The Ultimate Guide How to (Dramatically) Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Today, let’s talk about how to dramatically improve your Amazon Affiliate earnings.

Yes, it is possible to go from making a little bit of money to making a LOT of money with Amazon.

Wait, bullshit you tell me. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to increase your earnings quickly. You need to slave away for years, fail multiple times, then finally earn the right to make some money.

While I admit, that sort of thing is a good marketing badge to wear and makes for some good coffee conversation, this doesn’t have to be the case if you a) know what you are doing b) work fucking hard at it c) have a bit of luck.

You see, while it does take a few years to build up a website to the point where you can make money (decent money), it’s possible once things get rolling to see huge increases in income in just a few months, provided you have some sites that start picking up traffic, especially the right traffic terms.

So yes, you can jump your Amazon Affiliate income quick rapidly in only a few months if things work out.

I did it, in fact. At the beginning of 2016, I pulled in just over $2600 per month. A few months before that, roughly one year before this post was written, I pulled in just over $2200.




As of the month of September 2016 (last month) ¬†— ONE year after the image shot above, I’ve made over $8200 with Amazon Associates…and earnings are increasing each month. I expect to be making more than $10,000 per month shortly. $2200 to $8200…nearly 4x the earnings in 12 months.

See below:



Now that the proof is out of the way, let’s talk about HOW to rapidly…and realistically increase your amazon earnings without all the bullshit hype.

…So how can you optimize websites for more Amazon Affiliate earnings? Well, stick around and read my 8,000 word post and you might just have a pretty good idea. Yes, another one of those SUPER posts.


But first, a bit of history. My-story specifically.

My Amazoning Story

I’ve been earning with Amazon back in February 2009 when I first qualified for an actual check from $125.

Here’s my first payday way back in 2009:



Amazon, was, in fact, my very first foray into the world of internet marketing, digital nomadism, and making money online. The first day when I put a couple links on my very first website (after spending a month re-making what was a passion hobby site to target amazon  affiliate products) and saw the site actually sold 4-6 products the very first day, earning me $10 or so dollars, was life changing.

You see, that little $10 proved to me that you could make money online…for real.

It was not some myth, some scam, some hyped up claim.

Making money online was…possible.

Then a few months later when I got my first Amazon check ($125) was the first time I actually earned anything online and held that money in my hands.

And it was the start of a long journey and something that changed my life forever.

Since then I’ve been around the world, moved to live in Thailand to live as a¬†digital nomad, lost almost everything I made, then over the few years regained more than I lost.

An Amazon has been with me the whole way through. In fact, even when I lost most of my other revenue streams (Adsense, for example, all my mini sites), my little hobby site turned-to-Amazon niche site kept me afloat, helping me stay self-employed as I rebuilt my income over the years.

I’ve been earning consistently with the Amazon Affiliate program…every single month since February 2009.

My earnings peaked around May 2011, where I pulled in just over $5000 from the Amazon affiliate program. However, after this my earnings stagnated and, indeed, began to fall. When the Penguin update happened, my Amazon earnings dipped. I maintained roughly $1500 to $2000 per month, however, for three more years until the early part of 2016 where I began to really focus specifically on Amazon.

My earnings hovered around $2000 a month for at least 3 years because I only had one or two sites earning with Amazon (my original hobby site being one of these). I started a three new¬†authority site projects, one in 2014, and two¬†in 2015. I’ve also optimized a couple existing sites, and created a handful of smaller sites. These ‘new’ sites, after a year or two, have started paying me back in a big way and my Amazon earnings have skyrocketed.

Last month, for example, I made over $8500 USD from the Amazon affiliate program. And since the beginning of 2016, I’ve more than triple my Amazon earnings per month. Now, I don’t ONLY make money with Amazon. I also take in a pretty good sum each month with¬†and various other methods. But Amazon is one of my bigger revenue streams currently.

Wait, I Don’t Believe You! You are Full of Shit Ben

I can’t blame your skepticism. There’s a lot of fake claims made online these days, especially in the internet marketing space.

So here’s¬†some proof in the form of some recent Amazon revenue reports.

I post these specifically because I to prove that I know something about how to make money with Amazon Affiliates, and I’m not just blowing wind here about how to make money with Amazon. You can check out my income reports to see exactly how much I’ve been making every month for the past six months from all my revenue streams, including Amazon.


Last Month’s ¬†Amazon Earnings (September)




August 2016 Amazon Earnings



July 2016 Amazon Earnings



Last 3 Months of Amazon Affiliate Earnings


And here’s a recent look at my December 2016 income with Amazon to show you I keep earning more and more with Amazon!


So there we go. I know something about how to earn with Amazon. But I’ve really been focusing on it in a big way the past year and the results show.

A Few Things to Note About Amazon Before We Start

Before we begin this post, there are a few things to note first.

1. To Make Money with Amazon Affiliates, You’ll Have to Work on Trying to Make Money with Amazon

Look, don’t think that you can just take a random website you own — even one that gets good traffic — and think you can make thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars a month via the Amazon program.

The truth is that earning with Amazon takes time, experience, experimentation, and a real effort at trying to make money with the program. You’ll need to make dedicated content specifically focusing on Amazon products. You’ll need to create websites (maybe more than one…) that target Amazon niches. You may need to create different websites about different topics before you find a real ‘winner.’

