Online Passive Income Report for November 2016

November came and went and with good results.

Typically, I find November tends to do better with Amazon due to the swell of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Black Friday, also, marks the official date for the Christmas rush which takes place during the first 3 weeks of December, in which Amazon tends to do (in my experience) about double the normal months. The last week of November dips into that ‘rush’.

CPC advertising is a bit of a hit or miss, depending on your niches. Some of my older niches tend to see a slow down during the winter months. Some of my newer niches though seem to be doing better, so that’s a bit of a mixed bag for me.

Overall, another great month just like October was.

Let’s get to this then.

Note, if you haven’t started following my monthly income reports, go here to see ALL of them since April 2016. At this point, I’ve been posting my income reports every month for 7 months so far. I recommend you do read through them as I detail exactly what I’m doing and how I do it. These are quite helpful as I give a lot of details on what strategies I’m pursuing, what’s working and what’s not.


November Affiliate Earnings

I’ve been promising to try improving my affiliate offer earnings for six months now, but I have made no effort so far in the past year. One site has some potential and I’ve been making a content push targeting programs with possible affiliate offers. The plan is to products 30-50 reviews for certain programs that (may) have an affiliate program then to go back and add on affiliate links in a few months once those pages rank. One site, I can definitely squeeze out affiliate earnings, but alas, I have not put in any affiliate links (I could as some of the posts are ranking for some competitive terms with some very lucrative affiliate offers are possible).


Proof of Affiliate Earnings

nov_aff_4 nov_aff_3 nov_aff_2 nov_aff_1



November Affiliate Earnings: $165.39


Comments: pathetic earnings in comparison to everything else. As stated though, I focus ZERO effort on Affiliate offers right now. I’d like to look at making $1000 or $2000 a month with one of my sites, which is possible if I put some time into ADDING affiliate offers on some key pages. I just haven’t bother yet. made a bit of money last month with 3-4 affiliate sales, but I am not including AuthorityIncome under my earning reports.

November Disqus Ad Earnings

More shitty earnings. I fully intend to remove these from my sites as they are ugly, spammy looking, and more importantly, are just cluttering up my pages without making enough money to be worth it. I made under $20 on 8 sites with about 400,000 visitors a month between all of them. Pathetic. Don’t bother with disqus ads.

November Disqus Earnings: $17.87

November Direct Advertising Earnings

This is just direct advertising spots I sell on 2 of my sites. These are banner ads or customized ads built into my layout that I sell. The spots range from anywhere from $100 to $500 per month…and there’s pretty high demand. I used to offer a personal service I’d perform for about $400 a month, but I’ve canceled this since August. That use to account for an additional $400 to $800 a month, but it’s not worth my time anymore. As such, these earnings will be lower than they were before.


Proof of Direct Earnings (via paypal)


My bi-monthly re-occurring payment from one advertiser and a payment from another advertiser. Not exactly a grand month (October was better as I sold out a lot of my spots for Nov, Dec, and Jan). This advertising income may dip as most of my available spots are sold out for the next 3 months, meaning I’d have to presell spots that are from Feb and on.


November Direct Advertising Earnings: $1,137.95 (USD)

November Adsense Earnings

Because I did not verify my adsense account address (for some reason, I never got my adsense pin code mailed to my address) within 4 months of the new account creation, Adsense disabled all ads until the address was verified. My ads stopped showing October 28. I FINALLY got my pincode in the mail and was able to verify my account address Nov 19. This meant, however, I had no ads showing for about 3 weeks in total. So the earnings for November are far less, with only about 11 days out of the 30 possible days for November.


Proof of Adsense earnings:


NovemberAdsense Earnings: $228.48 USD

November Earnings

Another great month, though a slight decrease from the month before. My earnings have sort of stabilized in the mid 6,000 range at this point.

One of my new sites I was hoping really would improve earnings has not (the site is getting only 1000 visitors a day, instead of the 1500-2000 I anticipated I would be getting by now). One of my main earners in the past has seen a reduction in earnings as well from a year ago. That site used to get 100-130 dollars a day. Now, the site ranges from 60-90 a day. Since then I’ve had 3-4 new sites added to the account which have made UP from the reduction in income with some small increase. But this is just making up lost ground, not really adding a lot more.

I hope next year I can bring this total up to the 8-10k a month range. It’s possible if 2 of the sites I have started getting a lot more traffic. Outside of this, I don’t really have any new sites that will do well with and I’m not starting any new ones that would do well, so it may be a while before I can really boost up, short of something unexpected happening.


