Make Money Online With Hubpages: 200 Hubs in 30 Days Result

ADMIN EDIT 2016: This post is from my original blog (Make Money Online with Seo .com) from way back in 2008 when I first learned internet marketing. Things have radically changed since then with how to make money online, what to do, SEO, marketing, and such. But I’ve imported all the old posts for archival sake. Some of the information is still relevant, but many of the specific SEO strategies and quick make money online ideas I had back then have changed. SO please keep this in mind when reading. 

2016: This strategy no longer works and has not worked in at least 5 years. If you even consider trying this sort of thing with HubPages, you are wasting your time. Keep in mind this post is from way back in 2008/2009


Ok guys, finished the 200 Hubs in 20 Days Experiment yesterday.

The hub challenge experiment:

Make Money Online With Hubpages: 200 Hubages in 30 Days 1
Make Money Online With Hubpages: 200 Hubages in 30 Days 2
Make Money Online With Hubpages: 200 Hubages in 30 Days 3
Make Money Online With Hubpages: 200 Hubages in 30 Days 4

So far, the hubpages experiment has been a great success. I’m still not making the adsense earnings Court has been posting, but mine have improved. And there was a big bonus as well. Let’s take a look:

Hub challenge Stats and Earnings

U1: First Update Post
U2: Second Update Post
U3: Third Update Post
U4: Fourth Update Post

-First Hubs published 31 days ago (May 11th)
240+ Hubs (U4: 180) (U3116) (U2:61) (U1:31)
-Word Count between 400-1000 words. The average would be about 600 to 650
– Total Hubpage views: 9,607 (U4: 5,829) (U3: 2484) (U2: 831) (U1:418)
– Total Visitors: 5,531 (U4: 3,071) (U3: 1100) (U2: 272) (U1:117)
– Total Unique Visitors: 4,327 (U4: 2,086) (U3: 736) (U2:119)(U1:15)
– Google Search Traffic: (U4: 3,017) (U3: 635) (U2: 119) (U1: 35)
– Yahoo Search Traffic: 1,346 (U4: 647) (583) (185) (U3: 227) (U2: 33)(U1: 7)
– 64 (28) AOL visits 65 (U4: 37 )(U3:16)
– Ezine Article Visitors: 280 (U4: 96)
-Clicks per update: 135 (82) (31) (7)
– Adsense Earnings between each update period: $114.82 (U3 to U4:$73) (U2 to U3: $26) (U1 to U2: $2.44)

Average per click: $.82
Average daily earnings: $7.22

Total Clicks: 271
Total Adsense Earnings: $224
Total EBay Affiliate Sales: $134
Total Earnings $224 Adsense + 134 EBay Affiliate sales = $354

Hubpages Challenge Results Discussion

So, let’s talk money. As you see, I’ve managed to score some ebay affiliate sales. The past week, I’ve generated 134 bucks from ebay. Very cool. I did slap on EBay links on 50% of my hubs, so it may be that even if they didn’t make any Adsense clicks, they still generated affiliate sales. I didn’t really focus on affiliate sales, but I see there is some serious potential here. With all the long tail targeted traffic, it’s worth it throw in some ebay links. What I’m not sure of is whether I should dedicate a hub only to affiliate sales or slap on the adsense too. If you want to make a hub geared toward affiliate sales, it changes the whole adsense strategy — I’m thinking CRT would go way down.

This is interesting because it shows that you can make decent money without Adsense. The thing is, you need a lot of impressions for affiliate sales. The more hubs you have in targeted niches, the more you can score it with affiliate sales. Now, we have to see what happens this next month to see if these are a regular occurrence. But for now, I wanted to let you all know that you can get some money from ebay on your Hubpages. It’s nice to see several of those “no performer” hubs did indeed bring in some bacon to the tune of $134. Not bad!

As you see, I’ve earned a total of $224 in 31 days in Adsense revenue from Hubpages. Now, I know I’m not going to quit my job with this, but there is a lot of potential here. If you track my earnings over each update, you’ll see a progression. My first 30 hubs gave me a grand total of about $1 for about 6 days. My second update showed me at 61 hubs with $2.44 after a good 11 days. Now this was disheartening to say. But things start to get interesting around the third update. At about 116 or so hubs I made about $28 dollars after 19 days. By the 4th update, I had made over 100 bucks. By the end of the challenge a week later, I made about $225.