Just because you have a website with some traffic, doesn’t mean a) there’s products on Amazon to promote and b) people will buy those products.

For example, here’s the difference the niche can make with Amazon:

  • One of my websites gets 1500 – 2000 visitors a day and makes at ¬†most between 1 to 5 sales a month, earning under $10 a month with Amazon
  • One of my websites gets 6000 visitors a day and makes $40-$50 a day with Amazon
  • One of my websites gets 2500 visitors a day and makes $70 a day with Amazon
  • One of my websites gets 1000 visitors a day and makes $100 a day with Amazon

As you see, the NICHE is incredibly important and not all niches perform the same.

So to make money with Amazon is a process — definitely a part time job, and even a full time job. It takes time and effort, but it’s not magic. If you put enough effort into it, you CAN make money — even great money — with the Amazon program.

2. Most Sales Won’t Come from Your Direct Amazon Product Links

Amazon is such a good sales funnel that just by sending people to Amazon, they often buy something. Looking at my own stats, in fact only 20 of the sales I make on my account¬†come from direct¬†clicks on an affiliate link to a product.¬†The other 80% of sales — the vast majority of my earnings in fact — come from people buying products that I am NOT linking to. These are people who come to my websites, click on a link, then end up browsing around and buying something else on Amazon. Maybe a related product to the one I’m linking to, but maybe something else.

The point is that to generate sales with Amazon, you simply need to get people to CLICK on your affiliate link. If they buy your product, great. If not, there is a significant chance they may buy something else, giving you the affiliate sale credit.

So the takeaway here is that by getting more overall amazon clicks, you earn more money.

3. Don’t Break the Amazon TOS or You May Get Banned

You can get banned from Amazon if you break their TOS. This includes doing things like creating Amazon affiliate links on social Media, including them in emails, and on ebooks. You are also not allowed to publish Amazon reviews on your site, or to directly include a price in links to Amazon (due to the price changing often) unless that prices comes from the Amazon API.

Make sure you read the TOS first — you might be breaking it and not knowing you are.

How to Improve Clicks to Amazon

By far, the easiest way to improve your Amazon earnings is to increase your click rate. There are a few, simple ways to do this that you can implement.

  • Include more affiliate links to Amazon in your post
  • Make relevant images affiliate links
  • Use catchy images for main CTA buttons

These are easy to do and just by going back and doing the follow three above, you can earn more money with Amazon. To further squeeze out more money, let’s go into some more strategies.

How to Earn More Money with Amazon Affiliates like a Boss

Here’s my 23 best tips for how¬†you can (easily) do to earn more money with Amazon Affiliates that ANYONE can do.

1. Text Links (Affiliate ones) in Content Always Convert the Best

I’ve looked at a lot of data, trying to decide the best affiliate link¬†format¬†to earn with Amazon. As of 2016, there’s a number of different methods to earn with Amazon, with many of these new methods that did not exist a year or two ago. Some of these ‘new methods’ are effective — surprisingly so even.

However, the most effective ads have always been and still are using a plain old anchor text ad to an Amazon product.

You might think simply putting in a few Native Product Ad units is enough to earn with Amazon, but if you only do this, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Text links, for me, have been the most effective way to earn with Amazon affiliates, superior to any other method. The number of clicks to Amazon is higher when you throw in text links inside your content, as are the conversions.

Note: just throwing random amazon affiliate text links in your content is not good enough. You need to place the links in key areas and the content needs to pre-sell the product you link to in some way. Think reviews, best lists, comparisons, recommended products. Clicks and conversions are always much higher when you place a text link in these forms of content.

2. Put a Clear CTA (Call to Action) Link at the Top and Bottom of Your Posts

Where you place your affiliate links is also just as important as what you are actually linking to. I’ve found that putting a call to action link right at the top of a post (or between paragraphs near the top) and a call to action at the bottom of the post yields higher clicks & conversions.

However, the text you use for the Call to Action and the ‘look’ of it (using a button graphic or regular text or stylizing the text size&color) will affect your click rate. Higher clicks mean more sales. To find the best ‘Call to Actions’ you’ll have to do split tests to find the winner. There is NO clear winner here. The ‘best’ call to actions for amazon links will vary depending on your niche, your audience, your social authority, and how your site looks.

Some CTA text links the I’ve found to be effective:

  • ‘Click to Buy on Amazon’
  • ‘Check Out the Reviews on Amazon’
  • “Buy Now on Amazon’
  • “Buy on Amazon For [PRICE LISTED]”
  • ‘Read Reviews on Amazon’
  • ‘Read Reviews & Buy on Amazon’

How you ‘style’ the CTA’s will affect the click rate too. You may find that making the CTA a graphical button works better. Or you may find that leaving it as a regular text link but colored green, or red, or orange works better.

Finding the best converting CTA text and color is something that you can only find by split testing. But it’s worth it. The major rules here when it comes to creating the best CTA is to a) make the link stand out from the rest of your content, so it’s easy to see, and b) to test variations of that design/link to get the best converting one.

3. Split Test Call to Action Links for Higher Conversions/Clicks

Split testing is one of the most effective, yet underused, methods of improving your Amazon conversions. Split testing your CTA is easy, in theory. You show one version of your CTA to some visitors and you show another version of your CTA to other visitors. You then see which version has had the most conversions.

