How I Made a Million Dollars in Just One Month with Cryptocurrency

Folks I’m back again after a few months of nothing with an incredible post for you guys that’s probably unlike anything else you’ve read in the make money online sphere.

I’ve been incredibly busy, both maintaining my empire of websites and working on my new side income: cryptocurrency.

Jan 2018 Update, read my sequel How to Make Millions with ICO’s. You guys will love it. I promise 😀

So let’s cut to the chase.

I’ve been making a shitload of money with Cryptocurrency the past several months — most of it THIS month.

In fact, in the month of August, I’ve made a million dollars through cryptocurrency investing.

Yes, you’ve heard me right.

I’ve touched over $1,000,000 USD last week with my crypto investment portfolio making me for the first time in my life a real millionaire (on paper anyway).

I’ve been making very good money for the past year and a half at least (read my previous income reports) but I wasn’t yet a millionaire — not by far.

But now, I am.

Now, I’m going to one up this and say that I am pretty confident I’ll be able to take my 1 million now and turn it into $2 to $10 million by the end of 2017.

And I’m going to prove it to you guys here on my blog.

Let me first say that I’m not selling anything here, not getting you to sign up for a money-making course that I get a cut of, or pointing you to an affiliate program with crypto currency. I probably could do that, but I don’t need the money and it’s too much effort. I can make plenty without hawking stupid shit to you guys and setting myself as a crypto guru here.

I make NOTHING from sharing this info. It’s just free advice and a glimpse into what I have done and I am doing.

So take that for what it is! Never trust someone who is making money from the advice he is dispensing, especially online!

Who else in the online sphere has been doing that or will be doing that.

No one.

Now, obviously, my claim that I made 1 million in a month is an outrageous claim. It’s even more outrageous to claim I’ll make millions by the end of the year.

But I’ve been full of wild (yet provable claims) since the beginning of my blog.

If you’ve read my income reports, you’ll see that I worked my way up from about $9,000 USD a month back in April 2016 to about $34,0000 USD a moth (read my income reports and look at all the pictures I post of my income).

But I’ve managed to one up my earnings far beyond what I thought possible; this month, I’ve managed to make more than a million dollars in one month (not counting my ONLINE earnings), or about 30x what I made in previous months.

Before you start calling me a fraud though, relax and I will show you all the proof you need – pictures of my crypto Blockfolio (an app showing your coin portfolio) and actual pictures of my Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency exchanges that hold crypto coin amounts later on in this article.

Before you say this is outrageous, there are plenty of other ‘crypto millionaires’ that are being born every day.

I just picked a couple random stories from the internet in the links above.

But I assure you, these sorts of stories are true and are happening more and more for those who are willing to play the greatest game on earth right now (and the greatest redistribution of wealth on the planet at this very moment): Crypto Investing.

And around August 18th, I too joined the ranks of the crypto wealthy, or crypto millionaires. Granted I’m not really a ‘whale’ as the term goes just yet, with only about 1 million dollars RIGHT now in crypto coins — there are guys out there with hundreds of millions playing with crypto, even billions.

Now, my portfolio is small still and I only touched 1 million USD dollars in crypto wealth (there are some people with vast sums), but I’m on the first step to a greater journey.

Crypto has made me more money than anything else, including my websites.

In just one month, I was able to make about 3 to 5 years of my monthly income in just one month.

However, I was able to get to this position BECAUSE of my significant online passive income.

I’ve been able to build my way up from scratch, earning enough money per month where I could afford to invest heavily (and large sums) into crypto currency to see huge returns quickly.

My passive income also gave me the TIME to focus everything on crypto the past few months, learning everything about it, and pretty much immersing myself full time.

This would be hard if I had to do a 9 to 5 (though not impossible).

So I owe this increase in wealth to my ONLINE income which made it possible to achieve!

Right now my focus is Crypto, but I am still expanding my website empire, still working on new projects that I will talk about in future posts.

So fear not, I’m not abandoning my online projects, but I’m using them (and the income they derive) to power my crypto expansion.

The difference is that I’m now going to be investing most of my website income back into crypto until the end of the year to increase my earnings even more and more.

