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ADMIN EDIT 2016: This post is from my original blog (Make Money Online with Seo .com) from way back in 2008 when I first learned internet marketing.

Things on the Internet Marketing front have radically changed since these old posts of mine.

Making money online, SEO, marketing, the software and pretty much everything has evolved.

I’ve imported all the old posts from the old blog for archival sake. 

Some of the information is still relevant (and the posts are a kick to read), but many of the specific SEO strategies and quick make money online ideas I had back then have changed.

SO please keep this in mind when reading. 


A remote village in china with the most spectacular colors...

A remote village in china with the most spectacular colors…

Ok, time for another update. This time, it’s not going to be as long because I’m busy, making lots of money. Edit: Actually, the post turned out to be it’s usual size. Sorry.

Speaking of busy, how busy are you? I’ve noticed, doing my occasional patrols around the MMO world, that there are a lot of “busy” people. But not busy in a good way. There are several kinds of busy – busy making money, and busy bullshitting around. I’m willing to bet, most of you are busy bullshitting around.

What’s bullshitting around? Not fucking working. Bullshitting is checking your Adsense account 999 times an hour, spending the bulk of your time answering fucking social posts that don’t make you any money, fucking around on twitter (the world biggest source of useless traffic and probably in the top 3 competition for the “stupidest way to waste your time” crown), and watching hairy thong midget pron (and that my friends is disgusting way to waste your time…).

Now, I’m serious. I see a lot of people socializing when they should be working. Trust me, I know how mind numbingly boring MMO can be, but if you want to make the money, you need to do work. If you have two hours of work, but you spend an hour checking Adsense and hitting the fresh buttons on MMO forums, responding to comments, etc, you’ve lost 50% of your time.

And time, folks, time is money. There is a certain amount of work you are going to have to do to start seeing money – if you want to do making money online the whitehat way. Let me ask you something. Does answering 50 Joe Blow posts contribute to your money making efforts? No, in fact it’s a liability because it’s costing you your time.

When you work, get stuff done. If you want to play, play hard. If you want to work, work hard. Don’t combine the two. I’m not saying don’t join into community discussions – this is a lonely business and we NEED community to keep sane. But don’t make hanging with the community your main focus. Understand you goal: you are here to make fucking money. Set a goal then once you accomplish that, take a break. Rinse and repeat.

It’s really become my impression that a lot of people in the MMO community think of think MMO is a sort of social club. It is, and it isn’t. We are all united with one purpose: make money online. But a lot of people lose perspective and the community becomes the bulk focus your your “work.” It’s good to have friends guys and it’s nice being “popular” in a forum. But you’re still going to be fucking poor at the end of the day. So do spend time working and not talking.

Ok, Niche Devil.

Niche Devil Experiment Update

Ok, the short of it – Vic is not bullshitting with this software. It’s good, very good – in the right hands. But it’s NOT for beginners. No way in hell. Sure, it’s easy to setup a ND site. It’s not easy keeping Google from fucking banning you and it’s not easy to get your sites indexed. So far, I have about 130 sites up. I’ve bought another 100 domains which I have been trying to get up, but I’ve a few social obligations interfering the past couple days. I’m going to work up to 200, then stop and send digg/BMS links to every ND site. I don’t have every one of my ND sites tracked via stat counter, only the first 20. Of those 20, I’d say 10 are indexed and brining in longtail traffic.

This is good – this trickle traffic is exactly what I’m looking for. If each ND site can bring in 2-6 people a day, over 500 of these will add up to thousands of targeted search traffic each day – and with the 7 day ebay cookie, you are going to get sales, probably a fair amount of them. Even if you dont make sales (HIGHLY unlickly), you still get clicks — hopefully a few hundred a day at least, and these clicks give you money, since ebay multiples them against the qualigy score variable. Right now, 200 clicks for me equals 13 bucks, but I have a shit quality score right now. If I make a sale, those 200 clicks could be 50,80,100 bucks ore more. To be honest, I don’t understand how ebay really tallies their totals — I get a brain freeze trying to understand it.

Now, the problem is that these damn ND things don’t want to get indexed. the default ping option does jack right now in terms of getting your sites indexed.

