Ok, so I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the various seo hosting options. As you know, I’m a pretty firm believer in the power of SEO Hosting. It won’t make or break your ranking, but if you have a lot of support sites and want to put your own personal network together, it’s pretty much required. Trusting in the public networks such as Build My Rank, is at best just a temporary fix (until google smashes the network, leaving all the work you did pointless since you lose the links).

I haven’t tried all the seo hosting options out there, only a couple. The only one I’ve found that offers true SEO hosting (unique nameservers per domain, unique C Class, unique RDNS) all from an easy to control panel, is (affiliate link!).

Why I Recommend SEOHOST.COM?


SEOHOST.COM offers TRUE “SEO Hosting”

Now, you’ll find a lot of nay or yay types online who think SEO hosting is a scam. Yes, it’s more expensive than normal hosting — somewhere along the lines of 4x the price. But do you really think that spreading out multiple sites on the same IP’s with the same nameservers is going to fly past Google’s AntiSpam radar? Up to a certain point, you can get away with link support from sites on the same IP (and how trusted your site is may play a factor here), but if you’ve got 10 or more support sites, it’s better to use multiple C Class IP hosting to spread the link love around. offers:

1. Unique C Class IP’s

2. Unique Name Server per each C Class IP

3. Unique RDNS

I’ve explained all this in my SEO Hosting Article I wrote a few months ago. Read it if you are confused on why the 3 points above are important if you want true SEO hosting.


SEOHOST.COM utilizes Cpanel

Now one of the issues you’ll run into when utilizing seo hosting is how to manage all your sites. Some seo hosts offer a custom interface which allows you to control your sites.But it can get messy, especially if the interface is not well-developed. This is really where seo hosting offers the biggest advantage: it’s easy to manage all your sites with different C class ip’s. You could say opt to just get 10 or 15 different hosting companies and just start spreading your sites on the different hosts, but keeping track of what site is on what host/IP is a nightmare. The idea behind seo hosting is you can see and control all your sites from a single interface. At least that’s the theory. Not all SEO Hosting companies offer a really good one.

I quite like’s interface. If you have a hostgator reseller account, you’ll be at home. You can add/remove sites to your hosting through cpanel. Each site you add (think logging into your hostgator cpanel account) will end up with a new C Class IP. If it doesn’t, simply contact support and they’ll make sure everything has different C class IP’s (depending on how many IP’s you lease). If you want to put sites on the same IP, you simply go to that website’s cpanel and add a new domain directly there. Easy as peas.


SEOHOST.COM offers great support

The support here is awesome. It’s 24 hours, you send an email or create a ticket and the guys get back to you right away. I’ve had HORRIBLE experience with other seo hosting companies where the support offered was pretty much fake (guys saying yea yea, i’ll fix it, but never doing so). Really, support is CRITICAL here. So far, I’ve had good experiences with

I still say keep your primary money sites OFF of seo hosting. Only put support sites or secondary money sites up. I would still not trust a site that made real money on seo hosting, no matter what the benefits. offers good value

The biggest issue people have with SEO hosting is the cost. It’s quite a bit more expensive than traditional hosting. However, you get good bang for your buck with SEOHost. You can pick up 30 C class IP’s for 60 bucks. A reseller account on hostgator will cost you about 30 bucks a month (and you only get 1 IP). So for the same price you pay for a hostgator reseller account with 1 unique C class IP, you can purchase 15 C class IP’s on Not that bad, is it?


SEO Host Tips


If you opt for seo hosting, here are a few tips to follow:


1. Start off with Smaller Package

If you are budget minded, start off with the 20 IP package on It’s only $40 bucks a month and you can try it out. 20 IP’s is enough to give you some good link juice if you’ve got 20-30 or so sites. At most, I would only want three links from the same IP, so you could technically support up to 60 sites on this. Really though, I’d aim for unique IP’s per site or at most 2 sites per IP.If you have 40 or more sites, get the 30 or 40 IP package.If you’ve got 100 sites, I would go with the 60 or 70 IP package. Keep in mind these are SHARED hosting options. Dedicated C Class hosting options are much more expensive (but you don’t share IP/server space with others).

2. Make sure you have privacy enabled on all sites put on SEO Hosting.

What’s the point of having seo hosting when your whois information shows they are owned by the same entity. Yes, Google has access to this information regardless of privacy or not, but word is that privacy does seem to make a difference when buying expired domains (google more likely to remove PR if you buy an expired domain and don’t put privacy on it). I would assume privacy makes a difference to google for link networks (though, if they really want to, they can find out). At the very least, you prevent your competition’s prying eyes from looking at your network.


If you guys found this article useful, consider using my affiliate link when signing up for  Why? Because I’m greedy and want your money! 😉

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