What Are Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies or ‘Cryptos’, as they are called by many, are a NEW form of currency, known as ‘digital currencies’

Now unlike traditional currency (which is called ‘Fiat’) which is printed by the government and inflationary by nature, digital currencies are NOT created by the government. They are created and maintained by a decentralized network of computers scattered around the world, based on complex mathematical algorithms and protected by powerful encryption.

They are created and maintained by a decentralized network of computers scattered around the world, based on complex mathematical algorithms and protected by powerful encryption. Unlike traditional currency, ANYONE can buy, store, or sell these currencies. They can be sent anywhere, regardless of borders, and you can convert them to regular currencies.

The value of cryptocurrencies is determined by the global crypto market — what people are willing to pay for that crypto. This is completely different than a currency like the US dollar which the value is controlled by the government (and Federal Reserve) based on many factors like the amount of inflation (money printeded by the government), the trading value, the economy, interest rates, etc.

Crypto is an honest currency — it’s value is WHAT other people around the world will pay for it. The more people want it, the higher the value goes.

There are over 1000 cryptocurrencies on the market now and the market cap, as of August 24, 2017 (time of this article) is 150 Billion. I fully expect as cryptos go mainstream the marketcap will reach 500 Billion within a couple years, maybe even 1 trillion.

Now, up until this point, the value of cryptos has been pretty speculative. Experts are still trying to figure out how cryptos should be valued. The past 7 years, the value was often speculative — not based on WHAT you could do with crypto in the real world, but a bet on what cryptos could do in the future.

However, cryptocurrency is going mainstream in a big way now and there are quite a few new crypto currencies that are in fact aiming to do disruptive things in the real world, therefore giving tangible value to those currencies beyond the simple speculative value traders have been assigning them.

This means crypto is aiming to disrupt the real world monetary system (payment remittances/money transfers between countries, banking, identity verification, property ownership/investing, and a lot more).

But to understand what cryptocurrencies are, we first have to talk about the genesis crypto.


Intro To Bitcoin & The Blockchain

The first and most famous of all the cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, created way back in 2008 and released right after the 2008 economic collapse by the mysterious and still unknown Satoshi Nakamoto.

Right now, Bitcoin is worth $4100 dollars — over three times the price of GOLD!

Now, I don’t want to go into the technical details about how Bitcoin works. It’s complex and difficult to understand for the regular person. But there are a couple of things to note.

  • Bitcoin is NOT backed by governments. It’s an economic system that supersedes government control. A global economy that’s not necessarily based on the political climate or monetary systems in countries
  • Bitcoin is deflationary: there will only ever be 21,000,000 bitcoins. Right now, there are over 19,000,000 in circulation. As the number of Bitcoin rewards diminishes every 4 years, the value of Bitcoin should go up, especially as the demand for Bitcoin is rising and rising
  • Bitcoins are added to the circulating supply by Bitcoin mining. Mining is not so much ‘mining’ as in the traditional sense, but rather computers across the world processing the Bitcoin transactions that occur (i.e. when people send bitcoin from one address to another) and adding those transactions to the public ledger (called the blockchain), of which a copy is shared between ALL computers that are on the Bitcoin network.

To fully understand how bitcoin works, its origins, and political ramifications, I suggest you watch the new Netflix documentary ‘Banking on Bitcoin‘ which gives a very good (and entertaining) intro to Bitcoin, with a focus more on the social implications of the technology.

If you want to get into the technicalities of HOW Bitcoin works, watch this 5 minute YouTube.

The Blockchain Public Ledger — The Disruptive Idea Behind Crypto

At the core of every cryptocurrency is the Blockchain — a public ‘ledger’ (a database of sorts) that’s shared by EVERY computer connected to the network supporting that crypto. Every transaction can be traced and accounted for.

This idea of a ‘trustless’ system where NO THIRD PARTY is needed to oversee transactions between two parties is what’s revolutionary about crypto and why it can be applied to so many different areas OUTSIDE of just sending money between two people.

In our society, we pretty much need a third party to handle any sort of transaction between two parties:

  • sending money (a bank + many middle men)
  • buying property (notary + banks + many middle men)
  • Freelancing (a website that handles the payments)
  • Betting (a website/third party that takes the bets and pays out to the winners)
  • Identity Verification (a third party that stores and handles this)
  • Credit Checks (big companies like Equifax maintaining your credit score)

The idea of the blockchain is that transactions OF ANY SORT can be done directly between two people without the need of a middle man to verify (and charge more for this). It’s a fair system and far more efficient, not to mention significantly cheaper and faster.

