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ADMIN EDIT 2016: This post is from my original blog (blacklink reviews) from way back in 2010-11 when I first learned internet marketing. Things have radically changed since then with how to make money online, what to do, SEO, marketing, and such. But I’ve imported all the old posts from this site for archival sake. Some of the information is still relevant, but many of the specific SEO strategies and quick make money online ideas AND product recommendations I had back then have changed and are no longer valid.

SO please keep this in mind when reading. These are old, outdated posts! 


Welcome to the best Micro Niche Finder review on the web, hands down. Another Spider review special just for my readers.  This MNF review is my attempt to cut through some of the bullshit reviews dominating the SERPS. Most of those Micro Niche Finder review sites squatting on the front page for that keyword term are fake and the owners have never used the program.

Anyways…back to the review.

Now right up front let me confess that Micro Niche Finder really is one of my favorite programs and it’s one that I use a LOT. So keep in mind this review is going to have a positive spin because of that.

It’s refreshing to review a program that I can heartily recommend to other people. Now I know some of you may be thinking “not another BS internet marketing tool recommendation” right?

The truth is that there are a lot of internet marketing tools out there and I don’t use most of them. Why? Because most of them either don’t really do anything you can’t do better by yourself, or complete BS, or fill a “need” that you actually have no need to fill. A lot of these marketing types you’ll find on WarriorForums will try and sell you on some service or product that YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE lest you be missing out some easy way of making money. Bah, those products usually end up doing jack shit for you. Not so with MicroNicheFinder.

Now unlike many of the other internet marketing tools I’ve review, Micro Niche Finder is not a backlinking program, but rather a keyword research tool. Now if you don’t know anything about keyword research at this point (and you are even looking at buying these tools), then you are in the wrong profession my friend — you don’t have a God’s chance of making any money online with internet marketing. So before you pony out money for something like Micro Niche Finder, you need to know what keyword research is.

What Micro Niche Finder does is help you find those little niches that can make you money. You see, there are two ways to make money online with websites.

The first way is to beat your head against the competition, fighting over those competitive keywords that every other marketer and SEO is going after or you can go after those terms that can make you money that don’t have all the usual suspects targeting them. I (usually) prefer the later strategy. Why? Because if you want to duke it out with the pros and seo types, you are going to spend a lot more time and effort getting your website to the top and a lot more energy keeping it there.  More time and more energy required. The payoff is usually greater, but that payoff could be a few years in coming…

If you can find a keyword that’s low competition and build a site on it (or target that keyword with an existing site related to that niche), you’ll make money easier and faster.

Micro Niche Finder Features

There are a lot of features in this program. I’m going to talk about the main ones that you’ll actually use. At the heart of the program is the keyword result matrix. This is basically the list of results you get when you do a keyword search. Those results are the same results you get back (plus more information) when you type a keyword into the Google Keyword Tool. MNF takes those basic results, however, and adds a good dose of steroids to them.

keyword results

the micro niche finder keyword result matrix

For every list of keywords returned by the program (the actual keyword you are researching and the related keywords), you can for every keyword result:

Do Specialized Google Searches

  • Do a google search for it (good for scooping out the competition, PR, etc)
  • Do a google exact phrase search (have “” around the term)
  • Do a google trend search
  • Do a google product search (useful!)
  • Do a google new search

Useful Keyword Research Stuff

  • Find LSI keywords (related keywords at the click of a button)
  • Return the Buying Keywords associated with that term (useful!)
  • Do a more broad search on the keyword (if the keyword is power washing machines, you can get more general keywords showing for the category)
  • Get Narrow Results for keyword (return results that are very niche specific)

Affiliate Stuff

  • Find affiliate products for that term (amazon, clickbank, etc)

Check Exact Match Domains available for that keyword

View all Usual Keyword Stuff

  • Local Searches
  • Exact Searches
  • Phrase Searches
  • CPC (ad costs)

Here are some pictures that will show you what I mean. For every result returned by the program for a keyword, you can click on it and get an ABUNDANCE of extra information right away.

micro niche finder picture
What Micro Niche Finder does and does well is it presets you with ALL the information you need to make an informed decision of whether to target a keyword or not (be it with an entire website or even just write a post about that keyword on your website).

ALL that information presented in Micro Niche Finder can be found WITHOUT the program — I want to make this clear as crystal. You can use the Google Keyword Tool by itself, the Google Search Engine, and a few other secondary tools to do the same thing. But it will take you MUCH MUCH longer. Basically, Micro Niche Finder lays all the keyword information out right in front of you and you can get all the information you need to know about that keyword with a click or two.

Some Other Features That Are Really Useful

Micro Niche Finder also has some other features that make it pretty sweet to use.

(Huge Assortment of) Custom Search Filters

You can basically customize the returned results based on any data the program has access to about a keyword. This includes the following:

  • Result Phrase
  • Domain Availablity
  • Local Search Count
  • Global Search Count
  • Trend Data
  • Exact Phrase Count
  • Ad Cost
  • Commercial Intent (OCI)
  • Measure of Backlinks (MOB)
  • Strength of Competition (SOC)

For each of those options, you can make a custom filter. You can, say, choose to only show results that have say a .org available for the keyword. Or a .com and a .org available. Or no exact match domains available. You can say show results that only have less than 1000 exact matches or 1200 exact matches and a .org available. You can show say results that have ad CPC’s of say more than .45c or less than $3.00 AND a .org domain available.

