Online Passive Income Report for August 2016

Another month has rolled by and it’s time for my monthly update.

I’ve had a lot of posts planned out but the truth is that I’ve just been too damn busy with my actual work to keep with proper updates.

Truth be told, I’m still not sure about how much effort I should put into this blog, given the time requirements. The reason being is that it’s a substantial amount of time to write these deep posts and I find I just don’t have the energy to do the proper thing and promote this site, network with other bloggers, keep and maintain a Facebook page — all that stuff you are really suppose to do to make a website work.

Anyways, I have some new posts planned for this month (September), so I hope I can push through and produce some new content other than these monthly updates.

I’m actually insanely busy with a number of new projects (in addition to my existing ones). I’ll talk a bit more about these new projects at the end of this article.


You can see last month’s income report here


About August

It’s been a great month so far. Things have been on the up and up as you’ll see. Despite the fact that I spent nearly 3 months travelling around and not getting consistent work done, things have only improved.

It’s really funny how the internet marketing / niche marketing business works. It takes years and tons of work to make even a little bit of money, but once you figure things out and find some strategies that work, things start to roll in a big way. The difference between a few 3 figures and 4 figures can be overcome in only a few months; and 4 figures to five figures can happen in months, not years.

The bottom line: don’t give up and keep cracking away. When you start making a bit of headway, stick with it, and you might just find you start making more money than you dreamed you ever could.

Affiliate Earnings

Again, this is on the decline. I have not focused on affiliate offers at all and what you see here is from a trickle of old affiliate links scattered on some of my older blogs. I’m actually (yes, finally) in the middle of working on some articles to promote a few affiliate programs on one of my blogs — something that I just haven’t had time to do. So we may see a bit of a spike here over the upcoming months. But as of now, this area of my earnings is by far the weakest.

clickbank_1 disqus_1

disqus_3 disqus_2 aff_1 aff_2


I did try out the new disqus ads, which on my sites, performed pretty poorly. While I don’t necessary get massive traffic on the sites I put these ads on and I only display the disqus ads below the fold in the comment area (which get a fraction of the views on my sites), the ads only generated me about $1 a day over 4 sites (and about 15,000 page views a day at least on all those sites).


August Affiliate Earnings: $241.78



Direct Advertising Earnings

This is basically where I sell direct ads on two of my sites, collecting the money via paypal payments from people for each spot sold. People contact me and ask to advertise and I sell specific adspots. There are 4-6 ad spots per site (I have 2 sites that offer this with 3 or 4 more in the works). Each spot ranges anywhere from $200 to $500 per month. 

So far this month, I had a low overall earnings here. I’ve decided to shot one part of the service down, which is where I perform a service for clients and charge $400 for that. It just takes too long at this point and the money, given the effort and stress of having to get this done, is not worth it for me.

The overall earnings here are cyclical — some months I may take in a lot of new ad money for upcoming spots, and other months I don’t take in that much. This was one of the slow months. I did not sell any advertising spots. There were a few close sales, but I never followed up to push through. I could milk this service more, create a newsletter and market the shit out of it, but at the end of the day, Id rather make most of my month on other projects.

Next month should see a few sales though. In total, I only took in $100 from a spot I sold last month for next month. The guy didn’t have the $350 so agreed to pay me $100 per month. I got $100 last month and August he sent $100. I counted the whole sum last month, so I won’t count any here.

Overall, last month was $1991.91 and this month was 0, so that’s a major dent  in the month’s earnings.


August Direct Advertising Earnings: $0


Adsense Earnings

So last month was my ‘first’ adsense month which earned me $208. I did a bunch of experiments with Adsense, Ezoic, to see what I could squeeze out of Adsense. Because several of my former outstanding sites are banned from Adsense (and were banned 3 years ago), I can’t put my new adsense account on those. This means I can only put it on a couple new sites (3 sites). Two of the sites are doing well while the other does ok. I think there is a lot of room to grow, as the traffic increases. I think I can reasonably double the traffic on one of the sites over the next year and the other two sites should see some significant growth over the next year.

So I expect this to continue to grow. I seriously doubt my Adsense is going to compare to my or Amazon earnings at this point.

Also note, I mix Adsense with now. I find this earns more than pure Adsense (or pure, as long as you are careful with how you place your ads and your content is long (1500 words or more).


Proof of Adsense earnings:

new adsense


Overall, Adsense is up significantly over last month. In fact, I saw  over double earnings this month compared to last– from 208 to  494! I feel over the next six months, I can probably get this figure to about $1000 a month. Perhaps in a year, if the sites’ traffic doubles, then maybe $2000 a month with adsense. I don’t think I’ll be seeing the old days of my 2010/2011 days of 8,00 to $10,000 a month with Adsense though.