Now the truth is that Cryptocurrencies are a bit of the wild west right now. Most people don’t know too much about Cryptos OTHER than a brief familiarity with Bitcoin, the grandfather of all cryptocurrencies.

Recently, cryptos have been getting a lot of press because Bitcoin been steadily smashing records. Just 1 year ago, bitcoin was about $1000 per coin. Now, Bitcoin is in the $4000’s (it crossed $4,500 last week). I think Bitcoin will easily reach $5000 and make a run for $6000 to $7000 by the end of the year and perhaps $10,000 by next year sometime.

Now, Bitcoin is in the $4000’s (it crossed $4,500 last week). I think Bitcoin will easily reach $5000 and make a run for $6000 to $7000 by the end of the year and perhaps $10,000 by next year sometime.

Again, this assumes the market does not have a serious correction, which it may well. But the overall trend with crypto currencies and Bitcoin is bullish (positive growth).

Cryptocurrency Is Starting to Go Mainstream

I don’t want to get into the technicals about crypto investing here, but rather talk about what I did.

I’m banking on cryptos (and Bitcoin) going mainstream in a big way over the next few years. Already, 2017 seems to be the year Cryptocurrency goes from an interesting (and profitable) social experiment to a mainstream currency alternative.

Bitcoin is being accepted as a legit payment method around the world now. It’s pretty much possible to cash your Bitcoin out for cash, either through a Bitcoin exchange or through a local meetup (for cash) anywhere in the world.

Recently, some new fintech companies like TenX have made credit cards linked to you Cryptocurrency stash and will ‘convert’ on the fly your cryptocurrency into dollars when you pay with credit card or hit up the ATM.

Asia really is the hotspot for crypto currency. It’s poised to revolutionize payments, banking, and a huge number of industries. In South East Asia, a major payment processing company called Omise created their own cryptocurrency that will be linked to their payment terminal machines in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia where they will start to accept crypto currency as a payment, which means you will be able to pay with crypto across Asia for anything.

By the end of the year in Thailand, for example, you’ll be able to pay with Crypto at Mcdonalds at every location.

Is Crypto a Bubble?

People often compare cryptocurrency to the Dotcom bubble of the 90’s. This is because the prices of cryptos have exploded over the past few years.

$100 of Bitcoin back in 2010 would be worth something like 25 million dollars right now.

However, Bitcoin is NOT a bubble.

It’s a revolutionary technology that will be integrated into our financial system (and a lot more) over the next few years.

Frankly, the world has never seen anything like it. It’s an investment opportunity, it’s a currency, it’s a store of value, it’s a revolutionary technology.

Despite the exploding price of cryptocurrency, it’s still only a fraction of the monetary system of the world.

Look at this info graphic to put this into perspective:


Bill Gates could buy up the entire Bitcoin supply on his own.

Amazon is worth 3x the entire crypto supply. Gold is worth over 8 trillion and all the stocks in the world are over 60 trillion. Crypto currency is a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of the global wealth.

What does this mean?

Those who invest into crypto are early adopters. We are the first 30 minutes of the first inning of a baseball game.

With every increase in Bitcoin value since the beginning, ‘experts’ and pundits have been calling Bitcoin a bubble and forecasting a crash.

In fact, Bitcoin has been called dead over 144 times (and counting) by major new outlets for years. And it still keeps growing.

People call crypto a bubble waiting to crash and compare it to the 2008 crash or the dot com bubble saying that the whole thing can come tumbling down. Yes, there will be corrections.

But the 2008 crash was in the trillions and trillions.With less than 150 billion right now, crypto is just beginning and is not nearly big enough.

With less than 150 billion right now, crypto is just beginning and is not nearly big enough for a crash.

Even more so, Bitcoin (and Crypto) is now starting to go mainstream in a big way. Do a search for it on Google and you’ll see major investment banks now looking at it seriously. All across Asia, Bitcoin and Crypto is seeing an explosion of investment and usage.

Crypto is going mainstream in a big way.

That’s why I see crypto as a huge way to make money if you get in early.

How to Make Insane Money with Cryptocurrencies

One word: ALTCOINS.

Altcoins stand for ‘alternative coins’, or in simple terms, cryptocurrency that’s NOT Bitcoin.