It’s a bit tricky with Amazon as you need to juggle a number of factors.

  • people buy other products through your link and not necessary just the product you are linking to
  • you’ll need two amazon affiliate ids for each CTA and used ONLY for this test
  • you need a lot of people to make the test accurate

To make this test accurate, you’ll need to look at three things via Amazon affiliate dashboard

  1. The number of clicks through each CTA link
  2. The general CTR (#conversion on amazon per clicks) made though each CTA link
  3. The direct conversions (#conversion on amazon per clicks) made through the CTA link

Typically, the more clicks an amazon affiliate link gets the more money you’ll make. This is especially important given that the majority of people clicking on your link who buy something won’t actually buy the product you recommend, but something else entirely on Amazon. So finding the CTA link that gives higher clicks to amazon will often be the better choice.

However, you may find that the direct conversions may be slightly better with one version of a CTA. These are the number of conversions for that product you have been recommending. If direct conversion are better, you may find your overall earnings are better because you also have the effect that other people may buy other stuff, but more people buy the product you are recommending, which adds more money to the pot.

If you don’t want to pour over the data, however, then simply choice the CTA that gets the higher number of clicks. This, for most cases, means that CTA will earn you more money than the other. Keep testing different CTA’s against each other — both the text or style — and choose the winning one. Note that this may take months of split testing ,especially when you split test one version against another, choose the winner, then test this winner against a new version. But in time, you’ll find the absolute best converting CTA.

You’ll want to split test ALL your CTA’s, both the top and bottom. You may even want to test the locations to see which location does better.

I be writing a full post on how to split test optimize Amazon Affiliate links in the future. It’s a complicated and expansive topic that merits a post in itself. You can improve your earnings significantly though by split testing.

Please read my dedicated post about how to split test Amazon Affiliate Posts & Links to Earn More Money 

4. Use Multiple Amazon Affiliate ID for Better Tracking & Optimization

Ever wonder which specific affiliate link does the best or which posts earn you the most with Amazon? Unlike Adsense, you can’t tell which post (or site) earns you the most.

If you use a single affiliate tracking id, then it’s impossible to tell what sites are earning you what. ¬†However, Amazon allows you multiple tracking ids (all which give you affiliate credit). By using unique id’s for each website you own, you can tell exactly how each site is doing on Amazon — the clicks, the conversions, and more.

However, you can go one further here and create individual tracking id’s for specific posts, or even links to track your Amazon performance. And this can allow you to optimize your amazon affiliate links for each specific post, or even for a specific link on a post!

The downside is that you’ll have to mess around with creating lots of individual tracking ids, place them on key posts or links, then comb through the stats on the Amazon dashboard for each of those IDs.

But by doing so you can do the following:

  • split test amazon affiliate links to determine the best performing CTA
  • split test posts layouts or designs to determine which performs better with amazon (for example, testing to see if sidebar vs no-sidebar on your posts perform better with Amazon)
  • find which key posts earn the most with amazon and optimize for higher clicks and conversions
  • test your recommended products to see which amazon product converts¬†better (both for text links and for the custom native ads)
  • test different affiliate link formats (native product ads, mobile popover, text links) to see which does better

So make sure you take advantage of the multiple amazon tracking id’s and create unique amazon affiliate ids. At the very least, make sure you use unique affiliate ids for different websites. But I also recommend you use different ids for different posts/sections/CTA types on your website for better analytics and optimization opportunities.

One way you can organize ids is to name the ids for your site and for specific posts, affiliate link ad formats, or positions to make it easier to decipher what each link does in the amazon id dashboard.

Here’s a made up example – you probably can guess what each of these will track based on the names:

  • authorityincome-67-toppost-cta
  • authorityincome-67-bottompost-cta
  • authorityincome-67-nativeproductads
  • authorityincome-67-topearningpost

Please read my dedicated post about how to split test Amazon Affiliate Posts & Links to Earn More Money 

5. Use Comparison Charts to Increase Amazon Clicks

People love comparison charts showing similar products, prices, and feature summaries. Don’t go overboard with these, however. In certain niches, comparison charts can do quite well and improve your Amazon clicks and overall earnings.

I suggest putting the comparison chart at the top of your post — there is a significant chance that the people who won’t bother scrolling through your highly detailed post and just leave, may click on one of the links. Second to this position, try putting the comparison chart at the end of your post.

Keep in mind that you will probably need to test the comparison chart to see what position yields more clicks, just to be sure.

How to create a comparison chart

You can use the free plugin: Table Press.

This can give you a very good looking comparison chart, if you are willing to put the time into creating one. I suggest having the following columns:

  • a table column with the product image + name
  • a table column with the price range (use multiple $ to signify how expensive with $ as the cheapest and $$$$$ as the most expensive)
  • a table column with the product features
  • a table column with a couple¬†pros & cons in bullet point format for each product
  • a table column with a very short summary of why you recommend that product

There are a couple premium plugins that allow you to whip up a product comparison chart in a few sections:

  • EazyAzon’s TableZon
  • WpCompar

However, both of these programs, while they let you put together a table comparison, each have some limitations. For the most flexible table, you’ll have to use Table Press and make your own from scratch, which can take some time. It’s worth it, however, for your top converting posts.

