Make Money Online with Hubpages: Week 6

2012 Update.

In short, DO NOT WASTE TIME WITH HUBPAGES TO MAKE MONEY. Hubpages won’t let you use affiliate links in your hubs, you can’t write on MANY topics now, they’ve changed their amazon affiliate policy so you have to use THEIR amazon ID and you get a cut, and they can (and will) at anytime unpublish all your hubs at the drop of a hat. All my hubs have been removed by hubpages last year.

So, do not waste time with hubpages now.



It’s been about a year and a half. Yes, I still make money with hubs. No, it’s no longer easy to make money with them. Not like it used to be.

Due to the same question that people keep peppering me with, which is usually some variant of “Can I still make money with hubpages” or “I’ve created 100 hubs but I’m only making a couple bucks a week, two weeks after I finished the last one”, here’s a bit of an update on the status of hubpages and making money.

Q: Can I make money with hubpages

A: Absolutely, but the game has changed. It now takes time, months, and you actually have to put some work into it, other than just writing the damn things.

Q: Ben, you are a fucking liar because I created 100 hubpages in like 10 days and after a week, my adsense account is only pulling in .50 a day. ()*(&$(## YOU.

A: Well, Dudley, the reason why your hubs are not making money is because the Google gods saw that too many people were filling the SERPS with crap from hubpages and making money. Thus they pulled the rug out.

Hubs now require the following to make money:

1. A lot of them (usually — like 100+)

2. Each hub needs to be treated like a self hosted domain in regards to backlinking.

3. Time — a good six months to a year.

You see, even if you create say 1000 hubs in say 2 months, you might only end up with a couple bucks a day! Why? Because Google seems to “sandbox” hubs for anywhere between 3 months to a year. This is especially true for hubs that don’t have any links — which most don’t. Should you actually wish to backlink each and every hub nice and good over the course of a year, you shall see money indeed.

Q: Is it even worth creating hubpages anymore because of the effort you have to put in?

A: It depends.

If you are looking for a quick “let’s make money fast” trick, hubpages are not it. Let me repeat this: IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO PUT IN MONTHS OF BACKLINKING WORK INTO YOUR HUB ACCOUNT AND YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO WAIT UP TO A YEAR, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH HUBPAGES

Considering the time and backlinking required to make hubs make you money, I feel you are better spent creating your own self hosted domains rather than go the hubpage route. Not only will you be building your own network up, you don’t have someone stealing 40 percent of your adsense impressions. And you are the master of your sites. Hubpages make good backlinks, backlinks that can actually make a bit of coin on the side.

So, if you are serious about making money. Invest in your own domains, buy some cheap hosting with a company like hostgator, and start setting your own high quality sites up. You’ll be better off in the end. Trust me.

So there — don’t ask me anymore questions about hubpages!

Back to the (now old) post…


How to Make Money with Hubpages Challenge follow-up.

We’ll it’s been about two weeks since the Hubpage challenge came to the end. I’m sure many of your are quite curious. In short, my hubs are doing pretty damn well. My conclusion so far is that you can make a lot of fucking money with hubpages, if you know what you are doing.

Here are some stats for you to chew on.

First Hubs published 49 days ago (May 11th)
– Close to 400 Hubs
-Word Count between 400 – 500 words.
– Total Hubpage views: 20k+
– Total Visitors: 13,667
– Total Unique Visitors: 10,900
– Google Search Traffic: 7,631
– Yahoo Search Traffic: 3,348
– 64 (28) AOL visits: 192
– Ezine Article Visitors: 900
-Clicks: 833
– Total Adsense Earnings ~$700
-Adsense earnings this week: $240

The past two weeks have been very good indeed. As you see, there have been huge increases. This week alone, I have made more money from adsense then I did from my entire month during the hubpage challenge. Now it’s easy to tell people I’m making money, but it’s time for a bit of proof. Talk is cheap as they say.

Hubpage Earnings Yesterday

Hubpage Earnings Yesterday

My earnings from hubpages today at 3:30PM

My earnings from hubpages today at 3:30PM

Today's Hubpage Earnings (as of 2 PM)

[Edit: today(June 30) was my best hubpage day to date]


You may notice that my claimed Adsense earnings are a bit lower, this is because not all the Adsense earnings are showing up. I think I’m averaging about $40 or so dollars a day that past few days. This week, I’ve noticed a sharp increase. Last week kind of plateaued a bit. I had 2, 40 dollar days, a couple 30ish dollar days, and the rest high 20’s. Looks like aging of the Hubpages and the links I sent them are starting to kick in. My takings in another 2 weeks will be at least $1000 USD from hubpages from a single month.

