Making Money with Targeted Web Traffic vs Non-Targeted Traffic

Every person who wants to earn a passive income online knows that web traffic is the key to making the money. On the web, the prevailing belief is that traffic = money.

Or does it?

Close but not exactly. Targeted web traffic = money. If you want to really make money online, you need more than just traffic, you need target traffic.

How do you get targeted web traffic? From the search engines – specifically, from Google. This is the type of traffic that will make you the money, day and night, 24-7. If you can capture a decent amount of Google traffic for money making keywords/keyword phrases, you can capitalize on this.

I’ll use a personal example. On one of my niches, I was getting about 200 people a day from a long tail keyword. The site pulled in an average of about 400 people a day, and half of those were from a laser targeted keyword. I make money on the site through affiliate sales – products that are related to the long tail search.

One day I found I was getting almost 3k people a day. For a solid week I had about 1500 -3000 people a day coming to my site – about a 300-400 percent increase. All these extra people came from Stumble Upon — probably the worst offender as far as “unfocused web traffic” you can get. People basically arrive at your site because they hit the “stumble” button on their browser.

You would have thought that I would make more money from this traffic, but no. My affiliate sales remained the same. Oh, I did sell a couple more products for a couple of the days, but for the most part, my affiliate sales were within the normal range. My Adsense earnings (which were never substantial anyways as the niche is not a good one for it) actually went down. Why? Because all that unfocused traffic did not click on ads causing Google to lower my revenue per ad click. If I made a $1 on a normal day, I ended up making 10 cents instead.

I’m not the only one who has found that social traffic do not make you money. Ask around on the web and you’ll find most bloggers will tell you they don’t make money from their social-traffic based websites. I’ve even read about a case where a guy was getting millions of visitors but was making only a few hundred in Adsense revenue.

So, you want to avoid going after social traffic if you want to make money through your website. A lot of “Make Money” websites will try to sell you a secret formula that will get you web traffic and make you money. Folks the secret to getting web traffic is to dominate the search engines for keywords. To make money on the internet, you simply dominate the keywords to get the traffic then you find a way to monetize that traffic.

It’s relatively easy to get social traffic; it’s hard to get search engine traffic.

These days, most bloggers are attracted to social traffic. Social traffic is being banded about today as the sort of “rebooted” web 2.0. The prevailing thought among most web admins is that all you need to do to make money online with websites is to just get that traffic and start reaping money.

However, social traffic is the wrong type of traffic if you are looking to make money on the internet. Social traffic arrives at your site through some sort of link (be it stumble upon, digg, reddit, facebook, etc). These type of web surfers are NOT looking to buy anything, not looking to click on an ad. Quite simply, there have not arrived at your website looking to solve a problem or find a solution (essential ingredients if you are looking to make money online).

It’s hard to sell something to someone if they aren’t looking to buy. And social traffic is the ultimate hard sell…they are looking to be entertained. If you are blogging for an audience and to feel special, well, go out and submit your articles to digg, use stumble upon to grab lots of traffic, hit the comment boards and forums non stop, making sure to include your link in your posts. You’ll get traffic. You won’t make money.

Now, perhaps you want social traffic. Maybe you want people to comment on your blogs and tell you what a good writer you are. You’ll feel really good. You’ll also stay broke.

The way to make money from web traffic is to have the RIGHT type of traffic, that is, search engine traffic. You see, people who use the search engines are LOOKING for something. And when people are looking for something, they might buy something – especially if what you’re selling is related to what they are looking for.

In order to make money from this type of traffic, you need to dominate the search engines for the keyword/keyword phrase they type in Google.

Think about this. If someone types in “how to cure hair loss” into Google and your site pops up as number 1, do you think you can entice that person to buy hair loss products or click on an ad that features something about solving hair loss problems? Say someone arrives at your site by clicking on the “stumble upon” button from their browser. Do you thing they are looking to solve a problem?

The type of traffic makes a world of difference. So if you want to make money online, you need to get that targeted, search engine traffic.

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