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ADMIN EDIT 2016: This post is from my original blog (Make Money Online with Seo .com) from way back in 2008 when I first learned internet marketing. Things have radically changed since then with how to make money online, what to do, SEO, marketing, and such. But I’ve imported all the old posts for archival sake. Some of the information is still relevant, but many of the specific SEO strategies, software recommendations,  and quick make money online ideas I had back then have COMPLETELY changed. SO please keep this in mind when reading. 

Note, I DO NOT RECOMMEND MOST OF THESE TOOLS AS OF 2016. Back in 2008-2009, they were usable and a good choice for that era of internet marketing. But no longer in 2016! This post is for reference / archival purposes. Consult my new posts (2015+) for updated, and legit recommendations now.

The best SEO/Backlink Software to Help You Make Money.

Updated March 25, 2010

It’s possible to make money online without any software or extra tools – but why try to climb steep mountains wearing lead shoes? Unfortunately, 99% of the make money online tools either don’t work, work like crap, or are just plain ripoffs. There are a few real gems that can make life easier.

I’m listing all the software I think you should use.

This is all software that I use every day. I can’t imagine trying to go about earning cash online without some of these tools. Some are free and others require a bit of money.

I find it quite amusing that most people trying to make money online refuse to throw down any cash for essential tools that they absolutely need. I think the MMO crowd in general is pretty cheap. Most people are hesitant to sign up for link networks or software that requires a reoccurring fee.

Start any physical business and you are going to have to cough up an initial investment. You know the saying “it takes money to make money.” This applies to both offline and online businesses.

I’ll list the programs by category. I also put together various “packages” of these tools you should get, depending on your budget. These tools are all whitehat and greyhat. No blackhat stuff here. That world is a whole ‘nother ballgame completely.

Disclaimer: for some of these programs I get some small affiliate commission if you sign up/ buy the package with my link.

Best Get Backlink Software

Connect Content NOTE: You now need to join Court’s Keyword Academy to get access to Connect content as the program was bought out by Court. The original Conect Content service is offered by Court as well as some other Backlink networks that come part of the 33 bucks a month membership.

The way it works
Connect Content is basically what the domain name implies – a way to connect content. The website has a list of backlink anchors (with the website to use the anchor text to link to) that people post (thousands),

You basically scroll the list of anchor text and pick one that’s compatible with your niches. For example, you might find a backlink anchor for “red oil filters.” You have a website about oil filters. So you basically take that anchor text and the associated website address, add a backlink to the website using the anchor text, then fill out a form with the website address containing the link and submit it on contect connect. The system verifies you have added the backlink and gives you a backlink credit. You can then post your own anchor text requests and others will use those anchor texts to send backlinks to you.

It’s basically an automated system for trading backlinks that gives you credit for every backlink that you give and deducts credit for every backlink given. It’s a great way to get backlinks automatically (provided you put work in to add backlinks to the system).

Even better, all the sites that link to you are RELEVENT sites – sites that people care about. It’s a great system and I’ve found some good success with it.

Article Marketing Automation(AMA)
Another great backlink service. You basically write a specially formatted article (using SPIN notation). A SPIN notated article can basically give hundreds of unique versions. AMA will submit unique versions of your spin notated article to hundreds of directories and blogs. Your article can have up to 3 backlinks to your websites. I find per each submission I get between 50-100 blogs, resulting in several hundred backlinks. Now, most of these blogs are PR -1/0, so you are getting crappy backlinks. However, a backlink is a backlink and this service is a great way to get lots of crappy links to your 3rd tier farm blogs or your 2nd tier support blogs.

The article spinner is the best offered by backlink networks. I often use it to generate my spun articles, and take those articles and post then to my own blogs as well as submitting them to AMA for distribution. AMA does offer the lowest quality blog networks out of the bunch though, but it’s also the cheapest (around 50 bucks a month). It’s worth having to supplement some of the other ones, but if it’s a choice between AMA and UAW or BLS, skip AMA.