Yesterday, I almost hit close to $50 dollars a day from my Hubpages – a new record. I am confident I will be clearing in the 50’s consistently, pretty soon. My goal is to generate about 100 bucks a day with hubs. I seem to be well on my way to do so – I think I might be able to reach my mark in a month or two.

Keep in mind that the older the hubs get, the higher your income should rise. I expect if I just sat on my hubs as they are now, they would make much more in say 4 months than they are now. This is also why it’s VITAL that you send links to your hubs. Every sort of link you can find. As the sites that you are using to send you hubs age, the stronger your hubs will get in the SERP’s.

You will also note that I have close to 400 hubs. I’m aiming for 1000 in another month or two. Let me say folk, it’s some seriously hard work I’m putting into the hub project. I know it may look from your end that I’m simply writing a couple articles a day and sitting back on my earnings, but I am putting in 12+ hour days working with hubs, backlinks, infobarrels, etc.

I guess there are two strategies you can take here. Say your goal is 100 bucks a day. You can create 100 hubs and then work on making them produce more and coax more traffic out of them. If you have 100 hubs and are getting 10 bucks, you can do enough SEO to bring in 10 times the traffic. This is certainly possible.

But, you are really going to have to get your hubs ranking the front page for your keywords to bring in 10 times the traffic. If you are going to put this much effort into this (and you are going to have to spend some serious time treating each hub like a niche blog/site in regards to backlink work), I’d say put your articles on free blogger blogs then get those blogs to the front page. Yes, it will take longer, but all the money you earn will be yours. This is why I don’t think it’s worth the effort. You will have to do a lot more work and you lose 40% of your earnings. Better to do more work and wait longer to et 100% of the earnings.

I’m not saying you can’t make vast amounts of coin with something like 40 hubs. If you pick the right niches and are willing to take those 40 hubs and get them ranked in the top 5 of Google over the course of a couple months, then yes, such a thing is possible. But get it in your head that, on average, you won’t see some decent coin until you reach the 100 mark. You want to find niches that seem to work. Most hubs end up as dead ends, but some will end up bringing in consistent coin.

The other way is to create vast numbers of hubs, so many hubs that you can reach 100 bucks a day. And in my estimation, that’s about 1000 hubs. Now, I’m pretty sure I could have 500 hubs make 100 bucks a day with backlink work. But my goal is not to spend vast amounts of time sending backlinks to hubs. If I’m going to put the time in, I want to own the sites.

Now, it’s been 2 weeks since the Hubchallenge, and pretty much NO one else has finished a 100 hubs. So if you don’t think you can muster up the effort to create 1000 hubs, well that’s understandable. You may want to look at working your hubs with backlinks then.

A word of caution: only creating 1000 hubs won’t be enough to get you money. You need to pick niches that people will actually care about, and you need to SEO. I saw some guy on hubpages who had a 1000 hubs posting how little money he made. Folks, don’t be this poor smuck.

The only ad related income I make off HubPages is Adsense and I have yet to have a single month that was over $200.

Man, 1000 hubs and less than 200 bucks a month. I’d sacrifice my first born on an altar of glass or something if I was getting results like this.

I have gone on record over and over again in stating that I don’t write for SEO as I couldn’t give a rotten rodent rectum about compiling repetitive keywords into unreadable dreck copy just to make a buck. I’m a writer, not a huckster.

Your certainly a writer mate — and certainly a poor one as well.

Therefore, the only conclusions I can reach after 1,000 Hubs is:

1) The online writers who claim untold riches from ad income are a bunch of filthy, lying scammers


2) I’m doing something completely wrong in my Hub writing and thus missing out on all this avalanche of ad money.

No, I’d say the reason falls squarely on #2, due to the fact that you have your head buried into sand. Ignore topics that get adsense clicks and don’t bother with SEO and you can spend your time writing for pennies while I get my feet massaged by a couple girls while drinking some Don Perion in a mansion somewhere off the coast of Mexico. I’m sorry, if you want to earn money with adsense you are going to have to write about topics you hate.

Do you THINK I like to write about how to “get larger man boobs” or “Top 10 Medications for Female Yeast Infections”? I’ve got better things to do, trust me. But these boooooring topics that I care less about bring in the $. They say first marry for love, then for money. I say, marry for the money and fuck the love. You can buy it when you’re rich. Get it?

