Quality Is Always King

Despite the fact that I’ve created this site to make money by reviewing internet marketing products that help people take shortcuts, I get  these “let’s be honest” moments from time to time.

I’m committed to giving you guys REAL information about internet marketing programs and services. Why? Because any time you search for some sort of marketing program, you are hit with a ton of fake bullshit reviews that don’t help anyone. I’m sick of that shit — so, hence this site. I love internet marketing but I also hate all the bullshit.

Anyways, this is not my personal blog but rather a review site. But let’s devote this topic to something very important. Perhaps the most important piece of internet marketing advice you will have read or ever will read.

What’s this magic piece of advice? Simple: Quality is Always King.

This applies to the content that appears on any web property you own and every backlink you build. It takes a lot longer to build quality content and get quality links. But it’s almost always worth it in  the long run. Anything of real value always takes a lot more effort to produce (or get). Sometimes, rushing things is not the way to go.

This is something that a of you “get rich” types don’t seem to get. There is so much out there about how to make money online fast or bullshit programs telling you “how to make 10k a month in  30 days. Folks, I’ve been doing this shit for a few years now and I can tell you that short of some sort of miracle , you won’t ever make 10k a month in 30 days. You won’t make 10k a month in 90 days. In fact, you may not make 10k a month in 900 days!

If you do things the whitehat way (and yes, there is the blackhat way too — the philosophy of fast money for short periods of time, but that’s another post), it’s going to take you a while to get things rolling. And by a while, I mean we are talking about months, years.

The fastest I’ve made money the whitehat way was 3k a month in about 3 months of full  time work. But this was an exception — it’s very very rare to be able to pull something like that off. Call it luck combined with perfect opportunity — two things that sometimes come together perfectly from time to time. But it’s not something to bank on. In fact, never bank on that sort of result.

Now let me be clear here: I’m not saying you can make some quick money online, but the quicker you make money online with some sort of “method” the more likely that method will fail and when it fails, it can be catastrophic.

If you filled your mind with all these Make Money Online Get Rich Quick schemes from places like WarriorForums or Digital Point where an absolute horde of people are hawking you the path the easy online wealth, beware — none of these schemes work.

Pretty much all of these people have made their money (if they are not bullshitting — I’m willing to be most of them are about as broke as you might be) from selling people the idea of making money online, but not by any actual methods they promote.

Is it possible to make real money online? Sure, but it takes a lot of god damn work to do so and even more god damn work to make a lot of money online.

Even if you commit yourself to working hard AND you know how to do the right work (see, working hard is not enough, you need to actually know what you are doing), there is the slow, but sure way or the fast but unstable way.

Guys, I’ve done the fast but unstable way for years and it’s not worth it. You make money, even good money, but in the end, you almost always lose it and have to start again.

When I first started in this game, my goal was to pump out as much shit as possible in the shortest period of time. My reasoning was that if 1 piece of shit made 10 dollars a month, then 1000 pieces of shit would make 1000 dollars a month. To me, it was a number’s game — the more stuff I put out on the web, the more money I’d make.

And it was true for a while. But what I didn’t realize was that Daddy G Man doesn’t like shit and if shit is all you have for websites, you’ll lose them.

What am I trying to preach here to you, my unassuming readers who have found this website because you are looking for software programs that will deliver fast ranking results with minimal efforts?

Simply this: shortcuts methods won’t lead to a long term income. Google is taking a very active stance against automated link building. If you are backlinking your websites only with shitty links (as I admit almost all the programs I review on this site produce), then you risk some serious problems in the future. Maybe not now, maybe not in a year. But I can tell your that you will run into problems.

If you are going to write content, do a good job. Contribute something of value to the reader. Don’t spend your time pumping out little micro shitty websites, build up big quality sites that really really help the reader. Make a site that’s so good that natural links come poring in, rather than you spending all day hunched over the keyboard  trying to build up shitty little web properties for backlinks that Google takes down almost as fast as you put up!

Instead of a piece of shit automated spin that’s sent out to thousands of blogs with the links of AMR, perhaps do a high quality manual spin that produces legible spins. Or (gasp), maybe even build up a platform of quality web 2.0 articles (hubs, squidoos, etc) that are actually well written and try to help the reader find what they are looking for rather than a piece of shit doorway page only trying to get the reader to click.

I’m not telling you guys to just “forego” automated link building, but the days of easy ranking because of automated programs are coming to an end. You need to be careful how you use these tools — if you go buck wild throwing links at your sites, you might be a world of pain.

Build quality websites that help the reader, write up high quality support pages (hubs, lenses, ezines, etc), and aim to build links slowly and naturally. It might take a lot longer to get results this way, but the results you get will STAY around for years and years.

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