Online Passive Income Report for June 2016

Back with another income report!

This is the third one so far and I’ve managed to keep consistently writing these.

See last month’s income report here.

The Month of June

Overall, the month of June was a pretty good month. Excellent actually, as you’ll see.

I actually earned MORE from my main income sources though ‘less’ overall since my Direct Advertising income was a fraction of what it was last month (which as you’ll see, is something I expected).

I’m also excited about some new things I’ll be doing. I’m trying to expand my business into new fields — stuff I’ve never tried before, such as outsourcing an ebook to be published as a Kindle eBook on Amazon (something I can promote on one of my authority sites).

I’m also making my first go at creating a product line for two different websites. It’s been fun and exciting and I think it may bring about a new level of income opportunities over the next year.

Overall, good things happening and  good things coming up.

Let’s start this.

Affiliate Offer Earnings

Again, very low here.

And again, I did not get around to adding any affiliate offers to any of my top sites.

Affiliate Offer A: $140

Affiliate Offer B: $30

CJ Earnings: $0

ClickBank Earnings: $31

Here’s a picture of my clickbank activity for June.


Overall, a decrease from last month by over 30 percent. I have not been focusing on affiliate offers. It’s one area I can definitely improve and I’m leaving a lot of money on the table. I just don’t have the time right now to go through my top sites and test out different affiliate offers. I’m not sure how much I could generate, but if I found the right offer for a couple of my sites, I could bring in maybe $1000 to $2000 a month, based on previous experience in those niches and offers. I really should spend the time.


Total Affiliate Offers Revenue: $201


Direct Advertising Revenue for June

Here’s the total take for my direct adverting that I offer on a couple of my sites, as shown on my Paypal statement:


Direct Ads: $300

Selling Services: $0


I call this revenue stream ‘Direct Advertising’, but this actually consists of two seperate services I offer on a couple of my sites: selling ad space on my site to advertisers who email me (it’s a highly in demand niche for that sort of thing, as I found out a few years ago) and a marketing service I offer where I sell my time and expertise as a package. Both are separate offers.

This month did a fraction of what last month took in. But this is expected, as direct advertising pulls in money for multiple months in advance. Last month I did close to $4000 from direct advertising. However, a good portion of that was the sale of ads for upcoming months (this month, next month, and the month after), which ‘skews’ the results a bit, so while it looks like a huge take of money for a single month, it’s really for the sale of multiple upcoming months.

It just happened that I sold ad spots for a couple months in advance last month (as well as for the current month), which brought the total so high. This figure will fluctuate month by month with some months a lot more than others.

Not too much happened this month for both direct ads and selling services (i.e. I only got one booking) but most of the ad spots for my two sites are booked out for this month and the next few months anyways; if I took in any money for those sites this month, it would be for selling ads for 4 months in advance at this point.

The Selling Services I’m thinking about stopping. Though I get $400 per sale, it requires about 5 to 10 hours of my time. I’ve taken in a few thousand dollars and as a result owe 6 or so of these services. I’ve been so busy though and I hate doing the work, which means I keep on delaying. I just don’t think it’s worth my time or energy to offer this, even at $400 a pop.


Total Direct Advertising Revenue: $300


Amazon Affiliate Revenue for June

This was a very good month. My best month ever so far in fact — even better than last month, which was previously my best month ever with Amazon.


Amazon Affiliate Earnings for June 2016


About the Earnings 

This figure comes from Amazon Affiliate fees, Amazon Bounties, and Amazon CMP ads. I’m trying to increase all three of these, though as you see the bulk of my earnings do come from the ‘Fee’s. I should be able to increase my bounties by writing some specific content for a couple sites (promoting a specific Amazon bounty program). My niche/topic directly ties into that Amazon bounty program, which means all I need is to write the content for those sites and wait for the ranking. But, like most things, I have not had the TIME to do this yet.

Amazon CMP ads are an interesting option. From what I’ve found over the past couple months, they are great for adding a few more dollars a day to your pocket. You can place them near the end of your post/page or below the fold on your sidebar. The more you place, the more money you earn (you can show up to 3 on a page). You set your own CMP (how much you earn per 1000 views) and based on the price you set, you’ll get ads shown to a percentage of your views, if the ad bids meet your CMP. I’ve found you can just look at what your or adsense takes in

My Best Month Ever with Amazon

In some of my previous posts about Amazon, I was reminiscing about the good ol’ days of Amazon when I was generating 3500 and 4000 Amazon months. That was back about a year ago when I was taking in about 1800 to 2000 a month with Amazon Affiliates.

Well I can confidently say that now, in 2016, I’ve surpassed those ‘good old days’ of 2011 with much higher earnings now.

And this time around, I’m generating those amazon affiliate sales from a handful of very high quality authority sites — not hundreds of small shitty sites.

