Navigating The Sleazy World Of Make Money Online Bloggers

The world of online marketing and internet blogging has become a big business for a lot of people. For every one person who is making an honest living on the internet, there are 10 people out there who are trying to sell you their course on how to make money online. The people who are selling you the promise of making money, are only making a living online because they are selling you affiliates through their program.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a website who has affiliate links and make money through recommending products that they use. In fact, I make money online with affiliate offers. However, the difference is I will never recommend a product that I have not tried or used before. Just because you “heard” that something is good (aka. the product pays a high affiliate commission), doesn’t mean that it is the best product.

If you ever read a review about a product online, you should make sure you try and look for non biased reviews. Most of the reviews available online are actually sales pages that are disguised as a review. These marketers put their affiliate links in the article and spend a few thousand words trying to convince you that their product is worth your money.

Pat Flynn is one of the best resources for people looking to make an income off a skill they have.

Pat Flynn is one of the best resources for people looking to make an income off a skill they have.

A lot of these marketers who give these BS reviews don’t realize that people are smarter than that. If you give an honest review that looks at the pros and cons of a product from a neutral stand point, you are more likely to get people buying the product, than someone who is all praises with no downside. That is why you should never buy a book on Amazon that only has 5 star reviews. This is a tell sign that someone paid for those reviews or gave the book away for free.

There Are Honest People

In my opinion, is one of the few diamonds in the world of make money online. Pat Flynn started his blog after he was making real money online. I can honestly say nothing bad about Pat Flynn because he has done a lot of great things for thousands of people. If you want a good example of someone who is making money online, his blog is great.

The sad truth about making money online is that if you want to make good profit off of your audience, you have to hustle a bit. In the online world of internet business, nice guys don’t finish first (Unless your name is Pat Flynn). Most people in the make money online niche are sleazy guys who will do anything to make a buck on the internet.

Hate him or love him, John Chow has made millions from telling people about how he made money online

Hate him or love him, John Chow has made millions from telling people about how he made money online

A great example of the sleaze ball marketer personified is John Chow from He is a guy who has never offered anything of real value, but has made millions of dollars in the process. He makes six figures a month by telling people how great his lifestyle is and how amazing he is. He takes videos of himself driving around in fancy cars to show “proof” of his greatness as a marketer. His whole persona is about showing people how much money he makes and making them buy his affiliate promotions that he offers.

At the end of the day John Chow is good at making people buy into his system. The fact that he has been able to make millions of dollars selling people his dream of making money online is very impressive. Criticisms aside, he is doing what he needs to do to make money.

Most Online Marketers Have No Morals

Every once in a while you will see people across the web proclaiming how they made $10,000-30,000 in a month. Most of these bloggers will end their income statement with AND YOU CAN TOO! The truth is that pyramid schemes have been around for decades. However, the difference now is they have made their way on to the internet.

Anyone who charges $30,000 for a product is full of BS

Anyone who charges $30,000 for a product is full of BS

Programs like Six Figure Mentors promise to teach people how to make money online with a small fee. Once you sign up for the program even at the introduction package of $29, you will be led to a sales page that tries to convert you to the premium $30,000 sales package. Any make money online program that is trying to sell you expert advice for a years salary is ludicrous.

I guarantee that if you did enough research on your own, you will already know EVERYTHING that these so called experts are trying to teach you online.

As a general rule of thumb, you should never spend thousands of dollars to purchase any course online. These programs will teach you how to make money by convincing other people to sign up to their programs and to make money online. This is how the whole circle of sleaziness starts to grow and expand.

The Nature of Sales

Most marketers sounds like this guy looks

Most marketers sounds like this guy looks

At the end of the day, sleaziness is not limited to the internet. I worked as a telephone marketer for less than a year and I learned the art of selling. In order to sell effectively, you have to tell people what they want to hear. If I told you that 95% of people who are trying to make money online make nothing, would you even bother trying to start?

However, if I told you that I am making $10,000 a month and barely lifting a finger, would that appeal to you more? I believe in trying to tell people the truth, even if they don’t want to hear it. If you are willing to work your ass off, there is a good chance you can make an income online. However, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to make a dollar, you are in the wrong field.

There are plenty of good online resources that provided practical solutions for making money online. The key is to sort through all the BS websites like who are geared towards selling you on the dream, instead of giving you real information that can help you.

How To Sort Through The Sleaze

If you have experience making money online, you will be able to spot bull shit from a mile away. Real marketers know how to hit all of the right buttons that will make you want to buy your product. If you don’t have any experience earning money online, it can be extremely scary trying to sort everything out.

Fortunately, Ben and I created to bridge the gap between the BS and the quality information that you will find online. We will look at different products and give you real opinions on what works and what doesn’t work online. So if you don’t know where to start, we will give you a list of things that you can use to start making REAL money online.

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