Right now, Google is at open war with ND sites. I suspect a Google engineer purchased Vic’s software and took a look to see how to track the default template on these things. If you guys want to have a hope in hell of keeping your sites indexed, you better change every template to a unique footprint. Every single one of my next 350 will have a unique footprint to maximize their chance of survival.

Since I only have a handful, I’ve only gotten a few clicks. I think I’ve gotten about 20 ebay affiliate clicks so far. No sales, but this has bumped up my click total and made me about 4 bucks. Not going to retire. But I really need to see what happens with ALL my sites getting indexed and trickle traffic – right now, it’s hard to tell anything.

Word on the street is that if you have buying keywords in the domain/title/headers on a .info site, google flags it for a manual inspection. So better go with generic terms at this point.

I’ve also started a new challenge on the side, last week that’ going amazingly well. Enter

300 Adsense Sniper blogs in 60 Days Challenge

This is going to be my best and biggest challenge yet folks. And the money I’m going to make is going to make my Hubpage or Info Barrel challenge earnings pale.

I’m going to state right now, my aim is to make 200-500 bucks a day with these. And based off what I’m seeing with my experiment, this is very possible.  Now, I want to really explore what best works. So challenge will have three parts:

1. 100 Self Hosted WordPress Blogs (new domains)

2. 100 Self Hosted WordPress Blogs (preowned domains)

3. 100 Blogger Blogs

I want to see how much better preowned domains perform over new domains – I suspect they will get ranked much faster. The reason is that domain age is a BIG part of google’s search engine ranking formula. By purchasing a preowned domain 3+ years old, you can get a leg up right from the get go. They are a bit more expensive, usually about 10-12 bucks after you buy one, but the advantages should be worth it – I hope.

Blogger blogs. I’m going to step in Grizzly’s shoes for a bit with these blogs. I’ve noticed that blogger blogs rank for shit ( at least initially) compared to self hosted blogs. Now, with good backlinks, they rank fine, but initially, they don’t. I find self hosted blogs pull tickle traffic within a few days or weeks, but I have not had too much luck with blogger blogs getting as much traffic. If I find I can use blogger blogs to make good money, hell, I’ll switch over from self hosted in a flash. Domain fees suck.

I’ve been struggling whether to go all out and detail all my Internet Marketing methods or to start to mask what I do – i.e. leaving out the guts of my strategies. I’ll talk about the general strategies and techniques insofar as I’m able too, but I’m going to mask the gritty details.

The problem is, this blog has become WAY too public for my tastes. I’m getting 1K+ traffic a day (nothing too spectacular, I know, but the blog is only a couple months old). I’m sure Google is probably reading what I’m writing as well. You won’t find any of the big wigs spending time publically talking about their strategies or methods anymore. There is a good reason why folks – they’ve lost a LOT of money because of that, both from Google closing loopholes or people sabotaging networks, etc.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if I publically talk about “how” I make money, I’m going to get people trying to copy my sites, methods, or maybe even closer scrutiny from Google. And folks, remember that Internet Marketing is my “job” but teaching you guys is not. I am not getting paid by any of you to teach, so I’m not going to risk my income to help people for free. My earnings soley come from niche blogging, not from MMO blogging.

The thing is, there are many desperate people here who have been taking what I know and using it against me. I’ve had a huge problem with copiers in the past and frankly, I don’t see how it personally benefits me to give out any more of my strategies, helping lazy people make money off my efforts and ideas.

I love helping people, but, I’ve been losing money because of some people. I’ll still go over some basic strategies and talk about some ideas, etc, but I’m NOT going to get into the nitty gritty – how I pick niches, layout sites, themes I use, my specific linking strategies to rank, tricks to pull in the money faster. That my friends is going to be up to you. But this is as it should be — you need to get out there work hard and TEST things to see what works. You can’t always have things always just handed to you on a plate guys.

I’ve learned the MOST not by reading how to make money (though when you first start, it’s useful) or being taught by anyone (though, if anyone showed me the ropes, it would have to be Grizzly who got me started), but by getting down and dirty creating sites and experiementing ON MY OWN. I can tell you right now that if I spent my time haunting MMO forums posting bullshit all day long, I would not be making the money I am right now.