There’s Bitcoin and then there’s ‘everything else’.

‘Everything else’ is what are altcoins.

Invest in altcoins, the right ones, and you can make insane amounts of money. And fast.

ALTCOINS: The New Way to Earn Big

Now everyone probably has heard of Bitcoin and how much value Bitcoin seems to be gaining (it’s gone over 3x value in just a year and thousands of times since the start of it in 2008).

It’s painful to hear about how much Bitcoin has increased in value since 2008.

I too wanted to buy a bunch of bitcoins back in 2013 when Bitcoin crashed down to about $60.

There are plenty of stories told online about people buying thousands of Bitcoins for $10’s apiece years ago, then cashing out when Bitcoin hit $50.

Now you could invest ONLY in Bitcoin right now and just sit on your Bitcoin for a few years.

I feel Bitcoin will be going much much higher over time — even much more than the $4000-$45000 they are valued at the time of this post writing.

I feel that Bitcoin may indeed hit $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 and more over the next few years. Some analysts have even said Bitcoin could reach $100,000 in ten years. But this may be a few years away. Despite dips over the years, the Bitcoin trend has ONLY been going up.

See this graph of the Bitcoin value since July 2013:

However, if you invest in Bitcoin, you may see double or triple over the next few years. But you won’t see the returns you would have had if you bought Bitcoin back in 2013 when it was $60.

With Bitcoin roaring towards $5000 a coin now, you can’t help but feel the train has already left.

However, if you feel you’ve missed the real gains with Bitcoin, you haven’t.

There’s plenty of other opportunities out there if you look at Altcoins.

If you pick the right Altcoin, you can see huge returns.

2x,3x,5x,10x,30x,100x and more.

If you buy Bitcoin right now for $4000 and wait a year for Bitcoin to reach $8000, you’ve made 2X (200 percent).

But there’s plenty of altcoins you canb buy now and HOLD for just a few weeks (or months) and see 2X, 5X, 10X, even 100X return!

Now, it’s not necessarily easy to get these huge returns. It takes an investment on your part, a leap of faith and a hell of a lot of research to pick the RIGHT coin that has that chance.

There are many alt coins that are under $1 dollar (even a couple cents or less). It’s these cheaper coins that have a chance to explode.

You have the opportunity to get cheaper coins that could explode in value over time (and some have).

I can personally verify this because I’ve made some huge returns in some of my investments. I’ve chosen a number of coins that have gone 4X (400 percent) in just a month. Several that did 6X (600%) to 8X (800 percent) and one real willer that did over 30X (3000 percent)!

You might thing that making these ridiculous gains is pie-in-the-sky, but it happens more often that you might think.

One of the best recent examples is Ethereum, the second most valuable crypto currency. Ethereum is only a couple years old, but in one year it’s exploded from $10 to over $300 dollars (it’s all time high was $400+ dollars).

Look at the ethereum graph:

Ethereum started out at a mere $2 dollars back in 2015 and now is over $300. It’s likely it will be $600 to $1000 over the next year if the value keeps rising.

Another recent example of explosive growth is NEO (formerly Antshares) which has been around since 2014 but ONLY started picking up real traction back in June.

Had you put $1000 dollars into NEO just 4 months ago (when it was about .20cents a coin), that $1000 dollars would be worth over $200,000 USD right now with the current price of $40 per coin.

That’s how much it’s exploded in value in just 4 months. In fact, back in June, NEO was only worth $1 USD. It’s gone up 40x in value in just 2 months!

I actually picked it up for $1 back in June, then later at $2, $3, and $4 then $7 and $11 in that same month when it exploded up. Regrettably, I sold out my 6000 shares that I did have at $6 back in July, missing the explosive rise to almost $50 that happened the beginning of August. I’m still kicking myself for this!

There are a number of others that have the same sort of price explosion of thousands of percentage increases in just a year, or in some case 6 months:

  • Ripple
  • Stratis
  • Dash

There’s plenty more I could show where this happens, but I think you get the point.

Now, I’m showing you a few examples of the top picks that have done very very well just the past few months to year.

But there are many many other Altcoins out there that you can invest in that will see the same sort of rise. The challenge is placing the right bet on the right coin.