6. Make Images Amazon Affiliate Links

When people see an image in a post, they often click on it. Even more so when that image is an image of a product. Instead of just having the person end up on your default WordPress image link, why not send them off to amazon by making that image an affiliate link.

Tip: include an affiliate link image beside CTA amazon links

If you place an image beside a text affiliate link, you should definitely make that image an affiliate link. But this goes for general images about the product too on product style posts (reviews, best lists, recommendation posts, etc).¬†I often introduce a CTA link/button under an image.¬†For example, here’s how I would usually set up an image affiliate link + text affiliate link (a CTA link specificallY) at the top or bottom of a post.



Buy the ScanDisk USB 54 Stick on Amazon

Like my example above? This is how you can put in a nice strong CTA for a product in a post or best list.

7. Create Awesome Content

It’s a hell of a lot easier to get clicks and conversions if your content is great. Not only will the number of your amazon¬†affiliate clicks go up, your conversions for that specific product you are recommending will improve.

While it’s possible to get Amazon clicks and sales on thin content, you’ll do a hell of a lot better if you have strong content. This means you’ll have to think outside of the box a bit when creating your post content promoting Amazon products.

In fact, gasp, you might need to actually bite the bullet and buy said product and do a real, hands-on review of the product with pictures and even a video. People can tell the difference between a fake review of a product you’ve never owned and real, legit hands on review. It’s a LOT more work making real content, especially when it comes to promoting Amazon products, but you can stand apart from the crowd by putting in the effort.

This will pay you back many times over in the long run.

Here’s how to make awesome content:

  • Huge Posts that cover every angle
  • Real hands on reviews with real pictures you’ve taken
  • Pros and Cons
  • Best Lists that comprehensively cover the topic/category with real hands on information included

Look, most amazon niche sites consist of thin content that’s either rewritten product features or a re-written review stolen from a much better site. That content is full of amazon links and amazon CTA buttons.

If you go the extra mile here and create a professional looking site that with only a few, tasteful affiliate links full of real pictures, colorful graphics, awesome writing, and a real face behind the review, you’ll get more clicks and higher conversions. You’ll also likely get real links, better search rankings, and repeat visitors.

8. Create Targeted Content to Improve Earnings

While creating awesome content should be the foundation of any website you make (yes, even niche sites that promote affiliate products), just having ‘great’ content is NOT enough to earn money with Amazon.

You also need to tailor that great content so that it’s optimized for Amazon.

Here are four ways to do so.

1. Create Lots of Content Targeting Amazon Products or Amazon Friendly Niches

Also of importance is that your content ranks in the search engine. It’s possible to make good money with only a few posts targeting amazon that well in the search engines. And it’s possible to make no money at all with lots of content full of amazon links but with little search traffic.

You can improve your existing Amazon earnings by creating more content that targets Amazon. This can include new reviews of products (products related to your niche that are on Amazon), creating comprehensive ‘best lists’ of product categories, and writing posts that solve problems or provide advice along with some key product recommendations thrown in.

Now, there is a balance you need to maintain (depending on your type of site) between amazon content posts and posts that do not contain amazon affiliate links. It’s possible to go overboard if you make every single post on your site a review, or best list, or funnel to Amazon. I recommend you keep most of your site content fee of Amazon links. This will keep your site valuable, useful, and problem-free with the search engines. If your entire site comes off as a thin amazon affiliate funnel, your site may not rank well in Google or suffer some penalties.

I always recommend you give the best content you possibly can. Make websites about providing value to the reader. By making your site all about promoting Amazon products or a specific Amazon product, your site reputation and social authority may suffer. To avoid this, make sure most of your site provides valuable non-promotional content.

I like to keep my sites about 70-80 percent non-amazon posts and 20 to 30 percent product-related posts (reviews, best lists, recommendations, etc). You can target those amazon posts for keyword phrases that can make you money and in some of your existing posts, you can add in a few key amazon links, where applicable.

2. Target Buying Keywords

If you create posts targeting keywords with commercial intent, you’ll get more targeted traffic — traffic that is more likely to click on your amazon links and convert into sales. Between lots of targeted traffic and only a little targeted buying traffic, I’ll take the targeted traffic, even if it’s far less in number, over general traffic.

Some examples of buying keywords:

  • best +¬†keyword
  • keyword + review
  • cheap + keyword
  • Keyword Under X Dollars
  • recommended + keyword

3. Target Long Tails Keyword Phrases

Long tails have made me a lot of money. In fact most of my amazon sales come from long tail keyword phrases. Long tails get far, far less traffic than short tail terms, but they are far more valuable for driving amazon clicks and sales due to the laser focus such terms have. Long tail keywords are also far easier to rank for. This means you can rank faster for those terms and you’ll have a higher conversion rate of sales. This is win win. You may find that some of your best amazon earning post in fact rank for long tail phrases. Ranking for lots of long tail phrases, especially if they are buying keywords, mean that you can make a lot of money with a site that has some authority to rank for lots of long tails.

4. Create Buyer’s Guides & Best List style posts

This format can make you the most money. I talk more about it in a later section.

9. Build Social Authority to Improve Amazon Conversions

If people know who you are and trust you, they are more likely to buy products recommended by you. I call this strategy ‘building social authority’ and it’s a long process and one that might cost you in time — even money, but if you can develop some social proof like a large facebook page or get your post / site linked to by large well known websites, you can use this to showcase some social proof to your readers. People who feel you are a legit authority on the topic are going to pay more attention to what you write…and what products you recommend.

