend on Facebook Advertising, you make money and you can keep on making money buy BUYING this traffic. I have not talked too much about this strategy just yet, but that’s how this works.

Keep in mind though, you’ll need, Adsense, and affiliate offers to make money. The content must be highly marketable to facebook, and for best effect, your post will need to take on some viral life in terms of being shared around without you PAYING for every visitor. Your theme, images, and content layout must be precisely formatted for maximum effect.

The Final Word

This case study update should show you how beneficial it is to build a powerful Facebook page. You can use your page to directly increase your daily traffic without having to wait around for weeks or months for Google traffic to come trickling in. You build more readers who will return to your site (if they like your content). You also change how your posts are perceived by new visitors because you gain Facebook likes that you can display via a social counter.

And of course, you can make MONEY from that Facebook traffic, provided you have the right type of content and the right affiliate links.

While making money from Facebook is a nice bonus and helps offset the costs of advertising to build your Facebook page, the more important thing to take away here is that you can use Facebook to build your social authority in a big way. In time, this may contribute to search authority. And you’ll end up with thousands of readers who are interested in your site and who view you as an expert — potential customers should you market to them in the future.

I hope you learned something from this!

So get started on your Facebook page and start building your authority and traffic!

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