You will notice the trend upward? Each week has brought more money. In fact, if you look at the figures, you will see that there were big increases each week in earnings.

Now, there are a few things to consider. I have been continually adding more and more hubs, the hubs have been aging, and the past 4 days I’ve been adding external backlinks to 50% of my hubs. I want to have ever hub backed by with backlinks by the end of the week.

My average has been about $7 a day, but you have to take into account that for the first 2 weeks, I made only a couple dollars. It was really the last 2 weeks that saw about 95% of my earnings.

These days, I have been averaging about 15 or so dollars a day. It’s been getting higher. Update 4 was giving me a solid 10 bucks a day in Hubpage earnings, and a few 12-14 dollar days. I’ve now been seeing 13-17 dollar days on average. My hub earnings the past week have not really dipped down below 11 dollars a day. My best day was 3 days ago, which gave me a very cool $27 from hubs. This was followed by a 13 dollar day, which was then followed by a $17 dollar day. Today (4pm my time), I’m sitting at about $14 in Hubpages. There is a pretty good chance this will hit 16-20 dollars by the end of today.
These challenge has been such a sucess that I will continue to add hubs. My goal from now is to add 50 new hubs a month, maybe more. I would like to have about 500-1000 hubs. I expect I will earn quite a bit from those — maybe enough for a full time income (3-5k a month). My immediete goal is to make 50 bucks a day. I am near the $20 mark right now (even had close to $30 one day), so I am excited to so how the hubs to this next month once aging and my backlink work begins to set in. Continually adding more hubs will only increase the revenue. Hubs are also create as a “niche” spy. You create some hubs (10-20) in a niche, send a couple backlinks and test to see if you start to get clicks. If you make money, there is a big chance you can make a hell of a lot more money if you open your own self hosted niche site and get it near the top of the SERP’s. This save a lot of wasted time, since the domain authority of hubpages let’s you fast track to see if niches have potential. Now, you can never be sure how you’ll do unless you are on the front page of google for a term, but hubs do give you a pretty good idea if a niche has some value.

-Hubs may (or may not) have an initial burst of traffic the first few days then the traffic decreases. Traffic begins to pick up again 2 weeks later. The initial burst can be explained by Google fresh content bonus and other hubbers coming to check out your hubs.

-Hubs don’t generally start to generate clicks (at least for me) until a week or more. I am having hubs get clicks now that never had clicks the past 3 weeks. I assume because there are starting to rise or stabilize in the SERP’s. Keep in mind it’s too early still. We need a couple months for things to settle down. This is why I fully expect my average income, even if I don’t build backlinks or add new hubs, to rise. This phenomena is just part of Google’s algorithm. The older the website is, the higher it naturally seems to rank in the SERP’s.

-Sunday has usually been pretty bad performer, though there has been one exception for me

-Most of my clicks seem to come between 9 – 3 and decrease. It’s not uncommon for me to get 12-15 bucks between 9-3, and then only see a dollar or two more by the end of the day. Nights are a crapshoot. I’ve had a couple days where I’ve made 7 bucks between 12 am – 8 am. Now, I’d say I average 2-3 bucks while sleeping. I expect this to go up this next month though.

Now, you will notice, if you followed Court’s update, that he’s been hitting in the 20’s for the past two updates. I’ve had one very nice 20 dollar day, but that’s been it. I know of one other person who is regularly cracking the 20’s. You will note that I have almost 250 hubs out there and I am not regularly cracking the 20’s yet. I am expecting to reach the 20’s regularly this next month. It’s my aim to get into the 50’s within a couple months.

This comes down to niche selection. This is my experience, 90% of the hubs you find won’t make you anything. Out of my nearly 250 hubs, I think only about 30% of them actually have gotten a click, and of those only a fraction get regular clicks. I’d say about 75% of my total earnings come from a handful of hubs.

Which is why you need to have a lot of hubs if you want to make 10+ bucks a day. I’d say you need roughly about 100 or so hubs before you stumble across some niches that do well. With 100 hubs, you should be getting at least 3 bucks a day just from random clicks. If you have the right niches, right off the bat, well, you could have 30 hubs giving you 20 bucks a day.

