Make Money Online With Hubpages: 200 Hubs in 30 Days Update IV

ADMIN EDIT 2016: This post is from my original blog (Make Money Online with Seo .com) from way back in 2008 when I first learned internet marketing. Things have radically changed since then with how to make money online, what to do, SEO, marketing, and such. But I’ve imported all the old posts for archival sake. Some of the information is still relevant, but many of the specific SEO strategies and quick make money online ideas I had back then have changed. SO please keep this in mind when reading. 

2016: This strategy no longer works and has not worked in at least 5 years. If you even consider trying this sort of thing with HubPages, you are wasting your time. Keep in mind this post is from way back in 2008/2009


It’s been a great week for my hubpages. I’m not going to retire on my hub earning any time soon, but I’ve seen consistent earnings, day in and day out since my last update. If you don’t have an account, you need to get on over and sign up for a hubpage account and start making money!

Summary of Stats
Note: brackets are last week’s stats. If two brackets, the second bracket is week before last:

-First Hubs published 25 days ago
-180 Hubs (116) (61)
-Word Count between 400-1000 words. The average would be about 650
-Hubpage views 4635 (1900)
– 2,774 total/ 2,086 unique (834/618)
-1,627 Google visits (509)
-583 Yahoo visits (185)
-28 AOL visits (12)
-87 Ezine Articles (0)
-82 clicks total (31) (7)
-$73 ($26) ($2.44)
-Adsense amount of time of writing: 13 bucks – June 5, 11:30 pm

I also made 60 bucks yesterday from my ebay affiliate links. I am not sure if it was from the ebay links in some of my hubs or from a couple other ebay niche sites I have.

Result Discussion
Ok let’s discuss the results. As you can see from last week, there has been a BIG increase in both the traffic and the click rate and money earned. Now, we can explain some of the changes due to the number of hubs that I pushed out. But, you may notice that the figures keep on getting higher and higher. For example, last week’s update I had 509 visitors. 7 days later, I now have over 3 times that amount. Same with clicks, I’ve had almost 3 times the number of clicks. I’ve only added about 60 more hubs in that time.

What accounts for this? Aging. You are seeing the effects aging on the hubs. The older the hubs are, the higher up in the rankings they are moving, and subsequently, the more traffic I’m getting. I hope this gives some of you who just start a couple hubs and despair when you only see 1 or 2 people a day. The longer your hubs age, the more traffic they should pull in. This is also one reason why I am confident I’ll be making more money next month than I did this month. I don’t know if my earning will be more next week (Court’s earnings dipped quite a bit this current update), but I suspect in a months’ time, I should be making more.

Now, let’s talk about the money. I went through my reporting for the last update and found I was off by like 5 bucks (I counted an extra day). I changed the tally and put them in brackets next to my stats so you can compare.

But as you can see, in 7 days (counting today), I’ve made almost 73 dollars (rounded up). That’s a mite over 10 dollars average a day. My top day was about 14 or 15 bucks and my lowest day was 3 bucks (Sunday). As you can see, in 7 days I have tripled my earnings from last week. Last week, I had about 26 bucks, which was about 9 times the amount I had the week before (3 bucks). As you see, it’s only getting MUCH better. Now, I don’t suspect I’ll get double the earnings next week (final week). But, I believe I’ll get more, maybe around the 100 or so range, but we’ll see. I’ll have another 40-50 hubs out there and all my hubs will be even older.

Now, an interesting note. Near the beginning of the experiment, I singled out 5 niches and I spammed them with links from Article Marketing Automation and Unique Article Wizard. I think I must have sent out like 10 AMA articles for each hub and a couple UAW articles. I also added a few links in Connect Content. Now, I didn’t see an improvement in the traffic I was getting right away. But after about a week I noticed the sites were getting the most traffic out of all my hubs. Now, they are blowing my other hubs away in terms of traffic. The top one is getting about 50 uniques a day from google and the other 4 are pretty close. In comparison, I have a lot of other hubs that only get 10 or even 2 people a day.

