SENuke X Review

So SENuke X has been released today. I have to say I’m not a very big fan of the first SENuke, but word on the street is that this version is improved. Here’s what’s new over the old version:

  • Better Interface
  • Easier to Use
  • Visual Diagram of Your Backlinking (ok, I have to say I LIKE this feature so far)
  • Scheduling System
  • You can use it on 3 computers at the same time.
  • Much faster than SENuke
  • Forum profile spamming module
  • Backlink indexing module
  • Press release backlink module

So far, SENuke X is interesting. There’s a lot here to work with at a quick glance. But I can’t give you any sort of definite word on how good (or bad it is) until I really put the software through the ropes. I’ll have one of my huge and full featured SENukeX review articles up in about a month after I’ve put this program through it’s paces.

There are some interesting pricing schemes with this software. No matter how you look at it, it’s pretty pricey.

  1. SENuke X Lite for $67 bucks a month (don’t waste your time, most of the good stuff is stripped out, leaving only the web 2.0 spam module. Might as well just use SEO Link Robot instead of this
  2. SENuke X for $127 bucks a month
  3. Yearly License for $997 per year (comes out out to be like $83 bucks a month)
  4. Lifetime License (limited time of launch so I hear) for $1997.

Compared to other pricing schemes, it’s not that outrageous. Link Vana (which is pure shit), is like 147 bucks a month. Unique Article Wizard (also shit), is about $80 bucks. Most backlink networks are between 60-120 bucks, so SENuke is on the more expensive side of the price scale, but not outrageously so.

The Lifetime license is an attractive option if you were a big fan of the SENuke. But if you are going to shell out that much, you better be sure you are going to use the software.

I can’t specifically recommend or not recommend you getting this program, as I’ve just started using it myself to test it out. I suspect with SENuke being the most popular seo product on the market, a lot of people will be trying it out no matter what anyone says.

You can currently get a 14 day free trial to test out the program.

I hope to have a full blown review in a month and I’ll keep the review updated as time goes on.



NOTE: I subscribed to SENUKE X for a few months but never had enough time to test it (sorry, I’m a busy person). Word on the street is that the program has a LOT of bugs. With all the Panda updates coming out, I’m very leery about using shitty automated spun content as a source of backlinking. I’m not saying something like SENUKE X won’t help, but I don’t feel this program will really yield you LONG term ranking benefits.

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