Spinning and Linkbuilding After Google Farmer Update

So I’ve had a lot of questions about the effectiveness of spinning after the “Farmer” update done by google February 25th. The number one question seems to be “is it still worth spinning and uploading to article directories/web 2.0s”

For those of you who have been living in caves the past week, Google’s recent algorithm update on the 25th has changed the game for many internet marketers, especially those who worked through bum marketing. Even if you’ve been using web 2.0’s to build links, you’ll likely be affected as a number of the top content farms (ezine articles, hubpages, etc) have be pummeled in the SERPS the past week.

My feeling is that spinning and utilizing web 2.0’s for links is STILL a viable means of building links, but you may want to modify your techniques to make them more effective. Google has been quite clear that their update has been to target content farms with so called ‘thin or highly duplicate content.’ Yes, this means if you using something like The Best Spinner to generate a thinly spun article, then use something like Article Marketing Robot or Article Demon or SEO Link Robot to plaster that content across the web, you’ll likely find it’s not all that effective anymore. But there are some things you CAN do to make it more effective.

1. Spin Articles to a very high uniqueness

Quite a few articles online will tell you that spinning to 30% unique is enough to get a high rate of indexing. This may or may not be true, but you should aim at making your articles way more unique. My rule of thumb would be to look at articles that are at least 80% to 100% unique now, perhaps it’s even worth doing an “ultra unique spin” to 200 or 300% unique. the 80-100% unique is basically a very highly spun single level spin while a 200-300% unique article would be a very well done nested spin.

Yes, doing higher unique spins will take a lot more time, but you get way more bang for your buck. Since the update, it’s very likely that google has tinkered with their algorithms to detect less unique spins or spins with a large footprint.

Very high unique spins will ALWAYS yield more links per article directory submissions, SENuke run, or whatever automated link spamming efforts you are doing.

2. Spin At The Paragraph Level

Spun articles often have a very detectable signature — they usually have the same number of paragraphs and no change in formatting. You can make it harder for the search engines by spinning some of the paragraphs to ensure that your spins don’t end up with exactly the same paragraph count/format. If you really want to get tricky, you can add things like bullet points to the spin and other formats that are usually not found in a spun article. This may increase your article indexing ratio.

3. Hand Spin for Readable Spins

People are all about taking shortcuts. This includes spinning. Most people assume since programs like The Best Spinner have a 1 click auto spin that you should use it. But this is not always the case. Autospins always deliver a semi-readable spin. By using something like Article Marketing Robot and The Best Spinner’s Autospin, you can get away with submitting that article to all the auto-accept directories. However, any directory that auto accept will deliver virtually NILL link juice since they are pretty much only a repository for the worst spam shit on the web. Your 1 second spin will almost certainly be rejected by any article directory that actually offers some link value (however small it actually may be).

So, to get the most links from your directory submissions, hand spinning is ALWAYS better option than using an auto spin.

Now if you are say posting spun articles to web 2.0s via something like SENuke or SEO LINK ROBOT, the same principle applies. An auto spin might slip under the radar initially, but it’s only a matter of time before some admin (or real member of the web 2.0’s community) flags your POS article down as spam, then bye bye link effort.

4. Backlink Your Web 2.0’s/Article Submissions

This is one thing that many of you just don’t do. But if you actually want your spin + automated submitting efforts to NOT go to waste (especially now that Google has devalued the ranking power of most of the major content farms (that is, link factories that us markers have been using and abusing for years), you should backlink your efforts. It’s a pain in the ass, yes, but it’s worth your  time.

How to backlink your web 2.0’s/article directory runs?

That’s a whole nother post. But I’ll throw a few ideas out there:

  • Use Scrapebox to comment spam your web 2.0’s
  • Profile spam your web 2.0’s with profile submitters (I recommend Sick Submitter)
  • Submit Articles with Article Marketing Robot with 2-3 links per submission, with 2 of the links linking out to other web 2.0’s/submitted articles
  • Use something like Ubot to create your own automated backlink backlinker

5. Don’t Just Build Links Via Article Directories/Web 2.0s

This should be pretty obvious by now, but I’ll say it directly: have a very diverse link profile. You’ve heard the saying “don’t have all your eggs in one basket!” The same principle applies to backlinking. If you rely on one type of backlink and google devalues that backlink type in some way, your sites will plummet. You can avoid  this by mixing up the type of backlinks you get.

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