So far, I’m happy with my $324 bucks this month from hubpages. Although it’s a month, It’s more like I made $320 bucks the last TWO WEEKS, since I didn’t score any affiliate sales or much Adsense clicks the first two weeks.

I will post another update in 1 month tracking my Hubpage Adsense earnings and affiliate sales. I’m predicting it should be MUCH better this next month.

Tips for How to Make Money with Hubs Using Adsense

I’ve spent hours giving advice about how to make money with hubs, so I’m not going to give anything new here. In the past 5 updates, I’ve spent 10k words telling showing you how I made money on Hubpages. Folks, there is NO other how to make money with Hubpage tutorial as detailed on the web. I won’t bother going over it again in detail. But I’ll summarize some of the main things you need to do to make money with hubs in 5 steps.

Create a lot of hubs (at least 75)

If you’ve read what I talk about above, most hubs you make won’t earn anything. Oh, given enough time they’ll get a click here or there, but they won’t consistently get clicks. I have hubs that get 70 people a day and only get 2 clicks for 5 cents and I have other hubs that get 2 people a day and 1 click that’s worth a dollar or more.

If you have a bunch of hubs that don’t bring in any consistent earnings, they still have value. You can use them as a link farm and they will bring in a little money. Sure, if a hub brings in .50 cents a week, that’s not a lot, but when you have 300 hubs, each bringing in .25 cents a week, that’s $75 bucks a week, or $300 a month. These little, occasional clicks do count for something when you get a lots of them. This means a lot of hubs.

Write about specific niche topics

It’s my experience that the more specific the topic, the higher the chance of getting a click. This means writing about “hand cream for dry skin” will likely do better than “hand cream” and “Pond’s hand cream for dry skin” will do even better than “hand cream for dry skin.” Now, this can vary from niche to niche. But in some niches, getting very specific – even putting the specific brand name into keyword phrase, can increase your CTR. I believe this is because people find your site when looking for a specific product and if you write something good about the product, they may click on an ad.

IF you write about a specific topic, you WILL get some clicks. But folks, please fucking pick a topic that there is some reason to click on an ad. Grandma’s Peach Cobbler Recipe Guide WON’T generate clicks. “Best Skin Care Treatments for Acne” WILL.

This is key for both getting Adsense clicks or affiliate sales – you need to be very specific. The more specific, the less traffic you get, but the higher the CTR. It’s also a hell of a lot easier to rank for a long tail then it is for a shorter tail.

Write the Right (Bad) Way

I’ve found that how you write can make a big difference. Now I’ve been posting how to write for Adsense the past few updates. I’ve told you shouldn’t answer the damn question. But, this doesn’t give you license to write like shit. Your sentences should be coherent and well formed and things should make sense. The trick is to write good in a way that is bad. Beat around the bush, brush around the answer, giving hints but not actually answering. Give suggestions about finding the product online or going to websites about the product/service etc. The point is that you want to plant suggestions that the user should fucking click on that relevant ad a few inches away from the sentence talking about it.

Send Backlinks to Your Hubs

Interlink each hubs, use go articles, Ezine articles, infobarrel, squidoo lenses, go articles, whatever. The point is that you want to give your hubs as much of a boost in the SERP’s as possible. You can do this by sending links. I’ll talk more about this in my How to Make Money Online eBook I promised I’d make.

There are two ways you can increase your earnings with your hubs: make more of them or start getting each of them ranked up high with backlinks. It’s more efficient to get them ranked high with backlinks than it is to create a lot more hubs. Ideally though, you want to do both.

My advice is to imagine that each hubs are a blog post/webpage on your own domain. What do you do if you want that post or article to rank high? Send backlinks to it. Same deal. I’ve shown you by working my ass off for the past month that you can generate between 10-20 bucks a day without much in the way of external backlink work. But ultimately, if you want to really make more money with hubs, you need to work the backlinks just like you would for a niche site.

Be Patient

It takes some time to make money with hubs. Yes, you can make money pretty much right away, but finding the right niches and getting enough hubs to do so will take a lot of work.

Why am I not making money with Hubpages?

If you have 50 or more hubs and are not making money, one or more of these is probably the problem:

1. You are not writing about specific topics.
2. Your niches’ CPC is crap. Look for CPC over 2 bucks (you get 20% of CPC)
3. You don’t have enough hubs
4. You are not interlinking your hubs

How to Increase Hubpage Adsense Revenue

Ah, I am going to be spending the next month or two experimenting with this. I’ll toss a couple strategies out there for you to increase your existing Hubpage revenue if you have any.