Unique Article Wizard(UAW)
Also another recommended backlink service. With this service, you basically take one article and do 2 thorough rewrites of it. The three articles are then submitted by Unique Article Wizard to hundreds (even a couple thousand) article directories/blogs. Now, each blog and article directory are crap as far as link juice goes, but your article gets submitted to hundreds – and this adds up. UAW combines your three articles in such a way as to generate a readable unique copy per each submission. Most of these articles get indexed by Google, thus avoiding the duplicate content penalty. My articles usually get submitted to between 500 and 1000 blogs/article directories. This is a fantastic way to get lots of backlinks quickly to 3rd tier blogs or 2nd tier support sites. UAW has been around for a long time and it’s still one of the most effective.


You basically have access to hundreds of decent PR (and backlinked) blogs. Other backlink networks like Unique Article Wizard and AMA submit your posts to absolute junk blogs. You also end up spinning your content with these other networks — but you don’t with Linkvana. Linkvana submits your posts to different blogs on it’s networks. As such, it’s pretty much a write one short article get one backlink sort of deal. But the blogs pack good juice. Expect to put time into writing though. However, I do recommend Linkvana, it’s one of the better ones. However, you do pay for quality — 147 bucks a month.

Backlink Solutions

My personal favorite. You write short spun snippets that get dripped out to BLS’s extensive blog network. What makes these links particularly effective is that each submission you do get’s backed up with other backlinks. This proves very effective. It’s 97 bucks a month but if you can afford BLS, get it.

Free Traffic System

This is a new kid on the block and, unlike all the other services, is free. There is a pay option where you get more links and stuff you can choose as well. Since this is free, the blogs are pretty shitty — like really shitty. However, it’s free and it’s a resource for backlinks so it’s worth signing up. It won’t offer the link power of UAW, BS, Link Vana, or even AMA, but it’s free.

Bookmarking Demon
Unlike the other software, this is a one time buy. Bookmarking Demon is fantastic program that basically lets you generate hundreds and thousands of really crappy guestbook links. A lot of MMO experts swear by this (including Vic from Blogger Unleased). How much success you have with it depends on how smart you are about using it, but you can get some very good SERP results if you use Bookmarking Demon wisely. I personally don’t use it for my money sites, but it works great (in conjunction with the other backlink software) to get lots of crappy backlinks to your crap blogs, which can then launder the link juice to your secondary support blogs. Keep in mind that these days, as of March 2010, BMD won’t ‘rank’ your site anymore. It’s more effective for fast indexing and to help hide some of your other links. Still worth buying I think, if you have the cash.

Now, these are the best backlink programs that I know about. There are also some other services as well, but I feel they are overpriced. These programs give you the bang for your buck. If you can afford all 4, you can stack them to really give you a ton of backlinks.

Best SEO Software

It you want to do keyword research or get information about how many backlinks to competition has, etc, then you are going to need these programs. Fortunately, you can get by without using the paid software (though the paid software streamlines the process).

Google Keyword Tool
This is  the bread and butter of Internet Marketing and it’s free. You use it to get information about how much traffic a keyword phrase gets per month/year and an idea how much potential money is in each keyword (cost per click, how much advertiser competition, etc). It also give you other keywords in the niche – great for finding those related longtails that can bring in additional traffic. You can completely replace the Google Keyword tool with Micro Niche Finder, which I feel, is a much better tool insofar as that it streamlines keyword research.

Micro Niche Finder

You can read my Micro Niche Finder review if you wish. But you don’t have to. If you don’t own it and have 100 bucks, buy it. It’s one of the most useful pieces of internet marketing software out there. It makes keyword research sooo much easier and more efficient.

