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Sorry guys, I’m woefully behind on updating this blog, doing reviews, and whatnot. I’ve moved over to South East Asia (Thailand) from Canada, so it’s taken a few weeks to adjust to the new living location. I’m going to start actually doing stuff next week, so I’ll start writing more articles/reviews starting next week.

SEO Link Robot’s been updated — I’m going to update the review with some of the changes. Truth be told, I haven’t really done a follow up review from the first one. But word on the street is that it’s a pretty good alternative to SENuke X (which, by the way, I don’t like). I’m also going to review the SEO Powersuite tools. I was suppose to write a review months ago, but other stuff (like always) came up.

A few things I notice with the new Panda scape (all my own anecdotal evidence, however):

1. Age of domains seems to count for much more — I notice older domains (with legit links) seem to be doing better.

2. Age of backlinks has more oomph — again, I notice sites with old (legit) backlinks seem to be doing fairly well. New sites with newer backlinks, not so well

3. Content Rich Sites remain strong — sites with lots of content seem to be doing ok and pretty stable

4. Frequently updated sites doing well — sites that get updated every week or twice a week seem to be getting a boost
Again, this is my OWN observations. I don’t want to label this the gospel or anything.

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