What does that mean? You can really lever backlink services to give your hubs an boost in traffic. It may take a few weeks for you to notice, but it’s well worth doing. Now, as an experiment, I really spammed the links to those 5 hubs. I wouldn’t normally do this for a niche site, but my theory was that hubpages has a lot of domain authority and links to the parent domain, so I figured you could get away with sending as many links as you want. So far, it seems to have worked.

The past week, I have been backing my hubs up with links from article directories. So far, I think about 50 of the 180 hubs have article directory links to them. After I finish my hubs, I’m going to spend a solid 4 days backing every single hub up with directory links and a run of UAW, BS, AMA, and Book Marking Demon, as well as a few other “tools” I have in my linking arsenal. We’ll see how that pans out for my revenue later.

How to Make Money With Hubpages

Ok, since I’ve been giving out advice about how to make money with hubs my last 3 updates, I’ll continue the trend, sharing what I’ve learned. I’m giving out new information here that I didn’t talk about in the other updates.

Backup all hub pages with backlinks

Treat each home like a niche blog/website post that you want to rank for a term. This means sending backlinks to each hub. As I previously stated, I sent a lot of backlinks from Article Marketing Automation to several of my hubs; they are now my most visited hubs. This means using your hub for link exchanges, sending article directory links to it, using backlink networks to send links, etc. The more links, the higher your hubs will rank. Now, I do suggest that you don’t overdo it. Google may penalize you. As always, you should try to vary your anchor text in each link.

Choose the Right Niches
Now there are a million niches out there and this is the hardest part. My advice is to stick with long tails. “cancer cures” may be a great niche, but you can bet a few other million internet marketers feel the same thing. It’s must better to go for something like “Cure cancer with natural remedies” or something like this. The longer the tail, the less traffic and also the more targeted traffic. The more targeted the traffic, the higher your CTR will be (ad click rate).

And folks, don’t pick the same generic long tails EVERY other marketer things of. This means don’t bother with “how to cure cancer” or “cystic acne treatments” or “how to lose weight.”

Pick a niche that has some potential, pull out some paper, and write down phrases you might type to find some sort of solution or answer to a problem in that niche. You can come up with some phrases that are off the beaten track. These phrases, lo and behold, may have a good CPC and a decent amount of traffic. These are what I call good “low competition” niches.

I’ve been finding that creating hubs about specific products often leads to clicks. For example, creating a hub about “Pond’s Moisturizing Face Cream for Women” may more often than not lead to a click than “face cream for women.” This is especially if the ads are targeted. Mind you, the product you target should solve some sort of problem.

Create Lots of Hubs
Guys, if you are participating in the 30 hubs in 30 days challenge, pack up and go home. You are not going to see any income with that. Yes, yes, there are a couple people here that were making good money with 40 or so hubs. Court for one and Joshua (see comments on my other updates). But both of them have a good deal of experience and the majority of you don’t. I say plan on creating at least 100 hubs if you want to see some fast income. I’m not saying you can’t make good money with 30 hubs IF YOU SEND BACKLINKS, but I don’t think you’ll be pulling in 5 bucks a day with that. But, I’d love to be proven wrong here, so feel free to tell me I’m wrong – if you are.

A final tip here, don’t fucking make 30 or so hubs in the exact same niche unless you are making money in it. I’ve seen a couple people who created 30 or so hubs about a single topic and they weren’t getting a single click. I suggest throwing as many hubs in different niches as possible. You have a much better chance of not screwing yourself over by creating 100 hubs in a dead end niche. But, a few hubs in a niche are good.

Create Multiple Hubs in the Same Niche
I suggest when creating hubs, you throw out 3-5 hubs per each niche. For example, “cure cancer with aspirin”, “how to cure cancer with maple syrup”, and “best way to cure cancer fast”, “treat cancer with Advil”, “Cheap cancer scans.” Since they are all related, you can use them to send good, relevant backlinks to each other. You also have a higher chance of “testing’ out a niche to see if there is potential. Four of the hubs may be losers, but one might start scoring clicks.