You get the idea here. You can mix and match anything. This is powerful, powerful, powerful. You can basically set up the program to only show results that fit with YOUR specific criteria for profitable keywords. Note, for each specific thing you want to filter, you will have to create a brand new filter. So if you say want to filter out all results that don’t have an exact domain, you’ll make 1 filter for that. If you want to filter out all results that don’t have exact domains and have an adwords CPC of say more than $1.00, you’ll make 2 filters. You can choose to activate the filters or not too.

Click on the screen shots to see some of the filter options.

micro niche finder custom filters

A “Brainstorm” Feature

If you’ve ever been stuck trying to find new keywords, you’ll love this feature. You basically hit a Brainstorm button and MNF will return a bunch of random keyword results to you. More often or not, you’ll find some gold nugget keywords you would never have considered before because of this feature.

micro niche finder brainstormmicro niche finder hot trends and brainstorm features

There is also a “Hot Trends” button you can hit which will return you keywords that are trending in google. If you are one of those marketers that target trend traffic, you’ll love that feature.

MNF keeps a Record of Your Old Searches

Micro Niche Finder keeps a record of your old keyword searches (10 of them). So you can simply look at your past keyword searches and click on one of the tabs again to load the information. This can be a pretty useful feature for some. That information is displayed in both tabs in the program and when you click on one of the menu bars.

review of micro niche finder

Exact Match Domains Can Be Added to A Buy List

One of the best features I like is the ability to see if the TLD’s are available for results. If you are the sort that buys keywords based on the Exact Match Domain availability, this is a powerful and time saving features. You can choose to add a domain (.com,.org,.net) to a “domain buy list.” This means as you do your keyword research, simply click on the domain and have it added to the list for later perusal/purchasing. I don’t recommend buying the domains through MNF though. Best to copy the list of the domains you add to a text file and buy them via Godaddy — it’s cheaper.

What I don’t Like about Micro Niche Finder

There are a few things I don’t like about the program. Compared to the advantage the program offers, they are minor things. But I’ll list them for the sake of a complete Micro Niche Finder review.

The Menu Interface is Confusing/Clumsy

I don’t like the top menu interface. I find myself getting a bit confused jumping from feature to feature there sometimes. That’s not to say you can’t navigate, but you’ll find yourself stalled looking around for a feature you know is there…somewhere. Let’s just hope he revamps the interface completely. That’s not to say the interface is bad looking, but the way some of the buttons are laid out (and the small size) with no sort of text associated with them leave you guessing.

The actual interface (see picture below) you see for the keyword results is just fine — there is no confusion about what to click on there and all the information is presented in a clear and succinct manner.

micro niche finder review

Searches Are a Bit Slow

Seeing as MNF pulls results from the Google Keyword Tool, it’s a bit slower than if you did a direct search yourself with the Google Keyword Tool. However, remember that MNF adds a LOT of extra information over the Google Keyword Tool, so it’s understandable.

Still, I’d say it’s about 3-4 times slower showing you the results than when using the Google Keyword Tool. Not a make or break problem, but worth pointing out.

Micro Niche Finder Versus Market Samurai

One question that always seems to pop up is what’s the difference between Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai. Well both are really entirely two different programs that overlap in some of the Keyword Research Features.

revew of micro niche finder

micro niche finder keyword tool

market samurai review

market samurai keyword tool section

Market Samurai is a full blown internet marketing suite, allowing you to keep track of your website’s google rankings, check detailed backlink stats for your websites (all of them) and that of your competition, find affiliate products related to your niches, find related content for your keywords, and get keyword research information.

Micro Niche Finder is basically just a keyword research tool (though you can find some affiliate products and related content for keywords). You can’t directly do backlink counts, analyze your competitor’s backink sources, check the serp position for keywords (other than eyeballing it by clicking on the keyword to do a google search).

Basically, Micro Niche Finder is WAY WAY better for the actual keyword research. There is way more keyword research information given to you and it’s all presented in a nice looking matrix so you can see everything you need. Additional information can be had with a click or two. MS has a pretty comprehensive keyword research tool in some ways but it doesn’t offer the level of information about a specific keyword that MNF does. Nor does it present it in as easy to read matrix as MNF does. And, Market Samurai’s keyword research module is a pain in the ass to use.

MNF wins hands down when it comes to looking for keywords/keyword research. If you want to do other stuff besides looking for niches such as researching competition, looking at the competition of a keyword, keeping track of your sites, then MS is better. I suggest you read my 4300 word review of Market Samurai if you want a deeper look at that program.

Really, there is room for both programs (I own both).


I’ve covered all you need to know in my MicroNicheFinder review. On a whole, I really like the program and I have no hesitation to recommend it to anyone who does internet marketing, seo, or blogging online. It’s the best program for keyword research I’ve found and it makes finding new niches (and micro niches) an absolute breeze.

It doesn’t do anything you can’t do by hand with a lot more time involved, but  for that reason, I say MNF can save you a lot of time and make your internet marketing much more productive than it might otherwise be.

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