Our Passive Income Case Studies and Experiments

I’m going to be documenting a number of different projects, both old and brand new, telling you exactly what I’m doing, how I did it, and sharing the results. Some of these projects might work out and make money, but some might not. But you’ll have to follow along.

Website Projects Case Studies

These are some of my current (and upcoming) website projects. I will be documenting each of these in detail in specific posts as the mood strikes me.

Case Study 1:  Web Design / Tech Website (brand new)

I’m launching  brand new website about website stuff. I’ve never worked this niche before but there’s some good potential with affiliate sales and referrals.  I’ll talk about my strategy on how to make this work later.

Case Study 2: Copy Cat Niche Site (brand new)

I’ve found the exact revenue details for a niche website (a blogger did a case study project about this site). The revenue the blogger reported about the site is surprisingly high given how little content there was on the site.

SO, I want to see if I can go into the same niche, cover the same topic, but with MUCH better content (and a lot more of it). I want to do this specifically to prove that IF you know the exact revenue details of a niche site and the site is not an authority site, you can jump into into the same niche by doing a better job.

Case Study 3: Authority Site E-Commerce Store

I’ve been working on a website with my brother for about a year and a half now and with lots and lots of hard work, built it into a legit authority site in the niche. The site is about a topic I’m quite an expert on and have been for a few years now. The site gets anywhere from 1600 to 7000 people a day, depending on if the posts we right get social traction on facebook. The site gets about 1500 or so people just from google search with the rest coming from facebook.

I’ve been working with my brother on setting up a legit ecommerce store  on the site. I’ve sourced inventory, set up the software. It’s just a matter of adding content, adding the inventory, and ordering the inventory.

This will not be a drop shipping site, but we will actually ship out the inventory ourselves. This is my first ecommerce store attempt.

Case Study 4: Authority Site Digital Product Creation (Ebook)

This one is actually my brother who has been handling this. He will be documenting his attempt at creating a digital product (ebook) and selling it to the readers on our site.

Case Study 5: Food Blog Projects

This is another large project. There are actually four sites in this project — three large niche sites about specific topics with a large more general food blog that they will link to.

This is a topic/niche I know a lot about myself.

The idea is to fully develop the three smaller niche sites into the best resource about those topics, then link them to the more general site. It’s my intention to make money with all four sites with the three smaller niche sites growing and strengthening the more general site, which they will link to.

The three niche sites will have all the content outsourced. The more general food site is one that i will be writing my own content for. I’ll be developing youtube video content for each site as well. Then do natural link outreaching to promote the sites.

SEO / Make Money Experiments

In addition to the various passive income website case studies I’ll be blogging about here, I have some smaller experiments I’ll talk about.

Experiment 1: Recover Banned Adsense Account/s

I had two adsense accounts at one point — a personal adsense account and an account in a business name. Both were banned about almost two years ago. Truth be told, I had a lot of old shitty websites on both accounts that should never have existed. Google finally tightened up requirements and banned my accounts.

Unfortunately, all the sites that I had on my two adsense accounts ALSO got banned from adsense. This means that even if I removed the adsense code (the banned account code) and put new adsense code (a working account), the sites would not show any adsense.

Basically, these sites were effectively banned from Adsense — any adsense. The problem is that this net ban covered almost all my sites — both shitty mini sites and quality authority sites. As a result, I cannot use adsense on most of my sites now.

I initially appealed one account and managed to get that account restored (there was a $3000 balance owing to me as well). However, the sites on that account were still banned from adsense, even though the account was restored. The $3000 that was owed to me was never paid out, even though my account was restored through the appeals process. And every site that the adsense had touched were unable to be used with adsense. I naturally contacted adsense support about this. And the response was to ban my account again.

But I still have another appeal (every time you are banned, you get 1 appeal. I was banned, appealed and had my account restored, then banned again. Thus I can appeal one more time)

So, I’m going to try and get my account back (again for the third time). This time I’m only going to use it on a couple legit authority sites.

Let’s see what happens.

Experiment 2: Restart Penguin-ized Site on New Domain

Let me tell you a story. There was once a niche site that was making about 4 grand a month in amazon sales and 2 grand a month with adsense.

Then came the Google Penguin and that 6k a month site made less than 500 bucks a month (mostly from Bing traffic).

I’ve decided to take all the content on the old site and put it on a brand new domain. I’m curious to see if I can re-rank in this niche using the new strategies I’ve learned over the past couple years. And with the same content I once had.

Experiment 3: 30 Days of Content

How effective is 30 days of content for increasing traffic? We are going to find out. I will be using one of my authority websites in a niche that gets about 1500 impressions a day and post 30 articles (one each day). The posts will be between 1000 words and 2000 words and very high quality by every standard.

I want to track how much of a traffic increase we will see (if any) over that period of time, both from the search engines and elsewhere.

 Experiment 4: Exact Domain Name vs Brandable Name

The days of tricking the search engines with exact keyword domains are long over.

Or are they?

Everyone wants a brandable name now, but there’s still something to be said about a keyword domain name. In many cases, the benefits from an exact domain name can be substantial — for one, any natural backlinks you receive are much more likely to contain keywords you want to rank for. For example, if my domain name is ‘bestandroidapps.org’ it’s likely that many natural backlinks will link directly with the domain name http://bestandroidapps.org or at least some of the keyword ‘Best Androids Apps.’ This can help you rank specifically for that term.

This experiment will take an niche website built on a more general brandable keyword domain change it to an exact keyword domain. The website is currently getting about 1500-2000 impressions a day.

I feel switching to an exact keyword domain (the main search term I’m targetting with the site) will provide a lot of benefits — both ranking wise and with the click through rates in the Search Engines.

I will test this over time and track the click through rates of the old brandable domain vs the new exact keyword domain name and see if they change (specifically, if they improve).

We will also track the backlinks and the search engine rankings — will they improve?

 Experiment 5: How Long Does an Expired Domain Take to Rank

I will be building an authority niche site on an expired domain. The site will have about 60 or 70 large, in-depth articles (2000-4000 words each). I bought an expired domain with a number of existing links to it. I want to track how effective the expired domain is at getting traffic. Based on my previous experiments, I suspect this will be the case.

I will also compare it to another site in a similar niche that’s build on a new domain and we will compare them and how fast the site build on the expired domain ranks.


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