This results in higher amazon sale conversions and more clicks.

Think about it. If you like what I write on this site and you trust me as an authority on the topic of ‘Making Money Online’, will you at least consider a product or plugin that I recommend as worth buying over some random website with recommendations by some guy you’ve never heard of with no social proof?

The same applies to the website you promote Amazon products. By building up your social authority, you will indirectly earn more from Amazon.

Of course, this requires you to build up a website you are proud of with awesome, amazon content. But it’s worth it.

10. Add Amazon Links to Existing Site Content

We often focus on adding new content but forget that you can update old content.

It’s possible to increase your earnings right away by going back to some of your key posts and adding in Amazon links, if the content supports this. Now, for some types of posts, you won’t be able to do this. But it’s possible that if you add some more content, you can throw in a few amazon links in that content if the recommended products relate directly to your existing (or newly added) content.

I do recommend that you use something like SEMRUSH to analyze current keyword rankings that all your main posts rank for, find the best ranking posts, then go back and add in Amazon links where you can, if you can. Because these post get traffic, your links will start getting clicks. Updating your old content may also have the effect of improving the search rankings to that post.

Analyze Old Content to Improve Search Rankings

For even more optimization, you can additionally look at those posts that don’t rank on the first page for ¬†core keywords, then make onpage seo changes (reformat the titles to better target the keyword phrase, add in images with alt tags that include the keyword you want to rank for, add in more content to the post to make it longer, make sure the H1,H2, H3, and H4 include variations of the keyword, add in video, add text links to related posts on your site, link to those old posts from some of your other better ranking posts to help them rank, etc).

And of course, look to see where you can tastefully add in amazon affiliate links to those posts that you are trying to optimize.

These changes will likely improve the ranking for those posts to the point they may even move up to the first page for that keyword AND they will improve your amazon earnings because you have a) adding amazon links to that old content and b) improved the search ranking position for those posts, gaining more traffic to your site.

11. Start Using Amazon Native Ads

Amazon’s new Native Ad format is one of the best ways to increase you Amazon affiliate earnings without any work. These ads are Amazon’s version of the context Adsense ads, except that they show amazon products related to your content with your affilaite link attached. When people click on one of the products shown, they go straight to the amazon page. You get credit for anything that person buys on Amazon for the next 24 hours.

No need to create manual text links or fiddle with your post content to add the links!

Simply create the ad on your Amazon affiliate dashboard (I recommend creating a specific tracking id just for each native ad so you can track the ad’s performance) and insert that code into your site, using an ad insert plugin or directly into your theme.

Tip: Use Ad Inserter Plugin  to insert Amazon Native Ads directly into your post

Ad Inserter is one of the best plugins for every blogger and a must use plugin!

Not only is it FREE, it’s also the most powerful, most comprehensive ad inserting plugin you can find.

Using this plugin, you can insert ads (adsense, amazon native ads,, banner ads, newsletter plugins…anything) anywhere you want on your post. It’s a powerful tool that, if you use it right, can optimize your Amazon earnings by showing your Amazon Native ads in key positions.

Some of the options the Ad Inserter plugin have are (there are a lot more):

  • between paragraphs
  • before your post content
  • after your post content
  • insert the ad somewhere based on a percentage of the content¬†(half way, a third, a fourth, etc)
  • insert randomly
  • as a widget in the sidebar

What makes this ad plugin particularly powerful is that you can use choose to show or not show that ad based on certain criteria. Such as show the ad:

  • after X amount of paragraphs
  • on post with more than X amount of words
  • if specific words or tags are found above or below the ad spot, put the ad somewhere else
  • only on mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • rotate the ad with a different ad randomly

I recommend you show your Amazon Native Ad near the top between the 4th and 5th paragraph (as long as it’s on the first part of the post visible when the page loads) and BEFORE the post ends. You can also show it after the content, but you don’t want to overdo it. Showing too many native ads in a post will start to bother people (I know, as I’ve had complaints on one of my sites when I had 5 native ad units showing on posts longer that 2000 words!).

To get the ‘best results’ you’ll have to do some split testing to find what yields the most clicks…and conversions.

Some things to test:

  • number of native ad units on a post
  • the position of the native ad units (I found putting an ad in near the top of the post, between paragraphs, and near the bottom before the end of your content yields the most clicks)
  • Recommended Native¬†Ads vs Custom Native Ads (recommended Native Ads show ads based on your content automatically, while Custom Native Ads show only specific product you’ve manually added to the unit when creating the ad)
  • 2 column Native Ad unit vs 4 column Native Ad unit

I’ll have details about this in my upcoming “How to Split Test Amazon Affiliate Links’ post.

12. List the Product Cons

When you promote products on Amazon, you should try to be as impartial as possible. One way to build trust is to list the cons or negatives about a product. People want to feel that you are fairly reviewing a product. Only mentioning the positives will have people suspicious about the authenticity of your product review.

Now, for some formats (such as just casually mentioning a product recommendation), you might not need to list cons. But for review style posts or best lists, you should try and list some negative points to balance out your recommendation.

You may feel this ‘hurts’ your conversions, but you may be pleasantly surprised that it actually increases them!