Boost the Money Long Tails to Your Best Hubs
For some hubs, you will notice you get consistent clicks each day or couple days. If you notice a trend, open up analytics and look at what ENTERANCE keywords that hub is getting. I don’t have my analytics with Adsense linked (I do, but it’s not working). I try to identify what the money long tails are and send backlinks to them. If Hub A get’s 5 clicks, I want to find out what long tail is brining them to that hubs. I open analytics and look at the entrance keywords used to find that hub the same day of those 5 clicks. I generally take a look at all the longtails used to find the hub then if one stand out as a longtail that would bring in someone who would click, I send backlinks to that hub with that long tail in the anchor text. If I notice a hub has say 20 people, and one or two keywords that are not the main keyword are brining in traffic, I send backlinks from other hubs and external sites to that hub using that backlink.

What will this do? This will help you bring in more targeted traffic to your money hubs and help (hopefully) boost your daily revenues. I’ve been doing these to my hubpages.

Optimize Hubs by Adding More Longtails
If you have hub generating money, you should try to optimize it by a) keyword stuffing and b) increase the size of your content. This means looking for some related terms in the niche and editing your post to include this new long tails. If you post is 500 words and generating you 3 bucks a day, add another 1000 words to it – you will be giving more longtails for Google to rank.

Optimize Hubs for Targeted Ads
I find that sometimes a hub does NOT show relevant ads. If this is the case, you should go through it and put money making keyword close to the ads to try to “encourage” the ads to show relevant ads. If you have a niche that should be getting good paying clicks but getting .05-.20 cents instead, it’s probably because the ads are not relevant to the content and keywords.

How to Make Money with Hubpages mini Ebook

I’m also going to start working on my mini ebook (10k or so words) tutorial next week. I’ve been talking about a tutorial post the past few posts, but I think an ebook format would be perfectly suited for this tutorial. What is it exactly? It’s going to be a comprehensive tutorial about how to start from scratch with hubpages and make money in a month’s time.

You can get most of the information from the 5 hubpage challenge posts, but if you are looking for a much easier to read, tutorial format, the ebook will be better. Now I can’t say you will make 20 bucks a day (I’m not even making that consistently yet — but I will), but you will make something and with enough work, you will be able to make great money with hubpages.

I’ll add some new information in it and throw in stuff I learn over the next month from improving my hubpages. We could called it Make Money Online with Hubpages. Should be a great place for people new to hubpages to start. I’m probably going to just give it away for free, though I am thinking about charging a nominal fee like $1, considering it will take like a week of writing to create, not to mention 400+ hours of actually working on hubs trying to learn this stuff. People in the MMO world don’t appreciate free for some reason. But, we’ll see.

Why People Will Never Make Money Online

I’ve been reading the hubpage forums and other MMO foums and following people’s performance. Thousand of people entered this Hub Challenge. Court started it but the people at Hubpages started promoting the challenge as well. You know how many people actually completed the 100 hubs? I count 4 people. That’s it. These four people were out of the hundreds of people who follow the whole Make Money Online scheme. I can’t say how many “hubbers” on Hubpages finished it, but I can bet you 100 bucks that almost none of them did. I looked through the forums checking, and I didn’t see anyone posting that they have. Oh, people did finish the 30 in 30 days, but I’ve yet to see anyone with a 100 in 30 days. And you know what? The Hubpage forums are full of hubbers wanting to make money but concluding that it’s impossible or will take years. Bullshit.

Most hubbers don’t know how to make money because they don’t know jack about niche marketing as taught by Court and Grizzly. They also don’t want to work hard.

Work is what separates those who will make money online and those who will dream about making money online. I’m going to make money online. I’m going to make a hell of a fucking lot of money online. Why? Because I am not afraid to work, I’m not afraid of spending every spare minute writing god damn boring articles, or spending days trying to get backlinks.

THIS is how you make money on the internet folks. It’s by knowing a method of making money online that actually works and by fucking working like a dog.

A lot of people are afraid to actually make websites or hubs because “what if I don’t make any money after I put that work in.” Then go work at fucking McDonalds and get the fuck off my blog.

