Online Passive Income Report for January 2017

Ok, January was a suprisingly good month. It’s been my experience in the past that January is significantly less than December, but in my case, things have been on the uptick every month. This could be because I have a lot of sites and some of the sites are gaining more and more momentum, compensating for any slowdown that happens after Christmas.

January Affiliate Offer Earnings

Various offers from various affiliate programs that include programs from CJ, Clickbank, PeerFly, and a number of other affiliate networks. These earnings have been stagnant for years, but as of the last week of January, I finally started adding some targeted affiliate offers on one of my high traffic sites to bump this up. Within a few days, the site made nearly 60 USD with a couple leads, so this shows I might be able to bring these earnings up over the next month or two, depending how the program does.

January Affiliate Earnings $240


January Disqus Earnings

Horrible. I just don’t have time to remove these ugly ads and disable them!


January Disqus Affiliate Earnings $8.26


January Direct Ad Sales

December was pretty bad with only one sale. But this was expected. January, however, took in some good money. I had a regular once every two month payment of $1000 made (this comes every second month) from a regular advertiser who’s been advertising for over a year and a half with me. I also sold one of my ad spots on one of my sites for a year. This brought in a nice $1800 USD. A few other ad sales as well making it a very good month for direct ads.

One of the ad spots has not been paid for yet — I’m waiting on the payment still, but i’m counting it for January since it was made near the end of the month.

  • $1800 (1 year of advertising)
  • $1100 (payment every 2 months from an advertiser)
  • $500 (ad sale)
  • $220 (ad sale, converted from CAD to USD)

I’ve attached the paypal payment sheet to show SOME of this revenue. But the $1800 is missing as it hasn’t been paid yet, but as stated, I’v tabulated it as part of the earnings.

January Direct Ad Earnings $3620


January Adsense Earnings

About the same as last month. I might be able to bring this up slightly by adding Adsense onto a few more sites.


January Adsense Earnings $655.52


January Earnings

December was a low month for I was almost $2000 shorter than November. Fortunately, January saw a good recovery. It’s not as high as it was pre-Christmas, but it’s improved. Hopefully, I can break my records over the next couple months.


January Earnings $5,921.50

January Amazon Associate Earnings

December is usually the month where Amazon affiliate earnings nearly double due to the Christmas traffic. Surprisingly though, my January month turned out almost the same as my December month!

This is likely due to a couple of my sites increasing in traffic. So all in all, Amazon is rocking it for me.


January Amazon Associates Earnings: $16,657.29



Summary of Online Earnings for January 2017

Here’s the summary of the total earnings for January 2017, compared to last month (green means earned more, red means earned less)

  • Affiliate Offers income: $240 (vs $151 in December)
  • Disqus Earnings: $8.26 (vs $24.03 in December)
  • Direct Advertising income: $3620 (vs $250 in December)
  • Adsense Earnings: $655.52 (vs $603.73 in December)
  • Media.Net Ad  Income: $5921.50 (vs $4,636.70 in December)
  • Amazon Affiliate Income: $16,657.29 (vs $17,673.25 in December)


Total Online Earnings for January 2017

$27,102.57 USD

(vs $23, 338.73 in December)

(vs $20, 582.37 in November)

(vs $20,061.99 in October)

(vs $16,579 in September)

(vs $15,043 in August)

(vs $14,298.79 in July)

(vs $12,226  in June)

(vs $14,498 in May)

(vs. $9,438.7 in April)

The Final Word

An overall fantastic month — I earned nearly $4000 USD more than I did in December. I’m quite surprised here because I thought Amazon post-Christmas would be much less than the December month. But in fact, my Amazon was only about $1000 less than December, which is the best month of the year for Amazon sales. This means my ‘base’ amazon sales have increased quite a bit which is fantastic.

I honestly didn’t think — even a year ago — that I would be making over 27,000 USD per month online. Again, this is a new income record for me. Every single month since October, in fact, has been a new income record!

Also note that the month of December and January, I barely did any work. I mostly added new outcourced content and optmized some of my sites, but I’ve been spending a lot of time just chilling in Vancouver, Canada (taking a couple month break from Thailand). So my actual ‘work’ productivity has been pretty poor!

What’s interesting is that I earned about 9,000 USD in April 2016. But only 9 months later (January 2011), I’ve TRIPLED my earnings and earned $27,000 USD — a pretty significant feat.

Let’s hope that I can continue to push things. My new income goal is to break $30,000 USD a month. This would likely take a push in both Amzon and earnings and a good month of Direct Ad sales (which can be jumpy).

The good news is that this income is completely seperate from my new product line that will be going on sale in a few months (I already have thousands of products made and sitting around in a warehouse — it’s just a matter of getting the store set up and the shipping distribution worked out). I also have an Amazon Kindle book I just need to finish off.

I also have an Amazon Kindle book I just need to finish off.

Both of these should bump up earnings significantly, if things go as planned. So it will be interesting to track what my earnings end up over this year. Could I reacah 40k or 50k or 60k per month by the end of the year, if my product line and my ebook sales start rolling in?

Who knows, but there’s a good chance my income will shoot up significantly!

Anyways, that’s January 2017 income for you.

Keep working hard and go make money online. I’ll try to have some substantial new posts this month outlining some new strategies and tips. I know I’ve been slow for content the past couple months.

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