13. Use the Amazon Mobile Popover Feature to Squeeze out Extra Earnings

Amazon has just released a new feature where you add a bit of extra code to your wordpress theme (or site) and while on a mobile device, readers who scroll past any Amazon affiliate link (both shortened affiliate links and full links) on your post will see a star graphic beside that link and a popup mobile strip will appear on the bottom of the device with the picture, the product name, a buy now image, and the number of reviews + rating.

Unfortunately, this will NOT work if your links are CLOAKED (so that means using something like ThirstyAffiliates or AZON will break this feature if you try to enable it).

Amazon claims this can improve earnings up to 30%.

I’ve tested it out¬†on a couple sites¬†and I haven’t seen anything like a 30 percent improvement. However, those sites have used cloaked amazon links which breaks the feature and I’ve only tested it on a couple posts on two of my sites, so I haven’t properly enabled this feature yet or fully tested it.

In my limited test, I have seen some extra clicks and a few extra sales on the 2 posts this feature works for. So yes, it CAN add some extra clicks and extra earnings. How much though, depends.

I do say enable this feature — it’s worth it based on what I’ve seen. But, if you do, you can’t use a link cloaking plugin which sort of kills this feature for a lot of people.

14. Use Add to Cart Option for a 90 day Amazon Cookie

It’s possible to get a 60 day cookie if you use the Add to Cart widget (or you use an Amazon affiliate plugin that includes the ability to insert this into your links). This means that instead of only a 24 hour cookie, you get a 60 day cookie. If the person buys that item within 60 days, you get the credit.

Now, this ONLY counts if the person buys that item added to their shopping cart on Amazon — it does not apply to other items they buy (you only get the standard 24 hour cookie for those items, from what I understand).

You may be able to improve your overall earnings by using the Add to Cart widget instead of a regular text link or CTA button when sending people to Amazon. Note that there are some plugins, such as EazyAzon which will create a popup window when the user hovers over an Amazon affiliate link which gives a visual button that will add the item to that user’s Amazon cart. Short of using a plugin like this, you’ll need to create a manual Add to Cart iframe widget on the Amazon Dashboard.

This may or may not improve your earnings. I feel it only works for SOME types of sites and for SOME types of site layouts. But it’s worth a try, especially if you can enable it automatically using say EasyAzon. Manually making a widget for every link on Amazon is seriously too time consuming for most people to bother with.

15. Don’t Waste Time on the Azon Store, Widgets, or Banners

I’m not sure who earns decent money without ridiculous visitors to a site by trying to make money via the Azon store, Amazon widgets, or Amazon banners. Regular old text links convert far better than any of these.

In truth, I do use a specific style of widget (the Buy it Now image + link widget you can generate) for some of my sites and this converts very well. But the regular sidebar widgets, product carousel and the like are terrible for conversions. Don’t waste your time.

Amazon banners are generally worthless, unless you are targeting an Amazon bounty program and your traffic is very targeted to that product. I do use a few bounty banners that see some decent conversions.

In general, though, stick with text links.

16. Try Publishing Curated Sales Posts

Hey, everyone loves a deal!

You can capitalize on this by curating amazon ‘deals’ every few days, week or month. To make it really worth your while though, you’ll probably need to curate Amazon deals every day. There is a time commitment here, but for certain sites — especially sites with return visitors or with a Facebook page — it can certainly be worth the effort.

I’ve been doing this on one of my sites, specifically on the forum and it’s been a consistent money maker. From what I’ve found though, you need repeat visitors who COME to your site regularly, otherwise this won’t work (you are not targeting search traffic). Amazon sales are always changing, so this is something you’ll need to updated frequently if you decide to do it.

It’s worth thinking about, especially for some sites (say electronic or computer niches).

17. “Best of Posts” Earn Big

Best of lists are some of the ‘best’ (pun intended) ways to earn with Amazon. While you can earn decent by targeting individual products with reviews, best of posts tend to get far more traffic than any individual product + review term might. People are also quite eager to click on ‘best’ lists.

By specifically going through every product category in your niche (or related categories) and creating a comprehensive best list for each category, you can skyrocket your amazon earnings, provided those best lists rank in time (and if you build the right type of site, they will).

Best lists have been my bread and butter for years and I will say that I probably drive something like 80 percent of my Amazon earnings from these types of lists alone. That’s nearly 8000 per month made from best lists.

Now you are leaving money on the table by not creating other types of content, but you are leaving, even MORE, money by not creating best lists. Note that people just don’t want another ‘best of’ list. They want the BEST list out there. If you can put in the time and effort, you can earn serious money with the best list format

18. Best of Posts for ‚ÄúAffordable‚ÄĚ Also Do Well

Another variation that works is the ‘affordable’ best lists. These are not necessary the best of the best products, but the best budget products that offer the most bang for buck. Creating these ‘affordable’ best lists often can generate extra commissions.

You’ll have to look at your niche specifically to see if such a list is possible, but for most product categories, you should be able to.

19. Don’t Forget To Target International¬†Amazon Buyers

You only get affiliate credit when people purchase Amazon products through your country-specific affiliate link. But what does this mean for international visitors?