Why the huge increase over last month? Well, the biggest earning increase came from some dramatic increases in a two sites and the Amazon earnings they pull in.

1) The authority site I started with my brother in 2014 which is now really tearing it up in the search for any topic in that space is now seeing some big increases every month. Just 2 months ago, it was making about 400-500 per month. Now it’s close to $1400 and rising fast.

2) The other large increase comes from a brand new site I finally started properly monetizing back in April 2006; this site has proved to be a huge hit with Amazon affiliates, and my single top earning Amazon site that I have.

Even more impressive, this site is JUST a little over a year old and has, in the space of about 1 year, gone from a brand new site to a site that makes over 2000 USD a month! Not only is it killing it with Amazon (doing nearly 2000 USD a month with Amazon), it’s also doing nearly $1000 USD with to boot!

Because of this dramatic success, I intend to do a full case study on this new site this month for you guys.

More Amazon Money Coming Soon

I’ve got a lot more going on with the ‘Amazon’ program as a whole, as you’ll see in some upcoming posts. I have just hired a ghostwriter to write an Amazon Kindle ebook for my expired domain website; I’m looking at creating a product line  for that site to sell via Amazon FBA (and on the website directly); I fully intend to create a ‘Brand’ of products tied to the site name — not some generic private label product.

While I am pretty sure I can get the Amazon affiliate sales up to 1000-2000 a month in a year or two with this same site (once it starts to double or triple search traffic), I think the real money is in the Amazon ebook and the line of products I will be creating and selling on the site.


As you see, a remarkable improvement over last month’s (May 2016) earnings:




And here was April 2016’s earnings:




So my Amazon has been doing awesome. I nearly DOUBLED my Amazon Affiliate Income in just two months, going from $3645 to $6,214!

Overall, I’ve very happy with this increase. Unlike CPC advertising, Amazon is much safer and more legit way to earn money because you are actually helping to ‘sell’ something directly. If you find your website is doing very well promoting Amazon Affiliates, this may also be a good indication that you can directly create your own product in that niche and sell that product from your website instead (or in addition to) the amazon products you are promoting.

I will be doing this for two different websites over the coming months — so stay tuned for updates about that!


Total Amazon Affiliate Revenue: $6,214


Adsense Revenue for June

I finally, after two and a half years without an Adsense Account (both accounts were BANNED near the end of 2013), I’ve created a new Adsense account. There’s a specific way to legally create multiple accounts — you just need to create a business organization with a bank account that has that business name (Adsense will send payments to that account name directly or via check).

In the two years since I lost my original account. Back when I had my account banned, I had pretty much all of my sites on Adsense. When I was banned, so where all those sites, which includes a couple of my top earning sites right now. As such, I’m pretty much having to start from scratch with this account and I can only place it on the new sites I’ve created since.

In the nearly 3 years, I have a different site portfolio now — I really only have 5 sites (all of them authority sites) that had the old Adsense on them years ago, and of those 5 sites, only 3 of those sites were earning anything significant. Between those 3 sites and my dozens and dozens of sites that I had on, I was squeezing out about $90 bucks per day.

Since the ban though, I’ve replaced Adsense with, created a new portfolio of sites, and completely revised those original 5 sites. However, those 5 sites are still banned from Adsense (they run now). As such, this brand new Adsense is only on my new sites created the past couple years. I’ve also primary put in on those new sites and I’m using Adsense  as a secondary monetization on those same sites.

This means I now really need to get down and dirty with some of the testing — testing Adsense in the prime ad spots and with in the primes spots. As such, I’m not earning that much yet.

Here’s what I’ve earned with Adsense last month (I finally had my new account approved June 21):


So, I earned about $61 in the 7 days I had Adsense on 3 sites. From what I see now, the average seems to be $10 a day. I think I can make some real improvements by optimizing this. And there are a couple more sites I can throw adsense one. However, for some of the sites that share Adsense and, seems to be seriously out earning Adsense.

At this point, I don’t think Adsense is going to get anywhere near my earnings since I can’t put it on my 3 top performing sites (the banned sites). I may be able to squeeze another 10 to 20 bucks a day by putting it on some of my new sites and by trying to optimize the earnings. However, unless one of the new sites starts really taking off traffic wise (it’s in a niche that did very well with Adsense years ago), I don’t think we’ll be seeing much movement here with Adsense.

I think realistically, I’ll may be able to get Adsense to 20-30 bucks a day in a few months. We’ll see — it’s another revenue opportunity though and perhaps we can see some real money with it in the future again. Right now, seems to be outperforming Adsense on the sites I tested both on, so Adsense is secondary.

I’m also mostly focusing on Amazon right now and attempting to create real physical products and sell them on Amazon on my websites — I’d rather earn money from these sources than with Adsense. So my energy is NOT on Adsense any more (despite the fact that in 2010 and 2011 and 2012, I was getting 9,000-10,000 a month Adsense checks.