This is where research comes in and you have to follow the news of every coin and look at upcoming new coins (especially before they reach the market) and buy them early to lock in the cheapest price.

You can buy a coin BEFORE  it gets released to the public exchanges in what’s called an ICO or Initial Coin Offering. But this is very risky, though it can be hugely rewarding if you get the RIGHT ICO.

The value of good coins can increase over time, sometimes significantly. As coins get more mainstream attention and the crypto market cap increases, the value of coins goes up.

Let’s now compare the Top 20 cryptocurrencies exactly ONE year ago to the Top 20 crypto currencies this month and track how much the values have gone up.

Here’s a screenshot of’s Top 20 1 year ago…

Top 20 Cryptocurrencies in August 2016 (1 year ago)


Look at these values now.

…and now compare the Top 20 crypto coins THIS YEAR in August and see HOW much the value of the coins have gone up for the SAME coins (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, LISK, Waves, etc).

Look at the values right now below…


Top 20 Crypto Currencies August 2017 (NOW)

If you’ve compared, you should see HUGE HUGE  increases in value in just a year!

So what’s does this mean?

If you had invested in ANY ONE OF THESE cryptocurrencies just 1 year ago, you would have made anywhere from 10x to 100x or more at least.

That means just throwing out $1000 dollars randomly into the Top 20 coins last year and holding those coins for one year would have made you at least $20,000 (20x return). If you bet on one of the huge successes like Ethereum, that $1000 would have been $30,000 or $40,000!

Where am I going with this?

Simply this: if you buy the right cryptocurrencies and just HOLD them as an investment over the long term, the value will likely rise, significantly.

This is the core of my investment strategy.

Buy good cryptocurrencies with a solid future, ones that will grow and HOLD THEM for a year or five!

This is how you can make stupid amounts of money over time.

Many of the top 20 coins went up 5x from August 2016 to August 2017. Some even went up 40x or more!

Try getting those returns by shoving your money into a savings account (<1 percent) or a GIC (1 percent). If you invest that same amount into stocks, a ‘good’ return on a riskier stock investment portfolio would be 5 to 8 percent return.

There is NO fucking way you would be getting 200%, 300%, 1000% or 4000% returns!

But with crypto — at least right now in the current market, it IS possible.

Altcoin Investing Can Make You Rich

I’ve given a basic breakdown of what cryptocurrency is and why I feel it’s the greatest wealth generator (or wealth redistribution the world has ever seen) and that we are just at the beginning.

I spent a lot of time breaking down WHAT crypto is and how it works and how to make money with crypto.

If crypto becomes mainstream, used along with cash, credit, debit, the market cap for crypto will be in the trillions.

That means early investors who bought in when it was at its baby stage (i.e. a couple hundred billion) can see huge returns — 10x, 20x, 100x the investment.

SO here’s the 1-2-3 on how to make huge  money with crypto:

  1. Research and pick SOLID crypto currencies (Altcoins) that that will dramatically rise in price over time
  2. Invest money into those crypto currencies
  3. HOLD the crypto coins for a longer period of time (months to a few years)

Now, I want to be clear here. Cryptocurrency is speculative. You should NEVER EVER invest more than you can afford to lose.

There is nothing as volatile as crypto currency. You can see wild swings of 20 to 30 percent price swings in your investments. That means you can invest $1000 right now and tomorrow see your investment value plummet to $700 or even $400.

But as LONG as you hold your coins and don’t SELL when the price swings down, the value should rise back up over time. The key is NOT to panic and sell at a loss.

If you do your research right and pick coins with a solid future, you can be confident if you just wait long enough, your coin values will rise. This is even more so as the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies rises (more money pumped into the market).

You always want to invest into a cryptocurrency that has:

  • a solid team (with real credentials and expertise) behind it that is actively working on the coin to improve it and add value
  • a cryptocurrency that has real value and attempts to do something useful in the REAL world or solve a real problem (not just a copy of another coin)
  • a cryptocurrency that has real world partnerships and is angling for real-world adoption and use soon

If you can buy a cryptocurrency very early on (i.e. it’s new), you can buy the coin cheaper before the price has exploded. This means you can MAKE more money when the coin price increases and you are also protected from price swings.

Now, to make money with cryptocurrency you have to INVEST MONEY. It’s a risk and it’s speculation. But it’s NOT a gamble. There is a big difference between going to a casino and making a bit on a slot machine and investing into a cryptocurrency.

