Make Money Online with Hub Pages: 200 Hubs in 30 Days Update I

ADMIN EDIT 2016: This post is from my original blog (Make Money Online with Seo .com) from way back in 2008 when I first learned internet marketing. Things have radically changed since then with how to make money online, what to do, SEO, marketing, and such. But I’ve imported all the old posts for archival sake. Some of the information is still relevant, but many of the specific SEO strategies and quick make money online ideas I had back then have changed. SO please keep this in mind when reading. 

2016: This strategy no longer works and has not worked in at least 5 years. If you even consider trying this sort of thing with HubPages, you are wasting your time. Keep in mind this post is from way back in 2008/2009


So, I’ve been spending insane amounts of time writing hubs lately, trying to keep on track with my crazy 200 Hubs in 30 Day challenge. As of right now, I have 32 hubs. It’s been a week so far and I need to have about 6-7 hubs written a day to keep up with the 200 in 30 days. Technically, I should have about 42 hubs by now, but I initially started out with 100 Hubs in 30 Days, then switched over to the 200 Hubs after 4 days — meaning I had to play catch up. I’m almost caught up, if I can pump out another 10 hubs today, I’ll be where I should be.

Now, the question everyone is wondering: Am I making money with hubpages?

The answer is no. I’ve had 3 clicks so far and made a total of about a 1 buck. The 3 clicks came within the past 2 days…when I had about 20 or so hubs.

Court said he had several 0 click days followed by a day where he made 8 bucks. My theory for why he got an 8 bucks in adsense clicks is that people know Court’s hubpage username (apparently). Since his name has been plastered all over hubpages’ official challenge newsletter/post, he’s been getting a lot of traffic to his hub profile. More traffic = more chance of clicks. Or he could just have some sweet keyword niches with no SERP competition.

Why I’m I not getting clicks? I’m convinced it has to to with the fact that I’m not getting any traffic (duh). Since putting up my first hub on Monday (May 11), I’ve had a grand total of 107 visitors according to Google Analytics. Not bad considering it’s only been less than a week. Hubpages are easy to start getting search engine traffic right away, since Google doesn’t seem to do the whole “punish the new site” thing to hub pages.

Now 31 of those visitors came from Google. A look through the keywords used to reach my hubpages show some long tail traffic.

So with 107 visitors, I’ve gotten 3 clicks. That’s around 3% click rate — not really good but not terrible. Most people say about 5% of the people will click on a google ad. Some people can get 10%+ if they style their layout a certain way and craft the writing so as to encourage ad clicks.

So, I can think of several reasons why I’ve made peanuts so far:

1. Niches Are Too Competitive — hubs stuck in the SERP nowhereland
2. No Backlinks to keywords
3. Niches Don’t Have Enough Traffic
4. Content of Hubs

Now, I think I may have been choosing niches and keywords that are too competitive. All of the niches are long tails in competitive niches. But, I am beginning to think that even with the long tails, there is too much competition to really rank high in SERP’s for without backlinks.

My hope was that with long tail keyword targeted hubs, the trust and domain authority of would enable my hubs to rank fairly high for these long tails. But from the traffic I’m getting and Google Analytics, it appears that this is not the case. I basically have two choices here: start sending lots of keyword anchored backlinks to each hub, or start creating niches in uncompetitive hubs.

If I create a lot of niches for keywords that don’t have any real competition, it’s possible to get the hub ranked out high without backlinks and capture that traffic. Now, I suppose this is a viable strategy, but I am trying to create some hubs that can tie into my other blog niches to use them as backlink fodder. I think what I might do is create 15 or so hubs in niches with NO competition and track the results to see if I get traffic and maybe clicks.

Now the other choice is to start to sent out backlinks to my existing hubs. I’ve actually been too buys writing my 7 or so hubs a day to sent any backlinks to them. I think I’ll start doing this.

Now that I have about 32 highly focused niche hubs, I am beginning to see that hubs are just like any other blog. You can’t really expect to make any money with hubs unless they rank in the SERP’s and start to get search engine traffic. Now, I don’t really get much in the way of other “social” hub traffic, but that’s fine by me. I doubt other hubbers would want to click on my ads or buy my ebay products. I suppose I could spend a lot of time trying to get other hubbers to join my fan club and visit my sites — but I hold to my original assertion that to make money online, you need targeted search engine traffic, regardless of whether you have a hub, blog, or website.

My Impressions
It may be too early to call this — I would want around 100 or so hubs before I feel I can state anything with some accuracy — but based on my current performance, I don’t see myself making any real viable money, even if I pump out 200 hubs, if things keep on going the way they are.

As it is, if I only got a couple clicks with 20 or so hubs in a week, I may get more clicks by having 10 times the amount of hubs, just because of the sheer volume, but we will still be talking about pennies and dollars here. Let’s say that in a week my 20 hubs gave me 1 buck. Now I know that for like half the week, I only had 10 hubs, but we’ll ignore that fact now. So 20 hubs gives 1 buck a week. That means I may get 20 bucks a week from 200 hubs. For the sheer effort it is taking to write 200 hubs (we are talking like 5-6 hours of work here a day for a month straight), it’s not really worth it from the monetary sense. However, it’s a great link farm to use to support money sites or support sites, so there is still some good value to the effort.

As stated, I either need to mass target niches with no competition so I can bring in more targeted traffic, or I need to get backlinks to bump up hubs in the SERP’s to increase targeted traffic to those niches. Right now, there is not enough traffic to command any clicks.

What’s clear to me is that some new hubber can’t just go on a hub blitz and expect to make a real income through hubs. First, they will probably not create niche hubs — and these are the type of hubs you will need to make money, provided you get traffic. Second, they won’t get any backlinks to the hubs. Now, I know some people are making a few bucks here and there — probably due to social traffic accidentally clicking on links or an occasional affiliate sale.

What I’m still trying to determine is if an internet marketer can make money. I’m 100 percent sure this is the case, if a concerted attempt is made to get the hubs ranking high.

I’ll keep you guys updated. It’s too early to call anything either way. By the end of nextweek, I hope to have about 100 hubs, so I can give you guys a more accurate assessment of where things lay.

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