August Adsense Earnings:  494.32 USD Earnings

I’ve had the best month ever with and the account is well on it’s way to replace what my old Adsense account did five years ago. I’m delighted. I’ve had a few setbacks here. For one, one of my best sites is not performing as well as it did a year ago. Overall, it seems the site is earning about 40 percent less than it did, even though the traffic is slightly up. This could be because of the ad click value are lower this year, or perhaps my theme needs to be changed. The issue is that this single site earned about 85 percent of the earnings just a single year ago. This year, however, it earns about 30-35 percent of the account total. While the earnings have gone down, I’ve had 3 new sites take up the slack and replace the missing earnings while adding even more. However, if the old site was doing what it did last year, my account would be 30 percent higher than it is now.




Overall, I’m VERY happy with my earnings and I expect the next month or two to show substantial increases.

Proof of Earnings



You’ll see in June took in 5,414.36, July took in $5,583.88 in July while August made me $6,436.78

Overall, I made nearly $1000 USD than I did last month with, continuing the trend of the past few months (so far) with each month my highest ever with Just one year ago, I was earning roughly half of this with So huge, huge increase.

My old days of Adsense pulling in $8,000 to $10,000 per month are nearly within reach now with

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I feel my Adsense, if things hold up well for September, may improve even more. August is historically a slower month for Adsense and, which means the ad click values might increase September, as we move towards the shopping-heavy Christmas season. There are three new sites, specifically, which show the most promise of an increase in traffic.
One site has steadily improved with traffic, going from about 1900 visitors a day to 2600 visitors a day. I feel, based on this growth, I could bring this to 3000 – 3500 visitors a day within a year. This site has potential to be a $150-200 USD a day site. In time, maybe even $300 if I start getting about 4-5 thousand visitors a day.
Another site has also moved up from 700 – 800 visitors a day to about 1100 to 1200. I feel I could move this up to 2000 in a year. This site has potential to be a solid 60-70 USD a day site.
Finally, a brand new site that I built on an expired domain (not the same site featured in my expired domain authority case study), has been picking up a little bit. I initially was getting about 2000 visitors a day, but did a 301 redirect to a new domain and changed to focus of the topic and site to a related niche that pays a hell of a lot more money. This ended up sinking my traffic from 2000 visitors a day to 200 or so. In the 3 – 4 months since I did this, the site has recovered about half the traffic it had (about 1000-1200 visitors a day now). Getting this site it’s traffic back could increase my earnings by 15-30 dollars a day. In fact, this site has potential to be a 60-100 USD a day site.
Overall, is rocking it and I feel I can significantly see more money from it. I hope to break 10,000 USD a month within 1 year.

August Earnings: $6,436.78 


August Amazon Earnings is, surprisingly, my biggest earner so far. Every month goes from strength to strength. As of one year ago, I was pulling in between 1500-2000. In fact, I was stuck nearly for 2 years at just shy of $2000 per month.

Now this has completely changed with a number of authority sites ranking like crazy for long tail terms, due to a combination of targeted content and strong authority in the niche. Compared to 1 year ago, I have 3 new sites that are generating strong Amazon sales, and a couple other small sites that are bringing in a few extra sales per day. I’ve also focused on the Amazon bounty program with a few sites, which is yielding some good sales. Amazon CPM ads seem to also be doing decent — consistently bringing in 10-15 dollars extra a day.

In fact, I find Amazon CPM is a great way to maximize your overall earnings. It does not earn anything crazy, but if you have a number of sites and some decent traffic, you can put a few Amazon CPM ads up and find you might be able to pull in an extra 500-1000 a month that you didn’t have before, without affecting your other ads.

Here’s my Amazon’s earnings for Feb 2016, just 5 months ago:


Proof of August Amazon Earnings



So overall, my best Amazon month ever with over $7,872.42 USD earned from the Amazon Affiliate program, and by far my best month with almost $2000 USD more earned than last month’s $6,250!

Note that this amount includes Amazon Bounties, which made $318, Amazon CPM ads, which made $403, and Amazon Affiliate fees, which made $7,150.70 (vs last month’s $5,591).

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Now, I feel I can easily bring this income up significantly next month and the months beyond, especially come December. As we move towards Christmas, Amazon does pick up. The best months of the year are often November and December. It’s been my experience that December is roughly 100% more than the average month. If this is the case, it could be a really big bonus for me (anywhere from $10,000 t0 $15,000) IF this holds true now.

I also feel we should see a general increase here because of a couple reasons.