Through research on your part, you can MINIMIZE your risk and make an ‘educated’ bet of sorts. And if you are right, you can make huge returns on your investment.

How Much Money Can You Make On Your Cryptocurrency Investment?

This depends on:

  • your initial investment
  • the increase in value the coin achieves

Someone investing $10,000 into cryptocurrency is likely to make a hell of a lot more money than someone who puts in $100. So the more you invest, the more return you can see.

But you also risk a lot more.

At the end of the day, cryptocurrency is a high risk, high reward investment.

But using proper research and betting on the fact that cryptocurrency is here to stay and will become more and more mainstream can see you huge returns IF this becomes reality.

How I Made a Million Dollars in a Month

I’ve talked about the general strategy for how to make money with crypto currency.

Now, let’s talk about what I did, which was the point of this post!

I’m not going to give a trade-by-trade breakdown of exactly what I did or HOW I played the crypto game to win. That’s a lot of fucking work and a lot of detail. This website is NOT a how to make money with crypto websites, so I don’t want to get down and dirty with the details and exact strategies.

I may (or may not) come out with a ‘How to Make Money with Crypto’ guide in the future. You can read my general guide above with some of the main strategies (by low, by early, by quality coins, and HOLD your coins for long) which can make you lots and lots of money.

But, this won’t be a hugely detailed breakdown, just an overview.

First of all, I took my monthly earnings and I invested everything I saved up over the past six months.

Now, I don’t want to give the wrong impression here. I did not put in $100 dollars and make 1 million. I put in close to $100,000.

What I was able to do is USE my significant online revenue stream to invest in crypto currency and make even more money than I would have just saved that money.

Let’s say I continue to make $30,000 per month for the next few years without an increase or decrease in those earnings (something that’s unlikely to be the case, either way, but let’s assume it).

$30,000 x 12 months = 360,000 USD

360,000 USD x 3 years = $1,080,000

So if I was to save every single cent of my monthly income for 3 years, I would have roughly 1 million dollars.

Now in practicality, I wouldn’t be saving $30,000 per month. There’s the cost of running my business, my living expenses, etc.

A more practical estimation for what I could save would be closer to $20,000 per month. This gives a nice $10,000 to be used for living expenses and business expenses. Now it could be higher or lower depending, but let’s assume this.

$20,000 x 12 months = $240,000

$240,000 x 4 years = $960,000

So it would take over 4 years of ‘saving’ at this rate to earn $1,000,000.

When we count monetary inflation over the 4 years (and about 2 percent a year), that’s 8 percent LESS spending power that $1,000,000 would have in 4 years (2021) than in 2017.  That means I would roughly need about $1,100,000 to in 4 years to buy the same amount of ‘stuff’ as $1,000,000 would now.

Ok, here’s proof.

Here’s my blockfolio portfolio:


You can see above a list of all the coins I held when I took this picture.

Now since then (I took this last week), the prices have changed quite a bit, so it’s not the exact representation of the values of each coin RIGHT NOW, as of post publish time.

But the value is roughly about there, + or – some thousands. I’ve also switched around some of my coins through trades an investing.

Now ANYONE can download the blockfolio app and add a bunch of coins into it (coins they don’t own) and claim they made a lot of money.

Now first off, for security reasons I’ve hidden some of the details. There are a LOT of phising, scams and HACKS that happen with cryptocurrency. SO it’s very very risky showing what you are worth or any personal details, as you make yourself a real target for hackers who want to steal your crypto. I’ve moved everything around to PRIVATE hardware wallets to protect my coins. While it’s risky to show you guys this stuff, I wanted to be sure you see this is real and not a bunch of fake bullshit — the values and earnings are what you see!

So here’s a picture of my BITCOIN exchange values. These are the exchanges where you buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can’t fake this as the exchanges will only show your actual coins you BOUGHT and their current value.

I took these last week of my exchange account and my My Ethernet Wallet Account:

My BITTREX Account

This is a list of my COINS held on Bittrex when I took the screenshot. The total value of the coins were over $380,000 AT the time of screenshot last week. Now prices have shifted around as of RIGHT now, which is the nature of cryptocurrency.

MyEtherWallet Account


Now above is a screenshot of MyEtherWallet, a popular private wallet that holds Ethereum and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.

