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Hubpages Ban

So the “Hubpage Experiment” which launched this blog several years ago officially ended last month when they unceremoniously deleted most of my hubpages and banned my accounts. The Panda Updates freaked them out big time and they pretty much went on a rampage, banning/unpublishing any hubpage with a whiff of internet marketing to them.  Hubpages (for a while) pretty much lost like 90% of their traffic with the Feb panda update. They will (now) aggressively go after what they term low quality hubs. It’s a definition they are pretty loose with.

Some reasons for account termination: linking out to too many domains from hubpages (they like to call these doorway pages now. This wasn’t an issue as of 6 months ago), including affiliate links in your hubpages, writing about too many of the same topics, not having 2000 word articles full of pictures and videos and other bullshit, writing about certain topics, being too promotional with your hubs, or simply because one of the staffers got dumped by his girlfriend that day and they’re pissed as hell the day they review your hubs.

Basically, if you do anything with a marketing bent to your hubs, you might lose your account — especially if you have a lot of hubs.

Word is the hubpages has been able to restore their traffic to pre-panda levels by using subdomains. My feeling though is that the subdomain “fix” is just a short term solution. Google seems to change what they say every six months and no doubt when everyone tries to copy the subdomain solution to Panda (in the case of UGC), google will smash that fix too.

Here’s my final take on parasite hosts like hubpages:  if you want to use them to write legit articles to promote yourself as a brand/author, that’s fine. Some people have made that work for them. They write high quality articles about various topics (especially about topics they know about), they participate in the forums, answer questions, that sort of thing. This is useful if you want to make a name for yourself and funnel traffic to a single site (some people have done this well). Personally, I’m not in the business of becoming part of a community to brand myself. I want to make fucking money, not to spend time chitty chat.

IF you want to just flat out make money via adsense or sell products, hubpages and the ilk are not the best way to do it. Don’t wast your fucking time.  My feeling is that putting work into someone else’s property where you have no control is crazyness. You are too much at risk for getting the boot and losing all that effort. Put the time into your OWN sites and your own network.

My Other Blog

I’ve had quite a few people ask my about my other blog and a few of my landscape photography stuff. Yes, out of boredom I created another Internet Marketing blog last year. It’s called Backlink Reviews and the whole purpose of that blog is to review backlink software that I use/have used. This blog is more of my general make money online/ Internet Marketing. Though, there is quite a bit of cross pollination between the two blogs. So if you want to read MORE of my ramblings about IM/MMO/backlink software topics (and I don’t know why you would want to, I’m a rather boring writer), then check out that blog. I go under the Pseudo-name “Spider” since you know, I like hiding in the shadows and all!

Photography Site?

I’ve also had a few people ask me about links to my photography site. I’m currently working on putting up a landscape photography one. I only have the domain right now and nothing else, and I haven’t posted any photos on it. I will let you guys know WHEN it’s up so you can take a look at my pictures. Right now I’m still in vacation mode over in South East asia, but it’s back to biz next week, regardless of how enjoyable it is living on a comfortable beach drinking coconut water and getting foot massages. Ok, that’s just mean! But if anyone hasn’t been to Thailand yet, I suggest you get your ass over here. It’s like heaven, but without all the holy stuff.




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