Keyword Elite
A lot of people use this software. It pretty much does the same thing as the Google Keyword Tool. If you want a bit of a more streamlined interface, get it. The accuracy is pretty close to the Google Keyword Tool (though GKT is more accurate).
With Micro Niche Finder out, there is no reason at all to use Keyword Elite.

SEO Elite
This is one of those really-make-life-easier tools. You don’t necessarily “need” it, but for finding information about your competition (backlinks, anchor text used in backlinks, PR of your competition’s backlinks, SERP position, etc), it’s the best out there. Brad’s Keyword Ellite and SEO Ellite are his only two programs worth buying. The rest is utter crap. These days (March 2010), most people opt for Market Samurai  over SEO Elite though.

SEO Toolbar
This is a must have tool. It basically adds a special menu under each google search result. You can see the Page Rank of the site, the number of Yahoo backlinks, the domain age, etc. It’s a firefox plugin and it’s free. This is probably one of the most useful SEO tools out there.

SEO Rank Checker
Also pretty useful. You can add your target website and keyword to check SERP rank for. You can add multiple domains/keywords and save them. A great way to check if you are moving up the SERPs for lots of domains and keywords. Usefull, but *not* necessary. Since it’s free and takes a couple seconds to download and install, no real reason why not to have it on your browser though. I don’t use it all the time, but I run it occasionally.

Note, if you looking to do this stuff for free because you are a cheap bastard (trust me, there are times when you need to actually shell out with internet marketing to make money…but i’ll save that for a post), you can get by on the Google Keyword Tool, the SEO Firefox plugin, and However, the pay tools make it way way more efficient to do keyword research.

Content Generation

There are various ways to generate content. In general, for your “money sites” you will need to have decent quality articles. You don’t’ have to write Pulzter winning articles, but you need to fine tune your writing dpending on what type on monetization scheme you are going for. If Adsense, you need to write information about a topic without actually giving the answer – this is to lead the reader to click on the ad. If affiliate marketing, you need to provide a compelling reason why the reader should buy the product. If you just send out crappy generated content, you won’t get good results.

For second tier/third tier sites, you can use crappier spun content. IF you have a second tier blog that gets a lot of traffic, it’s best to just hand write the stuff – it’s just safer that way. But if the blog is only to provide Google juice, then you can put spun content to your heart’s content. The reason why you want to use spun content, is that you can spend a few hours writing a highly spinnable article and use that same article dozens (even hundreds) of times. These articles get around the duplicate penalty and will get indexed by google.

Jet Spinner
Jet Spinner is a free content spinner. Not that you will have to put some work in to write the article using the special notation. Jet Spinner will spin as many unique versions as you wish, and the uniquenesss of each article will depend on how much effort you put into making it unique.

Magic Article Rewriter
The best spinner out there. You pay about 45 bucks for this program, but it’s worth every penny —  trust me. I use and abuse this spinning program. Why is it better than some of the free options like Jet Spinner? There are loads of extra options, the interface is easy to use, and you can purchase an optional database with 18k or so phrases so you can pretty much hit a button to get a decent auto spin. The author is always updating the program and adding new features. Get it!

You can also get some programs that will actually create content. This is different from spun content because all you do is just hit a button. Most of these programs will allow you to enter keywords which will be included in the article. The problem is that most of the content reads as rubbish and will get flagged. However, there is one program on the market that avoids this. Frank’s Blog Content Wizard. Frank is a swell guy who’s quite well known in the “real” MMO world. His software does what it promises, and he’s always willing to help new people out. This program basically has a database of over 30k English phrases. You can select what primary keyword you want used and a list of as many secondary keywords you want to be potentially included in each article. The program will generate either a single article (from 500 words to 1k) of valid English sentences using the keywords you’ve added. The result is something that reads like it was written by a demented blogger of someone with a bad grasp of English. However, the search engines love it and it won’t get flagged as spam. If you are trying to figure out how to populate your 3rd tier farm blogs, BCW is what you need.

What Programs Do You Recommend?