Proof of Earnings


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 Overall, a good month, if 500 or so less than last month. There were a few holidays (Thanksgiving) that reducing the income a bit and some of my niches don’t do as well in the winter months. I still have NOT beat my crazy Adsense days of 2010 and 2011 when I was topping 10k a month with my banned Adsense accounts, however.

November Earnings: $6,450.31

November Amazon Earnings

My biggest money maker and it ONLY seems to be improving. This is the one area that I’m seeing the most growth here in my earnings (explosive growth at that). While my seems to have stabilized in the 6,000 range and has not been really jumping up from month to month at this point, my Amazon has been on a steady increase for months now, with each month earning more — sometimes significantly. I have been working very hard on Amazon though, targeting niches with content, optimizing existing pages, etc.


Proof of Amazon Earnings



The second month in a row I’ve made $10,000+ with Amazon. In fact, last month I made around $10,300.  In November, I made nearly $2300 MORE! Now some of this is because of the Black Friday + Cyber Monday. I had my best day ever Cyber Monday, with Amazon making more than $800 USD that day alone. So this crazy few days did spike my account somewhat.

I’m hoping December will be my best month every. In the past, Amazon has doubled in December vs every other month. I’m waiting to see if this will be the case for this December too, especially given I have a number of new niche sites that are earning with Amazon now. We’ll see.

I do expect to earn more money December though than November. How much more, we’ll have to see in a month.

I’m also finding a few small ways to improve my earnings in for December, which includes optimizing some of my existing sites to get better clicks. I found some of my biggest click-heavy sites were NOT correctly showing the Enhanced Links (the picture + price link widget). I estimate that about 20-30 percent of my links on those sites were NOT working correctly the actual amazon product. I’ve also added some ‘Buy It Now’ buttons to a bunch of sites right after the product review. Formerly, I did not have this call to action button. This seems to increase the clicks and brought in more earnings too. So these additions for the December month I hope will help the next earning report.

Anyways, Amazon seems to be killing it. I’m really focusing now on bringing this part of my income up in a big way. I’m starting 2-3 new Amazon niche sites and I’m churning out new content targeting amazon products on 2 or 3 of my existing sites. Alas, it will be a few months before that new content is finished and starts contributing significantly to my earnings.

But, I hope to smash all possible personal records for Amazon earnings next year!


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November Amazon Earnings: $12,582.37


Summary of Online Earnings for October 2016

Here’s the summary of the total earnings for July 2016, compared to last month (green means earned more, red means earned less)

  • Affiliate Offers income: $165.39 (vs $343.11 in October)
  • Disqus Earnings: $17.87 (vs $31.02)
  • Direct Advertising income:  $1137.95 (vs $1945.59 in August)
  • Adsense Earnings: $228.48 (vs $461.45 in July)
  • Media.Net Ad  Income: $6450.31 (vs $6912.41 in August)
  • Amazon Affiliate Income: $12,582.37 (vs $10,368.41 in August)

Total Online Earnings for November 2016

$20, 582.37 USD

(vs $20,061.99 in October)

(vs $16,579 in September)

(vs $15,043 in August)

(vs 14,298.79 in July)

(vs $12,226  in June

(vs $14,498 in May)

(vs. 9,438.7 in April)

The Final Word

November has been my highest earning month so far and the second month I’ve surpassed 20,000 USD in earnings for that month. While I only earned about $500 more than October, my earnings were in a better position because my affiliate earnings increased.

  • did $500 less
  • Affiliate Programs did $200 less
  • My Direct Advertising did $800 less
  • Adsense did $200 less (due to not being active for 21 days of the month)
  • Amazon Associates made $2200 MORE

SO the increase in Amazon earnings made up the nearly -$1,700 LESS I earned from all my other sources. So a very solid improvement. I can’t count on stable Direct Advertising earnings which can vary significantly between 0 to 2000 in a month, thus causing a lot of fluctuations to my ‘total’ earnings every month depending on how it does. So to make up for this source with an improvement in stable earnings is better.

Note, if you want to see how I’ve learned how to make more than 10,000 a month online, click on that link to read on some general strategies I’ve found useful myself.

Next up, we’ll see how my Amazon does over Christmas. I’m hoping I can blast November’s earnings into the dust for December with the Christmas rush. I’m also trying to optimize my earnings to squeeze out as many clicks for December as possible.

Anyways, that’s it for this report and I’ll see you next year to tally up December’s total.



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