What’s really disturbing is that thousands of people around the world watched as Court posted his earnings proving that you can make some great money on hubpages. However, I am absolutley bowled over that this didn’t encourage people to jump on the hubpage challenge like Cops would grab a bucketfull of free donuts.

Would you sell your life for a month to make a guarenteed 1000 bucks a month (at least) for the rest of your life? Apparently, the answer is no for most people. I’m not saying you would make 100 bucks a month, but the point is, you have a very big chance to actually start making some permenent online income.

I see a lot of people claiming that they don’t want to make 100 hubs because something may happen to the Hubpage scheme in the future etc. Folks, this is why there are people sitting at home, watching TV and eating cheetos, lying to themselves that they are going to become millionaires in a couple years. Then there is the person who is actually fucking mortgaging his house and working 18 hours a day to realize a dream. Who do you thing is more likely to make it?

Guys, I’m not trying to bash you if you didn’t finish the 100 hubs in 30 days. Shit crops up in life, the kids need to be tucked in, and the dog needs to be walked. I get that. But it really shows me something about MMO. 95% of the people who talk the talk don’t walk the walk. It’s easy about talking about how to make money, its different story actually doing the work to make the money. The point is, you have to move past all this shit if you want to make money. Sure, you can always do 100 hubs in 3 months rather than a month.

But that’s not the point. Many of you told yourself you were going to do 100 in 30 days or maybe even publically posted it. But you didn’t do it! Folks, if you set yourself a challenge you need to fucking meet it head on. The people who created 100 in 30 days are far more likely to make that 20k a year doing MMO rather than drop out disillusioned after 6 months of not making money. Why? Because they are willing to push through crap, work, and other problems to make it happen.

I spend 12 hours a day at work. I spend my entire Saturdays at a school studying another language. A good portion of my Sunday is booked up doing physical labor. But in 31 days I’ve written over 240 hubs, 60 Ezine articles, and 5 fucking massive posts on my blog about how to make money online with Hubpages. So when I hear excuses like ‘I didn’t have enough time, or I was too busy”, I don’t fucking believe it.

So there we go, rant over. If you didn’t complete the challenge fair enough — I’m not judging you. I admit it’s hard as hell to write 100+ articles you don’t care about. There’s always next time for a challenge. But at the very least, I hope my efforts motivate you to work harder. The entire point of this blog is to show you, through my own elbow grease, that if you work your ass off, work harder than 99% of the other people, you can make money online.

Ben’s 100 Squidoo Lenses in 14 days Challenge

Hot on the heels of this Hubpages challenge, I have a “mini challenge.” I’ve made money with Hubpages in a month. Can I also make money with Squidoo? I’m going to find out this question myself.

Now, the whole theory behind Hubpages and Squidoo is quite different, as is the revenue sharing. Hubpages tries to keep everything internal. They dont want you linking out and they won’t let you put any affiliate links into your hubs. Squidoo actually encouages linking out, believing that the squidoo lens should be a gateway to your websites.

The revenue sharing is different as well. Hubpages gives you 60% of the impressions with your Adsense ID. Squidoo doesn’t give you your Adsense earnings, instead putting it into a public pot and shares with all Squidoo users depending on Payrank and your traffic.

This tells me that I don’t think generating Adsense revenue will be as viable on Squidoo pages as they are on Hubpages. I’m not sure if I can get my Payrank up to the point where I get reasonable Adsense earnings. Squidoo does, however, let you keep 100% affiliate commission. I don’t believe Squidoo has the “instant” ranking and indexing advantages that Hubpages does.

As such, I’m going to focus more on affiliate sales and articles geared around selling things then getting Adsense clicks. This is going to be radically different and I’m not sure how well it will turn out. I think I’ll make 50 lenses geared towards Adsense and 50 for affiliate sales.

I don’t think I will be making as much money with Squidoo as with Hubpages, but I want to find out what’s possible. I might even try to make money with info barrel as well.

I’m stoked about this idea. I’ve proven I can make money with Hubpages and now it’s time to try and cut my teeth with Squidoo. The worst case scenario is that I won’t make any money (unlikely, I should make something with 100 lenses). But even a loss is a win because I’ll have 100 strong Squidoo lenses I can use to support other niches sites and my Hubpage hubs. So, no loss.

Sigh, another grizzly-length post. Damn it. Next post will be 250 words, I swear it!

Ben Out

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