What Themes & Plugins Did I Buy During Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

I’m a bit like a kid in a candy shop during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend sales.

For me, it’s that time of the year that I buy any plugins I’ve been interested in for the year. Quite often a few new plugins catch my eye and I end up buying those too, even if I don’t need them.

I did create a big post with the best deals for what I considered the most useful plugins for bloggers to buy.

But what you guys might not realize is that I also went to town myself by buying a bunch of plugins and themes too! Perhaps even some ones that are completely unnecessary!

Yes, I’m a bit addicted to buying Themes & Plugins.

You’ll probably note if you browse through AuthorityIncome that besides talking a lot about how to Make Money Online on this blog, my second favorite topic is usually recommending or reviewing various plugins, themes and online services.

The reason is that besides making an occasional affiliate sale by reviewing products I use,  I know a ridiculous amount about plugins, themes, services, and hosting because I’ve bought so many and have used so many of these over the years. I shudder to think about how much I’ve spent in plugins, themes, and services since 2009, but it must be over 6 or 7 grand

Right now, I probably have something like $3000 dollars in premium themes & plugins at my disposal right now that I use, bought over the past 3 years.

The good news is that I use most of them, though there are a few ‘duplicates’ from different companies that do the same thing (WP Rocket, CometCache for example and Formidable Pro and WP Forms).

But I’m a firm believer though that if you are going to recommend a product to someone, you better damn well a) use the product yourself and b) actually believe your own recommendation. There’s a lot of marketing blogs out there where people recommend products, but they’ve never used those products!

I hate this and I make sure that I own every product I recommend. Unfortunately, that means I need to actually pay for that product first (hence, my massive spending).

So What Did I Spend on During Black Friday?

Here’s what I bought over the past week of plugin & theme sales:

  • InMotion hosting – 3 years (106$)
  • SiteGround Hosting – 1 year (~$35)
  • A2Hosting – 2 years (~$70)
  • CometCache Unlimited Site License ($90.35)
  • MicroThemer Developer (~$60)
  • Divi Theme – Lifetime Subscription ($189)
  • CSS Hero – (came for free with the Divi Theme because I signed up early on in the ale)
  • 99 Robots Plugins: WP Related Pro; WP Popular Post Pro; WP Content Resharer; WP Take Over Ads (~$113)

Total: $660 USD

That’s a fair penny to spent just on plugins and themes! However, I look at these as an investment. If these services can help me improve my sites in some way, then the cost is worth it.

I also wanted to test out and review several plugins (CometCache, MicroThemer, Divi) for you guys.

I may seek a refund for CometCache, depending on how it performs. I have WP Rocket, which I love. But I don’t like the renewal costs of $99 per year. I still have six months left on my subscription though. CometCache caught my eye because it’s also very popular (over 30,000 installs) AND right now it’s still the buy once, get lifetime updates model.

I fear once they get a bit more popular, it will go the way of the yearly renewal fees. But word on the street is that CometCache is the second fastest cache plugin on the market, right after WP Rocket. I want to test this myself. There are a features that WP Rocket, right now, have that CometCache do not, but if CometCache can add those, well, I may just switch to CometCache once my WP Rocket renewal expires.

Provided the cache speeds are nearly the same. Expect a review and comparison soon.

And I’m working on doing a comparison of the Top 10 Popular Hosting companies, so I need to test out 10 different hosting. This is why I spent money on 3 different new hosting accounts (A2 Hosting, SiteGround, and InMotion). I’ve never used these and I want to test them out good.

I also like to have a bunch of different cheap hosts to spread my sites around on as well. While I put my significant, money making sites on my premium dedicated server, my new projects and smaller sites get put on cheap hosting. So I don’t mind having something like 5 different accounts with cheap hosting companies.

If you guys bought anything during the Black Friday Deals, please share!

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