Total Adsense Revenue: $61


Ezoic Revenue for June

I was quite intrigued with Ezoic. It’s a platform that lets you split test ad programs in different positions and selects the best performing ads and puts them in the best performing locations on your site. You can put on Adsense,, and a lot more ad networks. Even better, you can tie to your own Adsense and accounts and run split tests with the ultimate goal of Ezoic selecting the top earning networks in the top earning positions on your site. Ezoic also allows you to display up to 5 Adsense ads if you use them to show ads, rather than the 3 allowed.

Now, I can’t use Ezoic on 5 of my best sites because they were banned years ago from Adsense. This means I can pretty much (like my new Adsense Account), only put it on my new portfolio of sites. I’ve tried them out on 2 of my sites, but frankly, it never performed as I hoped.

In fact, I found I was making MORE money just putting pure + Adsense on those 2 test sites than throwing Ezoic with it’s 8 ads on those sites. Because of this, I disabled Ezoic on one of the sites and on the other site, I show it 20% of the time (with + Adsense showing the other 80 %).

I’m only making about a dollar a day at this point. When I fully had Ezoic with 8 ads on, I was making about 3-4 bucks. However, to put things in perspective, earns 20-25 bucks a day. Putting Ezoic on there in addition to this, made me 2-3 dollars a day while also dropping to about 10-12 bucks a day.

I like the idea of Ezoic and I think in the right circumstances with the right setup, you can earn MORE money from it. But so far, my real world tests have not done well.

I’m going to run some more tests over the next couple months and hope it can show me something better. For the hours and hours I spent setting it up and testing it with a couple sites, I have not seen anything to make me think that time was worth the effort.

So far, I’m not that impressed, despite my initial excitement. However, I’ve only tested it on 2 sites and I did not really run it long enough. So, I’ll hold my opinion on Ezoic for a few more months and we’ll see.


Ezoic Earnings: $36 Revenue for June

And finally, my earnings.



Overall, has done pretty awesome this month, giving me my highest month ever. I’ve NEVER broken the $5,000 mark with, though the past few months I’ve hovered just below it (4800, 4900, 4,500, etc).

I now have Adsense again, but despite that, it means little to me. seems to do BETTER than Adsense, at least on the sites I put both on. I’d be interested in putting adsense on my top 3 earning sites, but those are banned, so I can’t test them. Either way though, is just as good as Adsense for me.

You’ll notice that my earnings did go up by about $500. I can contribute this to 2 new sites that I added to, one site (call it new site A) that I added about 2 months ago, and the other site I added last month (call it new site B).

New site A has turned out to be earning nearly $2000 a month with Amazon and as it also turns out, is also generating VERY good earnings at the same time too (yes, you can combine Amazon affiliates and (or Adsense) for certain types of sites with both monetization methods bringing in more money than just having one alone. This site earned about $200 with in May and in June, it really picked up and earned $500!

New Site A Earnings:


As you see, it did $500 with just by itself for June. And that’s in addition to the nearly $2000 it did on Amazon affiliates!

Not bad for a 1 year old site that I did not build any real backlinks to, nor did I use an expired domain for this one!

Here’s the second site I added to for the first time last month.

New Site B Earnings:

This site is in the same niche as my best site. I really thought it would be a 30-80 USD a day site. This site is actually an expired domain I bought years ago and re platformed with new content a few years ago. Up until about 2 months ago, it was getting something like 1500-2000 visitors a day. But did NOT approve the site, so I had to do a 301 redirect to a new domain name and re-platform the site content and focus to a similar topic.

However, this has resulted in the site losing about 60 percent of the traffic. It now gets 700-900 visitors a day, rather than the 1700-2100 visitors a day it used to get. And it doesn’t seem to be doing as well as I thought with, perhaps because it does not rank for the same keywords yet as my other site in the niche.

I have high hopes for this site though over the next year. If I can get the traffic it had back AND start ranking for new terms in the niche ( the same terms my other site in the niche rank for), then I may be able to make this a $90 USD a day site with

Additionally, this site is NOT banned from Adsense, so this site could be my ticket to thousands of dollars a month with Adsense again. However, it’s not yet there yet, so we’ll see.

Overall, is doing well, and there have been some awesome improvements. I think I have a good chance of making it to the $6,000 per month mark in a month or two if things continue. I’m really hoping New Site B increases in traffic (and earnings) — this site may be my ticket to getting 6k,7k,8k a month with in time.