What backlink/seo tools you get depend on your budget. If you can throw down a couple hundred bucks a month, you can use quite a few backlink memberships and have accesss to all the best SEO tools. Will this guarantee your success? Nope, but if you know what you are doing, these programs will help you start making money faster than you would otherwise. How much faster is subjective — it depends on you. Don’t buy these tools expecting to dominate the SERP’s though — you still have to put a lot of work in. These tools are not a shortcut to success, merly an aid.

What many people do is spend a few month with the bare minimum, then after they know what they are doing, they spend some money on some of the link networks. I opted to just buy everything right from the get go, so I can get as many backlinks as possible right from the start. If you are really just wanting to test the waters, spend a year or so doing everything yourself, then if you start to make some money, use the money to invest in link networks and SEO tools.

Dream Backlink/SEO Software Package
If you have money to spend, then signup/buy all of the following tools. You will have access to some very powerful backlink networks. If you have the coin to invest, I’d say go for it. You can really spead up the amount of time it tackes to get your websites ranked high.

Backlink Services

  • Unique Article Wizard ($67 per month)
  • Backlink Solutions (97 per month)
  • Article Marketing Automation(AMA)
  • Linkvana (147 a month)
  • Free Traffic System (free)
  • Bookmarking Demon ($147 one time)

SEO Tools

  • Micro Niche Finder (100 bucks)
  • Market Samurai (100 bucks)

Content Generation Tools

This will likely cost you a pretty penny each month, but you get a shitload of backlink resources and some of the best tools around.

Power User SEO/Backlink Sofware Package
You get some serious backlink support with the three backlink networks and you have all the other tools needed to populate your blogs, properly SEO your sites, and research the competition.

Backlink Services

  • Unique Article Wizard ($67 per month)
  • Backlink Solutions (97 per month)
  • Bookmarking Demon ($147 one time)
  • Free Traffic System (free)

SEO Tools

  • Micro Niche Finder (100 bucks)
  • Market Samurai (100 bucks)

Content Generation Tools

  • Blog Content Wizard ($47)
  • Magic Article Rewriter(47 bucks)

Essential Backlink/SEO Sofware Package
If you want the “core” backlink networks, SEO tools, and content generation tools, but are on a bit of a budget, I recommend using these tools as must haves:

Backlink Services

  • Unique Article Wizard ($67 per month)
  • Free Traffic System (free)

SEO Tools

  • Micro Niche Finder (100 bucks)
  • Market Samurai (100 bucks)

Content Generation Tools

  • Blog Content Wizard ($47)
  • Magic Article Rewriter(47 bucks)

Starter Internet Marketing Software Package
If you are on a shoestring budget, but still want a bit of backlink support and some tools for keyword research and content generation, I recommend these tools:

Backlink Services

  • Free Traffic System (free)

SEO Tools

  • Micro Niche Finder (100 bucks)

Content Generation Tools

  • Magic Article Rewriter(47 bucks)

Bare Bones Make Money Online Package
If you have no money and just want to get started, here you go:

Backlink Services

  • Free Traffic System (free)

SEO Tools

  • Google Keyword Tool (free)
  • SEO Toolbar (free)

If you just want to test out the waters of making money online, and don’t care about doing deep backlink research on your competition, you can get by with the Google Keyword Tool and SEO Toolbar and SEO Rank Checker. You can use these three tools to do all that SEO Elite does, but it will just take much longer to do the research. In general, all these tools do is just automate and simplify the normal process. This includes the backlink services. Instead of you going to a thousand or so directories and manually submitting your material, they do it all for you.

These tools will give you a powerful head start over someone who doesn’t get them. Will they guarantee you make 40k a month? No. Will using them mean you will dominate the SERP for every single one of your websites? No. But, if you know how to use them, they are powerful tools in your arsenal, and (especially the backlink networks) can really go a long way in boosting your SERP rankings while saving time – if you know what you are doing.

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