I’ll still help where I can and answer some questions, but the days about giving away all my strategies to the public are gone.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go the way of ProBlogger and give out absolute shit wrong information or like other blogs that “talk” about making money but don’t point anyone in any meaningful direction. But I’m going to keep some stuff to myself from now on.

So anyways, back to my 300 blogs in 60 days. I’m pretty damn good with making money with Adsense right now. So these Adsense snipers are the perfect opportunity to capitalize.

My Adsense snipers are the perfect Adsense killing machines. They can hone in on a longtail keyword. With the right sniper layout and the right sort of research, you can rank pretty fast and very high with some tricks. And by combining a made-for-Adsense style writing (but one that also delivers quality and useful information), you create a click-killing niche blog.

Now, the prevailing idea about making money with niche marketing is that you pick a niche with lower competition – competition that you think you can make take on by ranking in the top 5. This is a good strategy – one taught by Court in his Keyword Academy and Grizzly blogs. You can make money like this once you rank. The problem is, it can take months to reach this go. You are looking between 3 months to a year. Don’t get me wrong – this is a valid model of making money, but it’s not the only way. Not by far.

Can you make money faster with niche blogs? Yes, you can. I have. I’ve been creating a handful of these sites the past 5 days (to see the potential) and I’ve been making money right away. I’m earning about 20-30 USD a day with these. Keep in mind this is with a couple. I’m going full force into this method next week (after I get my ND sites done), looking at getting 4-7 Adsense sniper blogs up each day for 2 months.

Note: Now, I need to be clear here, there are some specific reasons why I am making money so fast with the few sniper sites I have. I don’t want anyone to get the idea that you can slap up a couple blogs/sniper sites and next day take home the bacon — in this case, I’ve been able to figure out a way to capitalize right away, but it’s certainly NOT going to be like this every time. And sniper site or not, depending on the niche, you DON’T rank right away. No matter what you do, you are at google’s mercy sometimes. I just want you to know that if you are creative, the “create 5 blogs and get backlinks for 6 months before making a dime” doesn’t have to apply.

Now, my goal is to make 1 buck a day with each blog with Adsense. With 300 blogs, that should equal about 300 bucks a day. And indeed, from my experiments, if you do everything just right, a buck a day is perfectly possible (probably a big big lowball). In fact, with only a handful I’m making 20+ bucks a day. So the potential is there. Obviously since I don’t have a zillion of these sites yet, I can’t make promises, but my initial “research attempt” had been very profitable indeed. I’ll talk more about these and give income updates (maybe a few income proof pictures).

Click Bank Snipers Update

On hold right now. I can make money with these, but right now, I see faster ways to make money. I’m going back to this one, and going to pick better niches and put up 100 sites, but I’m going to pump my Adsense earnings (on my own sites) first, then make a concerted effort. I’ve learned a lot from these, and I’m still actually throwing up a few here and there when I see an affiliate opportunity. But my next 100 is going to have to wait a few months, maybe sooner. I will let you know if one of my twenty sites actually makes a sale though. They should, in time.

Upcoming/Current Make Money Experiments

Here is a look at some of my upcoming make money online experiments

*300 Blogs in 60 Days (started, but going to official start as soon as ND are done, maybe Monday)
*500-1000 Niche Devil Sites (current)

*500 Ebay Hubs/Squidoo
I will be creating hubs targeted for only selling amazon/ebay affiliate products. I’ve seen some success with 30 or so hubs hawking some ebay products, but I feel there is money to be made with hundreds of these out there, all targeting hot products.


*Create an Authority Blog or 3.
I’m Really looking forward to this. I’m going to dominate 3 competitive niches with a massive 300-500 focused article authority site in each. I’m going to pull out every SEO trick in the book to get these things ranked. My aim is to build 5k-10k a month authority sites here

Don’t Waste Your Time in Noob Forums

Sometimes I get people emailing me or asking me questions about why Ron Jeremy from the warrior triple XXXO factor said this and why I said this, etc. Guys, Ron Jeremy from warriorforms can go sell midget thongs for all I care. Most of these guys are complete bullshiters. The ONLY money they make are from you giving them your coin for their bullshit how to make money ebooks.