Total Earnings for May: $5,219


Total Online Earnings for June 2016

Here’s the summary of the total earnings for June 2016

  • Affiliate Offers income: $201 (vs $346 in May)
  • Direct Advertising income:  $300 (vs 4110 in May – note that, this figure is just what I take in for upcoming months for the ad spots)
  • Amazon Affiliate Income: $6,214 (vs 5,219.68 in May)
  • Adsense Earnings: $61
  • Ezoic Earnings: $36
  • Media.Net Ad  Income: $5414 (vs 4823 in May)

Total Online Earnings for June:  $12,226

                                                                                                                                                        (vs $14,498 in May)

                                                                                                                                                       (vs. 9,438.7 in April)


The Final Word

Overall, a VERY good month and despite earning $2200 less than I did in May, my overall passive income went up with $1000 more earned with Amazon Affiliates and nearly $600 more via

The Direct Advertising skews the results a bit because I did in fact earn money that does not show for this month, but those ad spots sold for this month were paid for last month, which is why the Direct Advertising showed so much for May. This month, I only sold 1 upcoming ad, though ads paid for months ago were being displayed. SO again, this kind of skews some of the month to month totals. Overall though, there was a POSITIVE increase in my passive income!

I also have Adsense as a revenue platform to use again, after nearly 3 years without it. However, I’m finding out (as I already know), I don’t really need it. But it’s a good tool to have in the revenue box and maybe I’ll be able to pull in a few thousands from it by the end of this year. Maybe.

New Revenue Streams 

I’m not just sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I’m working on some completely new revenue streams. Here’s a preview.

1. Kindle Ebook Project

I’ve paid a ghostwriter several thousand dollars to write ghostwrite me an ebook for my new authority site. The site gets about 900-1000 visitors a day without a Facebook post, and if I share a post on my Facebook Page, I can get 2000-3000 visitors in a single day.

If I share a post or two a day, I can keep my site visitors at around 2000 or more visitors! There’s a LOT of potential in this niche for a line of products to be manufactured and sold. And there’s an opportunity to sell my own ebook. The idea is to use the newsletter, all my posts, and the Facebook pages to push visitors to buy my soon-to-be-released ebook about the topic, which gives more detailed information, better tutorials, and more. It’s not a hard sell.

I did a lot of looking around for a very good Ghostwriter and I finally found one. I had to write the outline for the book and spend about a week doing the research to fill out the book outline for my writer, but now that it’s done and the writer hired, it’s just a matter of getting the finished product. I should have the final book in 1 month. So we’ll see how that does.

This could be a lucrative new passive revenue stream!

2. Creating a Product Line 1

I’m also working with my brother to create several products for our massive authority site (read about it here and here). We’ve spent nearly 3 years (since early 2014) building this site up, making it THE BEST in that space. Because of our huge social presence, our highly shared articles, and our huge posts (full of awesome content), this site has a blank check in search authority for the niche and related niches; if we write an article about a topic in that niche, we rank near the front page.

We’ve used this authority over the past year to write best product lists and product reviews. Each month has been seeing more and more earnings. The month of June it made about $1400 USD on Amazon. The month before it did $800, the month before about $450, the month before about $300.

I feel we could easily get this to 3,000-4000 USD a month, just from Amazon sales. I certainly expect we can  cross the $2000 Amazon Affiliate earnings threshold in a couple months!

But even better, it gives us the perfect platform for creating our own line of products. Instead of just referring our visitors to 3rd party products on Amazon, we intend to create our very own line of branded products and use our authority to sell them. We are still a few months away from a finished product, having just secured the manufacturer (we are working on our logo and design for the products). But I think we may have physical products to sell in 2-4 months — both via Amazon FBA and our website.

So very exciting news there and my first attempt at creating a real world product! This could be the biggest money maker of all, if it works out!

Keep in mind this site already earns money through an ebook my brother wrote and we’ve landed an advertising deal with a major company in the space that will pay us $1000 a month. So the sites doing pretty well!

3. Creating Product Line 2

I’m also working on creating another line of products for my new expired domain project. This website is the perfect platform to launch products from. The demand is there and my site has a good solid reputation. Even without the Amazon Marketplace, I could recommend my own products easily on the website posts and on my facebook page.

In fact, I even get people sending me messages asking me if I sell my own products! So like the other Product Line idea, I’m going to be creating several products for this niche, specially for Amazon FBA but tied to my website. More on this later!

Like my Product Line 1, this could be HUGE, if it works (and I think it should, considering I have popular websites already on these topics).

4. New Websites

I’m also going to be creating 2 new websites. These are a long term project and I likely won’t see anything for a year or two, but the sites are tied to niches I know will do well, and I have a solid social strategy I can use to build these up. So stay tuned.

So that’s it this month. Last month I’ve been travelling around between three countries on vacation. But I have some post ideas kicking around that I’ll write this month, including a new case study about one of my new projects — a site that’s roughly 1 year old that’s now making close to $3000 USD a month from Amazon and, with NO facebook page and no real backlinks.

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