By using a plugin that sends people to their country-specific amazon store WITH your country-specific amazon affiliate link, you can cash in on commissions you would normally never get. Canadian, British, European visitors, Japanese, Indian visitors won’t make you any money on Amazon UNLESS you use a geolocation plugin that will send these people to the right Amazon store, using your country specific link.

To do this:

  1. sign up for country-specific amazon affiliate programs (hint, go to your amazon dashboard, click on a country local amazon store, and sign up, using Google Translate to make the page understandable. You should be able to sign up for MOST of these countries without problem and you can generate a country-specific amazon affiliate link to use for visitors from that country)
  2. get EasyAzon or Thirsty Affiliates + GeoLocation Addon — either one of these will automatically set up your site so it targets international visitors with the right affiliate links
  3. Profit

IF you target Amazon, you should be doing this right away. It’s an easy way to make more money on your existing traffic without any more work on your part.

20. Target Cheap Amazon Products to Increase Default Commission Cap

While everyone wants to sell high priced items that give you some serious Amazon commission,¬†the truth is that it’s difficult and somewhat infrequent to sell pricey items. Since Amazon uses a scaling commission that starts off at 4% and ends at 8.5%, it’s in your interest to sell LOTS of items to max out your commission.

While you may not be able to change around a niche site to sell cheap products if it’s in the wrong category, you can specifically try to promote cheaper products to try and increase your overall sales total per month. Do this by writing posts that target cheaper products, if you can. Or, if you can’t, create several Amazon niche sites specifically in categories where cheap products can easily be promoted.

Don’t forget that you do want more expensive products as well. I’ve only targeted cheap products in the past and this has made it difficult to generate thousands of dollars a month due to how cheap said products were. I sold thousands of products, but those thousands added up to slightly over a thousand dollars a month in commissions.

The best combination is lots of small priced items that people will readily buy with some medium priced products that sell frequently. Doing this will get you to the MAX commission amount while still generating high revenues.

Here’s what I consider cheap and medium-priced items:

  • Cheap items = items under $10
  • Medium Priced Items = items $50-$150

21. Create Best Seller Lists

People are always fascinated by what other people are buying. There’s a chance you can scoop up on extra Amazon clicks and sales by showing people what’s the most popular products for a category. If anything, this provides some incentive for curious potential buyers to click on the popular products.

You can create best seller lists by going to the Amazon Bestseller page and manually finding the category. Or you can use the ¬†BestSeller ¬†EasyAzon extension which can create these lists for you automatically with a simple click (you’ll need to purchase EasyAzon first before you can buy the extension).

From what I’ve found, adding in a Best Seller list at the end of a review or best list seems to work well, but you’ll have to test this yourself. It’s an interesting strategy to try though and may help you scoop out a few extra sales you wouldn’t have had.

22. Make Your Own Amazon FBA Product to Promote for Maximum Earnings

If you create a successful Amazon niche site and you see regular sales, you can further increase your earnings by creating your OWN product and swapping out (or adding in) your own product to your site.  Since the traffic, content, and site infrastructure is already there, you can easily do this, provided you create your own product.

In fact, you’ll this sort of thing done over and over with retail type stores. Walmart, for example, creates their own in-house brand they sell right beside the major brands.

You can do this yourself for products related to your niche.

If you make your own product, you can potentially make anywhere from 20 to 60 percent profit on that item. Even better, if you promote your own product through Amazon affiliates, you can get a commission on your own product! This means you can add up to 8.5% ‘extra’ profit on top of what you make on the product alone.

I’m currently in the process of making my own products for three of my Amazon niche sites. One of the sites has a product being manufactured and for the other two, I’m in the research phase.

By having a site that can promote your product to a targeted audience, you have a huge advantage over other people creating FBA products in that you have a ready group of customers ready to buy. If you make an FBA product from scratch, you are fighting with every other similar FBA product on Amazon. It’s possible you can do well — even spectacularly well — but it’s a competitive market now.

23. Use the Thirsty Affiliates Plugin or EasyAzon

If you want to focus on Amazon, you really need either Thirsty Affiliates with a couple pay-for add-ons OR the EasyAzon plugin.

Really, this is not even an option — you NEED them.

Yes, you might be able to save a few dollars by posting your own affiliate links into your posts, but you’ll waste a shit load of your own time doing this. Just invest the $50 or $100 in one of these plugins (with a few add-ons) and be done with it.

You’ll thank me for this!

Between the two, I prefer Thirsty Affiliates, though I own BOTH plugins.¬†I like some of the features that EasyAzon has that Thirsty Affiliates lack (even with the add-ons you buy)…such as:

  • ability to search amazon for product and add them directly in your post without having to go to a special dashboard to do it
  • ability to add CTA graphic buttons with a click rather than ONLY text links
  • ability to add the Add to Cart popup for links to get that 90 day cookie
  • ability to create a comparison chart with a few clicks (with the extension you buy)
  • ability to create a best sellers list (with the extension)

However, Thirsty Affiliates does feature some big features missing from Easy Azon, such as an affiliate link database you can add links to, edit, search, the ability to track your links on google, the ability to see link click stats right from WordPress organized by categories or link names (good idea to see what links are doing best), ability to split test links, ability to auto link keywords to affiliate links, and more…

So I do feel Thirsty Affiliates is the best affiliate link manager out there, though it has some limitations that drive me crazy sometimes.