I NEVER go to warriorforums or any of those headless chicken noobfest forums. Why? Because it’s a waste of my time. Why do I want a guy making 50 bucks a month answering my question like he’s some sort of guru, when I’m making 100x what he is? Exactly. And don’t get me started on all the bullshit GURU’s giving advice there, preying on the noobs looking for easy money. Places like that are simply virtual stages were fake gurus put on some smarmy performance to reel in the noobs.

The problem is, most people out there want a quick fix. What do you thing sells better as a title:

‘How to Make 30k in 3 Days While Getting a Massage from Pretty Thai Girls”


“How to Make Money By Locking Yourself into Your Room and Working 20 hours a day for 6 months”

Yea, I don’t think that’ one needs an answer. The problem is, the second title has more truth — a LOT more truth. Repeat this one after me guys: “there is no way to make money online without work.” Any sort of program that offers this, is a lie. There are people always looking for the next “thing” the next “WSO” that will guarantee you make money fast. If you are onto your WSO #5 and you still haven’t made money, maybe you better bash your head into a few walls to knock some sense into your head.

The Key to Making Money Online: Commitment

You may wonder why I’m making money right now with whatever I do. It’s because I have passion. I don’t take up a project and go half way – I commit my soul to it. If someone wants does 10 sites, I do 100. If someone does 100, I make 1000. That is how to make money folks. I work 10 times harder than anyone else. And you know what, during this process, I learn a lot of things — things that help me make money.

I see a lot of you newbie Internet Marketers get caught up with following the latest money making craze. Guys, this is a huge mistake. You see someone who knows exactly what to do to make money make a lot of money in a short period of time and you decide because they are making money, well you are going to as well. That’s fine, but you chase after the latest craze every damn month or week.

The reason why is that you don’t commit to something. You create a handful of blogs, maybe 50 Hubpages, a couple infobarrels, and wonder why you’ve only made a couple bucks in a week. Even worse, you see someone else making money with some other strategy so you abandon your previous attempt to try something new.

This yo-yoing around is the perfect way how NOT to make money online guys. You want to make money, here’s the formula I follow:

1. Pick a proven methods (people you trust make money wit it)
2. Put your heart and soul into it
3. Work like someone has a gun pointed to your head

There we go. Simple, isn’t it. Most of you end up failing on all three points. You pick a method, but you don’t’ commit. Big surprise why you then make fuck all. Or you pick a strategy, get all excited, start working for a few days/weeks but when you see the monstrous size of the work ahead, you give up. Or maybe you do start working on it but you don’t actually “work.” You spend most of your time chatting with other newbies about how to make money online or the best methods, or participate in conversations with no fucking idea what the fuck you are talking about.

It’s fun to talk about MMO with people – I get that, I’m guilty of that. This is a business where connections are key – befriend people left and right, they will help you in the future. But seriously people, it’s fucking pointless talking about making money online. Talk is cheap guys, it’s actions that speak. Instead of spending your life whining online about how you are not making money online, or discussing MMO strategies, maybe you should actually spend that time trying to MAKE MONEY ONLINE. Get it?

If you are not spending 95% of your “work time” writing content, creating sites, doing keyword research, or getting backlinks, then there is something fucking wrong with your work schedule. Fix it and you may find, magically, you fix that big fat 0 in your daily Adsense balance. Just a suggestion.

You will find that once you start to make money, it all just makes sense. It seems impossible at first, a dollar here, a dollar there, 5 dollars here, and 10 dollars there, but before you know it, the money is following. You make nothing at first and often for months and month, but once the  trickle of money begins, it really flood in.

You see, making money is about confidence. Confidence comes from a history of success. Once you KNOW you are making money – not Grizzly making money, not Ben making money, not Jim making money, but YOU making money – you gain confidence. YOu can approach an internet marketing project knowing that you can make money – even if you don’t make money right away. So work your ass off and you’ll see those results. Those results will give you confidence.

If anyone has time to help a great grandmother out, be sure to visit Gourmet Recipe Blog. Grizzly, on his Make Money blog asked it anyone could give an old gal some technical advice about blogging and niche marketing. The issue might be resolved already, but hey, visit her site and you might find out how to make some nice, yummy cookies — the perfect companion for when your doing boring MMO stuff.

Now Go Make Money Online


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