How to Make Millions with an ICO

So due to the influx of comments and questions the past 6 months about Cryptocurrency, Investing, and ICO’s, due to my previous article ‘How I Made a Million Dollars with Cryptocurrency in 6 Months‘, I’ve been compelled by the force of my new, but the vocal crypto audience to write a bit of a guide to cryptocurrency investing.

So this rapid influx of recent questions and demand for answers has forced my hand and I’ve done something I’ve not done in over 6 months: write a new post!

This times, it’s a big ICO guide with everything I’ve learned on the topic.

But you’ll have to visit my other website — my new cryptocurrency website — to read it.

Ah yes, the good old bait and switch tactic!

Yes,  while I have not exactly been posting anything new on, I’ve been cooking up a new cryptocurrency website the past 6 months to address many of the topics new crypto investors struggle with.

This new crypto website has been a side project of mine that I have not announced, and truth be told, I haven’t really been all that actively building it up, being too busy trading and investing in crypto to deal with petty things like internet marketing and website building and all that.

But perhaps I can share some of my knowledge with the world. It appears there are a lot of questions to be answered. And I might as well kick myself in the ass to do something other than just crypto investing.

Now, this new website of mine has several writers who have been cooking up the content for me. There are plenty of articles that are targetting new crypto investors which should answer basic questions.

So, I am now officially referring you guys OVER to my other, CRYPTO ONLY website called (and leave this poor internet-marketing ONLY blog alone again) for your crypto needs. The goal with my new site is to teach people how to make a full time income with crypto alone.

I’ll be active over there now answering questions.

Ah, made you read to the end.

Where is the article?

Go read my new article via this link ‘How to Make Millions with Cryptocurrency ICOs‘ which I’ve posted on my new site 




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