Optimize Keywords for Adsense
I’ve found sometimes the ads present in a hub don’t actually match the content. You may have to go back and tinker with your text a bit. I’ve found changing the keywords in the title or in the paragraph next to the ads may help trigger ads relating to your site. I suggest before you actually create a hub about a niche, you type the keyword phrase into Google to see what ads pop up on the right hand side. If there are no ads, you won’t be getting much in the way of targeted ads. For example, if you niche is about “How to Cure Cancer With Antibiotics”, you will score the most clicks from ads contain something close to your keyword phrase. If you’ve done everything right, someone found your site by typing in a long tail related to your keyword. If the ads also contain that keyword or something close, it’s laser targeted and this will be more likely to click.

Now, if the ads start to show “cancer treatments” and “cancer advice” and “cancer peer group,” the person who found your site by typing “how to cure cancer with antibiotics” probably won’t be as inclined to click the ads.

Now, I know you can’t exactly control what ads are displayed and the best you can do is to have keywords that the ads can pick out and use, but at the very least, think twice about making a niche hub that doesn’t have very many relevant ads.

Write for Adsense
I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: don’t answer the fucking question when you write your hubs. A few people have been sending me hubs to look at, and let me say folks, you are spending way too much time. ALL you need to do is write content that will pass a visual from a Google engineer. That means making sure the text actually is relevant to the webpage and is readable by a human. This month, I think I’ll devote a post giving writing instructions about how to write poorly so you make money with Adsense 

This is my personal way of doing it with hubs:

INTRO <–bland but gets the point across. I always have the keyword phrase I am targeting in here, either t op line or end of intro paragraph.
BODY1 <–talk about WHY the reader should look online to find a product, or encourage reader to look online
for the best deal, etc. This ENCOURAGES reader to look for a solution in the ads. Hopefully, they
just see how shitty and uniformative your post is and beat it the hell out of your site, through one of
the ads you have subliminally encouraged them to click.
BODY2 <–more blather, somewhat informative. use keyword once.
CONCLUSION <-might actually say something useful here. Use keyword and related longtails
EBAY/AMAZON (if relevant to niche)
NEWSFEED (can give related longtails)
LINKS (add a couple to wikipedia. Looks more legit)

Now you might note that I try to “help” people click on the ad write away. Folks this doesn’t mean you tell them to click on the ad. You will get your ass banned right out of adsense for good. I mean, if you niche is about treating cancer with wool sock home remedies, explain to them why they should look online for more information or to find the best deal on the product etc. I have noticed a higher CTR by doing this, but you’ll just have to see if it works for you. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.

As for placing the actual adsense ads, I’ve talked about this before. But I suggest you take a look at Lissie’s Adsense Placement hub for an informative look on how to position adsense for best results.

Now, I believe content does not matter at all for ranking. I know Grizzly hammers this across a lot and from what I see, it’s true. Good content is always better than poor content, but good content also take a hell of a lot of time to write. In the time that it takes to write a well crafted article that’s actually worth reading, I can blast off 5 shitty articles that will draw in more clicks than the good article ever will. If you are trying to make money with Adsense, you don’t want good writing folks. If you are trying to score affiliate sales or get people to join your member’s club or something, or get props from other bloggers about how “intelligent” you are, then write good content. If you are trying to create a strong flagship blog, write good content. If you are trying to make money online with niche marketing sites, write shitty, terrible, horrible content that is just good enough not to be tossed out as spam.

This blog is actually my one attempt to provide somewhat decent, if badly spelled, content to attracted natural links. I’m not putting any work into SEO for this site, because, well, I’m not trying to make any money with it. I like doing it Grizzly style – free information! But I’m keen to see if by providing good, compelling and useful content, I can attract a fair amount of natural links.

Make Money with Hubpages without Ranking for the Main Keyword
So I’ve decided to tell you a dirty little secret about make money with hubpages. I suppose I could keep this to myself, but, I’m in the giving mood tonight. Or maybe it’s that I’ve written almost 20 hubs and 5 ezines today and I’m too fucking tired to be greedy. Either way, your benefit.