My authority sites experiment is going well. The site is gaining more search ranking and more traffic — pulling in roughly 1000-1100 visitors a day, and nearly 2000 if I do a Facebook post once a day. The site now earns over $500 in amazon affiliates. This is not THAT good with Amazon (I have a site with the same traffic that does nearly $2500 a month), but it does mean if I focus more on promoting Amazon (adding more links, charts, etc) and I double or quadruple the traffic, I’ll see a significant increase — 1000 – 2000 a month. I’m not there yet, but that will be the case in 1 or 1.5 years.

My best amazon site continues to kill it, pulling in over 100 a day now. The traffic has recently gone up the past 10 days, which means September should see more earnings than August if this holds true. I expect this site to earn more and more over the year as I add more content.

Finally, my best authority sites is really starting to kill it. This is the big site I cased studied over a year ago. The site is now 2.5 years old and has some serious broad authority now in the niche and related niches. This means I can write a post and rank within a few days. For competitive terms, within a month. I started an Amazon affiliate strategy October 2015. The first couple months the site only made $200 dollars. February 2016, the site took in $400 or so. June, it took in $1400, July, it took in $1300. August, it took in $1950.

This site is killing it now and the only limitation is the content at this point. Both me and my brother are hard at work now writing product review, best lists. There is a good chance that we can be earning $3000 within 4-6 months and $4000-6000 within 1 year, just from Amazon affiliates!

So, the bottom line is that I fully expect my Amazon earnings to shoot up. I’m hoping to be at $10,000 a month within 6 months, and $15,000 per month within one year. It’s definitely possible based on my current rate!

August Amazon Earnings: $7,872.42


Summary of Online Earnings for August 2016

Here’s the summary of the total earnings for July 2016, compared to last month (green means earned more, red means earned less)

  • Affiliate Offers income: $241 (vs $203 in July)
  • Direct Advertising income:  $0 (vs $1991 in July)
  • Adsense Earnings: $494(vs $208 in July)
  • Media.Net Ad  Income: $6436 (vs $5583 in July)
  • Amazon Affiliate Income: $7872  (vs $6,250 in July)

Total Online Earnings for August:  $15,043

(vs 14,298.79 in July)

(vs $12,226  in June

(vs $14,498 in May)

(vs. 9,438.7 in April)

The Final Word

My best month yet and the first time I’ve crossed the $15,000 barrier this year and in a very long time. Even better, this figure was with $0 taken in from my Direct Advertising, which has, over the past, added anywhere from $1,000 to $3000 extra during the month. The $15,000 I made in August came ONLY from Amazon Affiliates and — completely passive income sources!

Had I pulled in $1500 or $2000 from Direct Advertising, my total earnings would have been around $17,000!

So things are doing VERY well and I can finally say I have fully replaced my earning amounts that I used to make in 2010/2011. In fact, in a lot of ways, I have surpassed what I used to earn. The reason being that 97 percent of my earnings this month came from sources NOT adsense. And were generated by a handful of authority sites, rather than 200-400 mini sites. Even better, 60% of my income came directly from Amazon Affiliates, one of the most stable affiliate programs out there and a much safer way to earn money than Adsense.

Ok, so over the next few months, we’ll see what happens with Amazon. I expect to earn a lot more per month based on what I see. should be seeing an increase.

New Projects & New Case Studies: Some BIG Announcements 

And big news: I’ve just completed sourcing a line of products from a factory to create a product label attached to our big website. The products are designed, the logos done, and the order has been made and paid for. The products will be manufactured November — so we have 2 months to finalize everything which includes getting a proper shopify store set up, the products added to the store, quality images, various articles written, hitting up the newsletter, then figuring out the shipping logistics, Amazon FBA, and more.

This is my first run at creating physical products and selling them directly. So I’ll be doing a big case study on this over the next couple months that you want to follow along!

We will be selling the products through our website (again, we are not private labeling here, we are trying to create a legit brand with unique products) directly and additionally through Amazon FBA. So in one go we will be launching into eCommerce, product creation & design, and Amazon FBA.  So very interesting times.

I strongly feel, because we already have an authority site and search ranking for those products we are manufacturing, that we stand a good chance of doing very well. The start up cost has been significant ($25,000 USD) to design the products and to order a huge factory run, but it’s what’s required to get this off the ground.

I’m hoping that our brand and our product line will make more money per month than I do with Amazon and!

My Kindle ebook project is coming along. It’s become such a comprehensive ebook that the word count has been moved from 50,000 words to 100,000 words — and I will be selling the book as both print and a Kindle version. As of now (2 months since my ghostwriter started), we have 50,000 words done. The book will likely be done January, and I hope to start selling it on Amazon and through my website February 2017. This too is another big income possibility.

There’s also a line of products I want to get sourced for my other website, which I’ve now started looking at getting made. Still a few months away though from this.

So there we go! That’s it for this month. I hope to actually have some proper articles and new case studies up this month for you guys.

work hard and make money online!


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