There are some other plugins such as EasyAzon and PrettyLink that do offer affiliate link management capabilities. EasyAzon, particularly, is a good alternative if you ONLY want to promote Amazon products. Thirsty Affiliates is a more fully featured affiliate link manager, however, if you buy the addons.

However, nothing else offers the breadth of features that Thirsty Affiliates offers, IF you buy some of the addons.

For Amazon promoting, the key expansions that can improve your Amazon affiliate earnings with Thirsty Affiliates are:

  • Geolocation Addon
  • AZON Addon
  • Autolinker Addon

There are a number of other Addons, but you don’t need them for Amazon really.

Let’s look at why you need each of these Addons

Thirsty Affiliates AZON Addon

This addon is pretty much a requirement if you want to use Thirsty Affiliates with Amazon. It adds a a section where you can search for and add amazon products (with the image) into your affiliate links database with a single click. This saves you from having to manually go to the Amazon affiliate dashboard, find the product, and generate an affiliate link.

It saves a LOT of time. You need it.

Geolocation Addon

Now the geolocation addon is important because of how the Amazon affiliate program works for non-us countries. You see, the Amazon affiliate program is fractured into country-specific programs. If say you affiliate link to an product and someone from the UK clicks on that link, you won’t get any credit because that person will probably buy that product from, NOT You don’t get credit for country-specific Amazon sales unless you a) sign up for that country’s Amazon affiliate program and b) create a link to the product on that amazon country store, using the country specific affiliate link.

The Geolocation plugin/addon will automatically put in your country-specific amazon id for people located in that specific country. That person, when they click on the link, will end up on their local country-specific amazon store with your country specific link, assuming you have signed up as an Amazon affiliate for that specific country and add that amazon country link to ThirstyAffiliates on the settings.

Note that this does NOT seem to work if you use a caching plugin like WP Rocket, W3Cache or the like.

Autolinker Addon

This can improve your amazon earnings. Basically, for any keyword you enable, it will automatically put in an affiliate link that you’ve added to your Thirsty Affiliate link database. This means for certain product keywords, this addon will automatically make those keywords on ALL your posts, an affiliate link.

For example, keywords on your posts such as ‘USB Sticks’ or ‘Nike Shoes’ or ‘Samsung Note 7’ will automatically be made an affiliate link to that product on Amazon (note, you have to manually add in the product link associated with the keyword first). You can set how many times you want that keyword to be made an affiliate link on each post.

This is a great way to convert existing post content into affiliate links.

Alternative Plugin: EasyAzon

ThirstyAffiliates is great and the base plugin is free. But these core addons mentioned will cost you money to buy. You’ll probably spend over $100 if you want to add all 3 of those.

However, a much cheaper option might be to purchase the single EasyAzon plugin which offers the affiliate link management, the geolocation, and a few extra amazon targeting features (CTA button insertion, Add to Cart option, popup links) that Thirsty Affiliates does not have. It’s also cheaper at about $50¬†for all these features. You can pay more money and buy two extensions: a table making extension and a best seller list creator. These are worth it for the time they save.

Alternative Plugin: Amazon Link (free)

A fully featured link cloaker, amazon product searcher, geolocation with amazon affiliate links, and ability to customize the affiliate link styling and css. This is powerful and lets you customize your Affiliate links completely. You can use it to insert customized layouts for your affiliate links, buttons, and more. But you have to learn how to use it and the interface is awkward. For most people, EasyAzon or thirsty affiliates is a better option. If you are a power user who wants to customize how your affiliate links look and perform, then this is the plugin.

The Final Word

Earning with Amazon is possible, but I’m not going to yank your chain and say you can start making thousands a month in only a couple months. Sorry, unless you are the god of luck, that’s simply not going to happen. No fucking way.

But, if you implement a targeted strategy, using the tips I’ve given above, to tackle Amazon affiliate with niche websites, it is possible to make a good living in only a year or two, maybe three. Rome wasn’t built in a year, and neither will your Amazon affiliate empire be either.

The Iceberg is Only the Tip

I’ve shown you a rapid rise in Amazon earnings in just a few months. But the truth is that those ‘few months’ took years of effort. I’ve had 3 sites that I’ve been working on since 2014 or 2015. It took several years for these sites to start gaining real search authority and ranking — and thousands of dollars of content, Facebook marketing, not to mention time managing the sites, doing the keyword research, etc. So yes, I ca¬†show dramatic results in just a couple months, but that’s ignoring the two years of hard work I’ve put in just to see those results manifest.

Make money online case studies is sort of like showing a crowd of people an iceberg in the ocean. People see the iceberg, are wowed by the flash of the result, but  all the real work, time, and effort is hidden far beneath the surface. You only see the visible tip but all the effort is hidden.

In my case, 6 months shows huge improvements. But remember, I spent 2 to 2.5 years building my sites up to the point where these results could happen.

You Can Do It…If You Work

But it can be done, if you are patient and you put the effort into it.

Think about this: you can change your life in less than two years, IF you put the effort in.

Is it worth it?

I think, yes!

But you are going to have to put in countless hours, sacrifice your free time, and devote yourself to making a website (or 4), promoting it, and creating awesome content that promotes Amazon products.

But, I’ve done it and so can you.

Make sure you check out some of my other posts about how to make money with Amazon

Now go make money online.

Ben, out

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