I’ve discovered that you don’t really need to rank at all for you keyword phrase to make money with hubpages. You see, hubpages gives your hub enough authority to quickly rank for long tails. I don’t mean long tails that you target in your titles and posts, but natural longtails that just occur when you write. You can rank very high for these long tails because of hubpages’ domain authority. Now, I suspect that if you were to create 100, 1 article blogger blogs, you wouldn’t get nearly the same traffic as you would putting those same 100 articles up as 100 different hubs. This is why you can make money with hubpages without really doing any serious backlink work. I’ve making over 10 bucks a day like this.

Now there are a few stipulations here.

1. You need a hell of a lot of hubs to get enough money (I’d say 75-125 hubs. The more the more $ you
2. You need to pick the right niches that actually will click on ads

Now, folks, I’m getting clicks by making hubs in niches I have no hope in hell of ranking for. For example, If I make a site about “how to cure cancer”, I would rightly expect not to be ranked very high (or at all) for that term, and not without months of backlinks work. I am certainly not going to put months of work into trying to get a hub niche ranked #1 for something like that; I would want my own self hosted blog up there so I have more control and keep all the money.

BUT, if you stuff your post with enough related longtails, you can attract Google search long tail traffic that is targeted to the same niche — people who will still click on the ads. So, while someone typing in “how to cure cancer” may not (in fact, won’t) find my site, someone typing in “how to cure cancer with vitamins” might. There is a pretty good chance that person will click on an ad — especially if your long ass post (and it should be long if you want to make this strategy effective) mentions somewhere that vitamins can cure cancer. Even if you don’t mention vitamins, you have still got a reader who is looking for how to cure cancer — a topic your post should be about.

If really long tail traffic is finding your site, it’s usually pretty targeted. Note, this long tail strategy only works for some niches. I have some niches with a lot of traffic and few clicks, and other hubs with few traffic and a lot of clicks. You will just have to make a hundred or so hubs to find out which niches work and which don’t.

If you want to make money with long tail traffic, you need to have long posts to maximize the longtail traffic. The more you talk about, the more longtails google can rank you for. Don’t expect to get as many long tails from a 250 word hub as a 1000 word beast. I’d probably aim for about 700-800 words per hub, if you want long tail traffic.

Now, I have to be careful telling you this, as you could end up in trouble. I am not saying create every single hub in a niche you can’t and won’t ever rank for. But I’m saying if you think you have a winning phrase that might pick up some clicks, but there are a bunch of PR 4/5 blogs sitting at the top of the serps, make it anyways. You’ll still get an occational click if you set it up right.

But, if you only have 100 hubs, and you create all 100 hubs in niches you have no chance of dominating, then you will only ever be getting trickle long tail traffic. While this may provide you with a bit of an income if you have a lot of hubs, it’s going to be less effective over the long run because you won’t be dominating the search engines for those phrases. And folks, you want to be in the top 5. Instead of getting a paltry 5 bucks a day from 100 hubs catching long tail traffic, you’ll get 5 bucks a day from 1 hub alone.

I just want you to be aware that you may still make some money with hubs, even if you are not ranking. I’ll go after a long tail phrase that looks good if I think I can score a couple occasional clicks. If spending 20 minutes writing an article can bring in a .50 or a buck every week, the effort was well worth the time. You should try to make most of your hubs in uncompetitive niches so you can dominate them with backlink work and get more money.

And there were some more tips, but fuck it. I’ve spend 2 hours writing this damn post and I’m not getting paid to do it. I’ll post one more update next Wednesday or Thursday, wrapping up the 200 hubs in 30 day challenge/experiment. I’m going to see if I can crank out 250 hubs actually, but I’ll see how it goes. I’ve also been promising a big ass tutorial “How to Make Money Online with Hubpages” that compiles everything I’ve talked about the past 4 posts with some other useful tidbits all packed into a “tutorial” format.

Anyways, I hope you found this post useful. If you found it useful,you can pay me back by sending a backlink from a blog 😉

Again, this has turned into another hulking monster of a post. I’m beginning to despair of ever writing a post here that’s less than 3000 words.


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