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Update 2016: Ubot is pretty balling, if you spend the weeks (and to get good, months) learning how to use it. But, if you know how to use it, you can really cut some corners and manipulate data in intuitive and time saving ways. For, example. I use UBOT to compile data from different sources and show them in a nice, manageable format

Keep in mind this review below is like 6 years old. As of 2016, UBOT has tons of new features, upgrades, and enhancements. Which is to say, it’s far better.

What I don’t recommend buying and using Ubot for is for SEO tricks, spinning + posting, or any of that shady, waste-of-time seo backlink stuff. You will waste your time with that.

I’ve been reviewing some of my favorite programs lately. I know I should be reviewing every program I’ve used or I can get my hands on, but I find myself uninspired to review crap IM products or services. Oh well.

Anyways, I’m going to do a “short” UBot review that will hopefully inspire many of you to buy the program and change your IM lives forever. Ok, that sounds a bit too much like one of those cheesy sales pitches marketers put up to con noobs into buying some prepackaged crap from clickbank.

Ubot is the real deal though. There’s no bullshit about that program and what it can do for you, if you learn how to master it.

Ubot is, may I say, quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread. Have you ever been frustrated at HOW much money you spend on buying NEW Internet Marketing software? First you buy a program that does bookmarking, then you end up buying a program that automates RSS, but oh wait, here’s another program to submit articles to directories en mass, oh then you absolutely MUST have a program that creates web 2.0 farms and links them together, and then you can buy programs to add automated comment spam to the mix. It’s an endless wheel of software that never stops spinning.

So, why not create that software yourself. I must be joking right? I mean, most of us in this marketing game are, well, marketers not programmers. The thing is, you don’t have to be a programmer to create your own automated software bots. You can have no technical aptitude at all and still create programs to help automate your workflow.

I want to be clear here so it’s out in the open. I use Ubot myself. I REALLY use it a lot. This is not one of those fake reviews where a marketer creates a fake review for an IM product he’s never touched before. I use the bots I’ve created with Ubot nearly every day, and there is hardly a week where I don’t open up Ubot studio to create some new bot to help my business.

What Is Ubot?

In short it’s a program that allows you to create “bots” — mini programs that control a internal web browser (Internet Explorer basically). You create these bots through what’s called a Visual Scripting language. You don’t need to learn any sort of complex syntax or programming language — you do everything with an easy point and click visual interface from within Ubot studio. Ubot allows you to scrape data from webpages and you can format and process that data through various commands. You can fill out online forums, create accounts, verify emails, save data to .txt or csv files, read data from .txt or .csv, upload files, break capatcha’s with support for decapcher, death by capatcha (and other services), and even use proxy services. I’m not going to go into a list detailing every single feature out there (go read the sales website for more), but there are enough features that will let you automate anything you can do in your browser.

Ubot Features

Here are some of the major features in Ubot. There are much more than I’m listing, but these are the main ones that will give you an idea of the capabilities:

  • Web Browser Automation
  • Account Creation Automation
  • CAPTCHA Breaking
  • Smart Proxy Flipping
  • Conditional Operations: If-Else-Then command
  • Content Scraping (scrape lists, urls, or anything from any webpage)
  • Content Spinning (read spun content, spin and post it online, anywhere)
  • Content Posting
  • File Uploads (upload files with ubot)
  • Auto Scheduled Bots
  • Bot Libraries (ability to reuse bots to dave time. For example, plugin an email activation bot in an account creator bot)
  • Javascript Support
  • Compile Bots as .EXE
  • Shell Commands: UBot Studio enables you to interact with other software
  • Save / Read CSV Data and .txt files
  • Send Email Features within bots
  • Custom User Interface for bots

What Can I Create with Ubot?

It’s one thing to give a huge list of features. But who the hell cares. The big question is What Can You Do with Ubot that will Make Your Internet Marketing Life More Efficient? Here are some example bots you can cook up in your spare time (taken from the sales page FYI) to help get those creative juices flowing…

  • Account Creation Bots
  • Social Bookmarking
  • SEO Management bot
  • Video Uploader Bots
  • Keyword Research Bot
  • Twitter Marketing Bot
  • Content Scraping Bots
  • PPC Bid Management
  • Domain Research Bots
  • Market Research Bots
  • Blog Comment Posting
  • Script Installer Bot
  • Content Spinning Bots
  • Article Submission
  • Forum Posting Bots
  • Social Networking Bots
  • Link-wheel Builder Bot
    …and hundreds more.

Keep this in mind: Ubot is not an software program that helps you get backlinks, submit articles, or fling crap around the web. It’s a means to create the software that can do that for you. Now I know this sounds pretty ambitious and some of the bots you make (especially complex ones) can be quite time consuming. But the option is there for non-programmer types: if you learn how to use Ubot, you can create a bot that will automate anything you can do in your web browser.

The above examples are only a few examples of what you can create. The sky is basically the limit. I’ve created quite of few useful bots myself. For example, I’ve created a couple bots that auto submit to Link Vana (back when it was actually worth something), Unique Article Wizard, and a bot that creates web 2.0’s then automatically builds backlinks to each one, a bot that completely sets up new wordpress installations and configures the plugins. These are only a few examples of what you can do with Ubot. I myself have created a few of the bots on that list, so let me assure you it’s completely possible to do so.

