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2016: This article is a bit out of date, taken from my old site and written 3 or 4 years ago. These days, IP diversity is very important, but you don’t want SEO hosting. The better version of SEO hosting is called MULTIPLE IP Hosting and is basically as service where accounts with unique A class and C class IPS are made with legit hosting companies and managed by software. You basically can put your sites on legit hosting, which each host is a legit host with a unique IP — host that serve real legit websites as well. This is very different then putting your site on so called SEO hosting in which you share your IP with other dodgy websites.

Howdy folks. I’m back again after a good 5 month hiatus. I’ve moved to Thailand to pursue a combat sport (serious hobby of mine) full time, so I’ve been pretty lax in terms of updating this site or writing reviews or doing anything but my training.

I’ve been meaning to get around to writing some good SEO Hosting reviews (I’ve gotten many requests of that nature that past year). I’m  going to sign up and try out a bunch of the tops ones and give you the lowdown. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the various SEO hosting services out there and provided a few tentative recommendations. I can’t give anything a firm recommend until I actually test the service out myself, something which I will be doing shortly.

If you want to know what SEO Hosting is or the benefits, I recommend you read my huge article The Benefits of SEO Hosting. You might also want to have a read on how to create a link network that won’t get deindexed, my other article on creating a blog farm, and maybe even have a gander at the power of aged domains.

One thing that you do have to keep in mind with SEO Hosting is you MUST have the following:

  1. Unique C class IP’s (even better if they are spread out across the world — unique A class IP blocks)
  2. Private DNS Name servers associated with each C class IP (Many of the so called seo host companies do NOT offer this)
  3. Unique rDNS for each C Class (hard to explain, but it’s basically the IP that’s returned when you “ping” a domain name. Say you have 30 unique C class IP’s, if you were to ping each IP and the host did not offer unique rDNS for each C Class IP, the SAME IP address would be returned for all 30 when each is pinged. This may kill the SEO benefit).

Now before you actually look at getting SEO hosting, there are a few things to consider:

  • Firstly, if the price is too cheap (like 1 buck per IP), you are probably not getting the full SEO package.
  • Secondly, is your hosting shared or dedicated. If you are paying less than 3 bucks per IP, you are probably getting shared hosting space. That means that OTHER people will be on the same hosting servers as you, using the same IP’s. This is similar to any shared hosting (such as hostgator’s hosting). Just be aware you may be sharing your server space with evil spammers or greyhat SEO’s! More expensive multiple c class hosting options might give you dedicated hosting — you won’t be sharing those IP’s and hosting space with any others. Typically though, you are probably going to pay anywhere from 4 to 7 dollars per dedicated c class hosting though.
  • Thirdly, take a good look at the website. If the hosting company looks like some kid designed the website as part of a grade 9 class project, the people running the hosting service might be some guy living in his mom’s basement and the tech support non existant (as with any sort of refund).
  • Keep in mind that SEO hosting is only useful if you have a lot of sites and want to link them up. If you have a handful of sites, forget about it. If you have a couple big authority sites, forget about it. If you have a lot of little sites and want to interlink them (or keep them safe from a sitewide deindex) for max SEO effort, then SEO hosting is recommended. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to pony out the money for seo hosting while keeping the same ADSENSE ID or/and ANALYTIC ID and/or same sites added to Google Web Master Tools as you will pretty much render all your efforts pointless!

I’ve put together a list of the available seo hosting services. There are only 2 that offer unique C class IP’s, unique name servers, and unique rDNS’s. As for the others, I need to actually email the customer support and find out. If I don’t know, look for the ?

  • (unique C class IP’s, unique name servers, unique rDNS) SHARED 25 IP’s for $74.95 a month — My review: TERRIBLE service, and TERRIBLE support, lies about refund!
  • (unique C class IP’s, unique name servers, unique rDNS) SHARED 25 IP’s for $49 per month / DEDICATED 25 IPs for $100 per month — On paper, recommend as the best of the bunch. However have not tried it yet. Will be testing it out myself
  • (unique C class IP’s, unique name servers, ?) 25 IP’s $150 per month — This is hostgator’s SEO hosting service. Expensive, but support will be guaranteed to be great, being owned by hostgator and all. However, I am not sure if they offer unique rDNS, though I suspect not. Need to confirm.
  • (unique C class IP’s, unique name servers, ?) 25 IP’s for 118 a month
  • (unique C class IP’s, unique name servers, ?) — I like the look and price of of this service, will need to find out if unique rDNS is offered though
  • (unique C class IP’s, ?, ?) 25 IP’s $149 per month
  • (unique C class IP’s, unique name servers, ?) 20 IP’s $98 per month
  • (unique C class IP’s, ?,?) 25 IP’s for $25 per month — Price is suspiciously cheap, I suspect NO unique name servers and NO unique rDNS
  • (unique C class IP’s, ?, ?) 25 IP’s for $25 per month Price is suspiciously cheap, I suspect NO unique name servers and NO unique rDNS
  • (unique C class IP’s, unique name servers, ?) 25 IP’s for $124.75 per month
  • (unique C class IP’s, ?, ?) 25 IP’s for $25 per month — Price is suspiciously cheap, I suspect NO unique name servers and NO unique rDNS

Again, be aware if you the price is like stupid cheap, you may not be getting what you think you are getting in terms of true SEO services and technical support. I’ve seem some companies offers “seo hosting” for as cheap as 1 dollar per C class IP (100 domains for 100 bucks a month). However, when you zoom in on the details, these services don’t offer private nameservers or unique rDNS. For real seo hosting, expect to pay about 100 bucks per 20-30 C class IP’s. And don’t forget about the importance of tech support and service reliability. You don’t want your network of sites to be down for days because there are no employees around to fix the hosting service.

My experience with was exactly that. They imported a bunch of wordpress sites over onto their servers and half the imported blogs did NOT work. Over the whole month, I had problems with blogs going down or simply not working (from the original import), then when I said fuck it and asked for a month’s refund within the 30 days (as per their guarantee), they would not give a refund. I had to take it up with their payment processor and threaten a paypal dispute to get a refund (and this was not done via but forced on them by their payment processor). This is why I advise you NOT to move any serious money-making sites onto SEO hosting — save it for the crappy support sites and keep your top level websites on reliable hosting like hostgator.

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