You can see at the TIME of the screenshot, I had about 460,000 Bitquence coins (BQX) and 10,900 BlockCAT coins (CAT).

At the time, BQX  and BlockCAT was worth:

So the value of these coins were:

  • BQX: 460,000 x $1.32 = $607,200
  • CAT: 10,900 x .99 = $10,91

Now at the time (LAST WEEK) my total portfolio included OMG, TENX, ADX, BNB, NEO, BQX, CAT.

So here’s the rough amount that I’m worth. Again, it’s not an exact amount since the price of cryptos in my portfolio are changing every day. The important thing is that it’s touched over 1 million USD for the first time and the trend of these coins in my portfolio IS UP.


So there we go, roughly over 1 MILLION USD!

Assuming the crypto market keeps expanding and these coins I choose (I’m confident that each of these is a very good long term bet as the coins all serve a real purpose in the real world right now and should increase many times over by the end of the year). So I wouldn’t be surprised to see this 1 million be worth 2,3 or even 5 million in 6 months to a year by JUST HOLDING THESE COINS AS A LONG TERM INVESTMENT.

So How Did I Make My Million in Crypto?

Well, I have been investing in and trading CryptoCurrency since the third week of June. My first cryptocurrency investment was about June 21 (it took me about a week or so to get money into the Bitcoin exchange to start buying crypto).

Now, I took my entire savings earned from Making Money Online (as reported in these income reports) and I shoved everything into cryptocurrency in an all or nothing investment to make a shit ton of money.

Since the end of June, I’ve invested a total of about $190,000 in total. 

Here’s a look at my account (a Bitcoin exchange where you send money from your back, from which you can then convert dollars into Bitcoin). This shows you my original amount:

This shows you my original amount:

This shows about $130,000 USD that I sent to this exchange from a bank.There are some other amounts in there, but these are amounts given to me by family members to buy them Bitcoin. My personal funds sent were about $122,000.

There are some other amounts in there more than $130,000 totaling about ($15.000) or so more, but these are amounts given to me by family members to buy them Bitcoin. My personal funds sent were about $130,000.

My personal funds sent were about $130,000 from the total deposits you see there.

I used another exchange not shown here where I sent in about an additional $55,000 USD.

So in total, my investment was about $185,000.

A rather large sum yes?

But I’ve been saving most of the money I made online. L0ok back at my income reports I’ve been posting since April 2016 and I’ve been saving a significant portion of that money. You’ll see the amount in total would be more than $200,000 (I actually haven’t calculated exactly — which I am too lazy to do right now, but I would say more than $300,000 since April 2016 if you were to add up my income report totals for each month until now.

Now, while my total investment was almost 190,000 USD so far, as taken from my savings, the working amount that I had at the beginning of August was much less.

The reason is that back in early July, I made some very, very bad cryptocurrency investments.

I was new to the crypto game and didn’t really make a good choice in a few early investments that lost me big.

I turned $130,000 into Half a Million and then Lost Most of It in a Week

As a result, I invested about $130,000 into crypto suddenly had an explosive rise to $410,000 USD within 5 days due to a cryptocurrency coin exploding in value, but I did NOT pull my money out and the coin turned out to be a pump and dump type coin.

Pump and dump is a coin that rises many many times quickly but falls just as quickly. Pump and dump coins have no real long term value and will destroy your investment if you put money into one (and don’t pull out your investment before the dump happens).

So I went from $130,000 to $410,000 but then the value of the coin dropped so bad that I ended up with less than $60,000 from my initial investment.

Basically, I made half a million dollars and lost it in a few days!

This is why you should ONLY ever put your investment on GOOD cryptocurrencies that have a future and are not a pump and dump. This way you can make a good bet that the prices will remain somewhat stable and over time, rise — perhaps significantly.

During the Month of August (the past 3 weeks about), I have been able to take my remaining networth of $130,000 and grow it to OVER $1 million USD in less than a month.

Now, I started out with about $55,000 USD as my first cash investment into crypto back in June. Over July, I put in more money — about 90,000 USD more. Then in August, I put in another $30,000 USD after that. So my total investment has been just about 190,000 USD.

However, some bad investments made in early July took my then investment value of $130,000 down by about 60,000 – 70,000 USD (I basically lost 50 percent of my money) — so I had roughly 60,000-70,000 left around the end of July.