Which Version of Ubot to Buy?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), there there are now three versions of Ubot:

  1. The regular version ($245)
  2. A “Pro” version ($495)
  3. A Developer version ($695)

This wasn’t the case as a few months ago. However, the three versions won’t affect the casual botter. For most people out there who only want to create bots for personal use, the regular version is the best deal. It’s 200 bucks (with my coupon code–see bottom of article) for this version. The Pro version adds more features and commands that make bot creation more powerful, but unless you really get down and dirty and are making some pretty complex bots, the standard version will do just fine. The developer version basically removes the “powered by ubot” logo on the bottom and allows you to make a custom user interface – no point unless you are trying to sell your bots. If you KNOW you are going to be serious about creating bots (and maybe you have a programming background to boot), then the Pro version adds a lot of features that make creating bots much easier. Certain automation activities will be way easier to do with the PRO (or Dev) version over the standard version. But as I said, if you are just getting your feet wet and have no programming experience, the standard $245 edition is the one to get — for the most part, you won’t be missing anything in the Pro unless you start creating bigger, more complex bots.

Should You Really Buy Yet Another Program

Now I know you might be figuring Ubot is “yet another marketing program to buy.” Trust me, I often have the same feeling every time I make a new purchase myself. That’s one reason why I wanted to make this backlink service review site – to help separate the crap from the gold. Anyways, Ubot can literally be the last internet marketing purchase you make. If you master Ubot, you won’t need to buy any other internet marketing software. No need for bookmarking demon, article marketing robot, SENuke, or any of that stuff — you can do your own, better stuff.

You can really automate anything with it. Now, I don’t want anyone to spend 200 bucks if they don’t end up using the software.

Buy Ubot if you…

  1. Don’t want to spend yet another 100 dollars for “super backlink program X”
  2. Are willing to spend up to a couple months learning HOW to create bots to automate your workflow
  3. Want to increase your productivity dramatically (backlinking, keyword research, setting up blogs, etc)
  4. You do online activities (that use the web browser) that are repetitive

Don’t Buy Ubot if you…

  1. Will not be willing to learn the Ubot language (it’s not hard folks, but it does take time…)
  2. Won’t put in the time to create your own bots
  3. You are not serious about internet marketing and making real money online (Ubot is for serious marketers. If you are just casual, don’t waste the money)

For me, it was a pretty easy choice. I’m a full time internet marketer and there there were a lot of things about my workflow that I wanted to automate and save shitloads of time by it. Anyone who does a regular amount of internet marketing knows what I mean here. There are a lot of things you do repetitively that just eat your time up. I started thinking “what if I could automate the whole process?” I started doing some research and heard about Ubot from some friends. After looking at what the program could do and reading reviews, I took the plunge.

I’m glad I did because this program has saved me thousands of hours. And no, that is not some cheesy salepitch to con you out of money or anything. I’ve been able to automate a huge portion of my online workflow. No, I don’t just click a button and watch TV while everything is done for me, but I save huge amounts of time.

Let’s give an example of what some of my own bots do.

  1. Click. 40 different web 2.0 accounts created.
  2. Click. Spun content uploaded to those 40 accounts with a link to the money site.
  3. Click. All accounts submitted to social bookmarking sites and rss feeds.
  4. Click. 30 web 2.0 sites completely set up from scratch with posts uploaded, links to a single site, and all plugins configured for each blog.

Folks this is only one example of what you can do. You can do your own version of SENuke or any other web 2.0 farm creation software. You can create your own version of Market Samurai or something similar. What’s really cool is that you can compile your bots as a standard .exe file which means you can create a bot, compile it, then give it away or sell it (people can’t see the code). There are actually people who make good money selling their bots — I haven’t done this myself since I’d rather keep my bots to myself, but it’s a possibility for some and another way to make money.

How Long Does it Take to Really Learn How to Use Ubot

Let’s get this straight right now. Don’t buy the program thinking you’ll have the next version of SENuke done in a couple days. That won’t happen. It will take you a few days just to figure out the basics of Ubot and likely several more weeks of fiddling around with it before you start taking a crack at more sophisticated bots. Basic (and often surprisingly useful bots) you can do in a couple hours after a day of playing around with the program. It took me a couple days of fiddling around before I starting making something useful. Now I can pretty much automate anything I want to, if I’m willing to put in the time.

Ubot was created with non-programmers in mind, so you don’t have to know diddly piddly about programming to start creating bots. Mind you, it helps a lot if you do have a programming background, but it’s not necessary.


Again, let me stress that if you are unwilling to put the time in to either learn how to use Ubot or create bots then buying Ubot is a complete waste of money for you. If you are looking for a QUICK fix to automating your online activities, you’re best bet is to just hire a programmer or commission someone to create bots for your needs. To really make use of this program, you are going to have to put in the time. But it’s time WELL worth spending as you can multiply your productivity 100 times.

If you’ve found this review useful, consider buying Ubot through my affiliate link. Use my coupon code BUBU to get the software for $200 instead of $245

If you do buy the program, for god’s sake do the following:

  • WATCH the ubot tutorial videos at the Ubot studio website — don’t even bother buying ubot if you don’t watch ALL the videos.
  • REPLICATE THE TUTORIAL BOTs — follow along with the tutorials by creating the same bot. This will help you learn the concepts MUCH faster
  • READ the forums religiously — read the forums, if you have questions post them. The guys are helpful there
  • CREATE SIMPLE FORM FILLING BOTS  — this will allow you to gradually work your way up to more complex bots

Hope you found this comprehensive Ubot review helpful! If there is a lot of interest in this program (i.e. comments about it), I may write a special Ubot tutorial post for you guys with some tips on how to make some useful internet marketing bots.


Over the past years, Ubot has gotten better and better. The program has been updated to make it easier for newbies to learn how to use it and to program stuff. And it’s also gotten a lot more powerful in terms of what it can do. I maintain this program is probably one of the best (and most important) tools for internet marketers who want to automate a lot of their tasks. Anything you do online through your web browser that is repetitive can be automated with Ubot, sometimes easily. The program of course takes time to learn how to use (don’t waste your money if you seriously can’t put in a week or two at least to learn the basics on how to program with it), but it’s time VERY well spent.



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