Now, seriously, as funny as I’m trying to be, this poor bloke is really the “everyblogger” of this world. These types craft some wonderful, witty articles, join a community and get a large readership ooing and ahhing about how intelligent a writer they are, and slap adense on their sites, hoping to make money off their wit. The thing is, they stay poor, witty writers. Meanwhile, that illiterate guy from punjubastanmian is writing half literate articles that even a 3rd grader would point out as “crap.” But that same person is raking in thousands a month…

Guys, don’t think I’m hammering on good writers just because of insecurity. I, too, wanted to be a writer. I spent 4 years getting an English degree (didn’t help with my speling though — yes I know I speled wrong 😉 ) with a minor in journalism. I followed this up with a degree in linguistics, among others. So, I know what it’s like to be a writer. I had this dream about being a novelist at some point. It only took being evicted by a couple landlords to realize that wasn’t the path for me. So good writing, at least in niche marketing, is a bad thing.

If you want to entertain people with witty writing, then get a job at the New York Times be REAL writer. Or get a book published. I think the only way you can actually make money while writing about topics you love is if you have an obscene obsession with acne medication or antiaging creams for man boobs or skin care for grannies. Well, you can always do what Grizzly did: create a blog in an ultra competitive niche full of hucksters and give out FREE, real advice that works. Grizzly actually has the perfect setup. He gives real information about an important topic, cooks up some good writing, while making money off the PPC shills promoting MMO crap.

Anyways, where was I? Getting my feet massaged by two virgins. Opps, wrong train of though. Yes, making money with hubs. That’s where I was. You have to put in some work writing to produce at least enough hubs where you can turn in a decent income. Let me reiterate. If you are spending an 30 minutes a day writing on Hubpages, you can forget making any money at all. You need at LEAST 100 hubs to start to see any coin. I’d say for some “tangible income” aim for around 200 hubs.

Having done close to 400 hubs, this is my projection. With about 100 hubs, you will probably see, on average, about 7-10 bucks of revenue. Now, if you are lucky and you get some really high performing hubs, you might see in the 20’s. I highly doubt you will be that lucky though.

I am getting people asking me to look at their hubs and see why there are not able to quite their jobs after 2 weeks of MMO. Well wonders of wonders, when I look at their profiles, there are often less than 20 hubs.

You have to be fucking joking people! If you aren’t making money, it’s because you don’t have enough hubs, period. You can’t make 20,30, or even 50 hubs and think you are going to pull in 40 bucks a day!

And if I see any more “best way to make cookies” or “rocking chair cradles” type hubs, I’m going to stamp those cookies to peices, and burn your rocking chairs. Just kidding! But, you WON’T make a fucking cent with those types of niches.

Look for niches where there is a great need. Health is always a good one, skin care is great (I’ve probably made close to $300 alone with hubs in this niche). The sad fact of the matter is that you can make a lot of money from dying people and people with bad skin. Even more money from people who are dying and have bad skin. Take that hint and see where it leads…

Also, make sure you diversify. I can’t tell you have many different topics I’ve written on – at least 200 different niches. The more different niches you have, the better a position you will be in to find ones that work.

And, after setting up a hub and sending some backlinks to it, expect it to take at least a week, probably two before you see any clicks. Creating hubs is a bit like farming. You toss your seeds around and wait to see what pops up. Some seeds will grow faster than others and some won’t grow at all. But you can’t toss a couple seeds on the ground then complain that you aren’t eating any of the fruit yet. It takes time to see what starts to pop.

I promised I’d write that eBook about creating hubs, but I’ve been so busy with my other challenges. I honestly don’t think I need to write an eBook for you guys. I’ve practically written a book about making money with hubs already on my blog.

I want to emphasize that you should NEVER put all your eggs in one basket. It’s ludicrous to just focus primarily on hubs as your primary revenue source. Parasitic domains are great to use as a supplement income source, but you should focus on having your own domains. Not only do you keep 100% of the income, you are far more secure. What happens if you get banned by Hubpages? What if they fold up? Exactly – which is why you want your own sites.

Deversity is the key when making money online. Use hubpages, infobarrel, squidoo, blogger niche blogs, self hosted wordpress niche sites, etc. The more variety of sites you have, the better a position you will be in (and you learn a lot about making money with different platforms).

It’s also a good idea to diversify your earning streams. This means you should be having Adsense, Amazon, eBay, clickbank, etc as your earning sources. I personally want to start mastering the art of affiliate selling for the next month or two. To that effect, I’m about to start a brand new challenge this week: 100 clickbank snipers sites in 30 days. I’m going to try and get 30-60 bucks a day with about a month of killer work. More on this later.

Now stop reading and get back to work.

Ben Out

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