I went back to the drawing board, did at of research onto some excellent crypto currency choices and invested in them at the end of July. I throw in the last remaining from my savings (about $30k) at the end of July, giving me roughly about $100,000 LEFT to invest with another $30,000 invested into a coin. So at this point, I had on paper about $130,000 by the beginning of August.

My investments paid off big and I picked the right coins (you can see my coin list above in the images!). My $130,000 investment, which is what I was worth July 31/August 1st touched 1 million USD last week.

So in 3 weeks, I made roughly 8x more on my investment.

So I’m officially a millionaire right now — at least a paper one.

Now I want to be very clear: Unless you ‘cash out’ from crypto into dollars, your networth is only on paper. If crypto rises or falls, so does your networth. So if my total coin values go down by 80% tomorrow, then my networth at that instant is only $200,000.

The question is should you cash out and walk away or leave your investments to make even more money while you can. The safe option is #1, but I’m not safe. I’m going for #2: the make fucking insane amounts of money.

I’m going to leave my million in crypto and try to turn that million into 5 million, 10 million and more.

So where will I go from here?

I’m banking on the fact that a lot of my cryptocurrency picks will be going up 3x-5x in value by the end of 2017. This may sound crazy, but in cryptocurrency, it’s possible to see these level of returns.

So it’s a very real possibility I can take my 1 million and make 2x-5x this by the end of the year JUST by leaving my coins for 6 months, assuming the value of the coins go up.

With cryptocurrency, i’s possible to see 2x,5x,10x,30x,100x, even a 1000x returns.

Now, I think because crypto is STILL in early stages there is a huge opportunity for new adopters to get in and make a lot of money right now. I think crypto will slow down in the future and these opportunities won’t be there. But if you get in now, you can make a fortune.

I have some crypto strategies I will be pursuing over the next two weeks to try to magnify the investments I do have and double or triple or quadruple them quickly — I’ll see how this goes, but I think in the current market, there is a good chance it can work.

Likely by the end of the year though, I will play it safer and cash out some of my earnings.

The Final Word

I’ve talked a lot in this post and given you guys a basic understanding on how to get started with crypto. This is NOT a crypto investing tutorial guide, just a basic outline how to go about it and MY story.

January 2018 Update: Go read my new article about How to Invest in ICO’s and Make Millions at

I’m not going to be spending a great deal of time on AuthorityIncome talking TOO much about cryptocurrency investing or how to make money with cryptocurrency investing. This is focused on making money with websites, NOT investing.

This website is focused on making money with websites and NOT investing.

However, I wanted to share my success and a bit of my strategy on how to make crazy money with Crypto so some of you can take part in it if you are willing to risk it.

I also won’t be giving out crypto advice or any of that to the public here, do don’t ask me for tips, crypto coin picks, or investing strategies.

Because I fear this post will open the floodgates of stupid questions from people looking to get rich with crypto, I want to put a disclaimer and warning:


I don’t want to be responsible for your crypto loses if you make a bad investment or lose your money (you always have to do your own research into a coin) and second, I’m not being paid for any of this or making money from it.

I don’t have the time or inclination to answer crypto investing questions here or dispense free crypto investing advice to people looking to get rich fast.

You need to make it on your OWN and not have someone hand out the advice to you.


I won’t be answering questions about crypto investing or giving crypto advice.

So don’t send me private messages on the contact form or leave a bunch of stupid questions in the comments. DO your own work!

Anyways…next post I’ll be detailing some more make money online projects that I’ve been working on. I want to talk about my new online e-commerce store selling my own brand of products and how that’s doing (it’s been slow, but great!).

I also need to post the last 2 months (almost 3 months now) of INCOME reports earned from my websites. I’m trying to decide whether to include my crypto income as well in this.

I may or may not, but it will wildly skew the earning reports so much higher that I probably won’t — I want to keep my online income and crypto income separate.

Ok, post done. Back to work.

Go make money online

Ben K

Update Jan 2018: Go read the huge sequel article ‘How to Make Millions with ICOs‘ over at my new site, If you guys have questions about ICO’s and how to invest in them, pick the right one, etc, you’ll want to read that article. It’s the best you’ll find by someone who knows his shit (me!).

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